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Review: NCISLA “Searching” (S10E19)

Hello everyone and welcome! Thanks for stopping by to check out the review for this week’s episode, “Searching,” written by Adam George Key and Kyle Harimoto and directed by Terrence O’Hara. I was not really impressed with last week’s offering, “Born to Run,” so I had my hopes up for this one. We are nearing the season finale and, hopefully, a great ending to this season. We’ve had a lot going on this year, and the wedding was the icing on the cake for most of us here at wikiDeeks. so let’s see what we got this time around.

Wow! What a way to open an episode! Lots of gun-play, shooting and moving, and Kensi was blasting away with two guns in two different directions at the same time! They threw us into an undercover op with CID Agent Steve Evans getting worked over before Kensi (in a blonde wig, no less) jumps in and the shootout ensues. Fatima runs across a roof to set up a camera so Nell and Eric can thermal image the building (which was pretty cool, by the way) as Callen, Sam and Deeks make entry with even more fireworks.

At least the opening was exciting, but it was not long before the team went their separate ways and we settled in for four very different stories that took us in very different directions. Callen is sidelined with a slight bullet wound to his leg, Sam gets waylaid by a returning Lance Hamilton (Bill Goldberg) whom we met back in Episode 18, Eric and Nell are off to San Francisco, and Kensi and Deeks are running into some technical and personal issues back at their bar. At least there is still no sign of Mosley, but Hetty needs to get back and quick! The kids are taking over!

Let’s see where all of these multiple storylines take us.

With Callen limping too much to help out at OSP, he gets a call from his estranged sister, Alex, who is stuck without a sitter for her son, Jake. Callen is both excited and apprehensive about the request but being the loving uncle (who has been separated from his family ever since his father was traded away by the State Department back in Episode 16 of Season 9) he jumps at the chance to spend some time with his nephew and maybe repair the rift with his sister. Alex blames Callen for the loss of her father so soon after establishing the relationship, and let’s say that she sees no point in keeping contact with her brother, having ignored all of his messages and texts. Thankfully, circumstances intervene and she is left with no choice but to give him a call. It was both funny and sad to watch as Callen struggled to find a way to relate to his nephew… maybe they will get the opportunity for some Fortnite in the near future.

Meanwhile, Eric is being courted by a large tech firm up in San Francisco but he’s unsure if he’s ready to leave NCIS or how this could possibly affect his relationship with Nell. If you’ve read any of my reviews where the subject of the Nell/Eric relationship topic has been discussed, then you know how I feel about the entire thing. I do love the two characters as they fill their assigned roles at NCIS but I struggle to accept them as a couple. It always amazes me that TV show writers find it so difficult representing a platonic couple without them eventually becoming a romantic pairing.

It’s just my opinion, but wouldn’t it give the characters more chances for emotional depth if, as just friends, they could always be there for each other? If you take away the romantic angle of the relationship, then when one goes through something traumatic (a break-up, the death of a loved one, emotional/physical trauma, etc.) then there’s the opportunity for true friendship… faithfulness, support, honor, tenderness… to be on full display. Eric and Nell are great together – as friends and coworkers – but not as a couple. We saw last week just how much Nell means to Eric and how he was pretty messed up when he did not know where she was located. He had a specific job to do and couldn’t because he was worried about his girlfriend and I can understand why, but if he can’t do his job in that situation, then the relationship is a hindrance, not a benefit. We get to see that type of situation with Kensi and Deeks… we don’t need a repeat with another couple.

What really jumped out at me with the Nell/Eric storyline was the sudden shift in tone from when they were outside Operations to when they were in the armory a few minutes later. When they were first speaking about the trip to San Fran, Nell was in great spirits and encouraging to her boyfriend about how awesome and adorable he was, but within just a few moments, her emotional state completely changes when she starts talking about her mother’s health. The shift was so fast that I had to back up the video to understand exactly what changed and it just did not fit. It was like the writers decided that there needed to be even more drama added to the possibility that Eric might be taking a new job and head off to another city. This came right out of left field and did not make any sense… other than more angst for some reason.

Did anyone else notice that Eric and Nell had no interaction with any other teammates except through the comms during the opening shootout? I guess Barrett and Renee were not on set with the rest of the cast during shooting.

Maybe Deeks and Kensi should give a call to Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue with all of the issues they seem to be enduring at The Bar with No Name. Deeks jammin’ to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” was completely awesome! Sorry, that song is on my playlist and yes, I’m old enough to remember when it came out. There appears to be trouble in paradise that started even before Project Bar Modernization, or PBM. A little miscommunication and the young couple are on two very different pages in regards to the bar… and that covers more than the mix-up about the fundraiser and PBM.

Is it me or is this bar turning into an albatross? To be honest, I’ve felt like the bar was an idea that came out of left field but since the powers that be seem stuck on the idea, then I’ve had to accept it despite my objections. Opening and running a business can be very stressful for anyone, much less a newly married couple. One piece of advice that I give to couples who come to me for counsel, is for them to avoid any large projects or changes in the first year of marriage… like remodeling a bathroom, building a new house, or opening a new business. They are embarking on a completely new journey together, working at becoming one in their marriage, which will be stressful enough on its own without adding anything more. The two of them are learning how to live together, how to work things out without hurting each other deeply, how to deal with in-laws, and how to share the blankets without bloodshed. If you think things are stressful with all of that, wait until you start having kids! Add another level of stress (like opening a bar)… and the friction is inevitable.

Another point to make about the newlyweds is their lack of communication. The entire fiasco at the bar with the PBM and the fundraiser stemmed from a problem with clarity about the plans each of them were making without informing the other. What started out with Kensi enjoying Deeks’ dance moves quickly escalated into an argument about what they should focus on that day and then a revelation about the other struggles they were encountering about the bar. These are two people who could hold entire conversations without uttering a word but are now struggling to work together outside of OSP without losing faith in each other. I’m sure they will eventually work this out but it was very frustrating and sad to watch Kensi’s response of “I don’t know” when Deeks asked “What do we do?” I vote that they sell the bar to Roberta and just become silent partners with a reserved table in the back.

Sam was going to teach Fatima how to change the oil in her new Harley but they are surprised by the return of Lance, who has a case of a missing family of a former border tactical officer. I guess with Hetty away, everyone can have a motorcycle except for Deeks? What the heck? We’ve seen Kensi riding hers and now Fatima cruises up as well… I’m screaming foul on that point.

Goldberg is back and while he is still an imposing figure, his acting is dreadful when you put him next to LL Cool J. While Goldberg did manage a few believable moments, too many of his lines were delivered like he was reading directly from his cue cards. On the other hand, LL gives Sam personality, humor and wit with just the expression on his face and that Cheshire cat smile.

Anyway, before long, Sam, Lance and Fatima are running around town looking for the agent and his family as the drug cartel hitmen’s bodies keep turning up. It turns out that the border agent is pretty bad and is kicking ass and taking names trying to rescue his wife from the cartel hit team. Now, while I’m not condoning his vigilante style actions, I will say that I can relate… you mess with a man’s family and there will be hell to pay. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for mine, so I understand his motivations even if his actions were hard to accept and moralize.

The real issue I had was how their story was told. With all the cuts to Uncle Callen, Eric and Nell in San Fran, and Deeks and Kensi bickering about the bar, I never felt connected to the agent and his family. The only real dramatic moment came when Fatima had to convince the daughter to trust that they were there to help. Other than that, I felt no real anxiety over the kidnapped wife even when she had a very large gun pointed at her side. Without that emotional tether, I really did not care what happened to them as they were merely the sideline to all the stories involving the team members that had absolutely nothing to do with the case.

That brings me to this and if you’ve read or listened to some of my comments on the wikiDeeks staff roundtable discussions, you’ve heard me say this before… I do love this show and some episodes have left me speechless (for the right reasons), but for as many times as the writer/director team knock one out of the park, there are more times that they strike out completely. This episode was one of the latter incidents for me; the opening was the most exciting part but it had no bearing on the rest of the show, the main case got lost in the shuffle amongst too many separate storylines that really felt out of place, and I did not really care about what happened to the innocent family caught in a brutal drug war.

To me, this episode felt like a set-up for the season finale. A returning guest actor is trying to lure away one of the leads to another path (Sam); two characters are planning on a big change in their lives in regards to the city they live in and their careers (Eric and Nell); a newly married couple is struggling to mix their work/home/business life into something sustainable (Kensi and Deeks), and one whose estranged sister’s return is showing him the worth of family connections that he has never had before but now desires (Callen). If the writers do not have a concrete plan for the end of the season, any one of these possible changes would give them a plausible (but lackluster) cliffhanger to carry us through the summer.

And that’s a little scary to me. There are so many story arcs that they have started this season that would be so awesome to bring back: What happened to Anna? Yeah, I know and I apologize to the “Die Anna, die!” crowd. Where was Hetty all this time? Whatever happened to the Frankenstein killer clan? Will the Masriq Army make another appearance? What about Deeks’ work with Internal Affairs at LAPD? Will Deeks find out the truth about Kensi’s shark?

Whatever it is, I think we need one that leaves us breathless like when Deeks was strapped to that chair or the team all looked dead in Mexico. I know that’s kind of dark, but that’s just me being me.

With next week an off week for the show, there are only a few episodes left before the last one of the season. I’ve heard some snippets of what might be in store for our team from the Office of Special Projects but I’m keeping those to myself. Most places are pretty mum on whether or not there will be a Season 11, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I know that I did not cover everything that happened in this episode, so let us know what you think of “Searching.” What stood out to you? What about the possibility of Eric’s new job? Will Sam decide to follow Lance off into new adventures? What will Deeks and Kensi eventually call their bar? Will Deeks ever get to ride his motorcycle? Was this everything that it should have been?

Be sure to check out the other wonderful interviews, postings, chats, stories, etc. that my great friends here at wikiDeeks put together for you every week. There’s so much to see that you could waste an entire day perusing the site and still not see it all.

And, as always …

Semper Fi


Thanks to Adam George for feature pic.

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32 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Searching” (S10E19)

  1. First of NCIS LA will be back for season 11. The ratings are good and they have a large fan base. I recall Ziva doing that two gun trick some years ago killing two people coming through different doors. It appears the wonder twins may not be back next, but we’ll see. And now to the bar that’s losing money and causing them stress. It was Deeks dream to own his own business and I thought it would work, but they may give it up. We’ll see. As ever your reviews are excellent Jericho. wikiDeeks forever.

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  2. THANK YOU GOR POINTING OUT THE MOTORCYCLE! That’s what stuck in my mind from this episode. I didn’t absolutely hate it, but I didn’t love it either. After the opening scenes, I thought Man this is gonna be an amazing episode, then we went all over the place. I have to admit it was a nice change to see part of the team interact outside of the job with a storyline, but i think we could have got the same effect with a little more team interaction. I was disappointed to not see Kensi and Deeks wearing the rings off a case. I just recall an episode where Sam came home to Michelle and the first thing he did was slip on his ring. Maybe just me, but it would have been a nice touch. I’m hoping Hettys disappearances has something to do with Anna and her being undercover in prison to somehow get intel on Callen’s Dad connecting it all in ways only NCIS LA can do without us even recognizing it until it hits us. Thanks for the great review, you were spot on!

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    • michelle mcnally // April 2, 2019 at 4:37 PM // Reply

      Feels should get a motorcycle. I love this show, but it has been very disappointing lately.. I would watch the show just to watch feels but I miss the sparks, excitement and special moments that season 2 th rough 8 had. I don’t think the show recovered from hett y getting hurt and stranger’s death. Will still watch to the end.💘


  3. michelle mcnally // April 2, 2019 at 4:38 PM // Reply



  4. sassyzazzi // April 2, 2019 at 5:06 PM // Reply

    Jericho, thanks for the review. I had real mixed feelings about this one. The episode started off great, what a gun fight, so exciting. I was expecting either a continuation of that story, or a flashback of how they got there. There was no follow up and we ended up in disconnected pieces of Densi, Neric, and Callen interspersed with what I thought was a a rather boring, storyline with Sam, Lance and Fatima. Fatima shows up on a Saturday at Sam’s boat on a motorcycle ( as you said, everyone can have a motorcycle but Deeks). All of a sudden there is a case, and Fatima becomes part of it,no thought or explanation that Sam would call Kensi or Deeks given that Callen is out of commission. This made no sense to me since they are portraying Fatima as inexperienced in the field which is fine with me , but then why is she going along. Also, is she part of the operations staff now, I thought she was called in for a special assignment. We then find out Kensi says she and Deeks fight over the bar, Eric is applying for a job , Nell’s mother is sick and moving to San Francisco and somehow it is Callen’s fault that his father got taken. This episode was just full of disconnects and stories that came out of nowhere.

    I did , however, love Deeks dancing to “Twisted Sister”.

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  5. ‘These are two people who could hold entire conversations without uttering a word but are now struggling to work together outside of OSP without losing faith in each other.’

    You hit the nail right on the head for me, Jericho, this was exactly my problem with that argument and why it felt so disingenuous. It wasn’t the fact that they were arguing, I can buy that Densi would argue, we’ve seen them bicker at each other before, but this particular argument was based on such dumb, unbelievable logic. That ‘newlywed couple suddenly has trouble communicating’ trope can sometimes work, as predictable as it is but it really doesn’t work with densi. Their lives literally depend on how well they communicate with one another, plus they’re together all of the friggin time but this somehow got missed? It was such nonsense. It’s like it was written by a person who had zero sense nor interest in their relationship and dynamic and just wanted to slot in a predictable television relationship trope. And ultimately, what was the point of it (what is the point of the bar, really). They haven’t solved anything. Ugh.

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  6. Ryan Collins // April 2, 2019 at 9:35 PM // Reply

    I thought Deeks got the motorcycle back because him and Kensi rode it in “All is Bright” in season 9.

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  7. I doubt that there will be a Season 11 if this underwhelming writing continues. Talk about a disjointed episode! I think this show is hemorrhaging viewers, so Gemmill better do something quick to stem the tide. The opening sequence was exciting, but had nothing to do with anything, and it was never explained how it came about. Why was Kensi in a blond wig and shorty shorts? It also seemed to me that ECO wasn’t really there, and the scenes of him firing from behind a corner were just sort of tacked on, and at the end, he wasn’t there at all, but off “briefing the L.A.P.D.” I didn’t care two hoots for the missing agent and his family, although the little girl and her scene with Fatima was effective. Why were Goldberg and Fatima working this case? If Eric and Nell leave OPS, I will miss them, but I won’t miss their romance. I wish the writers would just let them do what they do best, and that is be brilliant technical operators, with a few personal eccentricities thrown in for good measure. As for Callen and his family, I like seeing him getting to know his nephew, and it is certainly something the character needs to humanize him, but seriously, if you were stuck for a babysitter, would you leave your child with a stranger of a half brother that you haven’t seen in more than a year, and that you blame for the loss of your newfound father? Yep, that’s who I’d call. Gimme a break. I didn’t mind the idea of Deeks’ bar in the beginning, but now I see it just isn’t working, except as an attempt to divert us from the fact that our beloved ECO is frequently not on set with the rest of the team. Which brings me to my main complaint about NCIS LA. It seems that the Core 4 hardly ever work together anymore. They seem to splinter off, or work with outside agents (Goldberg, DeChamps, etc.). I don’t mind it occasionally as it does provide a little interest, but it seems to be happening more and more. I really don’t enjoy Callen without Sam, Kensi without Deeks, etc. I want my team back together in the field and in the bullpen. I want the flirty Densi, not the Bickersons. I want the Sam/Callen bromance. I want Hetty running things again.

    I think the writers may be trying to prepare us for the end of the series by wrapping up the character storylines. I hope I am wrong and there will be a Season 11. Fingers crossed!

    Addendum: I saw that producer Rick Tunell posted today that season 11 is official. Then in his next post, he said to “strike the official remark,” but they were filming two additional episodes. Are the two episodes the absolute final ones for the series, and it’s all over, or are they the beginning of next season? Hmmmmm?

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  8. amusement345 // April 3, 2019 at 9:12 AM // Reply

    The highlight for me was Deeks belting Twisted Sister–it was delightful, and just such a great example of the character being the Everyman on a team of superheroes. So eminently human, relatable and fun.

    I thought I’d just been having trouble paying attention, but now that I’ve read your review, JS, I conclude that the episode was as disjointed as it felt. It struck me that the Eric/Nell dilemma, the bar dilemma and Sam’s second invitation to leave the team might be a show writer’s attempt to provide a potential direction for each character should the series, or just the character, not return. While the ratings would probably sustain another season, I don’t know who is signed and who is not, and the willingness of the actors to return will no doubt play a major role in decision-making.

    I wouldn’t want Linda Hunt to risk her health by doing anything prematurely, but I do so hope she will heal well and bring Hetty back to restore order before the end of the season.

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  9. Thank you so much for your excellent review Jericho.
    I love when Deeks interacts with children and one of my favorite moments in this episode were Deeks interacting with Jake, I wish we had seen more of those scenes. I do wish that the storylines in this episode had been more connected, the episode did feel disconnected for me too.
    The storylines that Jericho mentioned (Anna, serial killers..), are what bother me too, or rather the way these storylines have been kind of abandoned is what bothers me. For me personally it doesn’t make sense how that Anna-storyline was handled (and I am not a fan of Anna at all), and even though the serial killer-storyline was really dark it was also a storyline that had a lot of potential. I really hope we will get a complete and well thought out conclusion to those storylines.

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  10. michelle mcnally // April 3, 2019 at 10:33 AM // Reply

    Eco is awesome and whether jamming or interacting children, his comedy and emotional moments is amazing. If the show isn’t renewed or not I 💘 the characters and show. The writers don’t seem to care anymore. Thank you eco so being so faithful to your fans.💘💘

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  11. Thanks for your excellent review of an episode that I had some problems following, maybe too many subplots and too many changes of scene, pace and mood.
    I get it was a way for the showrunners to set some future storylines if some of the actor/actresses become unavailable, but the result was something too disconnected. I liked some single scenes, as Deeks and Kensi with Jake or Deeks dancing, but I found some other moments uninteresting.
    Now I hope NCIS:LA is officially renewed for Season 11 and I do hope all the main characters will be back in September as much as I wish we could see the original team of Deeks, Kensi, Sam and Callen together in the field more frequently. For a reason or another, lately they have been separated too often.

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  12. Great review; and I concur.

    I confess here and now I only skimmed the episode.

    Callen is not my favorite character though I get he’s lead of the leads. But I enjoy when they show him being snarky. In this ep, he got to be the “fun” uncle who is leading young nephew astray by teaching him how to play blackjack as if in a casino (“you’re a natural!”) and hustling pool.

    Deeks/Densi. The bickering, not so much. But I did love ECO’s and Dani’s interaction with the kid. You can tell they are parents in real life. I don’t think they’d have had the same acting experience with the youngen if this happened in the early years.

    Tired tired tired of the show virtue signaling in so many episodes. This time it was the Heal the Bay fundraiser. It feels shoehorned in, every time. Great that TPTB are supportive of charities/causes in real life but in a 42 minute procedural TV show … Stop please.

    Beale/Nell. Completely and totally whole-heartedly agree. Let them just be the best of friends. A) TPTB trying to create a great romance like Densi — stupid to even try and wasn’t done organically like Densi B) Romances in the workplace are NOT encouraged and truly cause problems so to have two ….? C) A fantastic best friends kind of relationship is rare actually on TV and would provide way more scope for storylines and peripheral characters.

    This episode didn’t hide that they were setting things up for the possibility of people going their separate ways either as a part of a cliffhanger for the season or for what may happen between seasons. I did see the Tunell announcement and the slight retraction. I think they will be back for season 11. There may be changes. We’ll see.

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  13. I find it amusing how there’s this mega objection against Nell/Eric being more than friends… in the light of relationships on work floor being a no no.. but in the same breath: It’s Densi this, Densi that… it’s funny.

    Deeks and Kensi don’t always perform well when the other is in danger.. or have we forgotten all about season 8/9?

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    • Your opinion is noted and valued; let me comment on your comment. 🙂

      The objection to the Neric relationship, IMO, is because it doesn’t feel natural and TPTB are trying to make lightning strike twice. Romance/coupling up in the workplace or a TV workplace (especially when the show is a crime procedural and not an epic soap opera drama) should stick to a “this is an amazing exception” rule and “only one per show” rule.

      I think because the mothership, NCIS, DIDN’T pull the trigger on the Dinozzo/Ziva relationship and I think fans were really happy about that –TPTB decided this spinoff WOULD after they hired ECO and saw the amazing chemistry he and Dani had. They weren’t going to waste this opportunity again. But it was an extremely slow build up. Good Lord, we were season 6 before they were “all in” and in season 10 before a wedding!

      Neric doesn’t work for several reasons. 1) Rene and Barrett have COMEDIC chemistry. That’s different. 2) They are secondary, character actors who simply aren’t lead romantic actors. They just aren’t. 3) It was rushed. Boom! They’ve went from Beale having a crush for comedic purposes for a while to full blown living together. 4) A romance after Densi on this show will always suffer by comparison to them — why even do that? 5) Not everyone has to hook up. Fergoodnesssakes. Are we going to have a more-than-bro relationship between Callen and Sam? 5) As I mentioned in my comment above, having an amazingly supportive best friend relationship between a man and a woman is not common on TV. Can you imagine the comedic gold of a running joke of them sharing their succession of horrible dates episode after episode? Or the touching support after a bad breakup? I want to see THAT kind of relationship done well on TV. 6) Workplace romance — look at how much time was spent on internal storylines of Hetty’s disapproval (despite Sunshine and gun powder note) of Densi and their keeping it secret. And nothing like that about Neric – no storytelling consistency. One could argue field agents vs Ops agents but I wouldn’t.

      I will probably think of more after I post this. 🙂 But I hope this gives some thought to why I don’t think it’s hypocritical to be cheering a Densi romance and not liking the Neric one.

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      • Oops, that should be “unhappy” about the lack of Dinozzo/Ziva thing.

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      • Peakae, you hit the nail on the head!

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      • See and here is where your comment doesn’t make any sense. Nell & Eric were in the would/wouldn’t they boat from season 3 already. In fact: Callen even uttered the comment.. don’t ask/don’t tell about wether Nell & Eric were more than just friends. It was almost a public secret that there were feelings between them.

        Then you say that secondary characters shouldn’t have a romantic relationship?! Like seriously?
        It isn’t like Nell & Eric are PDOA’ing the whole time. That’s what you have Densi for.

        I’m not saying that Neric should be the primary romance on the show, but the notion that Neric shouldn’t be a thing just because Nell & Eric are mere secondary characters is baffling to me. ( that word alone … so I guess you wouldn’t mind them both leaving like is being implied right now.)

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        • Please re-read peakae’s response, they listed several good reasons, including ones not yet rebuttled. It’s totally fine if you like them as a couple, however it’s equally totally fine if others don’t. That doesn’t mean they are hypocrites for liking Densi. I have no concrete opinion on the matter, though I can definitely see peakea’s(and pardon if I misspell your name, my phone finicky at best when on the web, don’t want to chance flipping back to see the correct spelling) point. I also get that relationships between LEO and those who work alongside them are typically frowned upon. Higher ups would already be twitchy with Densi, have another overt couple and then there would likely be more strunity towards the team.

          Feel free to disagree. Have a good day.

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        • Anything I say is just my opinion, so bear that in mind. That doesn’t mean that any other opinion isn’t valid. There’s room for all of us.

          If you could reference the episode in the 3rd season that would be helpful. I could then look it up. Are you then saying that this was a slow build up? I’m not sure what you are meaning here.

          I’m not saying secondary characters shouldn’t or cant have a relationship. I’m saying THIS pair of secondary characters shouldn’t have. The show already had a romantic storyline period. Neric could have worked for me if there were no other romantic partnering going on with the show. One per show for me. That is the biggest reason — for me.

          The second reason for me not caring for the Neric relationship is these two actors — in traditional Hollywood typecasting for decades which is what is in play here — are not romantic lead types. They are comedic character-actor types. In fact, the actors themselves seem to be enjoying being comedic character-actor types more than anything else. (I don’t know them so I’m not going to make a declarative statement on that). If the two characters were from the start cast differently, I would perhaps have a different opinion. We’ll never know. And that is also not to say Rene and Barrett aren’t talented. They very much are.

          In the end, this is a procedural action show not a romantic one.

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          • See episode Patriot Acts in season 3… where Nate openly states to Nell that she has feelings for Eric. It was a thing that the whole team knew for a long time.

            It isn’t a problem if you aren’t happy with another romantic pairing on the show…it’s that EVERY review you have to keep repeating it. Focus on the facts of the episode and leave personal likes out of the window.

            If you REALLY are serious about this being a procedural then you should state that ZERO romantic pairings on the show would be even better. NCIS is going season 16 without any open romantic pairings, so it can be done.. but obviously that would mean no Densi for you. Can’t have that, can we?


            • Critique of my posts noted, however, I’m not a professional reviewer and this IS exactly just personal likes and dislikes. Period. And as I stated in my response, it is just my opinion. Mine. An opinion.

              In your last paragraph, it feels like some hostility and I’m not sure why. It’s a show on TV. And what goes on on that show isn’t ours to control; our choice is to watch it or not watch it. These posts here on Wikideeks are just someone’s opinions that in no way threatens the possession of your own thoughts on the show. I respect that you have opinions, too, on a show that I enjoy a lot. You are free to share your thoughts about it; I’m free to share mine. There’s room for all of us here. If you’re having a bad time lately, I’m sorry for it and I wish you peace.

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            • Bandabou, It’s puzzling why it seems you are getting worked up over this. It’s fine that you like Neric, but other people don’t -that’s also fine. As to “Every” review commenting on it, I am certain that’s a bit of an exaggeration, though, as you may or may not have realized, different people write the reviews so it’s not as though one person says it all the time. In addition, it made perfect sense for there to be comments either pro or against Netric, given what occurred in the episode. Also, in a review, you typically get opinions on episode, otherwise it’s simply a recap, not a review. Like I stated in my earlier comment, I don’t have an opinion on “Neric, ” but it’s nice to read other people’s opinions on it.

              I echo peakea in wishing you well.

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              • I just thought that the arguments against Neric were a bit hypocritical. That’s all.
                But hey.. tastes are personal, so no problemos.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Yep, everyone has an opinion but it’s really not hypocritical to like one couple and not the other as others have explained, but you certainly can like Neric while others don’t. Have a good day.

                  Liked by 1 person

  14. candi12301 // April 4, 2019 at 7:20 AM // Reply

    I Loved everything about this episode but I sure hope that Eric and Nell do not leave NCIS. I could have also done without the attitude that Callen’s sister has against him. Their father chose to go back to Russia. Nothing Callen could have said would keep him in the states. I Loved all the Densi scenes and Twisted sister is one of my favorite bands.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sonjajovicic // April 4, 2019 at 10:58 AM // Reply

    Any word on season 11


  16. Can someone answer this question. There have been episodes titled Blye, K., Callen, G., Granger, O., and Lange, H. We are still hoping for Deeks, M. Has there been one for Sam? Thanks.


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