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  1. we watch every sunday we love all of you . you all make the show work .


  2. l don’t now did have questions l sand about before 15 minutes
    Because again asked two questions when we started to shot
    New-season12? And about Deeks episode did Eric won’t
    To write a script about Deeks episode is be so cool he does that
    Stay safe everyone out there


  3. While waiting with baited breath for Question#10 I would like to say Thank You to Wikideeks. Since Season 9 I have read and enjoyed your excellent reviews. I never commented because I was always a season behind.

    I don’t know how much of Deeks’ backstory has already been written and how much is made up as they go along. I’d guess about fifty-fifty. So Thank You Diane, Psyched, Karen P, and Gayle for your insightful articles and fascinating questions.We will have to wait and see if there is a ‘Deeks M’ episode, I hope so. Thank You again for your efforts in trying to make it happen.

    Sorry if you get this twice, first one disappeared.

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  4. The deed is done, the bullet has been bitten. Season 12 is less than a fortnight, sorry two weeks away. We went back to GMT at the weekend, I thought it was time. Earlier this afternoon I put my boots on and walked into the town centre. It only took 30 minutes, would have taken less but I walked along the river. It’s a nicer walk and you get to see the ducks. I strode purposefully into my DVD shop of choice, selected my product and handed over £19.99. Actually I used my credit card, but whatever. I am now the proud owner of the NCIS: LA Season 11 DVD. I could have bought one sooner. Come to that I could have put my hand in my pocket and signed up to Sky so I could watch current episodes, I guess I’m just too mean. Does that mean I’m not a proper fan?

    I don’t know if this is a good thing. I read all the reviews and comments, and gathered that people weren’t over-impressed. Should I binge watch to get it over with, or cherry pick the best episodes? I think perhaps I should just watch it and make up my own mind.


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