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Review: NCISLA “SEAL Hunter” (S6E6)


This week’s episode has a storyline that I always enjoy watching! It’s all for one and one for all this week! When this team fights for their own you won’t find a better drama on TV today. This time Sam is in the hot seat and he is accused of murder. Callen and his team must work desperately to prove his innocence and clear his partner’s name but the odds are against him. We have another Frank Military script this time along with co-writer Sara Servi (“Impact”) who teams up with Chris O’Donnell doing double duty behind the camera. Chris did a great job on the last episode he directed and because he knows these characters so well, who better to tell their story with the emotional respect they deserve?

Blubbers in the Canoe?

It’s a beautiful day in LA and the banter is flying between Callen and Sam but not for long. The feds are after Sam and it seems even Hetty can’t prevent them from taking him into custody. Callen finds himself restricted from field duty by Granger who orders him off the case. But you know that’s not going to stop the G man! As the team tries to figure out the connection between Sam and the murdered woman, Callen finds himself more than a little on edge. I haven’t seen him this irritated with Deeks since the Detective returned to the team after dealing with his PTSD. Callen has very little patience for anyone playing devil’s advocate, and Deeks has a hard time trying to get his point across.

Is it me or is Kensi enjoying Deeks’ eccentricities a bit more? (Kensi: Keep that thing away from me, ghostbuster!). She’s almost mellow these days and even liking the attention. I think if Deeks had goosed her with a vacuum attachment about three years ago she would have had him in a head sling! There’s definitely a different vibe about the couple these days, both appreciating each other’s company and enjoying the partnership more as they settle into some sort of relationship.

Hacking is Like Sex

While Densi is becoming more comfortable with each other, Eric seems to be having a lot more fun these days with his computer. But his hacking does come in handy as he finds a DoD report that shows Sam’s DNA was found beneath the murdered woman’s body. Callen is suspicious it could be a set-up but the evidence is still against Sam.

Go for Shapiro!

The deli scene with Kensi and Deeks was one of the more amusing banter sessions between Densi that we’ve had in a long while. It even extended to the wait staff (Kensi: Come on you can’t forget a guy who lives with a cat on his head?) Eventually they are able to find out more about the murder victim and a possible suspect who was last seen with her. Ray Turner is an ex-Navy Seal who’s on a mission to track down people posing as Navy Seals and expose them to the public. Could he be the one after Sam?

Callen is incensed that Sam’s arraignment has been postponed as the DoJ lawyer and his sleazy FBI girlfriend build their case against Sam. These two were a bit over the top as they did their best Snidely Whiplash imitations but they did bring out the fun side of Callen’s investigative skills as he teases and torments them into giving him more information. With a little help from Granger, Callen is able to guarantee their cooperation in the case. I told you they were sleazy!

Does that Toupee act as a Flotation Device?

Densi’s frivolity continues as they investigate Turner’s home and find a stash of guns. Ray becomes a person of interest but not before he has a hair showdown with Deeks. He is definitely jealous of the ‘styled by pillow’ look and there are a lot of humorous hair jokes at Turner’s expense. Despite his bravado, Turner finally gives up stonewalling the partners when he finds out about the murder. After Sam’s release he has a Seal to Seal talk with Turner, and enlists his help to find the real killer.

Turner has a good idea who the culprit may be because he was working with the murder victim to expose her boss as a Navy Seal wannabe.  Long time con man Jeremy North would stand to lose his multimillion dollar business if he was exposed as a fraud and this makes his bookkeeper a liability.  Sam is stunned to find out he also knows North from his time in the military.  North was in the Marines and strangely enough, he also happens to be a dead ringer for Sam.  By now there’s no secret who the killer is.

Kissing Cousins?

This was an exceptional episode for Densi banter and it didn’t stop as the couple went undercover at North’s martial arts studio.  We may have another clue from Deeks that the two are more than just ‘cousins.’  Perhaps kissing cousins from Kentucky? I enjoyed watching Kensi’s amusement as Deeks squirmed uncomfortably around the aggressive female instructor (Heidi).  She enjoyed throwing her partner to the wolves as Deeks goes unwillingly into the cougar’s den. (Deeks: This is happening!)  But you can’t always judge a book by its cover.  Heidi recognized the Detective from her days as a working girl and it’s no surprise that our Mr. Deeks tried to make a difference in her life by giving her money and encouragement. She agrees to return the favor by helping them bring North to justice.  It’s just one of the reasons why we love Marty Deeks.

Back at North’s office Callen and Sam expose more than just a fake business but an even bigger operation… an identity theft factory. North knows how to plan ahead and had stolen Sam’s ID and cap a long time ago, hoping to use it in the future. As his life of crime progressed, he finally found a way. But this is why we also love Sam Hanna as well, who would risk his life and throw himself in front of a bullet to catch a killer and prevent another death. The scene in the theatre was intense and well-choreographed. The wannabe Navy Seal crumbles in front of the real deal and becomes a sniveling, two-bit amateur criminal.  The eight Musketeers get their man and rescue their own. All in all, a good day, I’d say.

Memorable Moments

  • Hacking is like sex? Oh, Mr. Beale, Hetty will need to have a nice, long talk with you… I think it’s been way too long.
  • Callen waiting tables? I could get use to that….as long as he was taking my order!
  • You have to like Ray Turner especially the way Sam plays along with him. He may be a blowhard but Sam finds a way to identify with him and restore his honor. I think he could become a great recurring character, don’t you?
  • I enjoyed the last scene as Deeks is finally able to crack open his exotic fruit (that sounds kind of dirty). The looks of horror on his teammates’ faces are priceless once they take a sniff. I think Granger took Callen up on the drink just to get out of the Mission.

Deeks Moments

  • Deeks cracks me up when he tries to get his ‘Jewish’ on. This Nordic-Viking knows a little about everything, doesn’t he? (Deeks: Edna! Bubbe?) The man has a shtick and he’s sticking with it!
  • Deeks was so cute as he became embarrassed and tongue tied by the instructor’s advances and Kensi finds it oh so amusing (Kensi: And you are a chew toy.)
  • We have a new Kensi nickname! Bubeleh!

Densi Moments

Deeks: This is a stimulant, a mood enhancer and an aphrodisiac…whaaaat….all rolled into one….and then I put it into my morning smoothie…what’s up?

Kensi: I think you’re going to need a bigger knife.


Only Densi can get into an argument over a sandwich:

Deeks: I can’t talk to you, I don’t even know who you are anymore!

Kensi: Ah…it’s only a sandwich and I can have it however I want.

Deeks: No, it’s a religious experience. People think that being Jewish is all about the Torah… they’re wrong. It’s about the pastrami.

Kensi: So you’re an expert on Judaism now?

Deeks: I’ve had some intimate Jewish relationships, I’ve learned some things.

Kensi: Six thousand years of religion and you’ve learned what?

Deeks: No mayo. Mustard…rye…good pickle.


Deeks: You’re looking at my butt aren’t you? Damn, right. You’re looking at my butt.

Kensi: Actually I was spotting you in case you fell, but for that, now I’m not.

Deeks: She’s looking at my butt. I don’t blame her…it’s a good butt. (Let me hear an Amen!)


I have a feeling Sara Servi was the mastermind behind all the wonderful Densi repartee this episode.   If so, she is becoming one of my favorite Densi writers. Nice work. Chris O’Donnell also did a commendable job at his second time in the director’s chair and it was good see an episode where the team gets to fight for one of their own. It’s always a crowd pleaser. This week Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal are all new and we have another edition of Writing Deeks! Come back next week for next week’s episode, “Leipei”. See you then!


Title: “SEAL Hunter”
Writers: Sara Servi and Frank Military
Director: Chris O’Donnell
Original Air Date: November 3, 2014


Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

About Diane (435 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

21 Comments on Review: NCISLA “SEAL Hunter” (S6E6)

  1. Natalia Simon // November 4, 2014 at 5:40 PM // Reply

    I really enjoyed the episode, I think Densi was the best of the episode, please!!!! don´t be angry and keep reading my explanation.
    They were funny, comfortable with each other, professional as always and I think they are building (slowly) a relationship as a real couple without realizing it.
    The storyline of Sam’s arrest (for my taste) was not well spent, I wished to see the team working to get Sam free, to see Callen working with Granger, to see a bit more of intrigue and drama. I think this season is very good from the stories, but I get the feeling that sometimes they must go a little deeper, even with episodes with 2 parts. We all know they always will solve the cases, but I think sometimes they make it very easy.
    I love the show, I love the characters, they deserve more rating and viewers!!!!
    Happy anniversary WikiDeeks!!
    Greetings from Argentina.


  2. Love reading your reviews! You hit all my favorites and then some 😄 I’ve already re-watched this epi and it’s because of the all for one and one for all theme. Loved Sam’s respect for a fellow seal even though Turner was a bit over the top. Loved Turner’s offer to Granger to help with his receding hairline. And all of the Densi made me happy. Loved when Heidi asked if they were together and Deeks blurted “yes” and Kensi went with “cousins”. Makes me believe that they have a relationship going on outside of OSP especially with how comfortable they are with their banter and body language. Have to continue with my like of Granger. He is steadily moving up in my like meter.

    And yes, the crack about Deeks cracking open the exotic fruit..hilarious 😃


  3. Great review Di! I wasn’t sure about this episode at first, as the Densi banter seemed slightly inappropriate when they should have been worried about Sam. But then I realized this wasn’t going to be a dark Frank Military episode, but rather a pretty silly one. So I relaxed and enjoyed the silliness. And wow, it was funny. Every scene with Deeks made me laugh out loud. Plus that baseball shirt was awesome. And how ’bout that leaping up onto the pergola to climb in the window? We are unlikely to see that from LL or COD, just their stunt doubles. Nice work ECO.

    I was slightly uncomfortable with the Jewish joking. I think that dialog would have played better if they could have gotten the waitress, whom I assume was Jewish, to joke around a little with them. And I didn’t really care for the fight between Sam and the fake SEAL at the end. It seemed a little over the top. And didn’t this guy teach a self-defense class? I hope his students get their money back.

    For me the highlight of the episode was actually the guest actor, Casey Sander, who played Ray. He was absolutely hilarious. When he stared up at Deeks’ Viking mane I laughed so hard. He has a background in improv, so I wonder how much of his hilarity was scripted.

    Still, the Densi was so delightful, and Deeks was so so funny, that this is the first episode this season that I have any desire to watch a second time. I have no idea which writer is responsible, although I’d like to think that the female writers are having some influence, what with this episode and Erin Broadhurst’s Praesidium being my two favorites so far. I’d be very happy with “filler” episodes if every one could be this fun.


    • Karen,

      I agree – especially the crying at the end with the fake SEAL. Even if he wasn’t a SEAL, he was a marine and that sort of cowering and crying seemed out of place. However, as I was thinking that, I was reminded of your advice to just suspend disbelief and I took a deep breath and went with it. 🙂
      (Presentation done – much more relaxed this week!!!)


      • Nice job with the suspending! I know that some episodes it’s easier to do than others.


      • I agree….I loved how the fight was choreographed but his complete breakdown was a bit unbelievable. I know Sam is good but really? I guess they wanted to show how physically strong/pure Sam is and that he didn’t need guns or weapons to intimidate his opponents.


    • Another wonderful review, Di. You hit on everything. Karen P.’s reactions mirror mine, especially the crying former Marine at the end. I know they wanted us to realized what a coward he was, but they took it too far.

      My favorite scenes of course are Deeks’ scenes. Anybody else turned on by the split second glimpse of Deeks’ belly button? See what we’re reduced to? Glimpses. They give us a bare chested Granger and Callen, but no bare chested Deeks? We did get a nice butt shot, but that’s nothing new.

      I was surprised by how shy Deeks was with Heidi, the cleavage cougar. He’s a seasoned undercover cop and yet he acted like a schoolboy…or was that part of his undercover persona? Loved how she started undressing him though…she just stopped too soon.

      This is one of the few episodes I wanted to rewatch. Lots of good Densi scenes and loved that Deeks stood up to Callen.


    • I think the Jewish joking was really an inside joke…. Daniela Ruah is Jewish from a long line of Spanish Jews from Portugal on her father’s side and German Jews on her mother’s side … ECO is obviously not, making the scene all the more ridiculous.


  4. mountaingirl89 // November 4, 2014 at 10:40 PM // Reply

    Omg! Loved this episode! You also forgot to mention the scene with Granger and Ray when Ray asked Granger if he wanted “help with that” and motioned to Granger’s head, I about died at the look on Granger’s face!!!!

    Like someone else said, Granger is slowly going up on my like list. He even participated in the toupee jokes!!! I don’t think I’ve evere seen him laugh on the show before……so much change this season! I like!


    • My favorite Granger moment was him snapping the picture of the couple caught in the act. That’s more of a Deeks move but it was actually believable from Granger. I still don’t “love” him, but slowly disliking him less. LOL


    • That was a great scene with Granger and Ray. The look on his face was hysterical.


  5. Wasn’t this the first time that Deeks actually “fought back” when Callen challenges him in the beginning? Usually it seems to me he just backs down, but this time he stood his ground and said he “had a point and why are you on my case about it???” Callen really was pist at him – that did seem a big step back for how things have been!


  6. Thanks for all your comments! I agree Laura Ann. Deeks is feeling much more comfortable with the team and knows his words are respected if not always liked. Check out a new after episode fan fic by Sweet Lu this Saturday that will be about this very topic!!!


  7. Di you were spot on when you mentioned that this was an exceptional episode for Densi banter..and that aspect of the show really helped to make this espisode the most enjoyable & entertaining to watch this season!

    A great addition to this episode was Turner & his fab hairpiece….so I hope they bring both of them back for an encore this season.

    The actor playing Turner was funny..and he looked like an older version of MacGruber from SNL.

    He had great comedic chemistry with ECO…and that scene with Deeks turning his back to Turner…was pretty comical..and something only Deeks would come up with.

    Like you also mentioned..another thing that made this show so much fun…the 4 main stars of the team…got a lot of screen time & thier chance to shine. The earlier episodes this season…felt off…but this one..reminded me of the best episodes of past seasons of the show.

    Last but not least.. Chis did a wonderful job directing this episode! Those outdoors shots he directed..looked amazing.

    I never saw the ocean look as blue or the Southern California sun looks so on this episode!

    I was so impressed by how good the show was and how great it looked visually….I tweeted a message saying basically that to Chris on twitter!

    Much to my surprise & delight..this morning I got up to see a message from the good folks running twitter..that chris had favorited my tweet to him…so..that was pretty cool!

    Speaking of tweets…I want to congratrulate you Di and the rest of your fine crew on Wikideeks..on your 1 year anniverary..and for the fact that ECO…thanked you guys for all your love & support to Deeks & him. 🙂


  8. Thanks Owen! We love our fans!! And congrats to the favor by Chris! Always exciting to hear back from the cast!


  9. This thought of mine goes hand in hand with everyone’s comments about Kensi being more tolerant of Deeks’ bantering ways – did anyone else catch how Kensi seems to be picking up some of Deeks’ mannerisms? In particular, the way she spoke about the bowl of mints found during the cleaning crew scene – the way she sort of spoke out one side of her mouth – Deeks tends to do that when he is contemplating something. Later in the same scene when she says ‘damn good question’ – again, typically Deeks’ line.


    • OhBuddy I think one of the great things about Densi is how they’ve rubbed off on each other, particularly how much Kensi has changed. Whenever I see one of the episodes from Season 1, I hardly recognize her as the same person.


  10. Best part of the Jewish deli teasing was Kensi declaring that the best thing on a good pastrami sandwich was a half-jar of mayo. It’s a very old classic gag, the original being the guy from Kansas City who wants to pass as a local when he goes to the Stage Deli, so he carefully orders a pastrami on rye, but with mayo instead of mustard. The waiter asks, “So, how are things in Kansas City?”

    Liked by 1 person

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