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Parenting Woes: Deeks’ Surf Log

Why don’t women get it?? Kensi, I’m talking to you! There is no such thing as a boy ‘friend’. You don’t get dressed up if he’s only a friend!  Believe me I know. I’ve been a boy ‘friend’ and we turn into boyFRIENDs very quickly. That’s all I’m saying. Believe me he thinks it’s a date! 

It’s bad enough I have to worry about Rosa dating but now Whiting is back in my life again. She’s right about not winning any popularity contests but her being attacked by the ‘blue wall of silence’ is not right either. We had to help. I mean she saved me and Hetty. I had to convince Roundtree. Besides it will be nice to call it even after all we have been through together. 

And when I’m not parenting Rosa, I’m parenting my mom. According to Sam, there’s no perfect parent but I’m still going to run that license plate anyway. And I need to keep better tabs on my mom as well. I just hope one day they will both understand. 

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