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wikiDeeks! This is information central for all Deeks fans! We love Marty Deeks, and we want the world to know about it! When Shane Brennan created this wonderful character, he effectively, and in one fell swoop, put the L.A. in NCIS: Los Angeles. We think he is the best character on television today, and we will post original material about his impact on the show, his unique position within the team, why we are so intrigued by his back story and history and what he means to the future of the show.

Deeks may come across as all fun and laughter on the outside but there is a complicated man behind the smile. Our site will follow the LAPD Detective as he continues to deal with his relationship with Kensi, his work with NCIS and his future  in terms of his career and his personal life.

We hope you will join us regularly for reviews, news, spoilers, art and thought provoking features about our favorite NCIS: Los Angeles character… Marty Deeks. Let us know what you think and leave your comments at our site, we want to hear from you!

23 Comments on Who We Are

  1. looking great! Well done and wishing you all the very best.


  2. chrissyBJ1962 // November 3, 2013 at 9:56 AM // Reply

    Great website, I like it very much 🙂


  3. Awesome site and this looks to be the start of something good 🎶😉 Bookmarked and ready to follow😊. Cheers! 💛


  4. Way to go, Di. This is terrific. I’m so looking forward to all things Deeks and readings from some of the best fan fiction writers. Maybe if time permits, I will attempt to write a Deeks’ piece. It’s a great site and I love the name.


  5. Well said. Deeks is such an intriguing character. The site looks fantastic. That banner at the top is just beautiful! Go Team Deeks.


  6. very good idea, crave infoemacion about Marty, his life, his past, especially his future with Kensi … to follow!


  7. I am so glad this was posted by Kensi and Deeks (NCIS LA) in Facebook. I will come here often. I love Deeks and so appreciate what an excellent actor ECO is.


  8. A really great website, glad I found it! you guys are doing an amazing job!


  9. Loving this site more every visit…and believe me there have been a lot of visits! Finished S5 on DVD, need to wait for the summer (birthday present!) before I can get S6 so now revisiting S2 onwards (well obviously Hand-to-Hand, Fame and then S2…)
    I really enjoyed reading your (b****y marvellous) reviews of the S5 eps after I’d seen them and then the Surf Log and Journal…just as if I was watching ‘live’. They bring to mind a request and a question…
    The request: as there are now a lot of reviews/previews, things like that, is there any chance of sub-categorising them into seasons?
    The question: do your (b*****y marvellous!!) reviewers have any plans to review the earlier episodes? I know they’ve done some (because I’ve read them!!) but does anybody fancy chipping away at the rest? A hiatus is coming….pretty please??
    As long as there is NCISLA please let there be WikiDeeks (and btw that’s an awesome name, I was hooked on that alone!)
    With love from the bottom right of England


    • Thanks for all the kudos! Glad you are enjoying the site. No plans to go back and do reviews of all the shows before we started. Before I created this site with our crew I did the reviews on NCISLA Magazine. The magazine is no longer operating but you can still access their archives. I did the reviews for season 4 and part of season 5 there. Before that I did the reviews for a ECO website that has also closed down. All those reviews are gone and I can’t recreate them. Sorry. It would be a huge undertaking. But Densiland on Tumblr has done reviews of all the shows and that is a good site to check out.


      • Oh dear…lost a good couple of hours in Densiland last night, thanks for the suggestion…I think….fasting days are good for you aren’t they? Cats and hubby didn’t agree…I’m in so much trouble….


    • Elliesam, glad you’re still enjoying the site! You can search for reviews etc. by season if you use part of the episode number abbreviations which appear in the review titles. For example, if you search on “S6” you’ll get Season 6 results.


  10. Michael A. Lehmann // October 25, 2018 at 12:32 AM // Reply

    Arkady is the best character :-p


  11. Twisted Code // November 30, 2018 at 9:24 PM // Reply

    although I’m honestly in disbelief there is a site revolving around a single character, of all the television characters I know of, I have to agree is the best. Also, I dig the pun on “WikiLeaks”


  12. Thanks. We have some very talented people working on this site who loves this character so much. I’m glad it shows. Glad you got the pun too!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I don’t suppose this site is hiring anyone, right?


    • Sorry….unless you can work for free and can write none of us get paid. But we are always looking for writers who want to volunteer their talents because they love the show.


  14. Tarsha Simmons // September 17, 2020 at 4:27 PM // Reply

    I just want to say I started watching the NCIS series during COVID and I am hooked. I binged watched them all. NCIS LA was the last one for me to watch and I wasn’t sold after episode 1. But, I read a comment on one of the reviews that was similar to mine, which stated I was sold when they brought Deeks in. I just love his character, he is hilarious with depth. I love the dynamic of him and Kensi. Currently on Season 10 Episode 3. I’m so mad that I hadn’t watched this from the very beginning. But, they have me now and I can’t wait to finish through Season 11 and look forward to watching Season 12 real time. I love this site, it has been such a great resource for me. Keep up the great work. Thank you all for all that you do.


    • Hey Tarsha, thanks for your lovely comment. We’re so glad to have you, even if you missed out on a few seasons worth of discussion. Glad you’re enjoying the show and the site!


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