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Roundtable Discussion Part Three: wikiDeeks looks ahead to Season 6!

Exclusive Finally, we have reached our last installment  in this summer's Roundtable Discussion.  What will happen to Densi next season?  The wikiDeeks writers and contributors were also asked if they had one wish for the new season and how it relates to Marty Deeks....what would it be? See if you can find your wish among these gems…. DianeDiane:  What about the future for Densi?  Is it going to evolve more during Season 6, or will we see them pulling back?   LindyLindy:  I’m going back to “Impact” where they said it was a love story.  I still don’t want to give up hope that they will continue that. It may be back to touch and go, but I hope there is still some sex in there somewhere! Please dear God! But I do have hope that they will bring them back because they are so popular with the public. To me, if you want a successful show, use it! Why wouldn’t you?   Karen S.Karen S:  I don’t see them pulling back from Densi like she said. It’s such a popular part of the show and would make everybody just totally angry if they backed off completely. I think we will have a whole season of touch and go again.   Karen P.Karen P:  I really would like to know what happened at the end of “Recovery” in terms of the touching. When are we ever going to find out what happened? I don’t understand the logic of keeping that a secret from the viewers and again it was very frustrating.

GayleGayle:  Clearly Densi is not going to be full speed ahead from here on out. My question and hope is, what’s going to be the provocation for them moving ahead or not? It appears now that we have Deeks a little bit on pause- I want to know why that is? Is it based on what he did in Afghanistan and is based on him actually starting to consider the consequences of them being together both professionally and personally? Is there something that recalled a memory for him that is finally going to trigger us getting into some of his back story? I want to know what’s causing him to pull back. And I don’t care, hate me if you must, I don’t care how fast they are moving ahead or not, but understanding the reasons why is far more important. And how long and how they plan to address those things… who knows?
LindyLindy:  I think they have been hinting about Deeks pulling back towards the end of last season. Towards the end of “Fish Out of Water” when Talia’s warning him about getting too close to his partner, and then in “Spoils of War” when he sees what his commitment can do to him and I think they hinted at it, and I hope that they will take the whole thing up again next year and deal with it.
DianeDiane:  I agree, but I don’t know how long they can play this card? Can he go on throughout Season 6 like this? Because if you were reading Twitter at the end of last season, there were a lot of angry people in terms of Densi and how they just fizzled out at the end of the year.
BrendaBrenda:  It not just Densi people who are upset about it, it’s the comparison to Tiva and the NCIS thing where you have these couples where they are obviously into each other, but you keep them apart endlessly until one of them leaves the show. I think that is cumulative, and it’s the other relationship as well which plays on people’s opinions.
Karen S.Karen S:  The other fear is that Moonlighting factor and as soon as they got together the ratings dropped, but I don’t think they handled that one too well. There are so many ways to handle it and I think they could do it well, but I don’t know if Shane Brennan is willing to go there.
BrendaBrenda: What the heck are they afraid of?
Karen P.Karen P:  I know, I think I’m always going to be wishing for the HBO version of NCIS:LA or an FX (basic cable) version, where there’s not going to be a case that needs to be solved in 40 minutes, so I’m always going to be frustrated with the structure of the show. I’d like to think that moving it to 10pm on Monday night will help change things a little bit and maybe go a little darker, but I’m not really that optimistic that is going to change things.
LindyLindy:  I think the move is scary. There are a lot of other great shows at that time slot including football.
Karen S.Karen S:  I’m of the philosophy that if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I think they should have left it alone. I know they are trying to get the New Orleans show up and running but I don’t think that was the solution for that.
DianeDiane:  Unless it gets darker and a lot more interesting… that’s the only way I can support the move.
LindyLindy:  I don’t think they are going to change format. I don’t think they are going to do that. They have their formula and they are going to let it sink or swim, and we have to pray that it’s going to swim.
DianeDiane:  We may have touched on this before… but do you ever think we will get Deeks’ backstory?
LindyLindy:  I think they are going to show it. I think they are going to do an arc like they did with Kensi. I hope it will be a two story arc where they deal with his earlier life and maybe his childhood, because he is the only one who they haven’t done that for yet.
Karen S.Karen S:  They had also planned on doing some of that this season as well but Daniela’s pregnancy kind of derailed some of that, because they talked about seeing Deeks’ mother.
DianeDiane:  Yes, that was another good example of a spoiler that was leaked but it never happen. There are so many things about Deeks I want to find out!
LindyLindy:  Me too!
DianeDiane:  I’m also wondering what is going to happen with Hetty this year in terms of whether or not Linda Hunt wants to return for another season. I wonder if they are going to phase her out.
LindyLindy:  Who are they going to replace her with?
DianeDiane:  Well, that could be why Granger was getting cozy with the group there at the very end which was kind of scary.
LindyLindy:  If they make Nell the new operations manager we are in trouble.
Karen P.Karen P:  I think I’m OK with whatever they are going to do with Hetty as long as her character is written in a way that she pays for the consequences of her actions in some way.
DianeDiane:  One last question. If everybody could give me one wish for Season 6, what would it be?
LindyLindy:  I want to see a backstory on Deeks. I want to see a two story arc where his childhood is explained, whether his mother is alive or dead, or if he lived on the streets, how did he go to college… I want it all!
Karen P.Karen P:  That would have been my first answer, but I’ll go with wanting to see some Densi sexy times!
Karen S.Karen S: I want to see all that too, but I want to see them treat him with more respect too on the team.
BrendaBrenda:  I think all of the previous ones are great but if I had to pick just one, he proved himself in “Spoils of War” and nobody has even acknowledged it. They would have totally been dead without him. He deserves some respect, it’s about high time.
GayleGayle:  I will put in a second vote for backstory and in fact anything they would give us, I would be happy with. How they bring that about I’m not going to be greedy about it because we have been waiting so long. My only other addition would be… Kensi finally got to the point where she was saying yes to Deeks and she was using the boyfriend term, and there is another side to her we haven’t seen either, so I would really like to see that and don’t know if that side of Deeks’ back story fits with her either.
MelMel:  I would like to see for next season maybe a few less loose ends because they seem to pick up a lot of stories and then they seem to drop them and there is no follow through. I mean that for all the characters, but a little bit more for Deeks and Kensi. There’s just a lot that has been left unsaid and they don’t usually leave this much left unsaid… but it would just be nice for them to give us some answers and what will happen behind the scenes of what we don’t usually see.
If you could add one wish to their list, what would it be…let us know in the comments below. Hope you are looking forward to the new season as much as we are.   Thanks for joining us!


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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

9 Comments on Roundtable Discussion Part Three: wikiDeeks looks ahead to Season 6!

  1. To clarify, I’m interested to see this probable “role reversal” where now Deeks seems skittish and Kensi’s made her admission to move ahead. Not sure I articulated that above. Also, am I the only one who’s not craving blatant “sexy times”?! LOL!


    • I believe you are Gayle…I don’t need to see the actual act, but is touching and kissing and holding each other like they did at the end of Spoils of War too much to ask???


  2. Deeks asked Hetty if he was the reason Kensi got sent to Afghanistan and while in Afghanistan Deeks also told the cleriq that he was the reason Kensi was there so IMO he is back tracking because he feels it is his fault she was put in that situation

    I blame this thought process by Deeks fully on Hetty for not clarifying why Kensi was there in the first place. She made him feel like it was all his fault and until she tells him it wasn’t his fault he is going to continue to blame himself.

    I want some sexy fun times for Deeks and Kensi but I know that is not going to happen with the way this show is produced.

    My hopes for these two is they have an committed adult relationship that is spelled out in words NOT metaphors.

    I would love a back story for Deeks but I don’t see the producers giving us that at all. I think they will continue to play their games and run us all around in circles like a hamster in a hamster ball.


  3. I want to know why he became a cop and stopped working as a lawyer. I also want to know what happened to cause him to previously not want another female partner. (According to LT. Bates on THE DEBT.)


    • My thoughts exactly jay. Also (and I doubt this will happen) I would love some episode or two with no case that just focused solely on the characters. Wishful thinking I know.

      As far as the move to 10 (9 my time) goes, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. Nothing is beating football. LA stacks up very well against castle and the blacklist. FYI I watch castle too but it will now be a dvr show 🙂


  4. Good afternoon Ladies !!! I love when you think of this great series that fans really love !!!!!! I have something that has left me very anxious, is not to ignore certain notes !!!!! but it is stronger than I !!!! you may return the actress Mercedes Mashon in more than one episode in season 6 or regualr ??? I think that would be the end of DENSI !!!!!! Talia coming apart do generate lios our favorite couple, annoy kensi ????? deeks comes ???? you think in season 6 to unite deeks and talia ??? and separate it from kensi ???? for my terrible serious !!!! I refuse to believe that !!!! but I really am very afraid ???????? you think about ??????


  5. I would like to see Hetty fully admit that Deeks wasn’t the reason for Kensi going away. If she did this then maybe just maybe we will see Deeks and Kensi together on the same level.

    Also, I believe that Deek’s reasoning for backing away from their thing is because if he went thru with it then he may lose everything he’s worked for. He’s always been the “black sheep” in his life. From his dad abusing him as a child, to the LAPD pushing him aside and every female using him except Kensi. She’s never given up on him and she’s been there every step of the way pushing him to do better and think better of himself. He’s afraid he’s gonna lose her if he gets everything that he’s desired.

    Yes, im all for “sexy times” but when the times are right that’s when it’s going to happen. (when we least expect it because that’s just the way this show is) 🙂


  6. I want to know why his last name is Deeks not Brandel. To answer that question, I think the writers will have to answer several other questions – what happened to his mom, what happened between age 11 and college, and why he switched careers, among others. Sounds like a two part Deeks, M. in the making!


  7. I honestly agree with all the above comments apart from Talia coming back! I feel Deeks and Kensi were both used as pawns by Hetty, Kensi being set up to save Jack a man whom she really owed nothing to with the way he treated her, Deeks by being made feel that it was his fault that Kensi was sent away and ultimately suffer and him be put in a position to question himself as a man and how his feelings for Kensi made him react. In season 6 I really want those questions answered and also Deeks get some recognition for the part he played in saving Kensi and the rest of the team in Afghanistan. I also think Granger should be made to eat his words after a comment to Deeks when he came back during the mission and Deeks offered to take vacation to go out there to help, Granger said that him in Afghanistan would be like a National Lampoons Vacation, again there needs to be recognition for the part he played in saving them all!! Finally the end of my rant I really hope that we see Kensi and Deeks working their thing out and moving forward, why cant they have it all? I am in both groups about how they convey that they are working things out but I think their banter could be back and better and through that their relationship could in some way be confirmed, lets face it all couples bicker about domestic things!!


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