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Location #2: The Amazon

by DensiLand |

The Amazon River, central to the Amazon Basin/Rainforest, extends through three South American countries: Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. Again, it’s fairly safe to presume that Deeks didn’t choose this location based his own desire. After all, this lifelong Los Angeleno whines every time he’s deployed outside the traditional city confines!

The Amazon is rapidly offered as an option in “Recruit” (4×2) seemingly as a simple counter to Kensi declaring she had already visited Jordan (Location #1). Not being deterred, Deeks presses on! Perhaps he senses a woman like his partner needs new and exciting adventures to gain her attention. A possible base for their travels could be Santarém, Brazil. Here, Kensi would be able to maintain a sense of control in applying her fluency in Portugese. Meanwhile, Deeks could take comfort in the 62 miles of natural beach, specifically in the area of Alter do Chão known as the “Caribbean in Brazil.”

Of course no visit to the Amazon would be complete without a riverboat cruise along the famous waterway. Can’t you just picture Kensi, binoculars in hand, pointing out all of the exotic wildlife (likely channeling Callen in explaining how to easily extract venom from a bite wound?!). Soon they would make an expected stop along the shore to partake in some nourishment. Deeks, taking advantage of every opportunity, patiently waits for the proper moment to gain a rise out of his partner with a Tarzan-like proclamation of, “Me Deeks, you Kensi” as he goes flying off of a rope swing into the surging waters below!

P.S. It might look a little something like this (without the evergreen trees, of course!):

(Be careful what you post on Instagram Mr. Olsen!)

Location #3 Clue:
Funny hats were all the rage,
Kensi’s reaction you can never gage.
It’s not near, but far away
A homeland past must be….

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4 Comments on Location #2: The Amazon

  1. Excellent! These are so fun to read. I think Densi would have lots of fun in the Amazon, provided they didn’t run into any boa constrictors- they’d probably having a hard time getting the “jaws of life” to come untangle Deeks like at his friend’s 8th grade birthday party. It would also be a prime location for them to spot an actual Jungle Cat! Thanks for writing- I’m lucky enough to be visiting the Amazon this June, and this just gets me looking forward to the trip (but thinking I should be spending less time on Deek-related posts and more time on my Portuguese CD’s- if only Kensi could come along and translate for me.)


  2. Ah ah Kensi would LOVE the forest, for sure … Deeks, for sure he´ll not like it, but I´m sure he´d do anything for Kensi! I´m also sure he´d complain about the choky heat, the humidity, the chaos … but there are so many great places so see there ! I loved it and I´m sure Densi would it too!


  3. Love this. And you found a perfect spot to post ECO’s pic. 😉


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