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Review: NCISLA “Till Death Do Us Part” (S10E17)

A Celebration To Remember!

I can tell you right now this is not going to be your average wikiDeeks review. We have waited almost 10 long years watching and praying that the fates would be kind to Densi and we finally have something to celebrate. If anything had delayed them any further on the way to the altar, I think there would have been mass pandemonium from the fans. Despite many long years, there is no jumping the shark for these two. They earned this wedding day fair and square. Of course, that doesn’t mean there would be no hiccups along the way because potential catastrophes are always lurking around every corner for the NCIS:LA crew. But considering this week’s calamity was lightweight in nature, it only goes to show you how important this wedding was to the showrunners.  Despite the craziness, it all came down to love and in the end that was enough.


So, I ask that you please let me bask for a moment in the glorious Densi wedding we were given before we actually get to the storyline (what little there was). From the beginning, I always felt Kensi and Deeks made an intriguing couple. Will they or won’t they fall in love or will they decide that it was just easier to remain friends? It wasn’t until “The Job” in Season 2 that I realized a spark had been ignited and the game was on. When Deeks came knocking on Kensi’s backdoor bearing gifts of hamburgers and beer, I knew he was smitten. Kensi tried to ignore the sweet overture of kindness, but she was impressed enough to at least not kick him out the door. She was hooked too… she just didn’t know it. For me this was the beginning of #DensiWatch, as I called it. Every week I studied each word or movement to see if they would move closer to nirvana or sadly walk away from something that could become very special. I can’t say it was the perfect relationship, but that’s what made them so real. It could be frustrating at times, but they never disappointed this fan, especially when their love was proudly on display for all to witness.

Uncle Sam to the Rescue

Didn’t you love seeing Deeks reach out to Sam for advice and comfort and pleading with him to help? What a sweet moment considering it wasn’t that long ago that Sam found it hard to even accept Deeks as part of the team. Deeks trusts that Sam instinctively knows what he is going through and can talk him off the ledge on the night before the wedding. Even Callen’s approval was a nice touch. Yes, this family has come a long way.

Leave it to Deeks to feel as if he’s conned Kensi into marrying him. After witnessing his mom’s breakdown over the mother/son first dance, you can see where the insecurity comes from. It’s sad that someone so strong, courageous and human can be filled with so much self-doubt and lack the confidence when getting married. Why he thinks he is not worthy of this woman is beyond me. Still the traumas of his childhood continue to rear their ugly head whenever he’s faced with doubt. But that’s what we love about Deeks; it’s always that human factor that makes him so real. The mother in all of us wants to wrap that little boy up in our arms and make everything right again. This will be Kensi’s job moving forward, lucky girl. But who else but Deeks would ever be able to put up with a Kensi either? She has her own set of insecurities and hurts from past relationships. She’s damn lucky she found him, as far as I’m concerned. Actually, they are lucky they have found each other.

And then there’s the BOX….. 

If it wasn’t for the actual wedding, the unveiling of what was in the box would be one of the greatest Densi moments ever. It was already the most asked question of our #AskECO video series. Fans have been so intrigued and captivated by what Kensi wrapped up so tightly in that carton that they never stopped begging for the answer. Even more so was the fact that Deeks was strangely content in not needing to know. But it was worth the wait. This reveal was a special moment indeed. It was almost more emotional than the wedding ceremony itself. Six years ago, Kensi knew she was going to marry this man. I’m glad Deeks was able to fulfill all of her dreams and more. Giving him her father’s wedding band was a big step for Kensi. By now, Deeks has got to realize there is nothing to doubt in regards to her love for him. This woman was smitten a long time ago.

While Deeks is freaking out over his wedding and locating the missing box, an unwanted guest from the past shows up to throw a wrench into the big day. Even though it was all one sided, Deeks’ admirer Anatoli Kirkin comes to save Deeks from making a big mistake. “It’s better to have loved and lost and never to have loved at all.” Shakespeare or Tennyson? I agree, Deeks. Let’s pretend this never happened. I’m glad Sam found it funny enough, though.

Kensi seeking out Mama Deeks at the bar was a wonderful bonding moment as well. I’m glad she finds her new mother-in-law as someone she can rely on and to help ground her in times of need. Thinking about all the men she has loved and lost, Roberta is there to remind Kensi she never has to worry about her son. She may be a bit wacky like Deeks, but Kensi knows a kindred spirit when she sees one.

Wedding Shenanigans

So here we are dearly beloved, witnesses to the marriage of Kensi and Deeks. And yes, there was a little bit of a storyline (besides the wedding) thrown in for good measure as well. Besides pretending to steal Deeks away from Kensi, Kirkin is kidnapped on the streets of LA. Did he arrange his own kidnapping, or is he in the middle of an internal organizational takeover? Or better yet, do we really care? At first, I was a bit annoyed that the whole Kirkin storyline had to intrude on this special day but then I began enjoying how the team rushed around like keystone cops to keep the Russian mobster safe and to keep Deeks from knowing what was going on outside at the reception. (Kudos to Eric and Nell too who kept me laughing throughout.) Even though we care less about what happened to Kirkin in the end, it was fun to throw around a bit of tension and stress in the mix. It wouldn’t be the NCIS:LA we all know and love without it!

We also finally get to meet all of Kensi’s girlfriends including the crazy Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany, Tiffani and Cat. I was hoping that when we finally met up with all the girls, there would be some substance between the six bridesmaids, but I was strangely disappointed. I still can’t figure out what Kensi has in common with these women. But it did make for a few comical pre-ceremony scenes. I only wish there had been some important mother-daughter quiet time between Kensi and Julia. It would have been a nice addition.

To see Hetty return for the first time this season was yet another momentous moment in the show. What an entrance! “I can’t leave you damn kids alone for one minute!” Welcome back, Hetty! I knew I missed the little ninja, but I didn’t realize how much until she stumbled out of that car. We don’t care where you’ve been, Hetty. We’re just glad you’re back. Talk about a little bit of perfect!

As Hetty said, this was a day to celebrate friends and family and the love that binds us all together. The sharing of vows, the smile on their guests’ faces and the way Deeks looked at Kensi was the culmination of nine years of love and devotion. I think at that moment, Deeks was finally able to release all that self-doubt and realize how much he is loved. It did turn out to be a ‘love story’ and a most beautiful one indeed. Most weddings are a bit antiseptic and cookie cutter perfect. Not this gang. I loved seeing Kensi’s bruised knuckles, Callen’s black eye and Sam’s split lip. It’s how they live their lives every day and this one was no different. Kensi and Deeks will always be there for each other and they have this incredible support system behind them no matter where life takes them. We should all be so lucky.

To quote Callen, “This may be my favorite day ever.” From Roberta trying to mend Sam’s dress shirt, to Kensi fighting and ripping her wedding dress and to Deeks finally finding out what was in that damn box… It was all magic. (Can this fangirl also gush at Deeks in that incredible royal blue tux?) Yes, hats off to R. Scott Gemmill and Tony Warmby for a well written and directed episode that will definitely go down in Densi history. Mazel Tov!

Now it’s your turn….

Let me know what your favorite part of this week’s special episode was. If you are a Densi fan I’m sure you have one or many like I did. Leave your comments in the area below and celebrate! Make sure you return this week for a post-wedding Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal too.

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50 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Till Death Do Us Part” (S10E17)

  1. Els Engering // March 18, 2019 at 9:16 AM // Reply

    wow,what an episode, humor , love and friendschip, allin one. what a wonderfull scene with deeks and kensi’s letter . i cried so hard with him. but it didnt dissappoint me , what a wonderfull episode. you can see they had a lot of fun making this. thnx for youre revieuw.

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  2. You’re review was excellent Diane and I suppose “The Box” may have been the highlight of the episode. I too liked “The Job” but I place them together later on in Season 6 during the “Praesidium” when they were sleeping on the couch together and later on when Kensi questions Deeks calling them just “Partners”. In any case the are together now and and thanks again for your wonderful review.

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  3. Great review!

    I tried very hard not to have any expectations for the episode for fear of being disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I gotta give them kudos for not messing it up. Thanks, TPTB! And I liked the shortened opening credit to give more time for storytelling.

    The box reveal was so good. I don’t know if she had the ring as the gift six years ago. Maybe. But being in the locker in the armory (with a spare key), she could put any gift in there over the years as their relationship progressed (or potentially regressed). Would she have her father’s ring sitting in the locker for six years? I dunno. But it was the perfect gift for their wedding day and finally resolution to our season after season question: What’s in the booooox?

    I enjoyed Callen’s amusement throughout the day. “I hope it wasn’t a puppy” and the final “This might be my favorite day ever” when Bertie was admiring the physical specimen that is Sam. “I’ll say.”

    I agree with you, Diane, on Kensi’s gal pals. How did they become her friends? The Kensi we began with in the early years was not girly like they are. Kensi ran away, was on the streets for a year, and didn’t see her mother again until Blye, K. episodes. Were these college friends? Did she go to college? Did she GED and then join the Navy? I can’t remember any of this. Bah, my memory. And the little throw away line “Don’t let the Tiffany’s have sex with anyone.”

    Oh the love that is Kirkin’s. “Frolicking naked together”. Kirkin does love his Blond.

    My only nitpicking negative is Renee’s hair. It is so unattractive like that. It can be put up in a very pretty way — she has gorgeous hair — yet she does that. Yuck.

    When was this ep filmed? Linda Hunt was back (yay) but she was fragile and looked it, not standing on her feet at all for the reception. I think she was hurt more than they reported in the accident.

    “You were right, it turns out it’s a love story.”

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    • Kim Calamari // March 18, 2019 at 7:15 PM // Reply

      I totally agree with you on the contents of the box. Kensi gave it to Deeks in season 4 before they were truly romantically involved. I mean, they hadn’t even kissed yet (and you can’t count the under cover kiss in Neighborhood Watch bc well they were supposed to be under cover). Although I loved every minute of the wedding episode, and also loved the ring and the letter, I find it a little hard to believe that the gift remained the same over the 6 years since she originally gave it to him. Kensi said in season 4 that she forgot Deeks birthday so she got him “something he’s always wanted” and we’re supposed to believe at that point in season 4, that he’s always wanted a powerful love letter from Kensi along with her father’s ring. I suppose for the sake of the love story, we could chalk it up to Deeks always wanting love and acceptance which he certainly got from her! The episode was awesome!!

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      • I have a question for my Wikideeks Friends. I never know where to post these random thoughts and questions, so I will just leave it here. During the wedding episode, Kensi made comments that men never stay in her life, then wrote to Deeks that she is his forever, then they swore til death us do part. Did this give anyone else a sense of foreboding? I swear a chill went down my spine. Is it just me?

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        • I hope it’s just you.

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        • Ryan Collins // March 18, 2019 at 9:14 PM // Reply

          Till death do us part is usually a standard wedding vow.

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          • Yes, I know, but after the love is endless, I am yours forever, and the men in my life never stay lines, it just made my ears perk up. I hope that I am way, way off, lol. Maybe I am just having a glass half empty moments. On a happier note, I read that the show is a go for Season 11. Hurray!

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            • Aleli Abrenica Palapo // March 27, 2019 at 10:16 PM // Reply

              Hi! I am from the Philippines, i really love DENSI. I absolutely love all their scenes may it be their bantering or their serious talks. They team-up is oozing with chemistry. I love ECO and DR so much, that it will really break my heart if one of them will leave the show. I really hope NCIS LA producers & CBS management will prevent them from leaving.

              Will continue to support their on screen love team. More power to DENSI and to ur wiki deeks.

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    • Ryan Collins // March 18, 2019 at 9:25 PM // Reply

      According to her Personnel file Kensi graduated from Cornell University. And Kensi mentioned her college days in “Neighborhood Watch” when she started telling Deeks her spring break story about her friend Monica. In the episode that Deeks talked about her lacy lady side, he mentioned that Kensi played college softball. She never served in the Military. How she finished high school is still unclear.

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  4. michelle mcnally // March 18, 2019 at 1:31 PM // Reply

    wonderful review, i agree with all. i did enjoy the pregnant bridesmaid scene. kensi was very loving and she said she wanted to be pregnant just like that.. what was in the box was well worth waiting for. i too loved the teamwork and pulling together like a family. even callen was touching. kurkin was funny. i agree kudos to the writers they did not disappoint. so happy to see hetty but i agree she was probably more badly hurt than they said. i love this show so much. deeks has always been my fav and eco seems like an amzing man. ❤

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  5. michelle mcnally // March 18, 2019 at 1:33 PM // Reply

    a definate love story

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  6. michelle mcnally // March 18, 2019 at 1:36 PM // Reply

    truly a love story but i think it started during deliverance. “you’ll get me back,” and then he risks his life to save her. love so much

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  7. Sandra Tripp // March 18, 2019 at 2:06 PM // Reply

    The whole episode was amazing. I laughed and cried throughout. Dani and Eric were magical in their performances. How can you pick just one favorite moment, you can’t. What was in the box was so emotional. That letter Kensi wrote to Deeks is just what he needed. After reading the letter he knew he was the one for Kensi. So many different moments kept us on our toes. The wedding itself was the best. The vows couldn’t have been any better.To use it’s a Love Story was perfect and for Deeks to describe Kensi as Gunpowder. Eric and Dani have such great chemistry together on the show and it shows. Best couple and show ever.

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  8. Great review, Diane. I loved the episode. I loved the box reveal and how emotional Deeks got over reading her note. I thought it was great how Sam helped calm Deeks and how Kensi and Roberta bonded. It was nice hearing her talk about her dad and mention Granger too. I found it hysterical how Kirkin was sitting in between Eric and Nell bawling. I did think he set the whole kidnapping up for show. Leave it to Hetty to make that grand of an entrance. Of course we’d expect nothing less. Really missed her and glad she’s back. It was sweet how Deeks and Kensi kissed her at the end.

    I know how you said you saw a change in them during The Job but for me, I guess I noticed it during Personal when he got shot and Kensi stayed by his bed. The look of worry she had watching him, waiting for him to wake up.

    It was nice to see Fatima back. I like her and wouldn’t mind her sticking around as long as she’s not replacing Eric there. That’s my one gripe. I had to laugh at his whole eye gouging thing but to tell Rogers he thinks he wants to try to be a special agent, I was with Rogers, “Why?” I do not want him as an agent. If anything what happened at the wedding when he tried take on those guys should be proof. I realize he would still be new but still. Stick with what you know Eric. I did find it funny watching Rogers dance with the bridesmaids.

    The bridesmaids. Yeah I’m not sure why they are all friends. Of course Mandy is the weepy one (Honestly nothing against her; just made the comment because it’s my name). I did like how Kensi made the comment how she can’t wait to look like her.

    I loved their vows and how Kensi managed to “fix” her dress. It’ll be interesting to see if the dynamic changes now that they’re married. Hope it doesn’t change too much.

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    • I should probably add to this. I just realized when I said Personal was when I saw a change with them and I did but it was more on Kensi’s side. As far as Deeks feelings I could definitely see The Job being the first episode for that.

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  9. Laurie Spolidoro // March 18, 2019 at 2:34 PM // Reply

    Watched the episode and absolutely loved it!

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  10. Love your review Diane, spot on. I loved almost everything about this episode, and smiled throughout the whole show, starting with Sam almost shooting our very nervous groom. The way that Sam and Callen took care of Deeks all day with such love and humor made my heart sing. I loved the little moment between Kensi and Roberta, and the sweet nod to Granger. Nice touch, that. I love that Kirkin loves Marty; who doesn’t love Marty? How ironic that Hetty made a surprise car crash entrance, after Linda Hunt was absent all season due to a car crash. Cheeky writers, lol. Nonetheless, Linda looks in fine fettle, and I hope she is back for good. As for the box, thank goodness we finally know its contents. I agree with peakae, I doubt that Kensi would have left her Dad’s ring there untouched for six years. But OMG, that letter was inspired writing, and sooo beautifully acted by ECO. I swear, that man can’t set a foot wrong. He is such an amazing actor. Also, his look of surprise at the popcorn snakes was priceless, lol. The setting for the ceremony, overlooking the ocean was lovely, the flowers were spectacular. The fist fight in her wedding dress was totally Kensi, and didn’t she look beautiful before (and after) the dress was destroyed? The men in their tuxes were so handsome, and ECO in that blue Tom Ford tuxedo was flaming, smoking hot! I loved the vows they exchanged, especially, “this is my favorite moment.” It was my favorite too. It was/is a love story. I too, am convinced that Deeks knew he was in love with Kensi in The Debt. The way that he looked at her then……..sigh. I am not sure when Kensi knew, maybe because my attention is always laser focused on Deeks, lol.

    I also agree, that I can’t understand the friendship between Kensi and the bridesmaids. Maybe it’s just me, but I really was never that interested in meeting them to begin with. I would have been happier with less “leaking” bridesmaids and more wedding ceremony. I also could have done without the silliness of Eric in the gym, and especially in OPS. More wasted time, in my humble opinion. I can never understand why they make Eric (and Nell) act so silly. The work that they do in Ops is so intelligent, so serious, so important. The team would be nowhere without them, so why make them look ridiculous most of the time? These characters deserve better.

    Did anyone catch Rogers dancing with one of the Tiffanys? Did Deeks, Kensi and Roberta dancing to Spread Love make you smile? How did they know that Hetty would be there to officiate? Why wasn’t Sam the best man? Can Kirkin live without his beloved Marty…………

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    • I typed in The Debt which is one of my favorites, but I meant to say The Job is when Deeks knew he loved Kensi.


    • In an interview by the showrunner, he said the snakes popping out of the box was a prank they pulled on ECO. He was not expecting it at all. They loved his reaction so much that they left it in.

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  11. As a Densi fan and an NCIS:LA viewer since the very first episodes of Season 1, I can’t help being grateful to the suthors for such an episode. I think it was perfect and wouldn’t have liked it to be different from what it was. It had everything I have fallen in love with this show to begin with: banter, humor, great action and stunts, but this time, more importantly, family, friendship, emotions and love. A kind of love that “conquers all difficulties and surmounts all obstacles”.
    Absolute perfection.
    The showrunners and actors may say this success mainly depends on us fans and the support we have always given the show, I guess it is true, but I think it is especially the other way round: they have created a story with some characters we have fallen in love with, no matter what. And then our only option was to stay loyal until today. Luckily this day came, the Densi wedding was worth the wait, maybe just out of a fanfiction, or an alternative universe. If I am dreaming, please don’t wake me up.

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  12. sassyzazzi // March 18, 2019 at 4:16 PM // Reply

    Thanks Diane for a wonderful review. I loved this episode. For me it was a magical episode , the wedding vows were beautiful, all of the characters beautifully written , the return of Hetty great, and the backdrop of Malibu with perfect blue hydrangeas gorgeous. Most of all they gave us a happy ending.This episode felt like a celebration of the characters, the cast, and the fans that have loyally supported this show for so many years.

    All of the actors were awesome but the highpoint for me was Eric Christian Olsen reading the letter from Kensi and holding her Dad’s ring, what a performance.

    I have to add I thought the camera work on this episode was just marvelous, the scene of the beach, the way they cut back and forth on the vows .Kudos to the cast, the TPTB and all of the folks who worked hard to deliver this outstanding show.

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  13. Loved it. I haven’t saved an episode (or watched w/out ff)of the show in almost two years. This one is a keeper. I’m actually surprised that I didn’t mind the bridesmaids much. I don’t want to necessarily see them again, but they weren’t as annoying as I expected. Makes me wish Deeks had some of his old friends there like Kip and Ray. And how about Nate? I wished Deeks wasn’t so insecure. It went a little over the top for me. I would have liked to see less of that and maybe more of the reception and maybe a Julia/Deeks scene. I also loved Kirkin and the way they both kissed Hetty. That seemed real to me. It felt like an old school ep of the show.

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  14. Great review! It was like watching the episode all over again. All the fun, tender, sweet, wacky, surprising, and tear-jerking moments enveloped in your incisive commentary. Nicely done!

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  15. amusement345 // March 18, 2019 at 5:43 PM // Reply

    Great review, Diane! I think the writers served the occasion well by spreading things out in non-traditional ways. For example, we saw the mother/son dance, but we saw it weeks before the wedding. We heard Kensi’s heartfelt vows, but we heard them in the context of the letter from the box. That scene, and Deeks’ reaction to it, was the highlight of the episode for me, but really, I don’t think they hit a single false note, unless it was the somewhat inexplicable crisis of confidence from Deeks. They hit quite a few silly and unnecessary notes (pretty much everything not directly related to the wedding), but they didn’t hit any false ones. The dispensing of wisdom and advice from Sam and Callen to Deeks, their reactions to reading the letter, even Deeks being too nervous not to read his vows instead of speaking them spontaneously—-all of it felt organic and natural.

    I do wish they’d cut back on some of the foolishness and given us more of the actual wedding, and I agree that a scene between Julia and Deeks would have been nice. So would a short conversation between the bride and groom have been appropriate. Like many, I cannot see Kensi having a posse of female friends unless we find out they were all on some college sports team together, so I could have done without the bridesmaids.

    Another highlight—Hetty! I’m so glad she was able to be there, let alone officiate. I did also love Kensi and Deeks bussing her cheeks. It felt like they were doing it both in character and out, and representing the rest of the cast and crew. And I loved how Callen and Sam flanked her on the sofa at the end.

    Onward to the honeymoon!

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    • I can remember one very early episode in season 2 or 3 where Kensi was complaining that she couldn’t be herself with friends because she couldn’t tell them what she did for a living. There was one where she pretended to run an art gallery and Deeks tested her on famous artists and she got them all wrong. So that begs the question…do Mindy, Tiffany, Mandy, Tiffany, Cat, Tiffany, and Tiffany, (oh, whatever)…do they know she’s a Federal Agent, because they didn’t seem that surprised when she took that guy out…??

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  16. This was an excellent review of what happened during the show. I have so many favorites that I cannot pick just one. I have been waiting forever to have Densi get married. I absolutely loves this episode and it is one of the best episodes ever. I love this episode more than when Ross and Rachel had their baby on friends and then decided to get back together during the series finale. Thankfully the writers of NCIS:LA listened to the fans and decided to have Densi get married this year. I can not wait to see what happens to Kensi and Deeks as a married couple for the rest of their lives.

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  17. Debra Gillespie // March 19, 2019 at 3:52 AM // Reply

    Agree with the comments here about how awesome the wedding episode was. I read how they had such rainy weather while filming this and had a narrow window of clear weather of shooting the outside wedding scenes, and so a lot of the scenes were filmed inside with the “beach” painted in the backdrop. So many blasts from the past here, starting with kudos to Tony Wharmley directing; his involvement with NCISLA I found out goes back to Season 1 (the third episode). Loved how they got a mention for Granger. For me Deek’s super-nervous pre-wedding jitters was a hyped-up version of the nervous-constant-talking-answering-a-question-with-a question-irritating-the-heck-out-of-Sam character that I fell for in the earlier seasons. I’m surprised that someone (Sam, Callen, or Nell) didn’t offer him a paper bag so he wouldn’t hyperventilate.
    Peakae and Kim. I’m glad that you mentioned how you wondered how the ring and letter would be the same gift left in that locker for six years. ECO in an interview last week said that the disclosure of what was in the box would almost change the last six seasons, and he was right. I loved, loved the scene when Deeks received the ring and Kensi’s letter and teared up about as much as he did, but I still just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Kensi knew she was destined to marry this man way back in the fourth season, before “Wanted” (for me that’s the watershed episode when Densi really took off). My only negative thought for this episode.
    I read that Dani wanted a fight scene in her wedding dress, and it was great…but I had a trivial thought while watching that fight scene that she sure can’t donate it now to the Brides for Breast Cancer that she was intending to do in episode 7. And Roberta had some more great scenes this week again…so she now knows where the boat shed is now…that could make things interesting in later episodes…another place where she could pop up out of the blue? And I couldn’t help laughing with her scene with Sam…was she getting a little “warm for his form”? I agree with everybody else that is great to see Hetty back, but someone on another fan forum mentioned that she still didn’t look too well when she was walking and standing, and I noticed in the couch scene with Sam and Callen that she seemed to be holding her side like she still might be not one hundred percent from her car accident.
    Got a couple of questions….does anyone know what was the song played when Sam, Callen and Kensi walked down the aisle? And in the bar scene with Kensi and Roberta, Mama Deeks said about making sure she wouldn’t make the mistake again of not being sober if she took her vows for the third time…so does that mean she’s been married twice? I always thought she had been married once, to Deek’s abusive father. Sounds like there’s a story there…any thoughts?

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    • I wondered the same thing about Roberta’s remark about being married twice. Either an unknown man named Deeks was her first husband and disappeared rather quickly, and she went back to that name when she divorced (?) Brandel…Or, she married a Deeks after Brandel and he adopted Martin, although we’ve never heard a thing about him. We really do need an explanation at some point.

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    • Debra, the music playing during Kensi’s walk down the aisle was San Luis, by Gregory Alan Isakovs.
      I agree the Deeks Brandel thing is a mystery. Maybe we will finally get the Deeks M episode in Season 11, and these things will be cleared up once and for all. Fingers crossed 🤞

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      • Debra Gillespie // March 21, 2019 at 1:35 AM // Reply

        Since Gemmill wrote the wedding episode and is the showrunner, I’ll take the glass half full route and be optimistic that there’s a “Deeks, M.” episode in season 11 and the Deeks Brandel mystery will be solved, also.

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  18. Ooooh what a joyous day!! All of us have waited for so long for this wedding to happen. Thank you Diane for great review and all the great years that you and your colleagues have invested in our dashing detective, charming cop and beautiful person here at wikiDeeks.
    It took both Deeks and Kensi to come to this place in their lives a long time. I think that physical attraction was there from the very beginning, then trust came (“Deliverance) followed by growing friendship (“The Job”) and love (now is clear that Kensi was the first one to admit herself that she was in love with him – truly and deeply -even before she gave him the box for the forgotten birthday. Deeks figured that out in “Wanted”). Those are in my mind some milestones of their love story. The content of The Box is great. I chose to believe that the ring and letter have been there from the very beginning and that Kensi has never changed it. What an ego bust for Deeks when he was almost at the verge of falling apart from the self-doubt. She showed him (again) in the best possible way the depth, strength and lastingness of her love for him (my mind is still blown up from the tugging of Deeks’ lifeless body thru Mexican desert).
    Each and every moment, each and every interaction was great. There were so many fanny moments, emotional moments, childish moments, unnecessary moments but as somebody stated before none of them was false. The whole team showed nothing less than 100 per cent support and understanding, I loved to see Hetty and her dry humour back and hope she will appear more and more in the future episodes. The whole episode reminded me of the old-fashioned screwball comedies that I enjoyed so much. I honestly felt that this episode was totally different from any other NCIS LA episode or any other serial that I can remember. Thank you show runners fro recognizing the importance of the wedding for us, the fans!

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Thank you for your amazing review Diane.
    I, too, really loved this episode, it kind of feels surreal that we actually, finally, had a wedding. My absolutely favorite moment was that letter, too, I loved that scene so much. (Maybe the romantic side of me would had loved a little bit more of that kind of moments in this episode, but I still absolutely loved this episode)
    This was a special episode,and maybe because of that I watched and reviewed it differently compared to other NCIS LA episodes (I don’t mean in a bad or negative way, just different).
    Loved seeing Hetty back, and I hope Linda Hunt is doing well and is healthy and we have Hetty back for the rest of the season. Can’t believe how fast this season has gone and that this was already episode 17, I hope that the rest of the season will be great. I, too, really hope that this wedding doesn’t change Densi too much and it is really interesting to see what happens next.
    Maybe one thing I did miss a little bit was Monty, but overall a very good episode and I enjoyed it a lot.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. This was the most amazing episode. The performance by ECO and Dani Ruah was epic. They put their complete heart into this episode and it shows. As a huge fan, I appreciate that more than can be imagined. The rest of the cast was stellar as usual and showed their appreciation of what Densi brings to the show. I loved every scene between Callen,Sam and Deeks. The relationships that have developed between the team over the last 9 years will hopefully carry through another 9. A huge shout out to the entire cast, crew, and especially R. Scott Gemmill for giving us fans a huge payoff.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Thanks for all your great comments and favorite moments. It really was an episode to remember!

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Loved the episode. ECO’s acting made the show.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Ok, I’m going to say it.

    ECO really needs a haircut.

    I noticed most particularly in the shot from behind at the wedding. It’s getting too long. It’s lost its golden fluffiness. (I get it — I also have hair that the longer it gets, the heavier and droopier it looks).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. He has gone from cute to a little unkempt looking. Just a little trim and some layers would do it for me. However, he could show up with a Mohawk and I would still love him.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the episode. I just wanted to say that this was a great review Diane. You captured the romance of the day, and of their entire relationship, beautifully. A great review for a great episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Jennifer Mcpherson // June 28, 2019 at 6:12 AM // Reply

    Loved your review Diane and totally agree with everyone’s comments. Only negative point for me (if you can call it that) was ECO’s hair length. Just needs a wee trim. Though ECO will still be my heart throb (do people still use that word?) whatever the length of his hair! The episode did not disappoint. From the moment Deeks fell down Sam’s stairs and nearly broke a ‘hoof’ to Hetty’s well timed entrance, I was entranced. And did anyone else think that Deeks thanking Hetty for “doing this” was unscripted and so typical of ECO? He seems such a ‘gent’ and a genuine, sweet man. Long may Densi be on our screens.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Heart throb is a perfect description! I agree, ECO ‘s comment seemed totally unscripted and genuine. I also agree with you about his hair; a little trim and some shampoo would do the trick. I am watching Season 3 right now, and omg he is so stunningly gorgeous, my heart aches, lol. That gorgeous smile just lights up the screen. I love that smile. It seems to me that he sort of scowled his way thru most of Season 10. Hope his smile returns full blast next season. Also hoping that we finally get the Deeks, M episode.

    Hope everyone has a good summer!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I knew that Kensi had it bad for Deeks in the episode Personal, when Deeks was shot. As she waited for him to get out of surgery, she held his badge and stroked it with her thumb.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Been 2 years since this incredible episode aired, and it’s still the greatest episode I’ve ever seen!
    Everything that makes the show so great was in this episode. Not to mention, the greatest Hetty moment of all time!
    Happy 2 year anniversary, Densi!


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