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Review: NCISLA “One More Chance” (S5E22)

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We get a small break from all the Densi drama of the past two episodes as we concentrate on a case that gets personal for Sam as he tries to rescue a 10-year-old girl he had ties to in the past. When an unmanned aerial vehicle goes missing, Sam suspects the case revolves around the involvement of her engineer father and sets out to find her before she becomes a casualty. There’s a new probie in the writer’s room this week, as David J. North contributes his first script to the procedural drama with veteran director Tony Wharmby working behind the camera.

A Little Madness in the Spring…

Well that was an opening out of the Twilight Zone, don’t you think? Definitely the stuff nightmares are made out of! Sam finds out that the little girl (Riley) he once protected may have been kidnapped by her father and is now missing these past three weeks. The chrome-masked robbers have stolen sensitive software from the aerial vehicle’s developer and the team suspects it’s connected to the little girl’s disappearance. Their conclusions are confirmed when Sam recognizes a cd insert of her favorite rock group and he's convinced it’s an SOS signal from Riley. The gang that took off with a beta version of the software doesn’t have the hardware but her mother who designed the vehicle, has no concerns that her daughter's missing; she claims she is safe and sound with her father.  So who's telling the truth? Callen and Sam aren’t buying her story and Sam’s intuition is kicking in big time. He knows the little girl is in danger.

You’re the Yin to my Yang

Ok so sue me because I like a good boom! featuring Kensi and Deeks! As they go to check out a place where all the masks were initially delivered, they discover a rigged up mannequin set off to explode. Reminiscent of the warehouse explosion or the blast after the laser incident, I love the way Deeks is so protective of Kensi. Their banter afterwards on 'who saved whose life' was telling. Kensi was smiling though it all and even let him win the argument which is definitely a change in attitude. But later Deeks is still unsettled over the possibility of any future relationship between the two when they talk about having kids. The tables are turned and now it’s Deeks questioning if he wants to bring children into such a dangerous world. It’s hard being fearless when you have to care for other people besides yourself, and Deeks is having second thoughts. It’s Kensi who is now trying to make him see the other side of the coin. It’s convenient being a lone wolf but it’s also very lonely, Deeks. Another great scene between Hetty and Granger who brings up the topic of emotions getting in the way of doing their very dangerous jobs and this time it has to do with Sam and his closeness to the mission. “Emotion proves to be the enemy of truth,” he tells Hetty and doesn’t believe the girl’s disappearance has anything to do with the case. Sam is agitated and is relying solely on his gut feeling which, for now, is enough for Callen. Eric proves Sam is right as he’s able to decipher a pleading message from the little girl from the damaged laptop that was saved from the bombing. The girl and her father have been kidnapped and Sam can’t stop watching her sad video. After capturing the gang’s getaway driver, the team uses his information to figure out that the Taliban may be joining up with the Mexican cartels to get their hands on the drone technology but now they need to procure replacement parts instead of trying to create the drone from scratch. They discover half of the replacement inventory is missing from Camp Pendleton but they still need the retinal scan of a developer engineer which puts Jessica Payton in danger... or in on the game. Sam wants to believe she’s innocent and sets out to prove it.

Hi! Oh wow! What are we doing here?  

I had seen the pictures but didn’t know we were going to get some Densi action and another kiss even if it was undercover! How cute were they? I get the feeling that Kensi is letting down some of her walls and allowing Deeks to see a more playful/sensual side of her nature. She seems so at ease and sure of herself with him now. Deeks on the other hand seems shocked but pleasantly surprised. I also enjoyed Sam and Callen’s reaction too. Wonderful scene!

I knew you would find us, Sam!  

You always got to have confidence in Sam’s intuition. He hasn’t come this far by not overcoming emotional attachments and trusting his training. The man is so sure of himself. It’s one of the things his partner likes and needs from him. But there was an ominous ending to the episode as Sam gives the little girl’s talisman to Callen for good luck. Is Sam’s intuition working overtime and suspects that Callen may need the good luck charm in the future? I guess we will find out. All in all, it was an enjoyable episode with a few holes but we get some Densi insights and a possible preview of unwanted danger lurking around Callen. We also see a more likable Granger too which makes me wonder if they are slowly changing the Deputy Director’s persona for some reason. Will he be taking over the reins full time at the Mission if Hetty leaves? If so, they may want him to become a more congenial personality to head up the department. Just saying…

Memorable Moments

• Oooh! Eric gets a little testy with Deeks over his food posting. You got to love a grumpy Eric!

•  My first giggle of the episode… Granger calling the gathering a flair mob and Deeks getting to correct him.

•  Granger continues to get no respect as Hetty corrects him on the pronunciation of the tea she is drinking. But Granger could care less….he’ll stick with coffee thank you very much.

•  Do you notice that Deeks is a lot crankier these days about his undercover assignments? Now it’s a shoe shine boy! Yeah, but nobody does it better, Deeks!

•  Nell’s out in the field again and this time she’s kissing Granger. She’s taking this undercover assignment a bit too literal, me thinks! LOL!

Classic Deeks  

Deeks: A little madness in the spring is wholesome even for the king.
Callen: Deeks speaks Dickinson.
Sam: Deeks doesn’t speak Dickinson.
Deeks: Deeks is full of the Dickinson.
Sam: That I believe.
Deeks: So you special agent ninja’s don’t dust off your digitals?
Sam: I dust my digitals daily.

Classic Densi

Deeks: You know what you are Kensilina? You are a vague booker.
Kensi: A vague booker?
Deeks: There are worse things but I really can’t think of any.
Kensi: How about the dude that dedicates 11 albums to his dog?


Deeks: You’re the Yin to my Yang.
Kensi: Explain to me how you have this capability of making everything sound so wrong?
Deeks: It’s a gift, isn’t it?

Classic Granger& Deeks:

Deeks: Ok, I’ll get a drink with you, partner.
Granger: To drink or post on Facebook? Brew booker.
Deeks: That was one time! And how dare you, sir!
Granger: I’m buying.

Only two shows left to close out Season 5 and we’re all wondering how the year will end for Densi. It’s been a bumpy ride for the duo and we can only imagine what the producers have in store for the cliffhanger as we get ready to break for the summer. Next week, @Anonkp returns as guest reviewer for the next episode, Exposure. See you back here next time and don’t forget to read Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. We also have a special interview coming up next week with Rafael Kayanan who is going to help us explain the Frozen Lake teaching and how it relates to Densi. Be sure not to miss it!


Title: “One More Chance”
Writers: David J. North
Director: Tony Wharmby
Original Air Date: April 29, 2014


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8 Comments on Review: NCISLA “One More Chance” (S5E22)

  1. As per usual an insightful review. I have very high hopes for Kensi and Deeks, and I, for one, have no problems with the writers stretching it out a bit. At least it’s not an eight-year tease with little or a nothing payoff for the fans like on the Mother Ship.


  2. Whoa, look at me taking advantage of being on the East Coast and avoiding work to post the first comment! Great review Di. This was a fine episode with some lovely Densi touches, although I’m still not over my Three Hearts disappointment. I share your enthusiasm for explosions, and the way Deeks protected Kensi, letting her run out first and then shielding her, was nothing if not super hot. I loved the quiet way he asked her if she was OK. I also enjoyed the conversation about kids, especially when he talked about what it was like to be fearless undercover with LAPD because he had no one else to worry about, something many fan fics have apparently gotten very right (I think this is the first time he’s talked about it in this way on the show?). The snuggling at the stake-out was also very enjoyable.

    I do have to say, though, that I feel a little turned around with Densi. I do like seeing Kensi being the patient one, the one who clearly knows what she wants. It’s really good character development. But seeing Deeks being the doubting one just isn’t ringing as true for me. I hope they’ll give him a chance to explain his hesitation at some point so that I can feel better about it.

    Oh, and I am making myself feel much better by my alternate interpretation of events since Spoils of War that involves them secretly sleeping together every single night. 🙂


  3. Wonderful review of this episode, Di. It was a pretty cut and dried ep that was almost all about the case, giving us the breather that you mentioned. There were some sweet moments and dramatic moments between Deeks and Kensi….him saving her in the explosion and her claiming she more than matched him…which by my count is not quite true. His hand covering her head was one of my favorite tender moments. Then we got the sweet kiss during the stakeout and Kensi seemed to enjoy it even though Deeks seemed a little surprised. Their conversation about kids was a surprise as well, since we are not even sure they are dating, together or just partners again…seems the new writer is getting ahead of himself and us. It did sadden me that Deeks would be so cynical about having kids after trying to convince Kensi in Resurrection that they could do it together. He is getting cold feet about everything…maybe torturing that old blind man is having an impact after all.

    Your comment about the writers softening Granger a little makes me worried that Hetty is close to being out the door, unless there is some other reason they want us to like him…gonna be a tough sell for me. Still don’t like the guy much and why would they have Nell kiss him??? Weird…just weird and a little bit creepy.


  4. Great review, as usual😊. I love how you always distill the moments down into all my favorites. I agree with all the comments, so I can’t add anything at the risk of repeating everything😊
    The explosion ending with Deeks’s hand protecting Kensi’s head was so very hot😄 and my other favorite scene was the yin to my yang conversation. Love how they’ve switched sides.
    Also loved Sam and Callen together on this case. And as usual, the team banter was fabulous.
    As for the rumors of a cast member leaving, I hope it is not Hetty but it all points in her direction. 😢


  5. Natalia Simon // May 1, 2014 at 5:17 PM // Reply

    Great review…. I love reading it every week.
    For me it was a really good episode for the entire team: G and Sam , Hetty and Granger and DENSI (with switched sides). But I´ve been waiting for MOnty and Deeks´s bike that according JPKteaser will be appear in this episode…. don´t you ????

    And talking about someone will leave the team, I´m scared. LLcool wrote in his twitter 10 days ago : will be some changes 😦 😦


    • Sweet Lu // May 1, 2014 at 5:29 PM // Reply

      I believe Hetty will be leaving…too many odd little hints that makes me think so. Plus, they have been trying to make Granger a little cuddly, which hits me as quite odd. The other odd thing is, if he’s the Assistant Director of all of NCIS, why would he be put in charge of this one office?? Hetty has been the glue for a long time and I will be sorry to see her go, if my suspicions are correct.


  6. Reader1976, glad I could help out with my AU interpretation of Densi. As for Hetty, all things certainly point to her leaving, but is it possible that she’ll leave at season’s end, only to return at the beginning of S6? I don’t know exactly how all the random spoilers have been worded- is someone leaving the team (Hetty), or leaving the show (Linda Hunt)? I know you love her Sweet Lu, so don’t give up on her yet.


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