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Review: NCISLA “To Live and Die in Mexico” (S10E01)

Howdy NCISLA fans! I know you thought wikiDeeks was long gone, but we decided to keep the site up to post occasional reviews and features. Talking about the Season 10 premiere seemed like an event worthy of a post, even if it’s a short one. In sum, as I pretty much always say, Frank Military is the best. He wrote and flawlessly directed a gripping, emotional premiere centered on the four stars.

Densi is Back

Be still my heart. I never quite pictured Frank Military giving us a Deeks dream with a pregnant Kensi. But it. Was. Awesome. What a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene to start, setting the tone for the episode by showing us how much was at stake. Every Densi scene to follow was equally great and very much them.

There are few female characters who’d be believable dragging their 180-pound fiancé through the desert, yet Daniela Ruah made me believe that Kensi Blye would have dragged him all the way back to Los Mochis if she had to. Her pleading with him to wake up, plying him with promises of “desert sex,” and noting that even unconscious, they were still bickering, felt real and not overdone. It was in this scene I most got the feeling that Kensi was getting a healthy dose of perspective about what Deeks had gone through in worrying about and supporting her in the last few years.

The scene in the church was lovely, with Deeks finally waking up and showing signs that he was OK, notably by teasing her about forgetting Sam and Callen, a wonderful throwback to his faked amnesia in “Personal.” Well done Mr. Military for a reference that only Densi fans would truly appreciate. Deeks’ final line, twice repeated, about how beautiful pregnant Kensi looked, was gorgeously photographed. Deeks’ face as he remembered the image, and his shuddering voice, conveyed so much emotion. It made me feel the power of that hallucination, how intense it had been for Deeks. It was my favorite moment of the episode.

The finale scene in the hospital was also beautiful. The tight framing of their faces, and their words of devotion, strongly recalled the final scene of “The Silo.” I just hope we didn’t hear Deeks totally capitulating to Kensi’s wishes for the future.

Everything Else

Sam and Callen’s bromance was also on full display. Their scenes together, particularly the one in the shed where they acknowledged the direness of their situation and held hands, touched me. It made me take a moment to appreciate how much I enjoy their partnership, even as I’m always wishing for a Densi spin-off. I think LL Cool J does serious scenes really well, maybe even better than Chris O’Donnell. Oh, and Arlo Turk was great. I loved his dog D-O-G and his words of support to Kensi. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him in the future.

Rant of the Week

OK, maybe not a full-out rant, but I did want to take a moment to say a few words about dearly departed Hidoko, winningly played by Andrea Bordeaux. I liked her character even as I resented the way Hidoko’s presence threw off the other core partnerships. I wish they could have found a way to work her in without taking away screen time from the others. And while we can’t technically blame Frank Military for killing off a second well-liked woman of color since R. Scott Gemmill did the deed in the Season 9 finale, it’s a more than unfortunate pattern for the show overall. Couldn’t they have at least let her survive and go work in DC or NOLA, or to the same San Diego field office as Agent Deschamps? She’d have been a welcome recurring character.

Remaining Questions

  • Is Linda Hunt’s notable absence a temporary result of her car accident, or might she be on an extended leave again like last season?
  • Is Gerald McRaney’s Admiral Kilbride sticking around? He was immediately more enjoyable to watch than Mosley, just as Admiral Chegwidden would have been.
  • Speaking of Mosley, is she sticking around? Sigh. Just because she semi-made up for putting the team in danger does not help me forget her unethical, illegal and downright hateful behavior in last season’s finale. The conflict she brings to the show just brings aggravation, not real drama.
  • Spoiler alert… Is Arlo coming back in a recurring role, or just a one-time reappearance? As much as I’d welcome him back, I’d hope it’s not because Deeks is taking time off to work on the bar.
  • Will Kensi learn from the experience of worrying about Deeks’ survival? Will this trauma give her any perspective on what Deeks has been going through the past few years? Or will the show just pick up with the two planning their wedding even as they continue with their dangerous job? Will we see any consequences or any sort of compromises being made? Given how methodically the showrunners planted the seeds of their conflict, I’d like to think we’ll see a resolution that is fair to both characters.
  • Can the other writers and directors rise to the level of Frank Military and deliver an amazing season?

If anyone’s still out there, tell us what you thought of “To Live and Die in Mexico.” Did you love the Densi? What was your favorite part? And what are you hoping to see in Season 10?



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36 Comments on Review: NCISLA “To Live and Die in Mexico” (S10E01)

  1. evelynmarie2014 // October 1, 2018 at 8:50 PM // Reply

    I loved the show my favorite Densi part was in the church when Deeks ask Does that mean we can’t have sex?

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    • els engering // October 2, 2018 at 5:25 AM // Reply

      thnx for not closing wikideeks completely. and this episode was awesome. so much densi, so wel acted, so wel played. thnk god densi is back full force. now we just have to wait for the wedding. thnx for youre update on the show. the best episode ever .

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  2. I loved the episode and I loved you’re excellent review Karen. Thank you and it’s great to see wikiDeeks back.

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  3. This review and subsequent questions are perfect. I agree with every opinion you revealed. Thank you for succinctly stating what many of us have felt. I’m really glad to see a post from WikiDeeks. Joni

    On Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 10:31 PM wikiDeeks | Marty Deeks | NCISLA wrote:

    > Karen P posted: ” Howdy NCISLA fans! I know you thought wikiDeeks was long > gone, but we decided to keep the site up to post occasional reviews and > features. Talking about the Season 10 premiere seemed like an event worthy > of a post, even if it’s a short one. In sum, as” >

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  4. Great to see you back. I completely agree with your thoughts on Hidoko. She was such a great character, and even though there was really no place for her on the show (at least not on a full time basis) there was no reason she couldn’t have survived and be mentioned from time to time as an agent working in San Diego or elsewhere.

    Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who was a little disappointed that once again Deeks capitulates to what Kensi wants. But unfortunately I’m not surprised.

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  5. I agree that it is a great episode and I loved it. My densiness is filled of joy.
    Amazing acting job from DR and ECO, also agreed on LL good performance.
    I have already watched it 3 times.

    BUUUUT it’s not because I loved it, that I do not see major problem with this episode:
    – the whole episode totally lack subtlety. Subtlety is one the strength of the show that I really like
    – it was a fan-pleaser episode, an all-emotion-out show, it did not even try to make a plot that made sense
    – I am not usually bothered by the unrealistic parts of the plot but Kensi literally dragging a stretcher in a desert? The cartel should have been able to really quickly track and find them, and Kensi would have never done so because of it.
    – also unrealistic is the way Turk frees the team from the cartel. There is no way the guy would have believed there was a kid in there, or he would have asked to seem more or something. And freeing the 4 agents? They should have kept some.
    – the team splitting like that? Sam and Callen leaving Kensi with a half dead Deeks? a ploy for getting strong duo scene but completely out of character. I mean seriously, Deeks followed them to hell while he didn’t want to, and now they’re abandoning him for a certain death??
    – Also the two duo do not really seem to care about each other’s fate… or there was no time for such scenes when they would have found out they were all alive at the same hospital
    – Hidoko’s death is soooo casually written off, it is actually mean. I do even wonder whether this quick scene has been filmed much after the rest of the episode, because no other scenes echos Hidoko’s death. I am pretty sure Hidoko’s death is due to disagreements between CBS and the actress, maybe they had originally left the option of her return open, and then acted otherwise.
    – I would have loved to see Hidoko as a double agent that was actually working for the cartel all along. They could have stilled killed her that way but giving her a bit more gravitas. A huge missed opportunity.
    – I thought Turk was also very one dimensional and the acting was very poor (same expression on all his delivery)
    – I would have liked to see the people on Ops discover that they actually are all still alive. It feels like there is a missing scene there

    All that apart I am on to rewatch it again tonight because IT WAS GREAT 😉

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  6. Hi Karen What a beautiful surprise this review! Love everything about the episode, only I missed Hetty, I hope she will be back. Densi Scenes were everything Densi fan needed after the last finale. thanks for writing this post! Love wikideeks!

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  7. I was very looking forward to this season premiere. I liked it overall.

    – Please please please please please can we have Gerald McRaney all the time? My God I love that man. And if the Admiral has disdain for Beale’s outfit, wait until he sees Deeks.
    — Ok, I’ll give grudging kudos to Mosley for systematically shooting off Williams’s men in the car and then him. But that’s it. Her actions are still so freakin’ selfish and disregarding of anyone else’s safety I could just spit. An agent DIED. She died horribly. What a freakin’ cluster … bomb. There needs to be serious repercussions for her. Gone would be preferable but I don’t get to have my wish on that.
    — Deeks’ hair should also get separate kudos.
    — Dani did fantastic in her scenes, perhaps her best to date. But I would prefer that Kensi have to deal with more to truly understand what Deeks has gone through. She had a few hours of Deeks not waking up. He had WEEKS. He had her recovery and fears and pushing away. He had her abduction. He had to deal with her in the Silo saving the world but maybe not coming back.

    — YES!, Frost. How stupid was splitting up with Deeks unconscious, Sam’s leg bleeding out, and Callen obviously with ribs/breathing issues? Into a desert traveling by day. With the cartel after them. And no real escape plan.
    — YES!, Frost. While we got fantastic duo emotions and mutual appreciation society, where was the concern for the others? Even when in the same hospital? How about, “Hey, did our other guys make it back?” We needed to see that.
    — I may be in the minority here but I didn’t really like the dream sequences. It didn’t fit for me. I’d love them in a different episode.

    I kinda liked the quick title screen opening even though I missed the opening drum riff. It was startling at first. Change. But if it means we get more story overall, I’m all for it continuing.

    I hope they have episodes that deal with Deeks’ TBI. If he bounces back after just one episode…. yes, I know it’s a TV show. But damn, a concussion and then hit again? Memory issues. Vision issues.

    I knew Turk was NCIS last season. He had to be connected. Why else was he there and knew so much?

    Thank you for letting us have space to discuss here at Wikideeks. I’ve offered to set up a Facebook group for discussion but if you’ll allow us to continue … Bless you!

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  8. Thanks for writing a review, what a great surprise! This episode was also a great surprise. I felt like TPTB gave me back the show I watched seasons 2-8.

    I thought this episode was awesome, really one of their best, Frank Military delivered a well written, action packed episode that was also packed with emotions and a chance for all the actors to show what their characters were made of. Eco and Daniela delivered superb performances and demonstrated the chemistry that has made them for me the best OTP.There was just enough action back at the mission and the addition of a seasoned actor like Gerald McRaney worked marvelously.

    I do have bit of a different take on Hidoko. Although she met a horrible death, I guess I feel lots of both male and female characters meet horrible deaths on this show and shows like it. This show kills lots of people, it is a violent show. I am not complaining about that violence. The show has lost four recurring NCIS agents since season 1, Dominic Vail , Mike Renko, Lauren Hunter and now Hidoko. I am guessing they are going to get rid of Mosley. She misused her power and threatened to fire people if they did not break the law. It is not only against the law to do what she did, it is against the law to follow her directions. So the reality is the only agent/detective in the clear is Deeks because he got fired by her.So my supposition is they they will get rid of Mosley by saying she got an agent killed in an unsanctioned mission. Since she liked/respected Hidoko she will feel guilty enough to step aside and not bring the rest of the team down. So I think they really needed to get rid of Hidoko and make it clear she is dead.

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    • I hope you’re right about Mosley stepping aside over guilt for Hidoko’s death, but I doubt it. I expect her to appear ever so often at times this season during hearings in Washington, along with Hetty. I can only hope she suffers some consequences for her actions that are much more severe than her resignation. I wasn’t sure if Gerald McRaney’s comment about her getting her son back was a positive one and that he agreed it was worth it, or if it was a negative one. Surely she must feel some guilt about Callen and the rest of the team. She almost got them killed, and in the premier she didn’t seem all that remorseful.

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  9. So glad you decided to review this first episode, Karen. It gives me a place to gush over the writing and the directing and to marvel at the powerful beauty that is Kensi and Deeks. I questioned the team splitting up, but I appreciate what it allowed us to experience between the partners. As Turk said…just a big ol’ love fest.

    Callen and Sam all alone waiting to die together, saying their final words and holding hands. Wow! Not what I expected from two tough agents, or from such a hard edged writer as Frank Military. But it worked. It was touching.

    As much as I love Deeks, who looked magnificent even while unconscious, it was Dani’s portrayal that rocked this episode. I didn’t doubt her strength or commitment to drag Deeks through the desert. She was tough as nails, but then so vulnerable as she tried to wake Deeks, her love for him shining through the darkness.

    This was so well written and so well directed, that I’m afraid the season might have peaked before it gets started. I am hoping that they don’t do a time jump on the second episode, but that’s probably wishful thinking. I would love to see Mosley’s reaction when she finds out Hidoko is dead. Consequences. Please let there be some for her.

    Great review, Karen. I hope we see more episodes worthy of another one of your excellent reviews.

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  10. I’m so glad WikiDeeks is back with this amazing review! It was an unexpected surprise.
    I do hope this review won’t be the only one this season, but you will continue to be for us NCIS:LA fans THE place where we can exchange opinions and ideas about the episodes.

    I must admit I had quite high expectations for this episode and overall it didn’t disappoint (with the exception of Hidoko’s death which saddened me very much).

    The Densi scenes were great and I loved every moment of them, the acting, the dialogs, the Mexican desert atmosphere, the dream, the church, the hospital. At the end of season 9 I was really afraid Eric would be leaving and I’m excited he didn’t and we can still see him on the show. With Daniela he is beautifully able to give life to something that doesn’t happen very easily in shows. In season 9 Densi – for some reasons we discussed plenty of times last year – hadn’t been the same, now I do hope this year they are back. This is my wish for Season 10: to be able to still enjoy the cases of the week not just in themselves but because the main characters we have been following and loving for so many years continue to be the focus. They are the reasons I have been so faithful to this show even when some episodes were very different from what I expected.
    Here’s to a great season 10, hopefully with a Densi wedding!

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  11. Thanks for writing this Karen, nice to see everyone back. I agree Frank should just write all the episodes for the rest of the series run.

    I was not sorry to see Hidoko die. I felt both she and Moseley sucked the life out of every episode they were in. I am looking forward to when Esai Morales arrives to lower the boom on Moseley. Loved Gerald McRaney. I remember RSG saying they were working around Linda Hunt until she recovered from her accident. So I am not worried about Hetty.

    Densi was magical. The dream sequence was such a surprise and beautiful and heartbreaking. Dani and ECO were back in top Densi mode that was so lacking in S9. The intimate touches and banter was great. “I can’t believe you’re unconscious and I am still fighting with you” was laugh out loud fun. Maybe S9 never really happened??? [Dallas fans can relate if you’re old enough] I don’t think Deeks caved in last scene. I think it was a “thank God we survived, we love each other and we’ll figure it out”. They always do. And Kensi may have had her come to Jesus moment as well. I look forward to their path forward and we were promised a wedding.

    Also looking forward to Whiting’s return – She and ECO are great together. I always imagined a spin-off of Deeks back to LAPD and Kensi joining him there. Who knows.

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  12. I thought Daniela really carried the episode. I only say that because while Callen and Sam’s scene was touching, there was really no doubt both would live and be ok. So I didn’t feel it as much. With the Kensi/Deeks scenes, yes they too would live but it was the range of emotions in the scenes that I thought made the episode. I really like that Turk is an agent and wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

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  13. Fantastic episode. I don’t know how many times I said “wow” but it was a lot. I agree that if anyone could drag a stretcher it would be Kensi with an adrenaline rush. And you could see in the church scenes where it was ebbing. All actors did a great job. I’d say more but it’s already been said.

    As for Hetty I believe she signed a contract to be in about 15 episodes much like Scott Caan does for Hawaii Five O. She’s way more than a recurring character but the schedule might be less debilitating than a full 24 episodes. Of course this episode was filming before she fully recuperated so maybe she’ll be in every episode once she had medical clearance.

    I cannot stand the character of Mosley. I want her in jail. I’m trying to find a redeemable trait in her but it’s not happening. I’d like to see her flounce out of her jail cell every morning in an orange jumpsuit. Even after all the trials and tribulations her team went through she showed no remorse. It was all about her as usual. While I wish they hadn’t killed off Hidoko I hope and pray that her death will humble Miss Thang and bring her down a peg or ten.

    Thank you, Karen, for this review. I know I’m being selfish with your time but i’m hoping for a lot more of them.

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    • According to the Futon Critic, Season 10 was renewed for only 22 episodes. I m hoping they do well enough in ratings they get an extra two episodes.

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  14. Brenda (@bpnp) // October 2, 2018 at 3:26 PM // Reply

    Thanks for the review Karen! I was hoping there would be one to start this season.

    As much as I was bugged by so many medical (and other) implausibilities, I was willing to overlook all of that because of the awesome Densi-ness of this episode. Kensi dragging Deeks through the desert was not one of the things I found totally implausible. I think her baseline strength and determination with a dose of adrenaline could have allowed for that. The dream sequences felt like an apology for the “deleted scenes” that should be canon but aren’t. I don’t know if it was intended as such, but that’s how I’m taking it as a hard-core Densi fan! Definitely unexpected with a Frank Military episode. The shed scene with Sam and Callen was also very touching and nicely done – apart from the knife/pen thing (insert gigantic eyeroll here!).

    I’m really not sure how to read that final scene – did Deeks capitulate or not. Will be interesting to see. And where was Hetty?!

    I’m with everyone else hoping for big trouble for Mosley. Yes, she did help them survive, but not enough to atone for them all being in that situation in the first place.

    Thanks again Karen. Always makes an episode better to read your review of it!

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  15. So happy to see this! Great review (as always)!

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  16. maria luisa illarnizzi // October 3, 2018 at 5:04 AM // Reply

    So glad Wikideeks is back and I want to thanks Karen for your great review as always.

    This season 10 premiere was the best episode ever for me and the Densi fans.
    Was it to make up for the last season lack of densi good material scenes?
    ECO and Daniela were brilliant. Daniela was phenomenal!
    All their scenes are heartbreaking such as the desert scenes when Kensi dragged Deeks through the hot desert mountains all by herself only with her strength and adrénaline to the chapel where she finally was able to rest. When she was losing hope Deeks wake up dreaming of Kensi being pregnant asking about the baby! What an emotional roller coaster we had till they were all safe at the hospital in San Diego!
    The heartmelting scenes are the dreams sequences of avery happy Deeks with a pregnant Kensi. And the last hospital scene when Deeks told Kensi he wanted to marry her and to give her all he had because he loved her.Kensi kissed him and said the same back. That true love.
    The Sam and Callen scenes were great too like the ones in the shed but I was more focussed in Deeks and Kensi!
    Daniela Ruha and Eric again show us their fantastic acting skills! The directing was brilliant so was the writing.
    Hope season 10 episodes will be as great as the first one.
    Now on the sad note what a pity Hidoko is dead. I liked her even if she had more time screen than Deeks last season!
    Can’t wait to read more reviews here on Wikideeks.
    I’m so so glad Wikideeks is BACK.
    Thank you so much for all your good reviews and dedication to our favorite character Marty Deeks and to the best actor Eric Christian Olsen.
    Best regards from France.

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  17. Kathleen McCaffrey // October 3, 2018 at 8:00 AM // Reply

    Rapt that Wikideeks is back, great review. My favourite scene was the last one in the hospital
    If you marry me “I swear that I will give you everything that I have” be still my heart, it gaveme goosebumps. I also thought the “desert sex” scene was hilarious and so Deeks. I know that there are a lot of very happy Densi fans after watching that episode and like me they have watched it quite a few times since. Thank you for coming out of retirement

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  18. Can I make another wish for Season 10 Densi? For them to get to be truly, genuinely happy, at least for some episodes in a row. As much as I like cliffhangers, pathos, a lot of feelings and DR and ECO’s acting skills in angsty scenes, I think it’s been a while since we last enjoyed some Densi carefree, flirty, bantering moments. I have really missed them so much over the past season(s). They have definitely been through so much, with multiple accidents, paralysis, suicide missions, abductions, trauma, investigations, and even some ridiculous and out of character wedding planning. I think now they deserve some peace and happiness and not always drama for the sake of drama.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how they will continue their “how do we see our future” talk.
    And I’m obviously so looking forward to their wedding as the cherry on the cake, hoping it will be a beautiful moment on screen not ruined by anything, more sunshine than gunpowder at least for once in their lives.

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  19. I was surprised to see your back. I stopped by because it was such a great episode and missed a place to say so. The acting was spot on. I think Daniela was superb. Were there things that stretched belief? Yes and it is part of the show. I was surprised that it was a Frank Military script as I was not expecting it. To echo another commentor, he needs to write more. It makes me look forward to this season. Densi scenes were funny, loving and heart breaking. A real treat the episode and your being here. Thanks for the review.

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  20. Wow, thanks for all the comments! So good to see that you all made your way back to wikiDeeks! Isn’t it wonderful to start the season on such a strong note? I do worry that Lindy could be right and they could have already peaked, but I will try to remain optimistic until proven otherwise. Thanks for supplementing my short review with all your great insights. And although wikiDeeks may not be posting anything on a super-regular basis, keep checking in- we may have a few surprises up our sleeves. 🙂

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  21. Thank you so much for doing this, Karen … I did not realize how much I missed your reviews!

    What a great way to start off season 10 and I hope that this isn’t the best the season has to offer. I loved all the Densi moments and even the bromance between Sam and Callen was spot on for the situation and their enduring friendship.

    While I enjoyed the dream sequences, it was a little heartbreaking to realize that Kensi wasn’t actually pregnant and might never be if they do not change their path from the end of last season. Kensi’s determination in dragging Deeks through the desert was both inspiring and tortuous. While showing her strength, she displayed a desperation that intensified their situation. Their bickering while one of them was unconscious was as hilarious as it was sad. IN the end, I think they may have finally arrived on the same destination and I can only hope that we see some compromise on Kernsi’s part.

    Arlo coming in and saving the day was great but a bit implausible … no one thought to check the bag, really? And I must have missed how putting a dog that can’t sweat in a canvas bag in a 120 degree desert was a good idea, even for a little while. I do enjoy the actor (Max Martini) and think that having him as a recurring character will add to the show. Gerald McRaney has always been a favorite of mine, ever since his Simon and Simon days, and he brought an intensity that has been missing since we lost Granger (you are missed, Miguel).

    My biggest complaint is about how they killed off Hidoko. I still felt as if the character never really found her spot in the OSP team but basically killing her off ‘off-screen’ was bit of lazy writing if you ask me. Yes, they have killed off established characters on the show before … Dom, Renko, Hunter … but with very few exceptions, we actually got to witness their deaths. There were so many different paths that the show runners could have taken her on that I was sorely let down when they finally revealed that it was, in fact, her body that they found.

    I am looking forward to the new season and from what we got at the end of season 9 and the beginning of season 10, this should be a great year.

    Semper Fi!


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    • I loved your concern for D.O.G. I was actually surprised they didn’t immediately shoot Arlo down, but hey…its fiction. I was a fan of Simon and Simon too. McRaney has been there and done that all over the place and he is always is believable. As for the death of Hidoko. I agree they could have handled it differently, but Frank Military has that dark side, and I doubt showing Hidoko being burned alive would have passed review by anyone. He must have wanted it to be brutal to show just how much of a sacrifice Hidoko made to help Mosley, and to showcase how evil the men were that the team was up against. Why they kept her death a mystery for so long, I’m not sure.

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  22. I really enjoyed this episode. It is my favorite so far, although I thought the way they split up, and never evennasked about each other’s condition was out of character. It made the agony of the long wait worth it. I did think they glossed over Hidoko’s death. Mosley didn’t even ask about her which was weird. This is my first time to this sight, just saw it mentioned on Instagram. I will definitely be visiting your site in the future.

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    • Welcome to wikiDeeks Penny! We hope to hear more from you as you explore the site.


    • I had the same thought about the teams never asking about each other when they saw Arlo, Penny. I figured the reason was because in an episode that was so jam-packed that they didn’t even have time for the regular opening sequence, there just wasn’t a spare moment to show us those couple of ecxhanges.

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  23. So glad to see you back. I always love your reviews! I loved this episode so much except for Hidoko’s fate being so dire. Loved Arlo ,and it was lovely to see Keane again. Thank goodness the programme is back, the withdrawal symptoms were hard to deal with! Densi scenes were amazing and ,once again, welcome back!

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  24. Sesone 10 ce biti cinimi se najbolja volim desni scene volim kenzi i diksa a ncis la je moja omiljena serija ikad

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    • Here’s Sonja’s comment per google translate:
      Season 10 will be the best. I love the right scenes. I love kenzi and diksa and it is my favorite series ever.


  25. Wow, Karen, I thought I had a busy week–but you not only wrote this, you also interviewed ECO!

    Fantastic review, as usual! I thought the episode was terrific, and enjoyed nearly every minute of it. I agree with everything you beautifully said about the Kensi and Deeks scenes. I also hope Deeks didn’t just give in to Kensi’s wishes. I believe, based on that interview with RSG, that it won’t be that easy and we will be seeing more of the discussion they need to have and that Kensi ultitaley agrees to have kids before they walk down the aisle. (SPOILER ALERT: Really hoping we get some of that in the beach scene in tomorrow’s episode. And why not ask for everything here–I also hope that’s what opens or closes the episode. I think I’ve said this somewhere else once before, but my Densi-shipping heart really wants the eps to end on a perosnal note with our favorite couple, a la Frank Furilllo and Joyce Devenport in Hill Street Blues).

    Thanks for giving us your wonderful thoughts. Here’s hoping the season is good enough that several more episodes will inspire a review from you!

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  26. Debra Gillespie // October 6, 2018 at 4:00 PM // Reply

    First time commenting, so forgive me if I ramble a bit. First, let me say I’m so glad wikideeks is back, even just on a semi-regular basis. And the interview with ECO was great! The premiere season 10 episode was for me the best. one. ever. How in the world did they get such a wonderful amount of action/great Densi scenes in one hour (OK, 43 minutes with commercials)? Loved the Sam/Callen bromance scenes, especially in the shed, and the Densi scenes…well, words escape me. It almost made up for Season 9 – except for a couple episodes like “The Silo” and one or two others, for me Season 9 was “the lost season” or “Pamela’s dream season” (Dallas reference). Glad to see that others besides me caught the feigned amnesia and sponge bath flashback from Personal.
    In your opinion, was the closing dialogue in the hospital like exchanging wedding vows (without a witness), or another marriage proposal? If it was the latter, then this couple has had the most marriage proposals I can remember in TV history (outside of a daytime serial, as one YouTube commentator said online). And were any of you surprised that Williams was put out of the picture so early in this season? I was guessing he might show up more vengeful than ever in the latter part of the season, even as a cliffhanger at season’s end. Not unhappy about him being gone…this might mean Mosley’s departure even earlier than I originally thought.
    Again Karen, thanks for the wonderful review and ECO interview. With a Densi wedding in the works, this season looks so promising for the whole duration.

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    • Welcome to the comments Debra! I like your interpretation of the final scene as yet another in their long string of marriage proposals- they have had a lot and yet I’ve loved every single one of them. Have to hand it to the writers on that subject. And yes, I was surprised they killed Williams off, although this show doesn’t always appreciate and keep its bad guys around as long as I’d want. Let’s hope he’s gone because, as you suggest, Mosley’s not long for the show. We can dream, right?

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  27. I really wanted to write a comment the moment I read this review (which was pretty much the same day you posted it) but I was so overwhelmed with the episode, your review and the fact that Wikideeks is going on that I wasn’t able to put my mind together and write few sentences. Great episode, great acting, great directing…The episode was 43 minutes of pure joy for me as I didn’t expect so much Densi in it. Of course I was curious as how their relation ship was going to develop after their argument in the garage (I refuse to call it “break up”) but hasn’t expected the show to put my mind and heart at ease so early in the season.
    And then the interview with ECO was such a blow up…for my mind. Great stuff WikiDeeks and for somebody who is going to appear on semi-regular basis you certainly know how to appear with the bang.
    Thank you all for the bottom of my heart.

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