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Artie’s Back! Deeks’ Surf Log: 11/08/20

Despite the seriousness of the case, I always enjoy playing Artie, my smelly, homeless persona. I get to release my inner Robin Williams which always puts a smile on Kensi’s face. It took awhile to get her to recognize my comic brilliance but she came around in the end. It still may take some time to get some of the newer members of the team to appreciate Artie. Did you see the expression on Roundtree’s face?  I almost let out a snort but stayed in character as I bumped up against him. It will be awhile before he forgets that performance!!  Kelly Clarkson indeed!!  Haha!

Speaking of award-winning performances,  I thought Arcady was going to clear my bar out of every bottle of vodka in stock!  In the end we got the information we needed but it only highlighted the fact that the bar is in trouble. I sit up nights worried that we did the right thing. Will we ever make a profit?  I guess only time will tell but good thing we still have our day jobs, huh?

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7 Comments on Artie’s Back! Deeks’ Surf Log: 11/08/20

  1. Inspired! Nice one!


  2. I enjoy all of these Surf Log posts. You are so creative and entertaining. Thank you.


  3. Thanks for reading and enjoying the Log and Journal!


  4. almartin_1999 // November 14, 2020 at 1:59 PM // Reply

    I love this show. I realize this season is going to be different because of the pandemic. That’s ok. I will learn to live with it and enjoy it.


  5. Oooh, nice foreshadowing there at the end!


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