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Review: NCISLA “Sirens” (S8E10)


Another week, another solid episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. I’m beginning to feel a little spoiled by the show’s consistency, which is slowly but surely raising my weekly expectations. What a pleasant development! This week’s “Sirens” was completely lacking in the Densi department, and it didn’t give Deeks much to do, but it entertained me nonetheless. Written by Erin Broadhurst and directed by Jonathan Frakes, it featured plenty of humor and lots of new developments in the continuing mole storyline.

The Case of the Week

As I always say, the week’s case is automatically more interesting when the team is somehow personally impacted, and having two men shot dead on your lawn feels pretty personal (or so I assume, I can’t say it’s ever happened to me). Broadhurst balanced the drama with humor throughout, and she brought many nice touches to team interactions. For example, showing us that Callen has grown attached to his home was sweet, as was Sam pointing out how Callen was repeating his father’s decisions to push his family away. I hope Sam’s point will be heard, and that Callen will talk to his sister sooner rather than later. Hmmm, sounds like just the sort of material one would want in a Christmas episode! And again having Sam team up with Deeks to tease Callen brought a smile to my face. Callen may not have liked it, but I will never tire of seeing those two work together. Of course, the tables were turned with the business cards, but I took it as all in good fun, as (I think) did Deeks.

Hetty was delightful throughout the episode, more animated than usual. I enjoyed her scene talking over the case with Nell, particularly the way her small, pleased smile showed a little pride at Nell’s initiative. As for Nell and Carl, the interrogation scene offered a nice twist on many such previous scenes where the agent shares a personal story to bond with the suspect. I liked how Nell used her greatest asset, her mind, to manipulate Carl. I liked how she told that overly dramatic story that had me siding with Carl and laughing along with his mocking reactions (Please tell me there’s a moral to all this), only to realize that she was just biding time and setting Carl up with the other inmates. Well played, Nellosaurus.

The Simon to Your Garfunkel

I’m afraid the Deric is back. While again I generally found Eric’s behavior over the top, at least he was in the safety of Ops where he wasn’t risking anyone’s life or otherwise impeding the case. “Egon” was an excellent nickname for him (a reference to Harold Ramis’ dorky Ghostbusters character). Just like last time, Eric Christian Olsen did what he could to balance out Beale’s wackiness by providing some humorous reactions. Wiggling, really?

Eric: Dude.
Deeks: You’ve been over here humming for the last ten minutes.
Eric: Hmm. I’m sorry. I didn’t even ask you to harmonize. [Sings] I’m here – you’re here.
Deeks: I’m he- that’s a hard pass. You’re trying to make me sing the Garfunkel part and I’m obviously a Simon.
Eric: Alright Paul, take a seat. You’re lurking is making me nervous. [Deeks sits, Eric stands.]
Deeks: What just happened? Did we get something?
Eric: Ah, no, just my hourly reminder to stand up.
Deeks: To evil?

Hetty should go into the field more often. She was adorable and I enjoyed how much she seemed to enjoy being there. She was almost having too much fun. How cheeky was Deeks, telling Hetty, “Uh, Miss Daisy isn’t supposed to drive?” She wasn’t fazed in the least by his hilarity. The driving scene was incredible. It was hard to tell how much of her reactions were Hetty’s happiness at being in the field with Deeks, versus Linda Hunt’s happiness acting with ECO. Regardless, I want more of this please! And while I’m unhappy that apparently none of the females on the team are good drivers (thank you for fulfilling that stereotype, writers), it was nearly worth it for the comedy gold of Deeks and Hetty:

Deeks: Fragglerock!
Hetty: We must have beat Callen and Sam. Yay!
Deeks: I think we also beat the sound barrier. Yay. You perchance weren’t the one who taught Nell how to drive, were you?
Hetty: No. I gave her a few defensive driving lessons.
Deeks: Yeah, I can see that.
Hetty: You should probably get a haircut.
Deeks: Oh, don’t worry, next time I’ll wear a helmet, possibly a parachute. Definitely a diaper.

I also enjoyed her calling him “Martin,” and him responding, “Yes, Mom.” Just too cute. And can we take a moment to think about how wonderful it is that he seems to have three maternal figures in his life (counting Julia), along with one brother in Sam? Heck, he even has a semi-stepdad in Granger. I’m so happy for him.

Densi. No, Make That Kensi

I very much missed seeing the Deeks and Kensi together; it’s like something is off in the NCIS:LA universe. I’m sure they’ll make it up to us in the Christmas episode?! On her own, Kensi got a chance at comedy with the two moms. I thought the scene was fine, but maybe they were trying just a little too hard to be funny. I did absolutely love the idea of the two moms bonding over drinks. Again, can I get a fan fic please?

And Kensi is running now? Wow, she certainly seems close to being back to full strength. It made me wonder about some Daniela Ruah comments I remember about how Kensi’s injuries would have her questioning her future. Thinking back over this arc, I’m a little disappointed that we’ve never seen her deviate from her plan to return to work. Sure, she was fixated on possibly never walking again, but we never saw her think through what that would mean for her future. How would it have changed her career and family plans? Did she ever come to terms with the possibility of some other future? Right now she sure seems dead set on returning to work, as if there are still no other options out there. It would have been nice to see her make some realizations about other possibilities. Maybe someday when they next discuss kids we’ll see some indication that she’s thought more about how she’d make that work? I at least hope we’ll see some evidence that this experience has changed her in some way.

Sullivan freaked me out a bit, well actually a lot. Who shows up unannounced at someone’s house like that? Their walking scene was good but that little warning voice in my head was yelling that he was not to be trusted. It might be all you paranoid commenters out there getting into my head, LOL, or maybe it just was the scene’s timing, immediately following Hetty’s overly ominous “The wolves are at the door. I’m not sure it’s safe to trust anyone anymore” statement. At any rate, I was afraid for Kensi even though it made no sense that Sullivan would have been working for the mole.

When Kensi wasn’t home at the end, I even wondered if the note had been written by Sullivan- we all know that Kensi doesn’t cook dinner! (Maybe Erin Broadhurst has missed this little factoid, or maybe fan fic writers have my mind confused about what is canon?)  I thought for a moment that the note and the “home cooked meal” would send Deeks calling for reinforcements, telling the team, “Kensi is missing and I think her abductor tried to cover his tracks by leaving a homemade dinner behind- a dead giveaway that something is wrong!” I don’t even know if Broadhurst intended the extra suspense there or not, but I was feeling it for sure.

I did like the Sullivan-Kensi friendship, but it was so sad to see that Kensi’s reaction to her friend being reinstated for duty was to feel competitive and think she should be able to do the same. Again, her face told the whole story as she tried to shoot with her left hand.

Memorable Moments

  • Sam points out that the mole has been after Hetty, Granger and himself. He forgets that the mole also tried to take Kensi out by leaving her the poisonous plant at her desk in “Traitor.”
  • For the record, it is never OK to make us wait until the second commercial break for a glimpse of Deeks. Never.
  • What did we think of Densi’s new house? It’s much more modern in style compared to Deeks’ former Craftsman bungalow.
  • As little as I liked Carl as a character when he was initially identified as the mole, I’ve come to appreciate him and Adam Barley’s work giving him such a distinct personality.
  • Again, the show made nice callbacks to prior episodes, with Eric’s noting the mole held him at “syringe-point”, references to Joelle, and the return of the mystery lady who tried to pick up Granger in the bar.
  • Nate Hartley was quite amusing as Vinny the security guard. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back to annoy Deeks some more with his LAPD wannabe dreams.
  • There were several scenes that ended with nice nonverbal elements: Eric seeming relieved when Deeks finally left him alone in Ops, Carl straightening his back like Nell had earlier advised, and Kensi’s look of frustration and sadness at her inability to shoot straight. Don’t know if they were scripted or were touches added by the director?
  • Again I’m such a sucker for little Deeks-Sam moments, like their final exchange where Sam admonished him to “Keep your ears and eyes open” as he reached out to pat his arm, and Deeks walked away with a “Thanks, brother.” Awww.
  • The bartender definitely had Granger pegged. A sad badass. I’m so worried about him.

Come back later in the week for a new Surf Log and Journal, plus the Edit and Drabble of the Week. Unfortunately there’s no new episode for three weeks! How will we survive? That means next weekend we’ll be without the Classified Preview, but we will have a new Top 3 with the Top 3 Deeks Undercover Roles.

In the meantime, what did you think of “Sirens”? Did you like the mix of humor and action? How about Nell in the field solo? Kensi’s progress, or lack thereof? Were you worried about her like I was? And were you as charmed by Deeks and Hetty? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments!

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26 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Sirens” (S8E10)

  1. the blame game.
    Let’s not overlook the fact that the fans negative reaction was pretty well contained to sites like this.
    No one went after the actors on social media. That is, until the actors started trying to stir things up by posting inflammatory comments on their own social media accounts. That is when the fans reacted. The actors started this, so they should not be surprised when the fans fired back. Either it was just to generate a buzz, they thought it was funny, or they seriously misjudged the fans displeasure with the previous episode, but the actors instigated this.
    You should not throw rocks at people if you don’t want to wind up in a rock fight.
    The issue is that although I think Kurt is a great guy, he could care less how the NCIS LA fans feel, he needs a social media buzz to make himself marketable and further his career. That’s why he trolls for reposts, shares, replies…anything he can get. Positive or negative doesn’t matter, but the number of hits does. So, he did something to illicit a response and then Dani, added to it. Well, they wanted a response and they got one.
    …. I get that there will be obstacles in a relationship and some people want to drag things out. But, realistically it has been 7 years folks. No one does the dance for that long. Either the relationship moves forward or the people move on at some point. It’s time.
    The longtime fans…the ones that the Instagram posters are saying aren’t true fans…. (crap by the way) remember and are fully aware of the history of the writing we get…
    The kiss then Siderov.
    The first time then the frozen lake.
    Agreeing to talk it out then Afghanistan.
    The return from Afghanistan then the three Hearts crap.
    Together then the first fight and needing time off.
    Talking family and kids then some disagreement.
    Buying a ring then Syria.
    Turning down the proposal
    Now we have a comment about the ring as motivation but it appears that the true motivation is really Kensi’s competitiveness with Sullivan and her desire to return to work and not her engagement to Deeks. At least that is where the focus appears to be.
    Then the hint at inserting Sullivan into things…. really
    Come on folks. It should not come as a surprise to Kurt, the writers and even Dani that the fans don’t like feeling like they are constantly being played. Enough is enough. Add in the fact that avid longtime fans are aware of the fact that the entire NCIS franchise does a generally awful job creating healthy adult relationships…. From Brody to Ducky, Tim is a dud, Gibbs can’t be happy…with anybody, Bishop’s marriage broke up, Dinozzo and Ziva was a disaster both individually and trying to fit them together. The list goes on. Hell, they even killed of Vance’s wife. For all the great things the writers do, relationships are something where they have a poor track record and the fans just don’t trust them to get it right.
    The writers have gotten lazy in using the Densi relationship as the ongoing drama of the show. We never see Sam and Callen upset with each other and all issues are resolved before the end of the episode. Same with Nell and Eric.
    Let’s see Nell start dating someone and have Eric get jealous. Or let’s have some conflict between Sam and Callen. Come on guys think outside the box and quit being so lazy, stop picking on Densi all the time…you are becoming a one trick pony.
    All the other pairs of partners have a strong relationship and work through external conflicts together, handling the drama as a team. Why is it only Kensi and Deeks that always seem to have the drama between them?
    Hell, even Hetty and Granger are on the same page now.
    Kensi’s show of appreciation to Deeks has been limited to a messy house and a cold dinner alone….nice.
    If anything, Kensi seems to be going backwards.
    Please allow the characters to grow.


  2. Ooohhhh, Ed! Be careful. You might be accused of being anti-Kensi. 😂😜. It’s her story you know. If she wants a friendship or whatever with Sullivan it is her choice. Blah blah blah.

    I’m tired of being lectured on twitter and Instagram of being too Deeks focused. Well, yeah! I only watch for him. I only tolerate Kensi cuz of Deeks. She has a lot to make up to him. Sue me. Don’t like Callen and Sam. I only like them during team interactions. I’m a bad fan I know, as I’ve been told. I still get a lot out of the show and consider it a favorite.

    I feel better.


    • Now Daisy,
      you know me better than that.
      I know you are baiting me but i will bite anyway..
      I am a huge fan of ECO and DR as well as Kensi, Deeks and the Densi relationship.
      I love the character of Kensi and my issue is not with her, but the way the character is handled.
      the writers often make her act inconsistent, out of character, rude and even mean and uncaring.
      I feel there is this great opportunity and they are constantly messing it up because they don’t know how to handle a relationship. so they continually walk her back from it.
      a few examples are:
      having Kensi leave Deeks in the chair at the autoshop
      not allowing her to apologize to him afterward
      having her leave him at the hospital
      having her leave after the kiss
      not giving him a kiss after the lasers.
      not thanking him in Afghanistan
      the beer bottles and cold dinner
      the way she acted around Dinozzo
      forgetting his birthday
      not taking him out once she was told about it.
      the list is endless…
      and then when she does need someone, its not him…but Sullivan…and you wonder why I’m Pissed Off

      The writers often make her appear to be this cold unfeeling B….
      …and I wish they would stop it, like NOW!


      • How about punching Deeks after he didn’t take the shot and not apologizing? That still pisses me off. I should be able to let it go by now since she was the one who instigated All In.

        Kensi is also inconsistent with the baby thing. Didn’t she buy the baby magazine and gave Deeks a hard time about being hesitant about having kids? Which by the way was a surprise since Deeks was always talking about little ninja assasins? Then when he brings it up right before her big accident, she’s not ready. Please explain that whole thing to me.


        • yep,
          the punch was awful and the lack of an apology was a real shame
          the writers owed the fans more than just pretending it didn’t happen.
          also , about the baby thing. the writers are so inconsistent it is irritating.
          can’t they remember or at least talk to each other to see who said what? in the last episode???
          Seems pretty easy to get straight.
          it seems to fall back to the issue of creating drama within the relationship with the minimum level of effort needed to do so…. At times they can’t even get their own cannon correct.
          What a shame.
          That , by itself, should tell them that they have been playing this game too long and need to move past it.

          Liked by 1 person

        • There is a difference between a “wonderfully flawed character” and an emotionally bankrupt. commitment phobic, insensitive, jerk that keeps changing their mind, doesn’t have any idea what they want or how to even hold an adult conversation without metaphors and is better off dying alone surrounded by 75 cats rather than dragging others into their misery.
          the writers seem to dance back and forth over that line…
          wow….where did that come from.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Just for the record.
    if , by some chance, this turns into another Three Hearts situation, where they walk back the relationship…
    Well Diane and I just may have to start watching Sister Wives or Myth Busters on Sunday nights instead…I hear the writing is exceptional…


  4. You know, it is ironic that some die hard Deeks and Densi fans are being attacked after voicing their frustration at the current episode and/ or social media posts. Some of these fans create art, send gifts,and create fan sites. Some travel for days, rent hotel rooms, spend 200 on a weekend pass to Comic-Con, wait in line for hours to get an autograph or even say hi . Then when they get jerked around with inflammatory posts about something they are invested in and express their frustration…. they get called not real fans….
    rather sad, I think

    yes, people can say it is just a silly show, get over it, but to a true fan, it can mean much more that that.

    if it was just another show to everyone…the lines would be a lot shorter and people wouldn’t be here either.

    respect goes both ways, don’t you think…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I don’t know why voicing a negative opinion is held with so much contempt in today’s society. And I’m not just talking about tv. You could simply say I don’t see it that way, but if you do let’s talk about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!!! I feel that this site is the safe zone for voicing opinions.


    • Although Kurt may have his own motivation that I have mentioned previously,
      I really believe that most actors are good people that actually care about their fans.
      Especially in this case…the very fans that are bothered are the ones that are invested far more than just watching a show once a week. The are the ones that by the DVDs, go to appearance, vote for awards, support the charities , send gifts,and so on…
      Not all fans are created equal, and i don’t think there was an intention to piss of those invested the most. If you cant tell someone how you feel….scratch that….if someone you care about does something you don’t appreciate, like a joke that was not really funny to you… you almost owe it to them to tell them how you feel.
      Assuming they care, how else are they supposed to understand and correct the behavior if they are so inclined.
      just my 2 cents….

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Apparently I have waaaay to much time on my hands. In reviewing the twitter photo that Rick Tunell posted of Kensi on location and the one Dani posted of her and Kurt Yaeger, it looks like she had the same hairstyle and perhaps the same shirt underneath jacket and the outdoor location near San Vicente PD looks like Kurt was on location. Yes, he could just be visiting or filming very close but it could also be that he’s back. Perhaps Sullivan lied to Kensi when he said he was returning to his unit. He has a beard and I don’t think he would have it if he were back in whatever armed forces he’s in. Perhaps he was captured? Perhaps he’s friends with Deeks and will rescue Deeks from a jail attack. Perhaps I’m just going through crazy withdrawals without any new shows and I’m hallucinating…..


    • a great observation,
      something is still off with Sullivan
      ….and yes….we need some promos and sneak peeks for next week to stop this madness….

      man , do I hope the Christmas episode is a winner. I cant imagine enduring another 3 weeks of this…


  7. is it just my imagination, or after responding to the social media posts.., It appears that someone just recently chased people like daisy, cbetham57, sassyzazzi and others back here and just flew through their posts with the thumbs down button pressed.
    Interestingly enough, nobody left a comment or attempted to engage in a civilized discussion…
    Should I be surprised?


  8. Ed, thanks for noticing and taking the time to post your comment. I appreciate it . I guess I am surprised that someone could feel such negative passion about a posting and not even say why.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. You know what is really funny… that in some of the cases, I’m the one that posted the original critical comments, then some of you replied to my post and added to the discussion, yet I mostly escaped the wrath.
    The difference is I wasn’t on Instagram and Twitter. They didn’t even get into reading the discussion, they just targeted specific people, otherwise myself and others likely would have been included in the “thumbing”….is thumbing even a real word??? Wow, that sounds wildly inappropriate…
    ….Either that , or the general masses recognize my ramblings for the fine examples of literature and works of art the obviously are, and they made a well informed decision not to tarnish their glory…..yeah , that must be it…
    …please don’t laugh at me or disagree….I’m sensitive…


  10. Ed,
    Like you, I do not have a Twitter-, Instagram- or Facebook-
    account. I prefer to stay far away from those sites. As for
    the thumbs down which Daisy, Cbetham57, Sassyzazzi
    and others received on their posts. For my part, I do not
    use the “thumbs down” button. When I read good, valid
    and hearfelt posts which express views contrary to my
    own opinion, I give a “thumbs up”, or I will refrain from
    I think that in my comments I have made the distinction
    between Kurt Yaeger as an actor and the character of
    Sullivan. And I will not stop watching NCIS: Los Angeles
    because of the character of Sullivan or the lack of growth
    in Kensi’s case and her movement backwards to the Kensi
    of a few seasons ago. Like you, I desperately want the
    Kensi who had grown back!
    But in case of bad writing and characters which truly jar,
    like for instance Talia, Anna or Sullivan. I will not hesitate
    to respectfully express my opinion at a safe haven like


  11. As a point of conversation, I remeber Dani saying that she will come back to finish up the arc with the next couple of episodes, so the arc isn’t done yet not totally, Also Gimmel has said that Kensi and Deeks will be talking about kids a lot. They haven’t done that yet. Also when they showed the pic of Sullivan and Kensi, Kurt had a full beard, which is not allowed in the Marines. I think Under Seige will be a mole heavy ep and I think Sullivan is involved in the mole somehow


  12. Wow another great review! I just love how you bring to light all of the finer details of each episode. I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and there were a lot of them for this episode. On the lack of any Densi scenes it’s possible that ECO was off that day to be with his wife and new daughter.
    I don’t think the show runner would make the same mistake as the Castle people did but anything is possible. For some reason Hollywood just can’t write for happy couples in a drama show. This season there seems to be little to no PDA for Densi, but I think Kensi would never betray Deeks, but I don’t understand how Sullivan found out where they lived.
    I hope Sunday’s episode is helpful in clearing up some issues that everyone is talking about, BUT if I hear Kensi say the words I think we need to step back or I need time alone to evaluate our relationship I’m done watching. I still don’t get the purpose of the Three Hearts episode!


    • Some good points.
      Yep, they the NCIS franchise does a poor job of portraying a happy couple.
      Yep, Three Harts still pisses me off.
      Yep, there is no way Sullivan should have known where Kensi lived.
      Yep, if Kensi steps back from the relationship I will be furious

      First, let me state that I truly believe that Kensi is committed to, completely in love with and faithful to Deeks.
      However, it appears the writers want us to believe differently, or at least plant the seeds of doubt.
      The lack of “I love you” s from Kensi is a little curious. As the episodes roll by and the opportunities are passed over, they become glaring in their absence.
      During the Bali talk, she could have said I love you, but I’m not ready yet…but she didn’t
      When she turned down the proposal, she could have said I love you and want to marry you, but not like this…she didn’t
      When Deeks seemed jealous, she could have said” you know I love you, right” …but she didn’t
      When she left the note, most young couples would have written “love you” …but she didn’t.

      The Sullivan is just off, she seems pretty friendly with him. A big smile at his truck at the offer of a ride, he mentions bringing her flowers… not to self…if you are a single guy, don’t give another guy’s fiancée flowers…even mentioning it seemed odd. He parked down the block instead of in front of her house, he went there when he knew that Deeks would be at work. The moms just left, he had to see them…was he waiting until she was alone?
      Now for a point that hasn’t been discussed yet.
      Has anyone else noticed that Kensi changed clothes while Sullivan was there?
      She had on shorts, a white t shirt and a black pull over hoodie and her hair was down.
      While walking him to his truck…really just say good bye at the door…
      She was wearing long pants, what appeared to be the same white t shirt, a low neck, dark blue shirt, and a grey zip up hoodie and her hair was in a ponytail
      A lot of changing to just walk the guy to his truck…
      I wonder if they wanted us to notice or if it was just a mistake.
      It could also mean that she left him alone in their house for some time … he could have copied keys, checked out the alarm, planted bugs or something mole-ish.

      I think the couple is fine, but the writers need some more drama….
      Que the Densi problems…
      Goodness knows that Densi need some more problems.
      They have the whole job and career issue, the having kids debate, Kensi still recovering, the IA thing will resurface…that’s not nearly enough, let’s throw Sullivan into the mix.

      Really, with the show having so many writers, I am surprised that they can all ride the same one trick pony…
      Maybe the pony is pulling a wagon


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