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Location #1: Jordan

by DensiLand |

Jordan?! Surprisingly, Deeks’ mention of possible vacation spots with Kensi began only in season four. Really?! In “Recruit” (4×2), it was revealed that Deeks spent his summer vacation in Jordan, which provided the humorous photo of Deeks on a camel. So, what might have prompted him to travel to the far off land? We will likely never know. But, this is Deeks — it could be anything, or nothing at all!

imageWhile it might seem like an odd choice, particularly considering it sits beside the regularly war-torn Iraq, Jordan is quite a safe and economically-stable country – much of which is attributed to its tourism. Deeks might want to hit up the night life in Amman or settle at an international resort along the Dead Sea for some water-based activities. Jordan touts stunning nature reserves, which might be a good match for “outdoorsy” Kensi, but not likely a personal choice for “city mouse” Deeks. Taking the hint from his vacation pictures, perhaps he wants to get Kensi out of her comfort zone. Although she revealed having already visited Jordan, surely she’s never ridden a camel, right?

However, the prime choice for Destination Deeks would very likely be Petra, which he made mention of in “Recruit.” This ancient city is known for its astonishing natural rock architecture carved directly into the mountains. In 2012, during Deeks’ visit, Petra celebrated its 200th anniversary of discovery. Yet, the true key may very well be based on the fact in 2007, Petra was selected for the New 7 Wonders of the World. There’s no doubt Deeks believes Kensi should be at the top of that list!

Location #2 Clue:
It’s a store that’s for sure,
But is this trip really for her?
Before you know it they’ll be gone
Oddly headed for the. . .

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7 Comments on Location #1: Jordan

  1. Besides Petra, Deeks could also consider to spend some time in the Wadirum desert (south of Petra), sleeping in tends under a breathtaking star-spangled sky (very cool temperature – they would need to warm up a little…) and trekking in the reddish sand dunes – both romantic and outdoorsy.


  2. Acho que eles deveriam vir para o Brasil, muito sol, praia e copa do mundo, o Deeks iria adorar com certeza.


    • Translation of the above comment by ana: I think they should come to Brazil, lots of sun, beach and world cup, Deeks would love it for sure.


  3. Maybe the Alps, I consider Deeks and Kensi as adventrous types so they might go snowboarding.Zip some hot coco after.


  4. As I told you guys, this feature looks absolutely fantastic. I love the graphics. The idea is super creative. And I enjoyed reading about Jordan. I would love to go there someday. Oh, and FYI I think Deeks threw out Australia as a trip idea in Higher Power (3×11) when they were about to get zapped by the Tesla coil.


    • Karen – Oh my. You are right! Now the chronological order of them is off! Oh no! I’ll have to get to work on that right away!


      • Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to cause stress! I’m sure no one will mind if the order is off, or if Australia is skipped altogether, although I’d enjoy reading your post for sure. I want to visit every continent and that’s the one I can’t get excited about- I was hoping your writing might inspire me.


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