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Review: NCISLA “Golden Days” (S8E22)

Last week’s excellent “Battle Scars” ended with a bit of a cliffhanger as the team learned that their $40 million in gold had been stolen. “Golden Days,” written by Joseph C. Wilson and Lee A. Carlisle and directed by Ruba Nadda, continued the banter-filled case but also introduced some major drama in the form of Detective Ellen Whiting, coming back from her near death experience to haunt Deeks.

Da Nang Pick-Ups and Tales of Obi-Wan

As soon as I saw Deeks’ confession to Whiting in the “Previously On,” this whole episode took on a different tone for me. I had anticipated more fun with the old guys and just maybe, a Densi proposal. Instead I was immediately filled with dread. That’s actually not a bad thing in my book, but it did make it harder to focus on the details of the case or even to enjoy the banter as I worried about what might happen to Deeks. It also might have contributed to my take on that banter, which didn’t seem quite as consistently hilarious as last week’s, with the exception of the wonderful stake-out scene.

Still, Carl Lumbly as Langston, John M. Jackson as Chegwidden, and James Remar as Bridges continued their strong work. The absolute highlight was Bridges trying to wrap his hand around Sam’s bicep. I’m still laughing as I think about it now. LL Cool J’s reaction was hilarious. Bridges’ unconventional ways played off of Sam’s by-the-book seriousness so well. It made me think about Deeks’ similar outstanding chemistry with Sam. I loved when Sam and Callen recognize the antics of their elders and swear to prevent one another from ending up the same way. Still, I’m betting it’s exactly how they’ll end up, pact or no pact.

Also enjoyable was hearing stories about Obi-Wan AKA Owen Granger. I bet the team would love to hear more from these guys about what it was like working with a young Granger. And I’m totally on-board for the spin-off where his remaining teammates help vets and kill bad guys!

You’re Never Alone

Before Detective Whiting pops up to ruin everyone’s mood, the episode opens on a close-up of Deeks in the gym. It’s quite reminiscent of the opening of “An Unlocked Mind,” and just for the record, I’m fine if every episode starts this way from now on. This scene might not have been as flirty as the previous yoga scene, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Enjoyable, that is, until things take a nasty turn with Whiting’s text to Deeks. Eric Christian Olsen portrays Deeks’ stress perfectly here. His swearing as he walks away clearly communicates his anger at the situation and his frustration that this event from his past still hangs over his head.

But it’s Daniela Ruah’s Kensi in the follow-up scene who made me tear up when she reassures Deeks that he isn’t alone. It may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him, for I think he’s felt alone much of his life. Deeks’ expression while sitting at his desk reminded me of the “firing” scene from “The Debt,” where he just looked so lost. Here, Kensi’s public display of affection, almost unable to tear herself away from hugging him in the middle of the bullpen, is so sweet and caring – and such a contrast to her complete inability to express her feelings from that long ago (Season 3) episode. To top things off, she expertly takes a trick from Deeks and uses humor to defuse tension, joking about not wanting to have to break him out of jail and spend their lives “on the lam.” Deeks clearly feels so down, and having Kensi express such open support has to mean a lot to him. It did to me as a fan, and it’s one of my favorite scenes of the season.

Kensi: My dad always used to tell me, when I had a problem, he would say, “Line it up in your sights, and then take it out before it has a chance to take you out.”
Deeks: Your dad was a gangster. Also he probably would have shot me.
Kensi: I think he’d love you.
Deeks: But he’s right.
Kensi: You want me to come with you?
Deeks: No, I don’t want to wrap you up in this again. I think I’m just going to do it alone.
Kensi: You’re never alone, Deeks… But also, please make sure you come back this time because I would hate to have to break you out of jail and live the rest of our lives on the lam.
Deeks:  Is it crazy if I say that sounds pretty awesome right now? [Kensi hugs and kisses him.] Just you and I, open road, eatin’ street tacos, lots of ice cream, robbing banks.
Kensi:  I love you so much.
Deeks: I love you too.

Then there’s the major revelation that Deeks had previously told Kensi about his confession. I have such mixed feelings about this. First, it’s great that he’s been so honest with her and has honored the “no more secrets” promise he made. It bodes well for them that he didn’t hide this from her. But on the other hand, I’d have loved to have seen that conversation! Overall though, this is definitely good news for our favorite couple.

Sweating It Out

The return of Detective Whiting, played so well by Karina Logue, brought back an interesting character who thankfully wasn’t killed off in “Under Siege,” lest we lose a good opportunity for an angst-filled Deeks storyline. In this episode we briefly get to see her slightly warmer side as she thanks Deeks for saving her life, expresses concern over her role in finding kidnapped Kensi, and talks about her family. On the other hand, she lets Deeks twist in the wind for quite some time before getting down to the real reason for their conversation. The reason I enjoy her character is that even though she’s not totally likable, she’s been consistently written, she’s trying to do the right thing, and I respect her determination and smarts. I think Deeks does too. He hasn’t been able to fool her- she sees him for who he really is.

Whiting’s uptight affect provides a wonderful foil for a shaggy, possible murderer like him. Could they ever work together as partners? That’s why it was so intriguing to hear her talk about trust. She apparently trusts him to assist in her investigation, meaning he’ll have access to information that could cause great harm were it to get into the wrong hands. In turn, does that mean Deeks can trust that she’ll really close the investigation if he helps her out?

I felt for poor Deeks throughout. He looks like he’s on the way to the dentist as he approaches Whiting’s car. It’s understandable. Thanks to his confession – and let’s not forget Hetty’s meddling – Whiting now has quite a bit of power over Deeks and she’s more than willing to use it. Their conversation is very well written and suspenseful. Would Whiting arrest Deeks? Had she remembered his confession and would she bring it up? Is she recording the whole thing (probably)? Deeks’ expression of misery throughout made me feel how awful it was to have to sit there and pretend like this was a normal conversation. Whiting is holding so much over him and I felt the weight of it all throughout the episode.

It actually looks like we’ll get to see Whiting holding Boyle over Deeks’ head for some time to come. Her request for his assistance uncovering corruption at the precinct was totally predicted by many of you- well done people! I’m unhappy to hear that Lieutenant Bates is one of the subjects of her attention though; I’ve always enjoyed his character and it would be a shame to take him down. Did Deeks’ advice to Whiting to take the allegations against Bates seriously mean that Deeks thinks Bates may be corrupt? I’m hoping his investigation will clear him, just as he did in “The Debt.”

I do love Whiting’s general blackmail scheme plan because it means she’ll be back in Season 9 with what I assume will be a juicy Deeks plot. Might it even tie into a “Deeks, M” episode? Might it lead to Deeks becoming an agent? Only time will tell. One other result of this new development may be that we never get to hear the details of how Boyle was killed, a story story that may not be relevant once Whiting closes her investigation.

In the short term, I hope this all frees Deeks up to be able to get that proposal done! I’d like to think that he’s hesitated to go for proposal number four because he’s been waiting to see what Whiting would do. Now that he has her assurance that he isn’t going to be carted off to jail for murder, hopefully he’s ready to pop the question. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Frank Military or R. Scott Gemmill can give it all the time it deserves in the midst of the upcoming Rogue Sam two-parter. These two writers did a fine job with Deeks’ previous three proposals, so I feel we’re in good hands. Think of it this way- how many fandoms get to enjoy four wedding proposals from their OTP? Seriously, if they can pull off four unique and moving proposals for the same engagement, I will be both impressed and thankful.

Memorable Moments

  • I loved that we started the episode with a classic Joseph C. Wilson boom.
  • When they were in the gym together and Deeks was stretching out Kensi’s arms, their giggling and Kensi’s huge smile felt so much more like ECO and Dani than Deeks and Kensi. I have to believe some of Deeks’ actions there were ECO improv.
  • One slight off-note to all the Densi wonderfulness was Kensi’s calm demeanor throughout the entire episode. She seemed relatively unfazed by Whiting’s reappearance, and it didn’t appear to cause her any concern as she worked the case. I’d have expected more of Fiercely Protective Kensi. Maybe she was just good at playing it cool with her teammates?
  • How wonderful was it that the showrunners kept Karina Logue’s name off the press release? I truly appreciate any time they keep details like these away from us obsessed fans. They could likely drive up viewership by promoting such storylines, but they’re so much more enjoyable when we don’t see them coming.
  • So let me understand this… The team runs around shooting up town, including likely shutting down a major airport, and their reports don’t need to mention the gold? It’s just something Hetty and her boys can take back, it’s not evidence? And forget his “incident at the pawn shop,” Langston kidnapped and assaulted a man last week. Sure, the guy kind of deserved it, but I’d still think he should have been carted off to jail, not sipping whiskey at one of Hetty’s mansions. As Sam said, they’re “federal agents, not the mafia.”
  • After all that Whiting-caused angst, I desperately needed to see some Densi comfort time at the end of the episode. I appreciated the scene with Hetty and her old friends, but wow I needed me some Densi. Fan fic writers will you please help me out?

Stay tuned people- next week begins the final two-parter to end Season 8. Will Sam going rogue and the return of Khalid provide more drama than I’m currently anticipating? I shall try to have faith that my favorite writer, Frank Military, will bring home plenty of angst even as he squeezes in a few minutes of happiness for my favorite couple.

Be sure to come back later this week for Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. Plus Sweet Lu is helping me out with a great post-ep fan fic. In the meantime, what did you think of “Golden Days”?

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42 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Golden Days” (S8E22)

  1. Very nice review, thank you!

    I also wanted a nice quiet ending scene with Densi. Ah well.

    Can we please banish the word “rogue” from the writers usage? Please?

    The scenes with Whiting were definitely setting up for future storylines. I also don’t want Bates to be bad. Come on. We already lost Joelle. Does this mean more Monica Lee? (groan).

    I’m expecting a wham bam cliffhanger to end the season. Uncaged. Unleashed. The titles alone suggest a connection like the end of season 4 beginning of season 5 kind of thing. And not just Sam going rogue and the fall from that. I think it will be the beginning of the Deeks storyline.


  2. Lindy D. // May 2, 2017 at 8:33 AM // Reply

    This turned out to be one of my favorite episodes. It had big booms, Deeks arm porn, Densi snuggles, angst…lots of angst…perfect Deeks hair…Deeks in black…Deeks blackmailed…and oh yeah…all those old guys running around, riding motorcycles and bugging Sam and Callen. All in all…well written and directed. But the best part is that I can see a Deeks story arc peeking around the corner in season nine.

    I’m not a big fan of Whiting, who seemed to have acquired a tan after getting out of the hospital, but she is scary and she has a hold on Deeks I’m not sure he can get out of. I like Bates, but that said, it would sure be interesting if he was a bit darker than we’ve seen so far. I do love his interaction with Deeks and we might just get some backstory on our favorite detective. I think we’re due.

    Great review as usual, Karen. Can’t believe the season is almost over. The proposal scene better be a long one and not done behind the opening credits. Just sayin’.

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  3. Thank you for your great review, Karen. I really liked this episode and I will probably enjoy this episode even more when I am not so nervous about the season finale 🙂

    Densi scenes were amazing (loved supportive Kensi), I , too, really hoped for one more Densi scene after Deeks comes back from meeting Whiting though. I did miss Deeks with the team scenes a little bit, Deeks would had been hilarious with A.J and his friends in this episode. A.J and friends are great guest characters, they have great chemistry with the team, all that banter is amazing, they have skills and their stories are amazing (there are so many great possibilities what the writers could do with these characters). I have to admit I have really been enjoying these Anna free episodes.

    I wish that the IA storyline would be over already, but I agree it was fantastic that Whiting wasn’t in press release, I loved that surprise. Karina is a very good actress and her and ECO are great when they act together in a scene. When that LAPD case continues I would like to see detective Versey (from “Personal”, maybe as a good guy and helping Deeks) and I hope that the storyline isn’t too similar to “Debt” storyline.

    I can’t wait for the finale, I hope we get that engagement and that the scene isn’t “swallowed by” all the angst and drama and I hope that the possible angst in season finale doesn’t take Densi back to season 4-6 Densi (that they start questioning their relationship and combining work life and peronal life and go back to not communicating).

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  4. sassyzazzi // May 2, 2017 at 9:31 AM // Reply

    Thanks for the review, I enjoyed this episode. However, like you, once I saw Detective Whiting was back, it was hard to concentrate on anything other than Deeks. Eco was incredible in this episode, the Deeks and Kensi scenes were just perfect, and Eco was great with Karina Logue. Obviously Detective Whiting is not a likable character, however, Karina Logue plays her so well, it is nice to see the show hire a very capable actress to play such an important part and hold her own in intense scenes with Eco. I am so excited now for season 9, I think we will actually get our Deeks, M, and in the process some very intense/serious/well acted scenes with Eco and good character development for Deeks. I think Kensi saying to Deeks, her Dad’s advice, “Line it up in your sights, Take it out before it has a chance to take you out”, is going to play a major part in the Deeks/ Detective Whiting follow through. My only disappointment in the episode was the lack of a closing Densi scene. We definitely need a fan fiction to provide closure to the episode. I, like others, anxiously await the proposal. I think Tess said it early on, and others have also said it, I think Kensi will propose to Deeks. Kensi in these last episodes has been very communicative about her feelings. Kensi is the one who made the big move to all in, and also to moving in together, so I think it is time she proposes since he has proposed three times.

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  5. Didnt care for case at all. I dont even like this overbantering with the old guys, they were also running like sheeple around the case. What I do like about the episode that it mentions Granger and Kens & Deeks banter. What I dont like they seperate Deeks for 1 and 2 shots with Whiting, why cant he take part of the gold heist plus the gold heist was hell of a boring take down for 40 millions of worth gold.


  6. Very good episode. Just like several I would have liked to see the final scene with Deeks telling Kensi what Whiting wanted instead watching the guys drinking their scotch. In the new season he’ll work with Whiting but I’m not worry maybe it will not be easy but he’s going to do well, I trust, Kensi and Deeks together they can climb every mountain not matter what and Hetty will not let him down, she will also be of great help, I suppose. He knows he`s not alone anymore. likes he used to be (poor Deeks) I think it’s going to be an interesting story to follow. The first scene in the gym were funny and sweet. Like the scene where they are in the office, Kensi reassuring Deeks, telling him with a hug, and holding him, and kissing him “I love you so much” . Kensi has changed a lot and for the better, more calm, very loving and all the confidence that she has in her and in Deeks. They are so cute and made to go together, perfect harmony. The proposal will be at the last episode and as Daniella said it will be sweet and surprising. Deeks has done everything so that she does not suspect anything and he wants so much that it is perfect, I think they absolutely must have their minutes of intense happiness. For the big cliffhanger, I think Michelle will dye, I said I think. Sorry if it`s not very well written, my English is poor, but I try.


  7. I hope Deeks does the proposing. I think that he really needs to hear Kensi say yes.


  8. Brenda (@bpnp) // May 2, 2017 at 12:55 PM // Reply

    Great review Karen!

    I thought the same thing about the gym scene – I re-watched a couple of times just to be sure – but that is definitely an ECO ad lib. He stayed a bit more composed, but I think he gave her enough of an extra arm pull that she broke character just a bit with the laugh/grimace. It reminded me that we don’t see that as often as we used to. It seemed like a lot of the early episodes had a portion of a scene that seemed like an ECO ad lib.

    I didn’t think of it at the time – but good point about the gold as evidence!

    I don’t like Whiting as a character and was hoping she had amnesia from shock/hypotension, but I think her demeanor was consistent with a bit of softening of the edges after a near-death experience. Also – picky detail – but I liked the jagged scar on the neck. Given the seriousness of her injuries I would have been annoyed if there was no evidence of that prior trauma. Also gives her a physically rougher edge (“You wanna fight me? Look at my neck scar!”) that counterbalances the slight personality softening.

    Can’t believe only 2 eps left in Season 8!

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  9. hoopsdiva // May 3, 2017 at 3:15 AM // Reply

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I found this episode rather disjointed. I couldn’t really follow the case of the week (maybe because I wasn’t paying attention – there was nothing in the character interactions that really drew me in.) I did like the Deeks/Whiting scenes. She’s clearly up to something bigger than just taking down Bates, and please don’t let Bates turn out to be dirty. The Densi scenes were good, I’m glad he had already told her about the confession. Maybe that will shut up the “he’s a liar” crowd.

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  10. Thank you for another great review Karen!

    I actually liked this two-parter before the next two-parter that will end this season. I won’t be commenting on Deeks’ hair, arms, legs, etc. I leave that up to others who obsess over that kind of thing.

    What I will comment on is the very thing that started last week’s episode at the VA. From the starting point of JAG to NCIS over to NCIS: New Orleans back to NCIS:LA … I have nothing but high praise for the way the writers, producers and directors portray our Veterans. The level of respect that these shows always display for our warriors is something that has constantly impressed me. As a Veteran myself and one who has many friends who served and who are still serving, if there is an instance of disrespect in any form in any genre, I tend to notice rather quickly. Now, some of the parts of a story-line may be tweaked for dramatic effect, our men and women in uniform have always been shown in a positive light and not the “they’re all drug addicts and baby killers” that some other shows have pushed to the viewing public.

    Our VA is understaffed, underfunded, and has been the source of some horror stories about mistreating Veterans with serious mental and physical issues. When the “experienced” crew got together at the end and mentioned using some of the $40 million in gold to help Vets, I had a tear in my eye and would love to see something of a follow-up in the future. I met an elderly MARINE who had to drive all the way from Arizona to Florida just to get his prescription refilled because he couldn’t get an appointment within the next 6 months west of the Mississippi. I’ll stay clear of politics but when something is that broken, maybe something needs to be fixed and maybe shows like this one can be a part of that.

    Sorry for the soapbox but after the opening scene in “Battle Scars”, the issue of how our Vets are treated has been in my head and my heart and I couldn’t walk away without saying something.

    I am looking forward to the next episodes but I’m a little nervous as well. We have the danger to Michelle, the proposal, an “off-the-rails” Sam (you’re welcome, peakae), and the end of another season. I wonder if the writers are going to leave us with a cliffhanger like we got with Deeks and Sam tied up and tortured. I don’t know how they could ever top that one as far as angst and anticipation goes, but they might give it a shot. Can’t wait to find out.

    Semper Fi


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  11. Thank you, Jericho. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. 🙂


  12. hoopsdiva // May 3, 2017 at 8:11 AM // Reply

    Even though I didn’t like that Deeks was basically sidelined for this episode (and I understand that ECO was on vacation for most of the filming), I was relieved that he wasn’t part of the strategy to let all the gangs shoot it out in the search for the gold. Deeks’ obligation is to serve and protect, and I can’t picture him acquiescing to a strategy that produces mayhem in his city and endangers innocent bystanders. So just as well that he was dealing with Whiting (whom I love) and not complicit in the chaos. I’m surprised that Chegwidden was part of that – isn’t he supposed to be a lawyer? Was this kind of behavior part of his character in JAG?

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    • I wonder if ECO requested vacation that week or if the show scheduled all of his scenes in 3 days since the script called for him to be isolated from everyone else to set up S9 going back to LAPD storyline?


  13. Found this……”TVLINE | He still owes Kensi a proper proposal, right?
    There is a proposal owed, and there is a proposal by the end of the season — but I’m not going to give you details, because it happens in quite a lovely way. Deeks didn’t want Kensi to expect whatever the proposal would be, and I can tell you that the way it is definitely surprising.”


  14. OhBuddy66 // May 4, 2017 at 11:12 AM // Reply

    Great review, Karen.

    I’ve just sat down and watched the episode again. I do love the scenes with Kensi and Deeks.

    I also loved Deeks and Whiting together. While there is tension and angst between them, it also seems to me that they both respect each other, and are possibly seeing each other in a new light. Maybe in S9 they end up being allies, Whiting realizing just how dedicated Deeks is to the job, and Deeks seeing that Whiting is true to her word when she closes his case. Maybe as they work to end the corruption at the precinct, she returns the favor of saving Deeks’ life when bad cops try to take him out to keep him quiet. Just a thought there…

    I enjoyed the humor with Chegwidden, Bridges and Langston, although I think some of their actions were pushing towards the unbelievable – just my opinion. I do love how they show their respect and loyalty to Granger, and it was fun listening to Langston tell Callen about that trip down the freeway, where they found themselves upside down in a river.

    While I’m anxious to see the next two episodes, I’m not looking forward to it being the end of the season.

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  15. Thanks for your review, Karen, and your reference to “The debt”. I’m so glad I was not the only one who saw the parallelism between the most particular and memorable bullpen Densi scene of Season 3 and this week’s scene.

    3×10 The debt
    The bullpen. Deeks has just been “fired” by Hetty. The toughest part is saying goodbye to Kensi pretending it’s all true. We later knew it was a ruse, a set-up, but at that time it was heartbreaking to see Kensi struggle with her words realizing she was going to lose Deeks’ partnership (and maybe something more) forever.
    8×22 Golden Days
    The bullpen. Deeks is nervous and frustrated. IA Detective Whiting wants to meet him and that is not a good sign. If she remembers his confession, it may probably not end well for him. Kensi gets closer, she comforts, hugs and kisses Deeks, and most importantly, she proves she has learnt from him the great “art” of using humor to defuse tension.
    Kensi will be on Deeks’ side no matter what. She doesn’t struggle with words anymore and she perfectly says what she means. The truth is that she is totally committed to him, she has so much faith in their relationship that she reassures Deeks with maybe the most beautiful words of this season: “You’re never alone, Deeks”. A perfect scene, a well-written dialog, a great performance by both Daniela and Eric. Probably my favorite Season 8 scene until now.

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  16. wonderful review as always Karen,
    thank you so much.


  17. I loved Kensi’s show of support and devotion saying things like “you’re never alone”, and “live the rest of our lives on the lamb” saying she would hate to have to break him out of jail. She left no doubt that she was fully committed to their relationship and that there was no option other than them together, period.
    We have also come a long wat from Kensi’s rule about keeping personal and work separate ( I have a rule about that…)
    Yes, they have shown moments in the shooting range and armory and such, and they have had conversations about personal issues. But, Kensi’s willingness to hug, kiss, and tell Deeks she loves him so intimately, publicly in the middle of the bullpen with people around was nice to see. She wanted to support Deeks and didn’t even appear to hesitate in the slightest. Like it never even crossed her mind. All that mattered was him. It certainly wasn’t just a fleeting peck on the cheek.
    Her voice cracking when she said she loved him so much was very touching.

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  18. I also wished for a final Densi scene after his meeting with Whiting. I missed that.


  19. I was very glad that his confession was not a complete surprise to Kensi.
    He obviously mentioned it to her, and while he had not given her the details, she was at least not blind-sided by it. While I would have preferred to have seen some conversation about it, it was handled pretty well and I was grateful that it was not kept a secret that could create a rift in the relationship trust between them.

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  20. No matter how hard I try, I still hold a huge amount of contempt for Hetty.
    They have been making an attempt to make here more likable lately, but Watching Whiting extort and threaten Deeks…all I could think was, Hetty you bitc# ..this is your fault…I hate you.



    • Lindy D. // May 6, 2017 at 9:09 AM // Reply

      Could you explain why you think it’s Hetty’s fault that Whiting is blackmailing Deeks? Deeks is the one who told Whiting everything. Even if Hetty gave her reason to arrest Deeks by giving her Tiffany, we have no way of knowing what Tiffany said or if she said anything at all to implicate Deeks in Boyle’s death. If anyone is to blame, it’s Deeks himself. Now the question is why Deeks confessed to her in the first place. Is the guilt eating him up after all this time?


      • I admit it is a skewed thought process, and I fully agree that Deeks own actions are the root cause of the issue, no doubt. I find it interesting that Hetty helped him cover it up, told him it was his story to te, his secret to keep. Then told him it was easier to keep secrets if you had no one to tell…implying that he should end his relationship with Kensi, at least that was the strongest suggestion of the options hinted at. At least that’s how I took it.
        Hetty even said that she did it to put an end to it forever…did she not??? maybe I got the wording a little off, but the point stands..
        I still think that confessing was stupid, no doubt. he is supposed to be a man of his word, so blah,blah,blah, ok , I get it.
        so fully admitting he did it. it was a dead issue with only Hetty and Deeks knowing the story.
        …oh yeah, Kensi to a point as well.

        back to the point. lets focus on the confession and what led to it.
        Deeks confessed because he said he would
        Deeks said he would so he could help Kensi
        Kensi needed help because she was grabbed after visiting Deeks in jail.
        Deeks knew of the kidnapping because of the earwig.
        Kensis actions were the result of the expected reaction when Hetty disappeared on the team showing a complete lack of leadership, horrible.

        Deeks was in jail aat this time because Hetty refused to trust her team, include them in the details of the operation, and act like a true leader, instead of leaving them vague orders and running off alone once again.
        her getting Callen , Sam, and Deeks detained was just plain stupid.
        you have seen the guys react before, what if one of them over reacted, what if one of the cops over reacted. at the very least it was a wast of valuable resources to track them down and it is lucky that no one got hurt, shot, or in a car wreck because of it.

        if Hetty doesn’t act this way, and tells the team, no one is in jail in the first place.
        if Hetty tells the remaining team the reason the guys are in jail, and insures them that the guys are safe and not in any real trouble they likely react differently.
        if Kensi knows the actual details, she has no reason to go to the jail in the first place and deeks has no reason to confess.
        Hetty denied the team the two most valuable tools they could ever have in an operation.
        it is not weapons, vehicles or personnel.
        the most valuable tool you can have are information and time to process it and react accordingly.
        she cheated her team out of both.
        the remaining team did what would be expected.
        their leader disappeared and was out of reach.
        so, they attempted to establish communications with the senior members of their team to develop a plan and get, instructions, and coordinate the operation.
        none of which would have been necessary if Hetty didn’t act like an idiot and behave like a true leader instead.

        Hetty after keeping and actually being a part of Deeks secret…betrayed his trust.
        She has held onto secrets from the cold war and her grey gang of 4…for 40 years…
        but rats Deeks out to serve her own agenda in a year or so…nice.
        we know where her true loyalty is.

        it is not always about actually performing the action personally.
        it is about expected or reasonable consequences to your actions.
        for example:
        just because you didn’t shoot the child your self doesn’t mean you are not responsible
        you leave a loaded gun on the coffee table and a 8 year old shoots his sister with it…you sure as hell are responsible, right???
        saying hey I didn’t pull the trigger just doesn’t cut it…you set the stage for the action to occur
        it would be normal to expect the reactions of the team given the circumstances Hetty put them in and the lack of leadership and information she left them with.
        She didn’t drive the bus off the cliff, but she left the keys in it, the door open and the engine running.

        she holds some responsibility.
        wow, that is a lot of words, sorry…

        right wrong, confused, or just full of anger…that’s why I feel the way I do.
        I feel she is an awful leader that does things to suit her own agenda and should be in jail…
        again just my opinion


        Liked by 1 person

      • Lindy,
        thanks for posing the question and not just using the down button.right or wrong, I am usually glad to explain my thoughts.
        we agree frequently, and even when we don’t I enjoy the discussion.

        I realize I have an issue with Hetty, and also blame her for both Kensi and Deeks’ reactions in Afghanistan due to lack of honesty and information.
        Kensi seeing her former fiance’ for the first time in 9 years …through the scope of a sniper rifle…was despicable. giving her the chance to process the information would have lead to far different reaction, don’t you think?
        if Deeks hasn’t been eaten up with guilt for months thinking Kensi getting sent off is all his fault, he might have behaved differently and less emotionally, right?
        Hetty let him believe it was his fault, then when he actually went to her and asked again, she was vague and deceptive instead of honest.
        Telling Deeks that this had nothing to do with him or their relationship would have not compromised the mission in the slightest.
        it would have been the honorable, honest and human thing to do…but not for Hetty.
        more B.S. games.
        yep…still hate her, sorry.
        guess I carry a grudge for a while…but that is my issue.
        as i look back..I can blame her for a lot…
        I am not trying to convince others to share my opinion, just explaining why I feel this way
        thank you,

        Liked by 1 person

  21. Liked the old guys, I really hope Chegwidden stays around next season, but they seemed to have set the stage for more of a parallel plot for some recurring characters… than for AJ to join the OSP group more permanently.
    It actual seemed a little more likely before the episode than after.
    I am still hopeful.


  22. I thought it was a nice touch for Kensi to say her dad would have loved Deeks. Getting mushier…I would have liked for a little more to the comment, it was such a big moment.
    I would have liked to have Kensi say that with the kind, caring and loyal person Deeks is, and with the way he supports and loves her..that her dad would have loved him.
    Just another line or two…I know sappy and greedy, Right???



  23. I think at some point we will get some clarity as to what actually happened when Deeks shot his partner.
    That said, I think there will need to be a little perspective and understanding applied.
    There cant just be a dividing line between either “it was self-defense” and He is a murderer”
    To steel a phrase, there are 50 shade of grey between the two.
    It does not need to be self-defense to be justified. If that were the case, the entire team would be in jail dozens of times over.
    To protect another life, public safety and so on, to eliminate a credible threat…
    It is reality. Shooting someone flying a drone or trying to launch a missile loaded with explosives…is your life in danger, no, but others are. Are you a murderer for stopping him…no.
    In practice, this is the life of a sniper. They are intentionally places back away from the action for protection. They fire, usually without warning, to shoot and kill people who pose a threat to the public or to their teammates. Their life is often not in immediate and clear danger from the person they shoot…for them, it is not self-defense…but that doesn’t make them a murderer either. It is part of the job, important, justified and necessary…and a huge burden to bear for those that have to carry it.
    I think that Tiffany’s life was in danger, Deeks tried to stop it, and it escalated from there. I do not know if Deeks was acting in self-defense, but I am sure it was justified. Unfortunately, IA may disagree.


  24. Karina Logue is a very good actress and she does a great job with the character.
    That said, Whiting is horrible character. she is supposed to be IA. Where it is not just about results, but following the rules and doing the right thing. She may have good intentions, but is driven to the point of obsession. If it is because of a desire to land the big case, get promoted, a feeling of self-importance, thinking singlehandedly she can fix the world, or just that her mission is so important that the end justifies the means…hey wait…isn’t that what she is supposed to be there to stop???
    The way she stalked Deeks, the way she tried to trick him I jail, the way she put a cop in with criminals and then informed them that he was a cop…all morally bankrupt and wrong.
    Now she is pulling extortion, bribery, misconduct, blackmail…whatever you want to call it…just to get the results she wants…despicable.
    Isn’t that what she is supposed to prevent.
    Doesn’t that make her the very definition of a dirty cop???
    It’s ok to break the rules as long as it serves your agenda…nice.
    Hope she gets shot again…

    yeah, yeah…I know…the plays off ECO well and their scenes are well done…and it provides tension and drama…bla bla bla…yep, you are probably right…agreed
    still hate her



  25. We didn’t get the proposal last week, and I still don’t think it will happen in the middle of the big rescue…so do we start out the next ep with a nice Densi scene??? Hmm. Hoping.

    That, or Deeks decides to not help Whiting…
    Then Kensi rushed Deeks to the courthouse to get married so she can get conjugal visits while he is in prison…just before he gets arrested in the season finale.
    I can see it now…a car chase to the courthouse…Densi rushing to get there…whiting tailing them…running in to get the papers signed…flashing their badges to get to the front of the line…whiting coming down the hall…
    oh the suspense…the pen is out of ink,,,hurry hurry hurry.
    whiting gets there just in time…then, in a show of heart, agrees to be a witness for the couple…awww.
    Kidding, people, kidding…



  26. Another great discussion people! You all raised so many interesting points that really added to my thinking about the episode. I wanted to say a particular Thank You to Jericho Steele- any time you want to get on your “soapbox,” please feel free. Your perspective is always greatly appreciated.

    And I can’t resist jumping into the “why are we mad at Hetty?” question. You know that I could give you a long list of reasons, but the most recent issue is as simple as the fact that Hetty turned over to IA actual evidence against Deeks in the form of Tiffany. This likely put his life in more danger than had he been running around outside of jail, and it put his future at risk. All for a plan that didn’t need to be implemented had Hetty just leveled with her team, a running problem for this character. Grrrr, my blood pressure rises as I think about it!

    As grateful as I was that Hetty saved Deeks in “Internal Affairs,” I’m bitter that she then betrayed him this season. What I find myself wondering is whether I should blame the writers and showrunners for making Hetty do stupid things, or accept that it’s a part of her character that they are purposefully bringing to light.


    • Lindy D. // May 6, 2017 at 7:15 PM // Reply

      You and I have always been on opposite sides of the Hetty debate, so it’s always fun to get into a discussion about her character. Ed had some comments earlier that are similar to yours. I find her a fascinating character because she is hard to read and hard to understand what she’s up to at any given moment. I think a person who has been in the spy game as long as she has has a variety of motives for what she does. Hetty has seen it all and she is not some cuddly fairy godmother sheltering her chicks like a mother hen. She is jaded and underhanded, sometimes protective, but in her own way. She is definitely not white bread. She is spicy and mysterious and an enigma as has been Callen and Sam’s comment for many different occasions. As for the way the writers are portraying her, I wonder if she is being written a little edgier to fill in for the kind of character Granger was in the beginning. Everyone hated him, myself included, but he added a disruptive flavor to the show, and kept everyone a little off balance. When they made him nicer and sanded off the rough edges the show lost something. And now that we have Kensi and Deeks happy and hopefully getting married and the Wonder Twins up to no good during off hours, and Callen deciding he wants to have more fun, we need some edginess to offset that. Whiting provides some of that for the Deeks and Kensi story arc, but the show runner might just be using Hetty to add that same edginess to OSPs.

      That said, I have only one comment about Hetty offering up Tiffany to Whiting. We have no idea what Tiffany revealed about Boyle. I think she will be part of the Deeks storyline next season. Maybe the writers will be more forthcoming and allow us to know if Tiffany betrayed Deeks. My money is that she didn’t, and that Hetty knew she wouldn’t. Otherwise, why go to all the trouble to save Deeks during the internal affairs investigation?


      • My thoughts are directed to her leadership ability and that alone.
        Specific skillsets can be very unique. as unique as the person themselves.
        I have fantastic employees that I would never be friends with, I have friends that i would hate to have as an employee. I have people that are great workers that keep themselves busy but don’t posses leadership qualities. Leaders that aren’t the hardest workers but can keep an entire team laid out , prepared, organized and productive….
        Hetty flies by the seat of her pants, creates her own rules, improvises, quits repeatedly, and goes rogue dropping off the grid to handle things herself….
        these can be valuable qualities in an agent that often works alone, overseas, without constant communication…
        for example, while these qualities may be valuable for an agent like Sabatino, while he is on an operation or even in Afghanistan… they are detrimental to a supervisor that is responsible for an entire team.
        it is more about the team, and keeping them on task than yourself. Hetty’s lone wolf tacticts are detrimental to the effective leadership of a team. her actions do not instill the unwavering trust required to make a team like this effective.
        As an agent she was and would be fantastic…as a team leader responsible for others…she sucks…
        in a high risk job, if you cant trust your team leader, orders get questioned and bad shit happens.
        you need to be able to trust that you will not be put at risk, or that you will have as much information as possible to be able to assess the risk and mitigate it accordingly.
        secrets, omissions, and lack of clarity about the hazards get people killed.
        a team will follow an aggressive, risk taking leader, but they wont follow a person that is evasive,
        less than honest about the risks, or a liar.
        only on TV would a team follow someone like Hetty. in the real world, she would have no support, have a mutiny on her hands, or get shanked in the field. She is the kind of leader that charges forward… turns around…and no one is behind them…
        they don’t instill trust…

        yes, she is an awesome character and would be a great agent…lots of stories…
        but she shouldn’t be making the decisions…


        • Lindy D. // May 6, 2017 at 9:10 PM // Reply

          But Ed…this is TV and these are fictional scenarios and fictional characters. If television shows showed things as they really are we wouldn’t watch… Get a grip, my friend.


          • true, oh so very true…
            but then again, I already admitted it was a flawed thought process.
            and you have known for some time that my grip on reality is fleeting at best…
            I tend to pick it apart because I just don’t like what the character has become.
            it is too bad, because she is such a wonderful actress, just don’t care for this version of the character, that’s all.

            In varying degrees, there are groups polarize to different sides of many of the characters, myself included…

            Hetty, unforgivable witch with her own agenda, or shrewd protector
            Sam, forever honorable or self important and judgmental
            Eric in the field, super cool or ridiculous
            Nell in the field, amazing new field agent or just silly and overdone supergirl
            Granger, previously…misunderstood or hated
            Anna, great love interest for Callen or just annoying
            Joelle, horrible for what she did to Callen or right on the mark with what she said because Callen has done the exact same thing and was acting like a hypocrite
            Callen, poor mistreated loverboy or clueless hypocrite in how he reacted to Joelle
            Talia Del Campo, forever hated because of flirting with Deeks and being inappropriate or ok now that she has backed off Deeks once Densi became official.
            Nate, a great guy to have around or on over his head and unforgiven for what he did to Callen
            Whiting, dedicated and just doing her job or a blackmailer that is just as bad as those she claims to want to put in jail…
            Callen and Sam lecturing Deeks about getting too close to a mark (Nicole M.) when Sam was too close to Jada and Callen may even have a kid from an undercover opp. just showing concern and protecting the team or enjoying a big double standard and out of line

            I am pretty much an open book and i bet most people here can pick which side I fall into on each of these.

            the conversations created do make it interesting.
            and you do know I will oversell a point of view to illicit a response and stimulate a conversation
            thanks as always,


            • Lindy D. // May 8, 2017 at 9:35 AM // Reply

              I agree with all of the above, Ed. And, I flip-flop on each character every other episode, but at the end of the day, this show and its incredible actors give me comfort. As much as we contest each others opinions and formulate our own, we still love this show in some form and care about what happens to its characters. I guess I am just sad today because of the loss of one of those characters this show made me care about. Michelle Hanna…you will be missed.


      • as far as why Hetty has recently been written the way she has…
        I honestly think Linda Hunt was going to move on and Hetty was leaving the show. only Miguel’s health issues kept her around.
        She ran her course and was done, going out in a blaze of glory befitting of her character.
        Now we are stuck with her for who knows how long.
        Yes she is interesting. but they played her character arc for a certain timeline and now, unfortunately, it needed to be changed…
        a sad thing indeed…
        sounds harsh…sorry, but I am too tired to fluff it up.


      • would you ever turn someone into law enforcement or an official just to keep them busy or for a joke knowing full well that they were innocent?…forget for a moment that Deeks is actually guilty…
        doesn’t even matter what Tifffany did or did not know or say…it is irrelevant.
        Would you ever consider calling the police on someone and reporting them as driving under the influence…knowing full well that they are stone cold sober and will get off…just to keep them busy so you can get time alone…
        Of course not…why…
        Because it is a bitch move and there is always a risk for unplanned things to go poorly.
        case in point…that is exactly what Hetty did…leadership at it’s finest.
        still Hate Hetty…, sorry.


  27. Awesome review! I agree that Kensi seemed to be pretty cool most of the episode instead of worked up about Deeks’ situation, but I think there was a facial expression at the end of the scene in the gym where she did look quite concerned. I also think she could have been cuddling and hugging on Deeks for so long mostly to give him comfort, but also maybe a tiny bit because she was scared about him going back to jail. I think she was joking to allay his fear and her own.

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