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Review: NCISLA “Traitor” (S6E9)

NCISLA - Traitor

I have always said that when NCIS: Los Angeles concentrates on the main characters of the show, there isn’t a better television drama series around on the tube today. It’s always refreshing to see the team working together for the benefit of each other instead of trying to solve another ‘save the world’ mission that sometimes leaves me numb and disinterested. The past two episodes from the mothership, NCIS, have been very emotional and personal and moved me to the point of actually shedding a few tears. After 12 years this show still has the capacity of making me feel something deep from within. The storylines still feel real to me.

Unfortunately for me, NCIS:LA has been cold and mechanical for most of this season. There have been a few bright spots but it seems not much has been going on between the characters and the storylines can be frustrating and unnecessarily complicated. I originally connected with this show because of the interaction between the main characters and in particular Densi. I wanted to share in their lives and watch how they positively affect the people around them. Since I’m always chasing rainbows, I decided I was going to look forward to this episode with renewed enthusiasm. This time we have a story that centers on the core team and this is definitely a step in the right direction. There has been talk of a mole within the team all season and there may be grave consequences for one of our beloved members as well. R. Scott Gemmill is back and working alongside a new writer, Michael Udesky, and we welcome Eric Pot behind the camera lens again.

I also know you better than you think, missy!

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of Densi this episode, but was pleasantly surprised to watch a playful Deeks demonstrating to Kensi how well he really knows her. Although Kensi finds it unsettling, she’s really uneasy at how much he has can see deep down in her soul. Other than her father, she probably hasn’t let many men that close to her since Jack… and we all know how that ended. So who can blame her for holding back? But if there is going to be any future for Densi, she is going to have to let Deeks get into those nooks and crannies deep within her heart. Deeks also sticks his neck out big time when he tells her how much he loves the soft side of Kensi Blye. Kensi deflects his words by calling it creepy, but that’s just her way of deflecting something she can’t process quickly. It was charming and she knows it! We can only hope this conversation will be the catalyst that will create a forward movement in their relationship.

Nice work Poison Ivy

Densi doesn’t have time to finish their illuminating conversation as Nell informs them of Granger’s accident. At the scene, Callen and Sam assess the situation and come to the conclusion someone inside is gunning for the team. First Hetty and now Granger. The geek team, Eric in particular, is worried about Hetty after watching her consume six cups of tea! She asks him to keep his wits about him… ah… how could this sweet guy be the mole? Kensi and Deeks are checking in on Granger at the hospital. (Deeks: Hey buddy. How’s our favorite little curmudgeon?) But Granger is more than grouchy and the two agents are shocked at his altered state due to being poisoned by a plant… wolfsbane. Strangely enough, the potted plant shows up on Kensi’s desk to the group’s surprise and shock. Looks like Kensi was next in the killer’s path.

We have a mole in our midst and it ends today!

The Mission is contaminated with the plant and the call is to evacuate the old building, but Hetty is not playing along.  We soon find out she has no intention of letting the mole escape the building and the agency goes into lockdown. Wow! After six years this is a first… and by the expressions on Kensi and Deeks’ faces it may have been the first time they have ever witnessed this protocol happening as well. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Everyone in the building has been accounted for except three employees, one of which is Granger’s assistant, Lisa Manning. But Callen and Sam find her unconscious and barely breathing at her home. Another victim of the mole!

As Nell is setting up the polygraph, her funny conversation with Eric and his comic book investment turns serious as she discovers a large deposit in Eric’s bank account. Nell pleads with him to report the money but he lashes out at her and insists he wants to handle it himself.

Don’t ever smell me again!

No surprise that watching Hetty take a polygraph test was going to be one of the highlights of the hour despite the seriousness of the situation. Committing treason, trying to kill Granger and admitting it all with calm assurance was hysterical. But things turn deadly once again as another employee is found hanging in a supply room. I find it funny that these guys can find surveillance footage anywhere in the world except when it comes to a lockdown at the Mission. This mole knows the workings of this agency well and they are using it to their advantage. Holmes and Watson (Kensi and Deeks) ascertain their co-worker didn’t commit suicide but instead was strangled and then hung up to make it look like a suicide. I thoroughly enjoyed Densi working together to try and solve this crime. Despite the barbs, they make a great team on and off the field. Now if we could just see more off the field moments, I would be a happy camper.

Callen and Sam aren’t too bad of a team either as they explore the employee’s home and find a cache of wolfsbane growing in a greenhouse out back. But Hetty was right… it’s always the one you least suspect. I enjoyed the little subterfuge the writers played as Densi was gathering DNA samples from the group of suspects. But it couldn’t be that obvious could it? Yet, it was enough to pull our attention away from the real perpetrator (Brown). No longer a suspect, Eric uses his wits to lure Brown into the basement with a promise it will get him to the outside and freedom.

Of course I knew the team would rescue our favorite geek, but it was a strange interrogation and ending. This guy had it all planned out, didn’t he? But how did Callen know it was all a bluff? Not sure if I buy their method of getting him to talk. This was pretty serious stuff with treason heading the list. The evidence was stacked against him and he committed some outrageous crimes. So why bring in the fake Russian agents? I’m still trying to figure that all out. But this tale is far from over. They still haven’t found out a motive for his actions and Brown was probably working for someone else which means the threat is still out there. Hmmmm. Where do we go from here?

My faith has been restored a bit more with this episode. There is nothing this gang won’t do for the other members of their team and I love when this kind of story is played out on screen. But because we were left hanging and all they have is this laughable suspect, I didn’t feel like there was enough importance given to this major threat surrounding the team. Somebody wants this team dead and until we find out where that danger is emanating from…. no one will be safe. To be continued…

Memorable Moments

  • It was jarring to see Granger hurt in such a violent way. It was a pretty nasty crash and the effect was very effective, especially after cutting directly to the Densi banter.
  • I had to laugh as Kensi is blowing these paper bad guys away with those very imposing guns but Deeks is more concerned over who stole his sea urchin burger. Great Densi!
  • Sam was also amusing as he describes the interior of Granger’s home. (Sam to Callen: I’ve seen homeless people with more possessions than the two of you combined.) Must be the job!
  • Nell slapping Eric was something out of an I Love Lucy episode! (Eric: I needed that. Nell: Yes, you did.)
  • How many cats does a crazy lady make? Callen’s assessment of how many cats someone can have before being called certifiable was a riot.
  • But after the Lucy and Ricky scene, I did love the tender moment between Eric and Nell at the end. There is a deep friendship there (maybe more) that can’t be denied.
  • Granger upon waking up and seeing Hetty: Clearly, I haven’t died and gone to heaven. LOL!!!

Deeks Moments

So now we know Deeks doesn’t pee in public toilets! TMI, folks!

Kensi: Is this why you don’t pee in public toilets?

Nell: Wait, who doesn’t pee in public toilets?

Kensi: Deeks!

Eric: I don’t blame him.


Deeks: (To Eric) You got a suspicious anomaly? Is it above or below the waist? (Oh, Deeks, only you could come up with that line!)


Densi Moments

How’s this for communication, Kensi…?

Kensi: How did they ever give you a detective’s badge?

Deeks: I’ll have you know at the LAPD they use to call me Sherlock Holmes.

Kensi: A fictional character… well done.

Deeks: I also know you better than you think, missy.

Kensi: Yeah? What’s my favorite color?

Deeks: Blue.

Kensi: Wrong.

Deeks: I’m so sorry, let me be more specific… cornflower blue.

Kensi: That was such a lucky guess

Deeks: A lucky guess! First off that’s not a real color and secondly you don’t even own anything in the cornflower hue.

Kensi: Not that you know of… see apparently you don’t know everything about me.

Deeks: I know you hate liver but love bulgoooooogi.

Kensi: So does everybody else.

Deeks: Your favorite movie on the planet is Titanic.

Kensi: Me and a billion other people.

Deeks: I know that you love mojitos and techno music at the Apex hotel. I know that you played college softball. I know that you dressed up as a Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle as a kid for Halloween. I know that you keep a journal. I know that you want to have an oregano garden even though you are a noted plant killer. I know that your favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey Mcintyre and why not, because he was the dreamiest. Bam! Oh and I also know that you hide girly magazines under your bathroom sink.

Kensi: I do not.

Deeks: I mean not like girly magazines. I mean like magazines for girls things like Cosmo and Modern Bride because our kickass Kensalina has a softer, lacy, lady side that no one knows about but me… and I love it.

Kensi: You couldn’t have said that any creepier.

Deeks: Creepier? I thought that was pretty charming.

Kensi: Hmmm.

Nell: Depending on the level of exposure it can cause severe diarrhea, pain, paralysis, vomiting and eventually cardiac arrest.

Deeks: (To Kensi) Sounds like your chili.


We have a break next week but don’t forget to check out some of our other features like Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. We also have a very special fan fic for this holiday season from Jericho Steele…The Ties that Bind. Check it out! See you soon.

Title: “Traitor”
Writers: Michael Udesky & R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Eric A. Pot
Original Air Date: November 24, 2014


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20 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Traitor” (S6E9)

  1. Great review!

    The scene that really struck me was the one with Granger, Deeks and Kensi at the hospital. It was a very powerful scene. It really bothered them that he was restrained. I couldn’t help but think for Deeks, it took him back to being strapped in that chair. Kensi, not only did it remind her of her time being held captive, but also the reminder of seeing Deeks being in that chair and not being able to free him. They couldn’t wait to release the assistant director. Also, from the moment Granger grabbed Kensi, telling her it wasn’t safe – to the end of the scene it seemed he was thinking somebody was after him, not them, and that they needed to get away from him. It sounded like he even said “they’re here” while he was struggling with the staff as they tried to restrain him again. Was that the poison talking or does he know something that they don’t? I definitely can see this being a recurring theme all season. Even though they caught the mole, I think this is far from being resolved.


  2. Good review Di, and your feelings about the season match mine. However I did like this episode. It was a nice mix of light moments and those filled with fear and danger. I always like the team oriented episodes and this one allowed us to see all of the main cast at their best. Kudos to the special effects team for another impressively scary car crash. They are the best.

    I know a lot of us have complained that some of the writers forget what had happened in previous episodes and seasons and I think Deeks’ running recap of what he knows about Kensi was their response…or at least Gemmill’s. It was great. We were also left with the impression that they had spent the night together…the left over sea urchin burger for breakfast bit (which made me gag and is now right up there with the nightmare of the burning monkeys). They have a sweet way with each other in this episode, easy going and flirty and it didn’t seemed forced and we probably have Gemmill to thank for that as well. We got to see them work as a team and we even got a bit of skin when Deeks reaches for his gun in the armory…amazing that we have to settle for these small glimpses…how desperate we all are…or maybe it’s just me. More hair smelling moments out of the office would be more than welcome.

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  3. As skeptical as I was of this episode, I was very pleased with what we got! I think my skepticism came more from the past eps this season because the storyline and promos were rather promising.

    That said, Di, you NAILED it with your opening paragraph of this review. I have been struggling to pinpoint why NCISLA has been just missing the mark so far this season despite some great scenes and even some episodes that I’ve loved – overall it’s just been not quite right. And it’s exactly what you said, they are at their best when they put more focus on the members of their core team. It stirs up so much more emotion in me as a viewer. NCIS, 11+ seasons in, definitely still tugs at my heart quite frequently; I still cry watching certain reruns! NCISLA has been falling into the trap of forcing us to catch glimpses of the characters through the details of the case rather than using the characters to lead us through the case (if that makes sense) – like we’re watching things happen from the wrong point of view.

    My favorite parts of this episode:
    – All the Densi moments. I wasn’t expecting much more than what we saw in the sneak peek and I was pleasantly surprised at the extra stuff we saw between them. Even though Kensi told Deeks it was creepy when he rattled off all that info about her, it was obvious (at least to me) that she didn’t really think it was that creepy – the tone of her voice was too soft and her eyes/face gave her away, she secretly loved it!
    – the little scene between Nell and Eric after they discovered the mysterious bank deposit was spot on
    – I also LOVED the bit when Eric went downstairs to check on Hetty. Barrett plays the ridiculously awkward scenes SO well and I was cracking up as Eric was rambling to Hetty.

    I’m interested to see more of the mole storyline this season. So many questions unanswered – who is Carl? who is he working for? Why did he seem so unaffected by being caught?

    Looking forward to the next two episodes before the little year-end hiatus.


  4. I start by saying that I liked this episode more than many others of Season 6 and I was not biased when I watched it.

    I also want to point out that I really appreciated the efforts the writers are making to get us to know they “listened” to our summer complaints and wishlists and gave more continuity and plenty of references to past seasons (Kensi’s likes this week is the best example).

    I enjoyed all the Densi scenes and banter which seemd more in character this episode and much less forced and unnatural.

    And yet something is still lacking. Something deep down, at the core of the show.
    What may it be, I’m wondering?

    Even the so awaited-for Densi scenes this season don’t leave me breathless as they did before, don’t make my heart race, don’t make me feel the need to rewatch them all over again. They seem flat, with no spark, no soul, no appeal to the audience in the long-run. They may be funny and sweet and cute while they are on-screen but they don’t leave many memories. If you skipped them or erased them or just forgot them, it wouldn’t make any difference in their story, in their progression.

    Why is this happening?

    I would like to feel the same emotions I felt when I first watched this show. I would like to have principal scenes concerning our favourite characters where they say what they mean and try to figure out how they can move forward. I would like to be involved as I used to be. I still am, don’t get me wrong, but a letdown after another won’t bring anything good, I’m afraid. And most of all, I would like to see new ideas exploited, new situations. I would like to see the writers a little more daring. And I would like to see at least SOME unforgettable episodes that make me relive those emotions every time I watch them.


    • Cladani –
      I agree about the Densi scenes (not just this week, but all season) in that they aren’t really memorable and don’t really serve much to move them forward in their relationship. I mean, it’s great to see them at more ease with each other and I love that Kensi seems to have lightened up in her interactions with Deeks. Then, when I think back on their major scenes like those in Descent, Frozen Lake, and Three Hearts – there is definitely still something lacking this year. Those episodes meant something to Densi’s relationship; they served a purpose. The scenes so far this year don’t show much other than that they’re comfortable with each other and apparently hanging out quite a bit (which we kind of always assumed anyway, didn’t we?).

      The two biggest potential relationship-defining episodes we’ve seen for Densi so far never picked up any speed. The conclusion to the whole Talia thing in Deep Trouble pt 2 was so anti-climatic. I still don’t know how Kensi and Talia ended up being friends. I still wish we’d seen that little “love triangle” have some sort of direct impact on Densi’s “thing”. I know they weren’t the focus of that two-parter but the writers kind of dangled this “homewrecker” (for lack of a better term!) in front of us/Densi and then it was just over.
      Then in Praesidium, that scene in the boatshed was great, but I felt like there needed to be some expansion – some other scene in there with more dialogue between the two of them.


  5. when deeks says: …..I know that your favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey Mcintyre and why not, because he was the dreamiest. Bam!…… and that smile…. oh god!!!!

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  6. Great review Di! This episode did hold a few highlights for me. I liked all the Densi, from Deeks knowing all about Kensi to the kickass shotgun action. My absolute favorite part of the episode was seeing both Kensi and Deeks questioning Hetty’s judgment. Finally!!! I’d like to think this is a sign that they aren’t quite as stupid as the writers would make them out to be, and they realize that Hetty screwed them both over in Season 5. I definitely hope we’ll see more of that questioning, and less blind faith, in the future.

    I also enjoyed another appearance of Competent Deeks (he’s been a frequent guest so far this season), when he was the one who figured out it wasn’t a suicide (I did think forensics was supposed to be Kensi’s specialty?). I’d also suggest to the team, for future reference, that maybe the armory, filled with, you know, weapons, isn’t the best place to hold a bunch of suspects. Perhaps the gym would be a safer spot?

    And Cladini and Kara, I loved your points about Densi this season. As much as I’ve enjoyed them, particularly seeing a softer Kensi, there’s only been one episode (Praesidium) that’s likely to stay on my DVR for very long. I think the lack of progression is a definite factor in my reactions to them this year.


  7. I couldn’t agree more with your opening assessment Diane … when the writers focus on the characters and their relationships, this show shines like no other. During this episode, the interactions between the different team members revealed not only more of what makes them such a good team, but what makes them good people. The concern they displayed for Granger, the circling of the wagons to find the mole, the trust they showed in each other … my list goes on and on with the reasons why this particular episode is, in my opinion, the best one of this season.

    I too grow tired of the next ‘end of the free world’ threat or the some impossible scenario that the team has to tackle. The draw of shows like this one, is the strength and passion of the characters in the story. The action is great and the writers have wonderful imaginations, but I want to see what makes Callen reject possessions, why is Sam so fiercely protective, what makes Hetty so good at what she does … well, you get the point.

    Thanks for taking the time to review this great episode, you have a way of cutting to the soul of the story and I appreciate the effort and talent it takes for you to make that happen.

    Always Faithful,



  8. Di I loved your remarks in your opening paragraph! Like yourself.. I tune into the show to watch Densi & the interactions between the core characters…the cases are way doiwn on the list.

    This season’s episodes…have been underwhelimng…to say the least..and one big reason for that is because there has been virtually no character development or progression shown…..especially in regards to Densi.

    I agreed with Cladani..Kara & Karen’s post..that the Densi scenes we have seen in S6…..are not very memorable…and just don’t have the same spark & the fun factor..that they used to have!

    They have mostly felt flat and forced to me… Cladani said so well in his 1 st post…it’s like the writers squeeze them in a show..just to remind us of their “thing”….put their no real thought or heart…put into the Densi moments.

    I can watch Densi scenes from past seasons over & over in Neighborhood Watch…Ravens & Swans…Wanted…and still find them enjoyable everytime…..but this year..I can honerstly say…the only Densi scenes I did that….were the scene with Deeks comforting Kensi & the one where he smelled her hair,

    Those scenes….had that missing..”IT” factor for me. .the rest of the Densi we have forgetable..because it franky..was poorly written..and as good as acttors ECO & DR are..even they can’t turn chicken poop writing..into Densi gold!!

    he Densi we have seen on screen..or hinted at as happening off screen..feels like a lot of cotten candy…..light & fluffy.. but .there’s no emotinal weight to 99% of their scenes.

    I liked what Karen wrote…that the lack of the main reason..many of us Densi fans..feel like Densi is standing still this year & starting to look like…their just spinning their wheels & going nowhere fast.

    Where did the writing…progression in their “thing” ..truly funny and heartfelt Densi monents….that we saw in Neighborhood Watch, Recovery & Frozen Lake go??

    Those are the types of Densi centric episodes & scenes….Densi fans want to watch and are really missing in S6.

    At this point….I’d almost prefer to see no Densi moments..if they are just going to sit there like warmed over milk.

    If the writers are going to give us Densi scenes…I want & expect them to put some effort into the scripts…. to make them memorable….and not feel like they were put into the show….just because they had a few minutes to fill…or worse.. because they want to appease Densi fans..but in truth..there putting them in..under some type of protest.

    If they.just put them into an episode…..for the heck of it..and with no thought to making them funny or moving..and without any forward progression into their love story….they become.only another disappoiting reminder…of all those great Densi moments of the past.


  9. Thanks for all your comments. Yes, I agree something is missing this season. I have my theories that the show runners would probably not like or agree with and I hope I’m wrong. But if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage meaning that if the writers don’t write what we want to see then we’re never going to see it. All we can do is write about it in fanfics. The sexual tension between Densi is gone and chacter development is spotty at best. We can only hope that the writers and powers that be start to deliver the kind of storylines we use to love.


  10. I remember that some time in the recent past (likely end of Season 5) I read an interview to Daniela Ruah where she lowered all the fans’ expectations admitting that Deeks and Kensi may stay friends. It sounded so ominous (she should have had more insight than us to say so, obviously) that I confess I stopped reading and felt an immediate sense of uneasiness. After all the years spent to build this characters’ relationship and unresolved sexual tension, giving them beautiful lines to deliver, memorable scenes to play and feelings they had never felt for others, they (authors) simply decided to reset everything? I couldn’t believe.
    I have some theories too, but, like you Diane, I understand that what is in our imagination should only be part of fanfictions until the writers of the show decide otherwise.


  11. Di..I totally agree with your stark statement that the sexual tension between Deeks & Kensi is gone!

    I think..thats the biggest elemant that has been missing and noticably absent in the few Densi scenes we have gotten in S6.

    That playful sexual tension that their characters used to have in no longer present..for whatever reason..which has caused most of the little Densi moments we have seen so far in S6…to feel flat..forced & dare I say …forgettable….compared to the classic Densi moments of past seasons.

    And Cladani..I don’t blame you …for saying you felt uneasy about Densi’s future..after reading DR say they might just remain as friends.

    So far in S6…this seems to be where Densi is heading…in the direction of close working partners & friends..but nothing more..

    As you wrote..after all the past seasons of watching the writers & producers.. built up Densi’s thing & invest all that time & energy to make them such compelling & fun characters to watch and root for…..its rather sad & see that once high flying TV romance… slowly but surely…. come falling back down to earth…because the powers that be on the show or some other force.,…has decided to go in another direction with the characters.

    The last time we saw siginifiant movement with Densi…was Frozen Lake…which was episode 10 in S5.

    Since that show ..we hace seen another 23 ..count em…23 episodes of NCIS:LA aired…or 1 complete season almost…..with hardly any real movement with Densi’s thing.

    I have heard of taking an office romance slow..but..this is getting ridiculous..even for a TV show.

    If a romance in real life..was stuck in this year long holding pattern or both of the people involved..would have given up & walked away by now.

    What I find how the powers that be on the show who came up with this..” Is Densi ‘s thing still on or off” plan…think that Densi fans will find it enjoyable to watch…or..continue to care about the characters….if they keep up this holding pattern for much longer.

    I guess..time will tell..but..Im not holding my breath..that things will suddenly get better for Densi lovers …during the rest of this season.

    Maybe what will get things to if the powers that be…notice a slippage in the ratings…..the longer they go with this No onscreen romance with Densi stuff…maybe…only then..will they change course… might be too little & too late by then..both for Densi fans..and the show.

    Fact is..the show is doing. ok on Monday nights…with a little more than 8.something million viewers…but …who knows..maybe CBS..will decide..that some other show..can draw better ratings in that Monday night time slot..

    I guess we will know the show is in trouble… if the brain trust at CBS… moves the another night & time. IF that were to happen..whether sometime later this season or at the start of S7… might be a sign..the show is in danger of cancellation…if the ratings dont improve

    Im sure that the show runners behind NCIS:LA……look longingly at the 12 seasons of NCIS..and hope to get to the 10 seasons mark… least…..

    ….but with the shows lacklustre storylines so far in S6….and its less than spectacular ratings this year ….I wouldnt bet my life savings..on them getting to S8…let alone S10..unless and until..the writing & character develpment improves & most importantly to me..they take the brakes off of Densi’s thing….


  12. I feel like I’m in the minority here – I’m actually enjoying S6 immensely. Call me an optimist, but I believe the lack of sexual tension between Kensi and Deeks is due to the fact that they are working that tension off. We just aren’t seeing that aspect on the show as of yet. So far this season they seem much more open and comfortable with each other. The writers have dropped many hints with dialog and the characters themselves with little looks between them that leads me to believe they have taken that step and are just keeping it as their little secret. That is the impression I’m getting from this season anyway. Maybe I am wrong and they are just settling for being nothing more than partners and good friends. Until they make it obvious that they are not “together”, I’m going to continue to be an optimist…


    • OhBuddy – I feel like I may contradict myself a little here (I’m a tad bipolar when it comes to how I’m feeling about the season!), but it’s not that I’m not enjoying the season because in general, I am. And I am very much enjoying the new level of contentment/ease we are seeing in Kensi and Deek’s relationship. And I am fairly optimistic that there either is or will be more going on between them than just friendship. That said, I hate not knowing for sure! Fear of missing out – I haz it.


  13. This is my experience with Season 6 so far.
    At the beginning I was super excited and to be honest I really enjoyed the first scenes between Deeks and Kensi. Though not memorable in themselves (with the exclusion of the boatshed scene after Kensi’s interrogation, which was very powerful, touching and well performed), some early Season 6 Densi scenes were enjoyable and I liked them very much. I enjoyed their new-found level of intimacy, their growing ease with each other and the fact that Kensi seemed to have softened and didn’t punch Deeks anymore.
    For example I liked the dialogue at the marina when Deeks suggested going to live together (kind of) and the no-underwear scene with Granger, just to quote two.
    But then this excitement slowly faded. Why? Because from there there was no development (or, at least, I didn’t notice). The following scenes in the following episodes continued more or less with the same hints but nothing more. So, in my opinion, what was missing was a real progression from the first positive steps.
    If Deeks and Kensi decided to be together as a couple, I wouldn’t like to see everything said and played every time every episode, I understand it’s a procedural and not a romance between two people! But what I would like now is some clarity on where the two characters stand. Are they friends? Are they more? have they taken the leap? what has led them there after Deeks’ doubts?
    I think my “pessimism” (even if I am more of an optimist by nature) comes from this lack of evident progression in their relationship after 9 episodes. Some hints and winks and looks are fine, but then we deserve a little more substance or I start to be worried that, like Deeks said about their thing “I don’t know what to do with it”, the writers/showrunners similarly “don’t know what to do with Kensi and Deeks”!


  14. It just seems odd to me that they’d more or less shown the progression of their relationship thru the end of season 5 and now all of the sudden things seem to be in a holding pattern. Or apparently make our own assumptions as to what they are now. But why is that suddenly the game? And maybe we’re supposed to believe that they are in a holding pattern in their relationship but I think its more like the writers just haven’t focused on them. Which I can kind of understand, since the show isn’t about them, but that doesn’t mean I have to totally like it!


  15. One thing Ive noticed this I can’t recall Kensi punching Deeks ..( either “playfully” or angerily)..even once so far in S6.

    Last year Kensi was punching Deeks so often,…I thought he was going to ask Hetty to take out a restraining order againt Kensi!!

    Im guessing one reason why the punching business stopped…is because the powers that be…must have heard fans saying they were tired of seeing Kensi treating Deeks as a human punching bag!

    Im onlly bringing this topic up..because it may give us Densi fans hope…that if we continue to voice our disappoinment & frustation at the lack of movement & foward progression with Densi’s thing & love story….maybe they will hear us and do something about that to!


    • Owen, you are correct, kensi hasn’t punched him once this season and I love that. I love that it means the writers and execs must have heard all the rumblings from the fans and I love that it shows progression in their relationship. I also do think about it in regards to what you said about the powers that be and how they must be paying attention to what we think and hopefully that means more Densi greatness this season!


      • Thanks Kara for confirming what I wrote about Kensi not punching Deeks in S6…..yet!!!! 🙂

        I agree with you…that Kensi stopped with the punching already… because Brennan & the other show runners..must have noticed that Densi fans were not happy to see Kensi lash out in that way to Deeks..even if only done playfully.

        It defintely does show progresion in thier relantionship…AND just as importantly….it tells us that the fans feelings and voices…are heard and taken into account by the powers to be.

        Hopefully by now….they realize many Densi fans are unhappy with the slow pace of Densi this season & are aware of our less than enthusiastic reactions… to all the offscreen Densi crumbs they have tried to spoon feed us in S6.



  16. At the time of the numerous Kensi’s punches that was probably the only way she had to express her feelings to Deeks, sometimes out of playfulness and kind of flirtation (“like the girl in elementary school”) some other times out of anger and frustration (which became rather annoying to be seen). Now hopefully she may have found other ways to let her feelings and emotions out… 🙂 that is an important step forward for Kensi’s character, I agree.


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