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NCISLA Classified Preview: “An Unlocked Mind” (S7E7)


Title:  “An Unlocked Mind”

Airing:  Monday, November 9th

Filming:  May 11th to May 19th (the final episode shot during Season 6)

What CBS is telling us:  Kensi and Deeks go undercover as cult members to rescue a former Department of Defense employee brainwashed into revealing classified information, as the rest of the team works to prevent the cult from selling the government secrets, on NCIS: Los Angeles.


Be on the lookout: 


Julian Acosta as Assistant U.S. Attorney Oscar Guevara

Currently head of the NSA, Craig Sterling, on Madam Secretary. Kathy’s dad on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Gael Montoya on Being Mary Jane.  Appeared in the Amazon series Hand of God, was Miguel Arenas on Strong Medicine and Al Rodriguez on The Job.

Guest starred on Proof, Grimm, Lauren, Hollywood Heights, Franklin and Bash, The Defenders, Law & Order: LA, Covert Affairs, Castle, NCIS (Matt Burns in Season 7’s “Inside Man”), Dirt, The Mentalist, The Unit, Scrubs, The West Wing, Entourage, George Lopez Show, Law & Order and an appearance as a bartender on One Life to Live in 2000.

Played Johnny Ramone in the CBGB movie, which is a great credit to have.

Sebastian Roche as Lee Ashman

Roche seems to be on track to appear in every program on every network.  He is a regular on The Originals/Vampire Diaries as Mikael, was Jerry Jacks on General Hospital, Interpol’s Clyde Easter on Criminal Minds (the man who hired Emily away), Balthazar the angel on Supernatural, Thomas Jerome Newton on Fringe, Kurt Mendel on Odyssey 5, Vlad on Big Apple, Longinus on the wildly underappreciated (but great) Roar, and was on the soap Loving in the early 1990’s, around the time Michael Weatherly was there.

Guest stared on Once Upon a Time, Royal Pains, Scandal, Burn Notice, Grimm, Vamped Out, The Beautiful Life: TBL, 24, The Mentalist, The Unit, Alias, Charmed, CSI, the US edition of Touching Evil, Sex and the City, Dellaventura, Feds, New York Undercover, Swift Justice and several different roles on Law & Order.

Lauren Bowles as Gaia

Was Senator Cindy Richards in last season’s The Messengers and Holly Cleary in True Blood.

Appeared in episodes of Scandal, Mom, The Closer, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Detroit 1-8-7, Cold Case, Private Practice, Lie to Me, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Rita Rocks, ER, Criminal Minds, Unhitched, Side Order of Life, The Bill Engvall Series, Veronica Mars, Four Kings, Without a Trace, The Evidence, Still Standing, CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Arrested Development, NCIS’s Season 1 “The Curse”, Judging Amy, Watching Ellie, Seinfeld and Townies.

Josh Braaten as Adam

Was a regular on the series The Ex List, Modern Men, Less Than Perfect, Married to the Kellys and That 80’s Show.

Guest starred on Happyland, Mike & Molly, Nikita, New Girl, Castle, The Protector, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Psych, Mad Men, Without A Trace, Boston Legal, Life on a Stick, CSI: Miami, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spin City.

Also appeared in the feature film Dumb and Dumberer: When Harold Met Lloyd (where Eric Christian Olsen was Lloyd).

Scott Subiono as Shawn

Guest starring roles on Hawaii Five-0, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Bones, Castle, CSI: NY, CSI, Criminal Minds and supporting roles in a number of feature films and TV movies.

Chris Dougherty as David Ramsay

Chris Dougherty is a stage name.  Actual name: Chris O’Donnell.

Dougherty was the airport police officer in last season’s Thanksgiving episode of NCIS (“Grounded”) and appeared in episodes of Jane the Virgin, Masters of Sex, Aquarius, Last Man Standing, Death Valley, Ghost Whisperer, Greek, Scrubs, MadTV and The Gilmore Girls.

The Chris O’Donnells

Sarah Lafleur as Kate Ramsay

Lafleur is the narrator for WeTV’s My Fair Wedding. Provides the voices of Sailor Uranus and Amara in the US version of Sailor Moon. Was Molly on Ugly Betty and appeared in a long list of procedurals.

Mark Rhino Smith as Trevor

Smith played Ian last summer on The Last Ship, was Karim in the BBC’s Robin Hood series and worked in a number of British TV series.

After a week with no photos with LL Cool J, Mark Rhino Smith has the guest cast back smiling:

Debra Leigh as Barbara/Elderly Woman

A number of “Church Official” or “Jury Forewoman” roles in different television series.

Annie Little as Heather

Appeared in episodes of Shameless, Castle, Don’t Trust the B____ in Apartment 23, Dexter, Southland, 90210, CSI, The Mentalist, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Scrubs, Saving Grace, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Leap of Faith.

Jessica Jade Andres as Crystal

Appeared in the comedy series Freak Out and had guest roles in Emma Approved, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Gossip Girl and parts in a number of short films.

Zoe Hall as Rebecca

Guest roles in Body of Proof, New Girl, Parenthood, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Ghost Whisperer, 10 Things I Hate About You, Las Vegas and Campus Ladies.

Candace Hammer as Female Church Member

Appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds and Lost and a number of short films.

Al Carabello as Bill

A double threat on November 9th – Carabello is appearing in both NCIS: Los Angeles and the Castle episode on ABC.

Was Miguel the Bartender in the final season of Revenge and appeared in episodes of Glee, The Newsroom, Suburgatory, Scandal, Cougar Town, The Defenders, CSI: Miami and Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Blue Davis as Michael

Singer turned actor.

Tony Elias as FBI Agent

Was a SWAT officer in “Seal Hunter”.

Jeronimo Spinx as NCIS Agent Thompson

Was last seen in “Zero Days”.  Showed off his return:

And why CBS is a cool place to work:



Written By:  Frank Military

Military wrote/co-wrote “Little Angels”, “Deliverance”, “Lockup”, “The Job”, “Greed”, “Betrayal”, “Crimeleon”, “Vengeance”, “Out of the Past” Part One, “Rude Awakenings” Part Two, “Descent”, “Ascension”, “Allegiance”,  ”Spoils of War” (which he directed), “Black Budget”, SEAL Hunter”, “Rage” (which he also directed) and last week’s “Unspoken”.

Directed By:  Chris O’Donnell

This is Chris O’Donnell’s third directing stint, helming season four’s “Wanted” and season five’s “SEAL Hunter” episodes.


Insider Intel:

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah seem to host this segment about Chris O’Donnell the director.


Official Photographic Evidence:


Unofficial Surveillance:

Daniela Ruah and LL Cool J preparing for the episode’s table read:


Rick Tunell has a great on location shot with Chris O’Donnell in the middle of all the work:


Another photo on Twitter from Sebastian Roche:


Miguel Ferrer is a Chris O’Donnell fan:


And a fan of where they were shooting:


Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah enjoy the great outdoors. Those look like the same style khaki pants and white short-sleeve shirt on Eric Christian Olsen that Chris Dougherty was wearing in the photo with Chris O’Donnell:


Video Surveillance:


Deeks and Kensi look to be undercover (and in great distress) with a cult.


Sneak Peek #1:  

The debrief as Granger sending Deeks and Kensi undercover at the cult.


Sneak Peek #2:

Looks like Deeks isn’t the only one with eyes for Kensi.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

12 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “An Unlocked Mind” (S7E7)

  1. Thanks for another great preview. I really enjoy reading all the credits for the actors. It is nice to have all the information for each episode assembled in one place. I am really looking forward to this COD directed episode.


    • Thank you! This was fun to do. And I like knowing where the actors worked before – that way I don’t spend half the episode wondering “where do I know that person from?”.


  2. Thanks for your preview.
    I hope it will be a solid episode with some unexpected plot-twists. I have to say that “Wanted”, which COD directed, is one of my favorite episodes ever, so I have good expectations from this one too (even if I know that, when speaking of an episode, directing and writing are two different things).


  3. Thanks, Tess! Great preview and BTs as per your usual😄😄😄.


  4. Well, this was a great episode. I really loved it. I loved Descend and Ascension, so this script writer has not let me down. All thou I am not a Densi fan (seams weird beeing so close relatives) but this episode ending was nice and tender and fun.
    Sorry for the grama mistakes. I am not a native english.


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