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10 Comments on A wikiDeeks Wedding Roundtable

  1. amusement345 // March 30, 2019 at 9:19 AM // Reply

    Great discussion—sorry I couldn’t join you for it. I agree with so many of the points made, from the lack of quality of the non-Densi aspects of the episode (acknowledging that there are those who watch the show for reasons other than Deeks and Kensi—they could have had an alternate story line without the focus on Eric or the bridesmaids), to the lack of emotion in the actual ceremony. I expected more, given what they’ve been through over the years, and even on the very day. They could have given the ceremony and vows an extra 15 or 30 seconds on screen and given it an entirely different dimension. I also missed a meaningful moment between them at the reception—we got a kiss, but little else.

    I agree that the highlights of the episode took place with them apart from one another—Kensi, with the photos of her father (and thereby missing a scene of more depth with her mother) and Deeks, with the ring and the letter. The only reason I didn’t miss a scene between Deeks and Roberta was because we’d already had it, with the mother/son dance.

    I liked Kirkin, the support of Sam and Callen (though I thought it was odd that Deeks freaked out) and LOVED Hetty, especially her surprise at the kiss from Deeks and Kensi.

    Overall, I liked the episode without loving it. Part of that is because I really have never been able to see them as having anything like the relatively traditional wedding that they had. I don’t see them that way, either as individuals or as a couple. Barefoot on the beach, yes. Married in that little chapel in Mexico where Deeks finally came to, even better. Buried in flowers and a DJ at the reception, no. But, given that they went with their version of traditional, it was beautiful and fulfilling.

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  2. I have to say overall I greatly enjoyed the episode. I do agree I wish it could have been 2 hours and we could have gotten so much more, but for a tv drama, I think they gave us more than could be expected. I’m not sure I can think of another drama that has given as much in terms of a wedding, but then again there are a lot of shows out there I haven’t seen. For me, over the years of my die hard shows, most of the couples I’ve shipped end up not together…ie…Brenda and Dylan(Rip :(..), Dawson and Noey, Lucas and Brooke, Lorelei and Luke(save the revival), so for me I was more than fufilled. The vows, I actually enjoyed the way they edited, besides the agreement of Kensi looking in pain at the beginning of them and being more Deeks sided. However, I feel like a few episodes ago we got a foreshadowing that there wouldn’t be a whole lot Of vows, Deeks told Eric, “it’s all been said” and I do agree with that, the Densi moments we’ve gotten through the years, put together could be vows in themselves, what we got were snippets of that all put together. ECO performance over the whole episode was amazing. From the comedy to the seriousness, I loved it. It couldn’t have been portrayed better. As for the box, the elusive box. I agree with Randy, that I choose to believe that’s what Kensi places in the box or locker all along. I actually hated the fact that they added in she could change the contents, as Deeks said somelike the romance of it all was dwindling by the second. I think the ps in the letter “don’t you dare lose it,” was more of why she placed it in the locker. I can see the points that yes Kensi’s lack of commitment could have contributed to that thought, but it had to be something Meaningful and I think ECO played it as that what was always there. In an interview he said something to the fact that what was in the box, retroactively changed everything. As much as I loved the scene, at first I had to think back about when the box was sent, and wasn’t convinced that something so deep would be in there then. After the wedding episode, I was really stuck, smitten lol on it. I went back and watched some of season four. The fifth man stood out which was prior to the box where Astrid asked if she was in love with her partner. I believe that was when she realized she absolutely was and started the whole box idea. That an 18 year old Austistic girl who reminded her of something’s she went through while living on the streets, could see through her facade, she let her self finally feel and realize he was now the only Security she needed. I could totally see everything in that box stem from that moment, especially after Drive when she forgot his birthday and saw the hurt look in his eyes. The Facebook postings have been mentioned, but always that their facebooks are vague, so much agreed on how Kirkin knew where they were, maybe Deeks posted a vague posting and inadvertently left his location on, doubtfully as he is a trained detective and agent, but plausible with his state of mind. The bridesmaids were silly, but I agree about the leaky Mandy adding a dimension of Kensi’s current thought on starting a family with Deeks. “I wish I was pregnant” and “I can’t wait to look like you” a nice little glimpse into what she might be feeling. I loved getting all the three boys moments that we normally don’t get, it was a nice addition and finally a Huge acceptance of Deeks by Sam and Callen. I didn’t mind that we didn’t have a best man per se because I think it was perfect that Sam and Callen gave Kensi to Deeks. And the scene kissing Hetty ❤️ Totally ECO improv and Dani joining in. One of My favorite moments ever! Thanks as always for your dedication!!!

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  3. I just want to say thank to Diane and everyone else who participated in this roundtable. I like so many of the fans were never quite sure if this wedding would actually happen and the episode surely didn’t disappoint especially the letter from Kensi from prior years. I think I learned a few things from this discussion for which I thank you again. Here’s to many more years of wikiDeeks.

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  4. Of course as soon as we ended the discussion I had some more thoughts! I jotted them down then so I wouldn’t forget them:
    1. Kirkin MUST have a tracker on Deeks’ truck—showing up at Sam’s boat was the second time he popped up at his location unexpectedly. In Warrior of Peace (9×16) he was at the park where Kensi and Deeks were walking Monty waiting to (ironically enough) tell him that he’d moved on and Deeks should too.
    2. One of the articles posted before the wedding (Entertainment Weekly, I think) indicated that a LOT more footage was filmed (of the reception, specifically) than was clearly shown in the episode. I’m hoping that in addition to ECO and Dani doing a commentary of the Till Death Do Us Part and/or To Live and Die in Mexico, we get a nice long look at the wedding episode extras.

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  5. Unfortunately psyched Eric and Daniela haven’t done the commentaries on the DVD’s in a couple of years and I really enjoyed them. Maybe they will think about doing them again and I certainly hope so, or maybe you were talking about another commentary.

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    • Exactly, ewaguy, I was talking about our hopes that Dani and ECO do a commentary (or two, to make up for the ones we haven’t gotten for the past few seasons) again for the S10 DVD set.

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      • I think maybe Eric reads some of the comments we make on wikiDeeks so I’m hoping maybe he and Daniela might resume the commentaries. We can only hope.


  6. Debra Gillespie // March 30, 2019 at 6:23 PM // Reply

    A big thanks to Diane and all of the other Wikideeks contributors for this podcast. It’s so nice to place actual voices to people that make this website so great .Whenever you decide to have an podcast later in the year to go over season 10, please let us know ahead of time on the website.. I’d really like to hear it live if possible. I certainly can’t bring up more topics from the wedding that has already been said…but I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t let “the box” go just yet. And Randy, I really like your idea that the ring or some other significant object plus a different note was originally put in the box in season 4. and then her dad’s ring and the note was transferred to the locker over time, and the final note was more personal and somewhat different to the original one. Since Nell knew both about the location of the box and the ring and note in the locker, presumably from conversations with Kensi, it could be an interesting fanfic about what Nell knew behind the scenes about the box.
    After season 10 is over, my wish list like many of yours includes an audio commentary with Daniela and ECO on the DVD set, especially if it were episodes 1, 13 or 17. Frank Military commented in his podcast that there were two deleted scenes in episode 1 with Deeks and Kensi before they reached the abandoned church – getting them on the DVD would be great. Heck, if they had an extra disc that just contained deleted or extended scenes from season 10 episodes. plus commentaries or bloopers I’d happily pay a few extra bucks for the DVD set. A gal can dream, can’t she?

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  7. Thanks everybody here at WikiDeeks for this great podcast, it was amazing.
    I am still so grateful that we got a whole Densi wedding episode that I can forgive the authors for some minor things that didn’t convince me much here and there. I agree with Lindy: there was a sweetness throughout the episode that I really loved. Luckily I finally managed to forgive the writers for the very rushed two-minute Densi engagement scene in a very sad season finale of which I remember more me crying for Michelle’s death than celebrating Deeks and Kensi’s engagement. This time everything was different and, I think, well-deserved for the two characters and the viewers (especially Densi fans) who had been waiting for this moment so long and weren’t even sure it would really be shown on screen.
    Thanks again, WikiDeeks, you are THE site for every Densi fan.

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  8. Kim Calamari // April 4, 2019 at 8:33 PM // Reply

    Thank you all for this pod cast. I only started watching the show last year but have watched every episode from the beginning several times and have even taken a few notes along the way to have a better understanding of the characters I have come to love. At the time Kensi gave Deeks the box, they hadn’t even kissed yet unless you want to count the awkward undercover kiss in season 3 Neighborhood Watch. So I find it hard to believe that Kensi would have written such a powerful love letter to Deeks at that time much less put her father’s ring in there. Words like “I’m yours now and forever” with a gift such as a cherished wedding ring are meant for lovers involved in an actual relationship. So I agree with Randy that the contents in the locker was switched over time.
    And did anyone notice in the wedding episode that Kensi was wearing an engagement ring? Did I miss an episode where he actually gave it to her? I dont think I did. Pretty sure I saw it twice throughout the episode but you had to keep your eye on her finger bc it was such a quick glimpse. Then at the altar, the engagement ring wasn’t on her finger. The ring Deeks places on her finger didn’t look like the ring he bought her in that parking garage.
    I also would liked to have seen more of the wedding and less of Eric (although I love Eric Beale, his scenes in this episode just didn’t fit in).
    Again thank you all for the pod cast and keeping my fingers crossed for a season 11 🙂

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