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Review: NCISLA “All the Little Things” (S13E11)

Welcome back friends. So, it looks like we are halfway through the season so far and I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I found out that Peter Cambor was making a return visit to the show. I am a big fan of Cambor’s, and was very disappointed when he was relegated to a recurrent role within the show. I was able to interview Peter a while ago for another website and found him to be charming and fun to speak with regarding the series and I continued to follow his career in between visits to NCISLA. It was great to see him on set again and that the showrunners found a reason to bring him back.  Written and directed by two NCISLA veterans, R. Scott Gemmill and Terrence O’Hara, the show had a familiar tone to the episode that was great to watch.  Overall, I really enjoyed the episode.

Finding an abandoned newborn baby on an aircraft carrier is not an everyday occurrence and Kensi and Deeks are sent on board to investigate.  On the other side of the world, Callen fears for Hetty’s safety as a drone attacks Syria while she is meeting with members of al-Qaeda. Rounding out the rest of team, Sam is far away on family business, but Fatima welcomes Roundtree back from an extended leave.   

Investigator “Doesn’t mean I’m not special” Deeks travels with Kensi to the USS Allegiance to investigate the discovery of a newborn baby, which the agent-on-board tells them was a preemie and probably conceived on board.  Deeks reaction to the baby being a girl is really sweet and so in character for him.  You can almost see the Daddy thoughts running around in his head.  But there is a bigger problem to be faced. The placenta was nowhere to be found near the baby which means if the placenta was retained the mother could be at serious risk of hemorrhaging.  The ship medical officer is now afraid they may have a distraught mother who is all alone and feeling extremely vulnerable.  This could cause her to panic and hurt herself.  The sooner Densi finds her the better.

I enjoyed Deeks trying to find the right word for scuttlebutt during the investigation.  His response to cross-dressers on board was pretty amusing as well.  Damn right!   Deeks finds the irony in the situation that has them both searching for the parents of a child while they are themselves searching for their own child.  Kensi has a theory that the mother wants the child to be found since she didn’t do any harm to the infant and wanted it to survive.  Deeks agrees they have to use this information to find the child…but how?  

Did I mention how great it was to have Nate back even if it was with Kilbride and not the rest of the crew? The Admiral knows Getz was more than just a co-worker of Hetty Lange and he wants some further insight into what Hetty is up to in Syria.  Nate was helping her throughout the mission but hasn’t heard from her since the bombing.  With no way of reaching her, Kilbride is right where he started.  Regarding Kilbride’s Island of Misfit Toys, although reluctant, Nate is the best one to help Kilbride make some sense of the crew members he inherited.  I think he should have called in Nate a long time ago.  

Frankly, I wasn’t sure what role Anna played in all of this except to keep mothering Callen and spouting philosophical statements about life and in particular Callen’s past.  If nothing else, I will be so happy when Callen figures out his past and moves on.  Maybe Anna is right.  Maybe he is exactly where he should be.  I just wish Callen could see that too.  And is it me or has Bar Paly’s acting skills improved a little bit?  Hmmm, maybe.

We discover out how much trouble Hetty is in when Callen finds out our old friend Keane is back in the picture trying to protect Hetty as she negotiates a release of two NCIS agents posing as journalists.  She’s gone and there is nothing else to do but wait.  Callen tests his luck by asking Keane how much he knows about a special children’s program Hetty was involved in and Keane identifies it as the Drona Project.  Keane is cut off before Callen can find out anything further. I can almost hear Hetty say “Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Callen”.  This episode is becoming more complicated with every step.

Back onboard the aircraft carrier, Kensi’s intuition is calling her to check the location where they found the baby.  I’m not sure why they didn’t discover the mother when they originally found the baby but perhaps, she went back to check on the child and collapsed once she got there but it just wasn’t clear.  This prompts Deeks to say he would rather be shooting up bad guys than dealing with the enormity of the situation.  Sadly, the Petty Officer reveals that she was raped and identifies the man who assaulted her.  Fatima sends in the calvary in the guise of Callen and Roundtree to arrest the obnoxious government contractor and despite the implications of the scene, I found the “robo-geeks” glued to their computers fairly amusing.  

I also really enjoyed the end conversation with Nate and Kilbride who is surprisingly concerned about the emotional welfare of his team and in particularly Callen. (Kilbride:  Deeks on the other hand is a basket case, but I don’t need you to tell me that.)  Kilbride somehow found out about the special Drona project and Callen’s possible involvement. I assume Keane gave Kilbride the heads up.  It looks like if Hetty does return with answers, it could have strong repercussions for the entire team.  Why doesn’t Callen remember any of this and what could be so bad that it would affect the entire organic structure of the unit? Pretty heavy stuff going on and I expect to see the good doctor Getz returning to help Callen going forward.  He’s definitely going to need it.  

Wow, that final scene was pretty terrifying.  I think Callen has more trouble on his hands than just finding out about his strange childhood.  Who is this imposter and what else is haunting Callen?  Like I said, this is getting complicated.

One thing I was very pleased about was seeing some of the fun and banter return to Densi’s relationship.  I loved Kensi calling Deeks Scooby and when Deeks used one of his earliest Kensi nicknames – Fern…..well I think my heart jumped just a beat.   It took me straight back to the beginnings of this wonderful relationship we now know as Densi.  We need more of the fun side of Densi, don’t we?  I was glad there was no further talk of adoption and that the episode didn’t turn into a vehicle where the mother turned the baby over for adoption.  That would have been too predictable and cheesy.  

There was a lot to choose from but here’s my nomination for the best Densi line of the episode:

Kensi:  Have you seen “Agnes of God”?

Deeks:  Maybe.  Did they open for Alice in Chains?

Deeks…. You got to love him.  So, we are off and running toward the remainder of the season shows! The episodes are going to be coming fast and furious in order to finish up on time in May. Stay with us and as always, Deeks Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal will be back at the end of the week and we will see you all next week here at wikiDeeks! 

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5 Comments on Review: NCISLA “All the Little Things” (S13E11)

  1. Thank you Diane, I have to also say I enjoyed the to watch , I also enjoyed Nate back, it’s been awhile. Hope we see more of him..I was confused on Anna being back, did I miss something or did she just all of a sudden show up this week….hope it works out to see Hetty again. We shall see I guess..weren’t there supposed to be 2 episodes Sunday night .. Love kensi and Deeks, always have, always will..🥰the ending seems a little scary for Callen again, we shall see. 🤔I am watching NCIS la marathon now..Deeks is in the shower. Cute..thanks again Diane.

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  2. In episode 2 of this season (Fukushu) Sam meets up with Callen to check on a crime scene. It was mentioned by Sam that Callen was returning from a little vacation with Anna. Since then, Sam has asked Callen if he was just speaking with Anna on the phone. So she has been mentioned a couple times but not seen until episode 11 last night.

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  3. Bernadette // March 15, 2022 at 1:26 PM // Reply

    It definitely was a confusing episode, but a good one! Gotta love Deeks and Kensi. What are the writers doing with Anna? She has been in more trouble than anyone and gets away with it. Don’t understand why Callen is with her considering she’s a professional liar, seductress and can’t be trusted. Is Callen supporting her now and are they living in the boat shed of all places…money must be tight! Deeks expression when he found out it was a baby girl, awww! Nate being back was great. I wish they would make him the Ops Manager so we could see him every week. Killbride is one of a kind, love him. Your comment about has bars acting possibly gotten better, well, on the job training has helped her a bit, but she is way out of her league when it comes to action scenes.

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  4. Elaine Conway // March 17, 2022 at 4:58 PM // Reply

    Thank you for the review Diane. I too enjoyed this week’s episode. It was good to see Nate back. Hopefully we’ll see more of him, and I’m thinking with Hetty back in the discussion maybe she’ll be returning to the show for a few episodes if she becomes available. I also was happy to see the return of some light Densi banter. That’s been missing for a while – not that they haven’t had their problems. I’m still unhappy with the whole investigator thing, but they just couldn’t let the Deeks fans be too happy. I just wonder if it means he’s still doing this dangerous job for less money than all the special people.


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