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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Where There’s Smoke. . .” (S7E23)


NCISLA Case Briefing: Where There’s Smoke… (S7E23)

“Where There’s Smoke… ” – Sam and Callen go undercover as firefighters when top secret information about suspected terrorists is stolen from a secure Department of Defense container at the site of a fire, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, April 25 (9:59-11:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Andrew Bartels | Directed by: James Hanlon

The press release alone evokes thoughts of the popular Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars tune, “Uptown Funk”:

I’m too hot (hot damn)


Call the police and the fireman

Hot (via a fire). Check.

Fireman. Check.

Police (a la Detective Deeks). Check.

Don’t believe me, just watch.

Got it. Done. On it!

The team’s bromance quite literally catches fire as the guys go undercover presumably to most easily and quickly gain access to the crime scene? What would prompt someone to use fire to steal information? It’s certainly not a stealth strategy. Was it the most rudimentary effort, indicating no real professional finesse? Or was it a ploy to destroy evidence and clues leading back to the culprit?

Could one of the firefighters be a prime suspect? This occupation would certainly allow for keen planning in setting and burning a fire. Their knowledge would likely aid in selecting an ignition source difficult to detect or track, delaying or even diverting the team’s efforts.

So why might someone seek to thieve information about a terrorist? To lure and capture? To join or promote further culpable acts? To use as leverage for their own criminal bidding?

You might want to prepare a nice cold beverage and crank the A/C, because this episode is heating up!

Deeks’ Week: The undercover expert is under the weather? Poor Deeks. Or perhaps Poor Kensi. What’s this? The normally laid-back surfer has a penchant toward hypochondria? Who knew?! Yet, all of that seems to be a mere symptomatic cover, which Kensi quickly works to reveal the true ailment: typically silent anxiety and fear of a troubled future. It’s a strong reminder of the past as well as foreshadowing to the finale.

It forces our recall of Deeks’ tough childhood and family life, a less than collegial environment at LAPD, problematic situations undercover, getting shot, torturous time with Siderov, having Kensi deployed on the other side of the globe, and likely so much more we’ve not (yet?) been privy to. For someone so regularly forced to face such significant struggles, of course he smartly steels himself for the inevitable.

What exactly might that be? Enter finale cliffhanger here. Thus, let the speculation begin!


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4 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Where There’s Smoke. . .” (S7E23)

  1. Thanks for your case briefing.
    After the sneak peek, I am quite anxious to watch this episode and see if and how it might set things up for a Densi angsty finale. What is curious is that in the Densi relationship/partnership, Kensi has become the optimist and Deeks seems much less positive. In the sneak peek scene, it was so nice to see how she encourages him to enjoy the moment without thinking about what might possibly go wrong. She also tried to lighten up the situation using humor and that’s a first!
    If the authors have planned a Densi cliffhanger in the finale (maybe due to DR’s pregnancy and her unavailability for some early Season 8 episodes) like Kensi getting shot or kidnapped or whatever, I only hope it won’t be Deeks’ fault. It would be too much to see him heartbroken after how much he already suffered wrongly believing he was responsible for her sudden mission on the other side of the world.


  2. Thank you for the briefing. Looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes and what happens with our favourite couple. This episode looks like a Callen & Sam one. Maybe Kensi will get shot and then they find out she is pregnant? I was and still am hoping for a proposal before the end of the season. Loved the converstation with Densi it is so lovely to see them happy and how much they have gone through to become so a wonderful couple. Juat let them be happy please writers!


  3. Be afraid Densi fans. Be very afraid! Lol!!


  4. I just read this on another site if anyone is interested. Go to Hope okay to post this!


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