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8 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 10/19/15

  1. Awesome. I too, did not think that Kensi was flirting with Tony. It makes more sense that she was trying to make a good impression especially after the bizarro greeting DiNozzo initially received. I also thought that she had confidence and trusted that Deeks can take care of himself (which Deeks did admirably) and she needed to back-up DiNozzo. Plus, where the action is, is where Kensi likes to be.

    I loved competent, witty Deeks in this episode with his detecting and observation skills shining in this episode. Come on, Deeks, “red rover, red rover, let Deeks come over”. Sign on the dotted line already! Special agent, Marty Deeks has a nice ring to it😄

    Very happy that Kensi is going in search of Deeks to clear the air😄

    Thanks, Karen, for this great entry. I feel like the lens clicked and everything came into focus. Way to go, Karen!


  2. I agree with Reader1976’s assessment of Kensi’s behavior 100% and people are overreacting. Deeks has nothing to worry about, she loves him and just needs to maybe give him a reminder (a fun one perhaps 😉). Oh and good entry Karen.


    • Thanks! With all the ups and downs I can understand the overreactions. We all want everything to be perfect but that wouldn’t be interesting enough to watch week after week either. Gotta have some drama!


  3. I think she was not flirting with Tony, either, even if she tended to ignore Deeks most of the time. But we know he has nothing to fear, hasn’t he?
    “Deeks is all I need”. So sweet…


  4. I really liked how Kensi called for Deeks when the gunshot scene started. He is her rock. I agree she wasn’t flirting, just abit nervous.💜


  5. We always call out for help to the one who we trust the most! Thanks!


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