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Review: NCISLA “Alsiyadun” (S11E16)

In this week’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Alsiyadun,” writer (and show-runner) R. Scott Gemmill and director Dennis Smith teamed up to help us learn more about the newest member of the team, Fatima Namazi, played by new series regular Medalion Rahimi. In the process, we got a fine, if familiar, trip abroad to rescue said team member. And although the action all took place far from Los Angeles, Deeks and Kensi still found time for a few beautifully played scenes.

Welcome to the Team

Fatima, the team’s newest official member starting next week, found herself in a world of trouble this week, first coming under fire and being separated from the group she was working with in Egypt and then captured and held for ransom. She may be new to the opening credits, but we’ve certainly seen her before. In fact, “Alsiyadun” was her tenth appearance! She’s always seemed likeable, but I was really interested to see what aspects of her character Gemmill would focus on- what he’d want to tell us about his newest full-time character.

We already know Fatima is a tough young woman who can take down a slew of bad guys (see “Concours d’Elegance“) and handle intelligence and translation with aplomb. She’s always been more than competent, friendly, intelligent, and a team player. With this week’s episode, it appeared that Gemmill wanted to reinforce those impressions, showing us a confident, fearless woman who stood up to the bad guys, at one point even trying to take down a batch of them on her own. She also improvised a convincing cover story along the way. For me, her boldness, her fearlessness, was the trait that stood out the most.

And I have to say, I have mixed feelings about that. Sure, Fatima is clearly badass enough to join the team and operate in any capacity. I just hope that eventually we see a few flaws work their way up to the surface. Right now she’s pretty darn perfect, and that’s both harder to believe and less interesting than imperfection. It’s one of the main reasons Deeks is such a compelling character: he’s always been the underdog, he’s always been very human and he’s always showed vulnerability. We got a single second of that from Fatima when Callen handed her the phone to call her parents; I need way more. Think about how Deeks would have played the situation if he’d been in her place. With all his years of experience, he’d have been plenty snarky, but somehow Eric Christian Olsen would have found a way to show Deeks’ underlying nervousness and fear. Or think about Deeks’ first appearance on the show, when Sam beats him up and he confronts the team at the boatshed with a combination of cockiness and nervous energy.

Fatima mostly called to mind the period of time when Nell was in the field and seemingly could do no wrong. It doesn’t feel realistic for a young agent to have quite so much confidence (unless it’s misplaced). Fatima also reminds me a little bit of Season 1 Kensi, and to that I say look how much more interesting Kensi became when we learned about what drove her to do her job, and when she began to open up and show humor and vulnerability with Deeks. I don’t want a new team of superheroes. After all, what will Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi have to teach them? I’m happy to have young agents who are better and more experienced than Dom, but I think giving us something in between would lead to the best, most compelling stories.

I find myself wondering if this is somehow harder to pull off with a female character. Is there more pressure somehow to portray the female team members as super competent? I’ve always appreciated the amazing, strong female characters on this show- Hetty, Kensi, Michelle, Nell, Nicole, and more. And someone doesn’t get to Fatima’s position without being awesome. I’m just hoping that in time, we’ll get to see more layers to her character that Gemmill didn’t have time to show us in a single episode.

The Voices of Experience

Eric and Nell were busy on the case and Sam and Callen were far away, which unfortunately left Deeks and Kensi to spend most of their time standing around looking worried. During that time, they also tried to comfort Hetty, with each of them getting a scene alone with her, something quite unusual for the show, but so enjoyable to watch. I don’t know how many more opportunities we’ll have to see Linda Hunt work with ECO and Daniela Ruah one-on-one like that, so both scenes were a real treat that provided reminders of so many similar conversations from seasons past. Of course, the other reminders of seasons past were the parallels with the Afghanistan storyline. Not getting a Densi scene where the duo got into the subject seemed like a missed opportunity, but they found other good things to talk about (see below).

Over the years, we’ve had many scenes of Hetty comforting Deeks, like the “monk-cheetah” scene from “Unwritten Rule” or the scene from “Ghost Gun” about Kensi in a coma. I don’t remember a scene where their roles were reversed (there were none on my Top 3 Deeks/Hetty Talks list), although perhaps you all do? Callen usually gets to play the part of Hetty Consoler. This week, Hetty showed a refreshing degree of vulnerability in her worry over Fatima, and it felt genuine rather than the crocodile tears I sometimes see from her. ECO played his lines perfectly, trying to gently joke that Sam and Callen would be “taking selfies from some sort of camel-ride tourist trap” because Fatima was “smart, she’s highly skilled, more than capable of taking care of herself” (yeah, I kind of already picked up on that).

When Deeks assured her that, “This wasn’t your doing,” Hetty’s responsibility for the Afghanistan debacle definitely came to mind. I believe Hetty sent Fatima on her current mission? If so, then at least this time, Fatima’s fate was only due to bad things happening and not because Hetty failed to fill her in on all the relevant details of her assignment. It’s good I suppose that Deeks, unlike myself, has put to rest any ill will he might have once felt towards her over that assignment.

Hetty appreciated his kindness, telling him, “Thank you Martin. I appreciate the gesture even if I don’t share your optimism.” Martin! Martin? The only other time I remember her calling him this is in”Black Market” when he was sleeping in the hospital with a coma-bound Kensi. (Hetty: Martin! Deeks: Did I miss the bus?… Oh! You’re not my mom. Hetty: Oh, hell no!) And that’s exactly what that name brings up for me: Roberta. It’s gotta freak Deeks out a little. She almost always calls him Mr. Deeks or Detective Deeks. I was trying to remember if she’s ever called him Marty (I couldn’t think of a time – you all will have to let me know). I know she’s referred to him as Deeks at least once (in “Personal” when she tells the team “Deeks has been shot”- not to him but about him).

It was somewhat satisfying to see Kensi addressing her own capture in Afghanistan (“You and I know better than anyone else what she’s going through”). Their scene together, if taken on its own, was very sweet and showed how much these two women have matured, but of course I kinda couldn’t help but think Kensi was entirely too charitable with her phrasing. I guess it showed that, even if Kensi held a grudge toward Hetty at some point, like Deeks, she’s long since let it drop. I shall try to do the same (but don’t hold your breath).

Kensi stressed the theme of the evening, that “Fatima is strong and she is smart.” But for me, the most striking part of their scene was how Kensi took Hetty’s hand in an effort to comfort her. Physical contact between Hetty and any of her people is fairly unusual, and it made the gesture all the more powerful. The two women seemed far more than boss and employee, definitely more like family, another of the season’s recurring themes.

Hetty’s refusal to allow Deeks and Kensi to join Sam and Callen on their search was a bit mysterious. Was she being overprotective because her guilt over Afghanistan had been triggered? Was it because she knows they’re trying to start a family and retire? As much as I wanted to think it was because Kensi was already pregnant, that just wouldn’t have made sense because neither Kensi nor Deeks would have been OK with her heading into such a dangerous situation.

In addition, listening to the both Deeks and Kensi being so kind and sensitive with Hetty drove home how mature they’ve both become, how much they’ve grown, or maybe grown up, over the years. This was not the same two people we saw in earlier seasons. It helped me to actually picture them as parents, maybe for the first time. And listening to the sober way both Kensi and Deeks addressed different aspects of the case, the knowing way they approached their work, also emphasized how experienced they both are now, after so many years on the job. Whereas earlier on, Deeks always seemed a bit lost when unfamiliar problems occurred, here he knew just as much as anyone. It made me realize how fun it could be to see him and Kensi as the old hands teaching some younger agents the ropes. What a refreshing turn-around it would be: the Deeks who always struggled to keep up with the fancy agents becoming the voice of experience, having the younger agents look to him for guidance and treat him with respect. I think I would really enjoy that.

I was also struck by similar thoughts about Sam and Callen. Yes, Sam is very relaxed before an ambush. He’s such an old hand, nothing surprises him or Callen. He’s so authoritative. Maybe it is time to pass on all that knowledge and experience to others. Guest actor (and rapper) Offset, who played CIA Agent Kadri Kashan Khan, and whose acting abilities did not impress, also provided a striking contrast with rapper LL Cool J, whose portrayal of Sam Hanna shows us what a great actor he has become.

Will They Won’t They

It seems that instead of waiting to see if and when Deeks and Kensi would finally overcome their communication deficiencies and declare their love for one another, we’re stuck in a new limbo of whether or when they will become parents. This “Lady and the Tramp” as Sabatino referred to them (and others have in the past I believe) had the episode’s most memorable conversation around the subject of their future children’s future career choices.

Kensi: What if it was us?
Deeks: What are you talking about? It has been us. We have both been in that exact same situation.
Kensi: No, Deeks, I’m saying, what if this was our kid?
Deeks: OK, that, I can’t imagine, but you know what? I don’t have to, because it’s never gonna happen.
Kensi: What if our son or daughter wants to follow in our footsteps?
Deeks: That’s not an option. Listen, if they wanna go to medical school and go off and become doctors, that’s fantastic. Teachers? Even better. They wanna open up a boutique dog grooming service? Fantastic. I’m all for that. It’s just going into law enforcement – that’s not an option.
Kensi: Well what if they wanna serve their country?
Deeks: I think that’s great. I think they should serve their country, but there’s other ways to do that that’s not doing what we do, and we do what we do so they don’t have to, that’s the whole point of parenthood.
Kensi: Sweetie, you can’t dictate what our kids wanna do.
Deeks: I’m not dictating. There’s no dictating here. I’m literally just laying down some basic rules. There’s, there’s, there’s no drugs, there’s no porn and there’s no jobs where they’re getting shot at.
Kensi: That’s hypocritical of you.
Deeks: What? I was never in porn.
Kensi: No, but you were an exotic dancer, that’s gateway behavior. I mean one minute you twerking bare chested with a bow tie on-
Deeks: There was no twerking.
Kensi: -And the next thing you know you’re in the Valley shooting a parade of Toy Story.
Deeks: [laughing] Don’t do that to me, I love that. You just ruined it forever.
Kensi: You know we’re gonna be terrible parents.
Deeks: We’re gonna be the worst parents. I hope there’s a guidebook. Some sorta Cliff Notes. But it doesn’t matter, you wanna know why? Cause those kids are gonna have great hair and fantastic teeth. And that’s all that matters. [Kensi pretends to have buck teeth] God, have you seen that?
Kensi: Will you kiss me?
Deek: Is it too late to reconsider?

What a wonderful Densi conversation, filled with Deeks’ desperate drive to keep his future children safe at all costs, Kensi’s more realistic view of how things work, her breaking the tension with jokes about pornography and silly faces, and the two just humorously agreeing they’ll be terrible parents. I loved everything about this, except for the odd edit that jumped us from the two walking out of the mission right into the continuing the conversation in a moving vehicle, as if they stopped talking in near mid-sentence until they got on the road.

Memorable Moments

  • That opening made me feel like I was watching an episode of SEAL Team, or at least what I assume an episode of SEAL Team looks like. It was well done and I felt like I was right there with Fatima in the middle of the action.
  • The opening scene with Deeks playing barkeep made me think more about how he sees the place. He says to a quickly disappearing customer, “A bartender – barkeep – is an ancient, honorable tradition. Much more than a mixer of cocktails, I think it’s an equal parts philosopher, psychiatrist, storyteller, comedian, but most of all, Richard, and you know this to be true, I think it’s a comforting friend for anybody there in search of solace…” It matches his original vision of what he wanted the bar to become, and the barkeep roles he listed are a pretty good match to his personal skillset. I always thought he’d be bored or unfulfilled working there, but now I get that he sees it as just another way to help people.
  • Um, sorry Nell, but I don’t think the bar is the best place to have a classified briefing.
  • Yay, Hetty is back to her real desk! I wonder why? Maybe she’s just experimenting. Or maybe, since she truly seemed upset about Fatima’s disappearance, she felt more comfort surrounded by all her things. (Seriously, I think she’s as much of a hoarder as Kensi, she just has more money and more space for all her stuff.)
  • Go Bruins! Medalion Rahimi was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and TV.
  • Normally the show does very well to use its Southern California terrain as a stand-in for places all around the world, from Russia to Afghanistan to Sudan. But Egypt seemed like a stretch. I never could suspend my disbelief long enough to think I was anywhere except SoCal.
  • Did Hetty swipe up to turn Eric on when he was napping? That was hilarious.
  • Whoa, Mr. Gemmill made a joke at President Trump’s expense as well as a comment about the White House wanting to stage a PR event. While I enjoyed them, it seemed like a risk that could anger a good chunk of the audience.
  • Loved the Hollywood and Highland call signs they gave Sam and Callen.
  • I thought Hetty might pull out one of her bars of gold bullion to pay off the kidnappers. At least here, she would have given vast amounts of money to mere Bedouin smugglers as opposed to actual terrorists in Afghanistan.
  • Sabatino was Sabatino, as snarky as ever, and Gemmill is probably the perfect writer to write him given his aptitude for humor.
  • I gotta say, the boom was a bit disappointing. It did not look like a cache of explosives going boom so much as a box of fireworks going poof.
  • Again this week I’m unsure of the title’s meaning. According to Google, “alsiyadun” means “the anglers” in Arabic. Could it be a reference to the Bedouins who captured her?

That’s it from here! Come back later this week for new installments of Kensi’s Journal and Deeks’ Surf Log. In the meantime, what did you think of “Alsiyadun”? Did Densi’s sweet, dramatic scenes compensate for their complete lack of anything to actually do? What did you think of Fatima? Tell us all about it in the Comments.

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24 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Alsiyadun” (S11E16)

  1. Bluenet13 (Jess) // March 4, 2020 at 8:01 AM // Reply

    First off, thanks Karen, for another great review. I chuckled at your Seal Team comment cause I was actually catching up on that show before I watched LA and had that same exact thought when the opening scene started. Then I switched back to the Seal Team ep and wondered where Fatima was until I remembered I had switched shows again.

    Now onto the ep, like last week, I found myself enjoying the episode more than I expected, even if it there really wasn’t that much tension since we already knew Fatima had joined the cast. Thinking back to Hidoko’s unfortunate end, I could have been very worried about Fatima but the early announcement made that impossible. At least we still saw some nerves and worry from the other characters as they learned Fatima’s fate. That made for a personal episode that was much better than the usual case of the week. As for Fatima, I still don’t know how I feel about her. Generally, I like the character, but I haven’t yet connected to her, and that’s what makes all the difference for me.

    I loved Densi’s conversation in the car, especially because, even if they are still talking about their future kids, the talk evolved from the typical will they, won’t they, to a more mature discussion about what that future will look like and the challenges they will face. I think their stances on the matter are very realistic, with Kensi having practically followed in her dad’s footsteps and thus, understanding that they can’t stop their kid(s) if that’s want they want to do. While, Deeks continues to show that he’s over law enforcement and getting shot at on a regular basis, and he also doesn’t want that for his child. Ultimately, given what we know of Deeks’ childhood, I think his reaction just shows his fears of not being able to protect his child, like Roberta, at least to some extent, failed to protect him.

    And this brings me to the bar, which I love and greatly enjoy as a regular setting for the show, like Molly’s in Chicago Fire, but a part of me will always wonder why Deeks chose this particular idea when his father was an alcoholic. I liked his explanation to the retreating customer, but I feel he could have still found ways to help by doing another job and not necessarily owning a bar, especially when the hypothetical children become real. And I just hope the show someday sheds some light into that decision.

    I also really liked the two scenes with Hetty, even if they felt a little too much like a farewell and made me wonder if we will ever see Deeks and Kensi alone with Hetty again. If it happens to be that Hetty leaves this season, I’m glad that Densi seems to be over what happened in the past and they’re back to being a family.

    Anyhow, sorry, this is too long already. I’m just glad I enjoyed the last two weeks, cause I don’t have much expectations for next week. I wish we could see Ehsan again and have him become that young agent that Deeks can train, instead of having Hamilton or Evans.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Jess I loved your observations about Kensi understanding why her kids might want to follow in her (and her father’s) footsteps, and the reasons for Deeks’ terror that he can’t protect his own children. Really good stuff!


  2. You did a heckuva good review. Thank you.

    You mentioned the political digs. It isn’t the first time. I don’t understand the impulse when shows do that — the lack of awareness – to do such things for a cheap moment of, what, a feeling of superiority with the intent to disparage half the country who happen to have a different opinion politically? It isn’t the first time … but it is probably my last. It has accumulated over the years and I’m done with it.

    Between that the lackluster storylines, to quote Deeks in “Ascension”: I think I’m done being a cop.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Exactly peakae. As is my normal routine, I have a very early project to do at work on Monday mornings almost every week. I typically take the loss of sleep and watch the episode. After the first (if there were more) political dig, I turned off my tv. There’s more than one political view and it makes no sense to keep burning one side. I know it’s Hollywood-but real law enforcement is made up of diverse beliefs and that should be reflected.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved this episode. The scenes with Hetty felt like the ‘before S10’ days, and to me, that felt amazing!! Really felt ‘normal’ for once! #NotgivinguponHetty, #TeamHetty!!!!
    I’ve always liked Fatima.
    That Densi talk was really cute
    Next week’s episode dosn’t look very interesting (not because of no Deeks either.)

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  4. Oh, and the ‘people might react badly to that political jab’? ya might want to avoid the ‘ncis la’ tag on Twitter, and it’s FB page this week!

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  5. Unrelated to this episode, but there’s this great new Tumblr blog called @ncislanonnietwopointoh, it’s for fans to submit anon love asks about their favorite NCIS LA blogs, active and inactive. and I think it’s a great idea for this fandom nowadays, and I think it eserves more attention!


  6. I am glad to see I am not the only one with some resentment towards Hetty for the Afghanistan storyline-mainly letting Deeks think he was at fault.
    I also enjoyed the Densi conversation and also wondered about the editing.
    Why make political statements when you know you will offend 50% of your audience. I have stopped watching shows for this reason. NCIS LA doesn’t need the ratings drop. Social media is on fire about the remarks.
    I am not a fan of Fatima but Karen you may have figure it out for me. Is it the lack of flaws?

    Liked by 4 people

  7. Thank you so much for your excellent review Karen.
    That great Deeks and Kensi scene and Sabatino’s return were the highlights of this episode for me, but overall I felt a little bit disappointed. I felt like Fatima’s storyline in this episode was a bit too similar to what we have already seen on the show before and I hoped for something different from writers.

    There has been really good female characters in NCIS LA, but it feels like we often haven’t seen the full potential of those characters. I am really curious what they have planned for Fatima’s character in the future and I really hope that the character has a great storyline and character development.

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  8. sassyzazzi // March 4, 2020 at 2:30 PM // Reply

    Karen, thank you for another great review, it was right on target. This was another episode I was not sure I would like, but ended up really enjoying it. I was surprised and happy to see Deeks with Hetty , especially when she called him Martin. The Deeks/Kensi conversation about their future children was very well done with the right amount or seriousness and humor. I am beginning to really enjoy Sabatino, hope we see a lot more of him.

    As far as Fatima, I think the actress is very good, but the character is not yet interesting to me. They need to write her in a much more realistic way, some flaws, some fear; it is not credible that she is on the run and captured and her clothes are not even rumpled and her heavy eye makeup has not smeared. I think both Seal Team and SWAT do a very good job of writing very strong female characters who are interesting and seem real.

    As far as the political comments, I do not enjoy them. The country is so divided , with the election coming, the rhetoric is inflammatory on both sides. I watch tv to escape the politics. The show’s ratings are a shadow of what they were, I cannot understand why they would choose to alienate anyone who watches.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Thank you Karen for your review. You always give me some things to think about. I was disappointed in this episode for a couple of reasons. First off, by announcing Rahimi’s bump up to the permanent cast before the episode aired, took away all of the drama of Fatima’s situation. We all knew that she would survive. We should have been on the edge of our seats, not knowing……Air out of the balloon. Secondly, while Densi’s car convo was cute, they had absolutely nothing else to do except wring their hands. I expect action from my favorite lovebirds. Thirdly, I didn’t like the cheap shot at the president. Although I am not one of his supporters, I think it is unwise to alienate part of the audience, especially when ratings are reaching a worrisome point.

    Random thoughts. Totally enjoyed the Deeks/Hetty scene. They have a wonderful chemistry. Loved Sabatino. “I missed you too. Let’s not make it weird.” He’s a hoot. Offset is not an actor, by any stretch of the imagination, and he played a totally unbelievable undercover character. He would have stood out like a beacon in the darkness, with his East LA accent, lol. What happened to Beale? He just disappeared after about 15 minutes into the episode. At least he wasn’t a stuttering buffoon this time around, just a clumsy coffee drinker. This story didn’t really interest me, and I usually like Gemmill’s scripts. I don’t know I feel about Fatima. I haven’t made a love-connection with her yet, and lately I have had no love for Eric and Nell. My interest is waning, and this saddens me big time. I have been in love with these characters since season one. What has changed for me, I am not sure. And one last pick: I wish they would stop with the wrestlers, boxers, and non-actors. Next up, Evander Holyfield. As Deeks would say, “sheesh!”

    Liked by 3 people

    • reebelle4 I completely agree about the non-professional actors. It feels like they’re just trying to invite anyone they admire to come in for a speaking part, regardless of whether they’re at all skilled, as an excuse to hang out.

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  10. evelynmarie2014 // March 4, 2020 at 8:30 PM // Reply

    Hetty has called Deeks,Martin in another episode the one where he rode with her in the Jag but never Marty that I can remember.

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  11. Debra Gillespie // March 5, 2020 at 2:18 AM // Reply

    Thanks Karen, for your excellent review as always. I felt my age (I’m of the baby boomer generation) a couple of times during this episode. Had no clue who Offset was until I researched him online – thank you Google and Wikipedia – and read his rapper background. My rapper knowledge is pretty limited to the earlier stars – LL Cool J, MC Hammer, and Run DMC. Apparently he’s a friend of LL Cool J, and in getting this acting role I wouldn’t be surprised the PTB were aiming to interest the younger demographics. But I agree with the majority here that his acting was rather wooden.
    Agree with the other posters here that knowing that Fatima is now a regular certainly took a lot of suspense out of her being captured. To me the suspense was how Sam, Callen and Sabatino would carry it out compared to Afghanistan. I thought Sabatino was at his smarmy best here, and like Anne S mentioned, he and the Densi conversation in the car were the highlights of the episode for me. Too bad that Erik Palantino (Sabatino) forgot that he had his wedding ring on, in one of the desert scenes.
    Maria was right on how the social media sites – particularly the fb show page and the fan page – has exploded with polarized comments on Deek’s two second political comment, and to a lesser degree, Sabatino’s brief one also. I was rather surprised when they made them in the show, but wasn’t really fazed by them…. growing up with All in the Family and the other Norman Lear sitcoms (again, showing my age) got me used to political statements and controversies in TV shows. Perhaps it’s good that there will be a two week hiatus between the next episode and the one on the 22nd. No doubt plenty of people will still remember and be ticked off or agreed on what was said, but other things happening constantly in the news will perhaps let the controversy fade a little.
    Like you Karen, I was surprised when Hetty called Deeks “Martin” in their conversation, and definitely remembered the amusing scene when she called him that in “Black Market” . Just my opinion, but here I believe she was paying Deeks a compliment; Martin is more formal and mature sounding than Marty, and by calling him that she was showing him respect on how far he had come, and that he was prepared in delving into the longtime role of a husband and (hopefully) a father. The Densi conversation was delightful, and I couldn’t help but think that fifteen or so years ago when Deeks was planning on getting into law enforcement and out of his lawyer career, that in a conversation Roberta probably said something similar in “I don’t want my son getting shot at” to Deeks. Looks like what goes around comes around.
    Not looking forward to a Deeks-less episode next Sunday, but thanks to the Wikideeks interview in late Jan., it’s something we were prepared for, weren’t we? But I’m actually looking forward to see how Kensi’s new ‘do looks out in the field.

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    • Debra I really like the picture you paint of Roberta expressing similar misgivings about Deeks’ career path. I can totally picture that.


  12. Love the densi moments.This season has felt weird to me like the producers to LL and others what friends would you like on the show we will bring them in, doesn’t matter if they can act or not.Really hate stunt casting.Wrestlers need to stick to that.In the end I don’t think it helps the show.I watch the earliers shows and the writing has really gone down.When Shane was show runner in mho was just a better show and that makes me sad.I get the feeling and I really hope I am wrong that Eric is leaving and that Caleb Castille is his replacement.He said they were big changes coming.I watch the show for ECO.I don’t watch the first season still the end of season when he comes love his acting and writing.I hate that they have gone political .When your ratings are lower why in the world do they insist on pissed off half the country who may be a audience member,not very smart.Just hurts your ratings.When and if Eric goes I go and I know I’m not alone.Thanks for the great reviews.It is amazing that your reviews are some times better than the actual ep and that the stories and writers on this site are in fact better than some of the writers on the show.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Becca, while I agree with you wholeheartedly, IF there is a season 12, I’m pretty sure Eric/Deeks will be in it. He recently alluded to the forever asked about episode( Deeks,M.) would be next season. Of course, he also said that about season 10 or this season (both of those interviews are on here (one from right before season 10 started, the other from this past January. )

      Anyway, about the political comments, as I stated earlier, I have no idea why TPTB in various shows are blind to the fact that the only real goal besides a quick laugh for them, is seriously ticking off a good portion of their viewership. Basically what they are doing is biting the hand that feeds them. Not wise at all.

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  13. Another great review, Thanks Karen! I have a problem with all of your reviews, They are too thorough and you always find an item that I missed forcing me to re watch the episode like homework. Then it changes the rant I was going to post and ending up going the opposite way and agreeing with you.
    This whole season seems like a goodbye to the fans. Everyone seems to be getting their personal lives in some sort of order. Almost all the cast members got some face time with Linda last week and the general feeling is changes are a coming. I hope there will be a season 12 but you never know.
    As for the political stuff, I’m a right wing, gun toten S.O.B. and don’t agree with anything liberal hollywood spews, but you have to be able to laugh at yourself and your beliefs I did smile at the jokes,and I think they did some Hillary and Obama jokes in the past. So I think we need to lighten up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • While I agree with your sentiment,Ron, I think it is important for TPTB know they are ticking off a large portion of fans. Perhaps you can, but I can’t think of a time when the other political side was mocked-not saying there wasn’t a time, but I simply can’t think of an example. I do know, for me, they have mocked one side so much accumalatively, I can’t just let it slide any longer. I watch tv to be entertained- not be mocked or what I believe in be mocked. Anyway,I agree with your first paragraph 100%.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I think the best revenge would be to win 4 more years and the house


  15. Thanks for the great comments everyone! We here at wikiDeeks are not anxious to see our discussions devolve into politics, knowing it’s a surefire way to cause hard feelings. I hope we can all agree to disagree on the political, and agree to agree on our shared love of all things Martin Deeks.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. David Smiesko // January 30, 2021 at 5:19 PM // Reply

    Rewatching episode 11X16 Alsiyadun and found a possible editing error or what?

    I wonder how Deeks got to Kensi so quickly because at
    4:18 into the episode Deeks said to Nell “I’ll get Kensi”

    then at 4:21 into the episode
    Kensi walks into OPS without Deeks.

    How is that possible?


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