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Mole in the Hole! Looking Back & Looking Ahead


The NCISLA Mole – what we know, what we think we know and what’s going to happen next.

Hetty: What’s your assessment of the task force?
Kensi: They’re okay.
Hetty: I think the mountain air must have limited your vocabulary.
Kensi: They seem competent but withdrawn.  They’re not the friendliest bunch.
Hetty: Anyone in particular stand out to you?
Kensi: How so?
Hetty: An outlier. Someone who doesn’t seem to get along with the others.  Um, someone who could, perchance, be a traitor.
Kensi: You think there’s a leak?
Hetty: Well, I think the insurgents are doing an uncanny job of avoiding our best efforts at tracking them.
Kensi: What do you want me to do?
Hetty: Smoke them out.

The first time there were any thoughts of a mole, a leak or a traitor at NCIS was when Kensi was sent to Afghanistan in Season 5. At Christmas (during “Merry Evasion“), Hetty told Kensi the local insurgents seemed to have inside knowledge of NCIS’s investigations. Hetty wanted Kensi to plug that leak. The leak was part of the following episode’s investigation. “Allegiance” featured the murder of a FinCEN agent investigating terrorist funding in Afghanistan. Killed in L.A., working in Afghanistan – with Kensi and Granger providing support to the OSP investigation, the leak/mole/traitor idea was alive and well.

And then it sort of wasn’t. The mole/leak/traitor was never mentioned again. Kensi had some odd interactions with the others in the truck – Granger, Booker and Sabatino – and the number of people working in the truck dropped significantly but there was never another mention Hetty’s orders to Kensi.

As the Afghanistan storyline moved along, it was revealed that Kensi was not over there to find a mole/leak/traitor. She was there to rescue her ex-fiancé who was being targeted by the CIA. Of course, Hetty never told Kensi (or Granger, or the team) and well, that omission became a big problem for everyone. The idea that there was a mole/leak/traitor in Afghanistan seemed to be one of Hetty’s many lies in this “misadventure” abroad.

The next mole/leak/traitor appeared when everyone was back in Los Angeles. NCIS Agent Paul Angelo sold out Callen and Sam during a long undercover operation against drug dealer Tyler Brunson in an episode with multiple hearts and furry woodland creatures. Angelo was sent to the bureaucratic Elba by Hetty, never to be seen again. His name comes up from time to time but Hetty claims to have him under control (CBS has him co-starring in the Criminal Minds spin-off so his plate is full).

There were no moles/leaks/traitors for the rest of Season 5. Season 6, however, kicked into full gear with Hetty’s personal information sold on the dark net. While nothing much came of that other than the death of her personal security chief, the government’s investigation into Hetty’s Afghanistan misadventure was really just a way for Leon Vance to hide her from those meaning her harm. With Mattias Draeger breaching the boat shed and main office, concerns abounded that the Office for Special Projects was breached.

It was. A few weeks later, Granger and his assistant were nearly fatally poisoned, the unseen but beloved Helen Trapper in Personnel was murdered and Eric was taken hostage by the mole/leak/traitor – Randy McRandom. Sorry, Carl Brown. Brown as the end to the storyline never made sense as he was never on screen before that episode. The press release for “Traitor” mentioned Parry Shen’s Ty – a computer tech who appeared in a few episodes. If one of the major players was not the mole/leak/traitor (even accidentally), at least Ty was someone the viewer knew. Instead it was a guy in a cardigan who appeared that day.

The program kept up the idea that Brown did not work alone. When Ambassador Julie Chen visited the office in “In the Line of Duty” in mid-Season 6, Granger was worried about the visit with their mole problem. Hetty saw it as an opportunity to test their security. The ambassador’s visit was problem free.

The mole was not mentioned again until the 150th episode, “Command and Control“. Callen and Sam were once again sold out to a Brunson, this time older brother Chad who lacked his brother’s flashy wardrobe but more than made up for it with his murderous plans. Things ended as badly for Chad as they did for baby brother Tyler. Before his death, however, Chad Brunson told Callen and Sam that “one of your own is gonna burn you down from the inside.” Callen and Sam confronted Hetty. They believed Paul Angelo sold them out again but Hetty mades it clear she had a handle on Paul Angelo.

The mole became an issue – and a big one – once Sam’s personal records were found in a bombed-out military camp in Eritrea. When OSP started reaching out for help from other agencies, they learned they were on their own. The agencies knew about the mole and did not want to have their people compromised. Even Alex Elmslie’s Global Tribunal wouldn’t allow him to help OSP because they know about the mole.  The lack of cooperation cames and went – the FBI and ATF worked well with the team in “The Seventh Child” – throughout the second half of Season 7.

The mole was also a part of Granger’s story with his new-found daughter Jennifer Kim. The two made plans to work together as at least friends if not father and daughter. He would help with her legal issues; she would help on the mole hunt. Nothing has come of that yet.

Sam’s leaked family data ended Season 7 as Aiden Hanna’s school is attacked by Tahir Khaled. Without help from outside agencies, the team was able to rescue Aiden and his classmates while taking Khaled into custody. Season 7 ended on an ominous note however, with Hetty and Granger enjoying a 6:30AM scotch as both of their phones ring with calls about the mole.

Season 8 has all been about the mole. Hetty, Undersecretary Duggan, the return of Carl Brown, the CIA – something is up and there are so many possible suspects.

Going back to where this all started, Kensi’s time to Afghanistan, there have been a couple of familiar faces and the introduction of a number of recurring characters over this timespan. Assuming none of the characters in the opening credits are involved, the familiar, and maybe suspicious, faces include:


Vostanik Sabatino:

Sabatino has been there throughout. The CIA Officer was in Afghanistan where he was as sketchy as all get out. Though, when wasn’t Sabatino, who was introduced as a completely different character, as sketchy as all get out? This is the same guy who left Los Angeles in “Wanted” to run the Sidorov taskforce in D.C. Who was conspicuous by his absence when Isaak and the nukes returned to L.A.?  The guy running the taskforce.

Sketchy Sabatino seemed a little less sketchy when he nearly died on the hill in Afghanistan with Callen, Sam, Granger and their translator trying to rescue Kensi and Jack. He was helpful to both Callen and Granger in “Active Measures” to start Season 7.

Season 8, however, has Sabatino back in full sketchy mode in “Under Siege” but two things jumped out rewatching the episode. First, Sabatino took his mask off almost immediately once he and Sharov broke into the building and looked right at Hetty – making it clear he was there. Hetty addressed him as a traitor, almost selling his role in all of this. While in the cage, Hetty really didn’t pay much mind to Sharov except to get information about Kensi. Carl Brown wasn’t worth a minute of her time. She spent valuable time talking to Sabatino.

When the bomb blew, Sabatino was standing in the same area where Hetty was sitting waiting to draw the traitors out. Since Hetty was in a building wired to blow, if she wasn’t in the cage, she probably knew a place in the building that wouldn’t take the full brunt of the blast.  Sabatino and Carl Brown survived because they were where Hetty once sat.  Still as sketchy as all get out but could easily be working with Hetty the way Agent Sanchez was in on Sam’s arrest.

Nate Getz:

Nate showed up at several key moments over the last few years. He was teamed up with Deeks while Kensi was in Afghanistan during the “Tuhon” episode. He was back while Hetty was in danger from the CIA’s pal Mattias. There were mole possibilities during “Head of the Snake” but that case really seemed like Nate was just way in over his head. Just days before everything went south in “Hot Water“, Nate was back to assess Kensi’s fitness to return to the field. Probably not the mole but has been around during key moments.

New folks (people introduced during the Afghanistan storyline and who have returned):

Talia del Campo:

Talia first appeared while Kensi was not taking the shot at Jack in Afghanistan. She was part of a case of the week at the docks. Her return in both halves of “Deep Trouble” at the end of Season 5, start of Season 6 happened as Hetty was going to D.C. She has been a recurring colleague in law enforcement, sometimes playing well with others, sometimes not. Talia was part of two key episodes with mole implications. She worked with the team in “The Long Goodbye” when Jada returned to her brother in the Sudan. That was the start of Tahir’s revenge plot against both Jada and Sam. Talia was also mentioned in “Hot Water” when Sam wanted to talk to an agent he knew at the DEA. “Tali” was not available according to DEA Agent Sanchez and that makes sense – Hetty worked with Sanchez to get the drugs into Sam’s car. Sanchez’s responsibility was to keep Sam in custody. Talia would have worked to free him if she wasn’t in on the case.


Joelle Taylor:

Joelle Taylor, teacher at Kamren Hanna’s school, friend of former CIA Operative Michelle Hanna and 21-month or so girlfriend of Callen, first showed up during “War Cries” (the episode following “Allegiance”). After spending months in the dark about Callen’s true identity, she spent a year working through the impact of Callen’s career on their relationship before calling things off. Seemingly a civilian, Jo had up-close and personal access to both the Hannas and to Callen. She would probably know Kensi and Deeks – she saw them at the ice rink – possibly knows Eric and Nell. The way Heather Wilson tried to get to Granger in the start of Season 8 was through a romantic relationship – could Jo have tried the same?

Anna Kolcheck:

While not a part of the Afghanistan storyline – Anna has a connection to “Hot Water” and a different one to “Under Siege”. In “Hot Water”, Callen was taken in by the agency where Anna is employed. While Sam asked for Talia, Callen never mentioned Anna. Maybe he thought he was protecting her or her career but of all the alphabet agencies out there, Callen wound up with ATF. In “Under Siege”, Anna’s connection was Sharov. Anna said she had plans in Season 7 to break her estranged father out of jail but who was with her father –Sharov. Who looked like he was running the show in “Under Siege” – Sharov. Was Anna’s concern for Arkady really a ruse to get Sharov back in the U.S.? If Jo wasn’t part of a plot to get close to Callen through romance, could it be Anna?

The rest:

According to “Under Siege”, Kensi and Sullivan/Ferris crossed paths in what sounds like Afghanistan. Kensi spent Christmas that year interviewing locals about the White Ghost – cut scenes that appeared on the DVD. According to Sullivan/Ferris, he lost his leg the next day when he and his CIA buddies were mistaken for Taliban. Kensi shot him. This works with Hetty’s complaints that the local insurgents knew what NCIS was doing in Afghanistan. They weren’t insurgents, they were CIA and they had their man Sabatino inside the truck to feed them updates on NCIS’s operations.

Suddenly, the targets in Season 8 all make sense – they are all connected to Kensi’s time in Afghanistan. End Hetty professionally and likely make a run at her when she was no longer under the protection of NCIS. Pick up Granger in a bar and set him up for a jail visit that ends with a stabbing. Get close to Kensi in rehab. Sullivan appeared at Kensi’s doorstep just as the team was bringing in Natalie Grant. Was she supposed to be kidnapped then when she was no longer with her team? Instead, she’s kidnapped weeks later as the team is in lockdown at ATF, DEA and LAPD. Hetty didn’t see the attacks coming at the non-field agent Granger or the recovering Kensi and now both pay for another miscalculation by Hetty.

So, who is the mole?

That’s what the Comment section is for.  We have a few days (cough, cough, more than a few, cough, cough) before “Payback” and while there are casting spoilers and rumors around, make your case. Who do you see as the master of mayhem in all this (not named Hetty)?  How do you see the team rallying to find Kensi? Does Kensi play a part in her own rescue (like Sam and Deeks in “Ascension“)?  Does Whiting survive? If she does, what does she do with Deeks’s confession? Have at it my friends!


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

46 Comments on Mole in the Hole! Looking Back & Looking Ahead

  1. Thanks Tess for making sense of this whole thing!

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  2. Well done Tess! What an awesome summary. Thank you.

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  3. So how does Chegwidden fit in? Does he get called in to clean up the mess? Is he there as an Admiral or as someone’s lawyer? I’m guessing that the show will need some character in a position of authority to support the team’s continuing involvement in things that should actually be out of their domain, a reminder that they may be NCIS, but they are also the Office of “Special Projects” which gives the show a lot more leeway from a storytelling point of view.

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    • Speculation here – no spoilers/no knowledge of any of this:

      When Chegwidden showed up on “NCIS”, he was hired by Vance to defend Gibbs from a DoD investigation. I don’t think Vance will do the hiring here but it seems to me that Hetty would be familiar with a former SEAL turned head of JAG turned high-priced DC attorney. Hetty may still have legal issues and the former Admiral may be the way to clear them up.


  4. Great job, Tess! I read everything you wrote carefully to be sure I’m prepared before “Payback”.

    I don’t have very clear ideas about who could be the mole, but what I hope is that Joelle won’t turn out to be the one or one of them. I have already explained my reasons in the “Under siege” review post.

    I’m not ok with her involvement in the mole arc, the very first simple reason is because I liked her character and the idea that she was totally unaware of Callen being an agent and second because knowing that she was not as genuine as we all thought, ruins some of my favorite scenes of “Humbug”, the episode in which I think Joelle was at her best. I can’t think she was playing a part when she asked Callen with a shocked look: “Who are you?”, or when she asked about his name or about the other members of his team/family.
    I’m not sure I’ll be able to forgive the writers if they have damaged the Joelle/Callen storyline which had seemed to bring some moments of normality into Callen’s very far from normal life.
    I would choose Anna a thousand times to be the mole, but knowing that Bar Paly is not among the guest actors of next episode while the actress who plays Joelle is, it’s very easy to think she will play a major role in the mole hunt.

    I’m still hoping Sabatino will redeem himself or, at least, he was not a traitor back in “Wanted”. I don’t even want to believe the writers might have ruined one of my favorite episodes ever making him evil!

    As for Sullivan, I don’t know what to think. His personal revenge seemed a little forced inside the mole arc, as if it belonged to a completely different storyline and again, turning him into a villain, has shed a different light on some previous hospital scenes which were not among my favorites, but which I had liked in that particular Kensi’s rehab context.

    So, to conclude, I have really no idea who the mole is, but what I know for sure is that in my future NCIS:LA rewatches of some episodes I will fastforward all the scenes I want to continue to keep canon in my mind.

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    • I remember watching “War Cries” when Joelle showed up and thought I bet she’s somehow connected to the Comescu family or Callen’s Russian family. She wound up being a nice teacher and a seemingly innocent person but until the last episode, we thought Sullivan was a rehabbing Marine and Sabatino was one of the OK guys at the DEA.

      My “mole” suspect list was based on anyone who showed up in or around the Afghanistan storyline (except Anna because of Sharov). Joelle is in the middle of all that. I hope Sam and Michelle found a nice woman for Callen and it just didn’t work out but everyone is a suspect at this point.

      Thanks for your kind words!


  5. I’ve never seen the cut scene of Kensi interviewing in Afghanistan, does anyone know where it is available online? I own the seasons on instant video but do not own all the DVDs additionally. Is season 5 worth investing in for the deleted scenes?

    My thoughts on the mole:
    I think that this will be a crazy episode with the rescue attempt, and towards the end there may be a twist:::::: The team finds out who the REAL mole is… and that mole will not be present for the episode.
    Que the hunt for the mole… extending the storyline, but getting out of the question of ‘who is it’… i know so many people are just sick of the mole storyline, but I think there is going to be a continuation of finding the bad guy once we find out everyone that’s involved.

    my options for this scenario are either Anna or Nate. Personally, i would love for it to be Anna because then she wont join the regular cast!!!!!! But I think it makes more sense for it to be Nate… for long time fans and for newer fans who saw him come back recently and recognize that, although not present so much anymore, he is considered a team member by the main cast. The whole time this mole hunt has been going on we have been told it will be someone from inside, and having recurring characters be the mole doesn’t ring true with what we were led to believe previously.

    I think that Joelle is involved in Sam’s family being in danger… I’m not sure if she is on the team of the moles or being blackmailed, kidnapped, etc. in order to get to his family. I think her being a mole would greatly affect Sam and Callen, so it would be very interesting.

    I kind of hope Sabatino is really on our side, I think he is a fun recurring character and wish he was brought in more often.

    With regards to Kensi’s capture, she is definitely going to have a part in saving herself. In my opinion she is the smartest on the team and will think and push her way out of the situation she is in… My own headcannon is that she ‘trained’ while she was wheelchair bound as much as possible because she was scared she would be there forever. She is an agent and her instincts are to be able to fight and protect herself, no matter what her situation, wheelchair or not…. and she will use that informal training to dodge sullivan or headbutt him and hurt him instead of her with the chainsaw looking thing.

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    • I don’t know if the scene is on YouTube but it is just a quick scene during the day where Granger and Kensi are in a village where they were interviewing the locals about the White Ghost and the locals won’t talk. Granger and Kensi decide to return to the base camp.

      Joelle being involved with selling out Sam’s family isn’t something I thought about (truth be told, I’ve had the flu for a week and wrote a lot of this while enjoying lots of cough medicine) but it makes sense. She was a family friend, one of Kam’s teachers and someone who would know about Michelle and where Aiden was in high school. Hmmmmmm.

      I do agree with you on Sabatino. I’d like him to be this show’s version of Clayton Webb from “JAG” or Fornell on “NCIS” – the guy from a different agency (Webb was CIA) that the team has to work with and/or work against every now and again.

      As for Nate, I think the program likes having him come in and out. He provides support when actors aren’t available because of other personal or professional responsibilities. They had that in season one with Renko.


  6. Tess , thanks so much for keeping this all straight and putting it altogether for us. This was really helpful to provide perspective.

    I am not sure I have any new insight into the mole. My only additional thoughts are Paul Angelo is tied to the Brunsons and certainly has an axe to grind with NCIS. Just before Chad Brunson died in addition to alluding to a mole in NCIS, he also says “checkmate”. Checkmate was the phrase used between Janvier and Callen. Janvier also told Callen when Callen visited him in jail he will escape and exact revenge and references the “Count of Monte Christo” . In “Cancel Christmas’” it is noted that Janvier sent Callen a Christmas card . So Janvier was involved in the nukes and that also had the CIA involved. As you pointed out Sabatino was called back to head a task force but that was after Snyder who was also CIA was killed. As I recall there was also tension there between NCIS and CIA. So is it possible that the CIA made a deal with Janvier and somehow Angelo is the mole in NCIS and Janvier is pulling the strings?

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    • Thanks for your kind words.

      Janvier to me has always been a good idea if they are able to write their own exit. If the program gets to go out on its own terms (and with the last episode being the #3 show on TV that week, that exit probably won’t be anytime soon), that could be their big last case – the return of Janvier. Janvier killed a woman Hetty saw as a daughter; he killed Renko who Callen lived with for a short while; he nearly killed Sam, Kensi and Deeks in the warehouse explosion; he was responsible for Sam and Deeks being tortured. Why leave him alone rotting in a prison when there is one last story to tell.


  7. Tess, this is just a fantastic job of compiling all of this,
    thank you so much.

    Die, Anna, Die,

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  8. Thank you for putting this together. It helps me see the bigger picture. I do think it needs to have one of moles have close connections to the main team. I like it being connected back to Janiver. Sullivan have been an easy recruit. I have thought Nate would be an interesting mole though I really hope not. No matter who it is we will not be able to look at previous episodes the same. The Count of Monte Christo is one of my favorite novels. I look forward to reading more comments.

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    • I completely agree that the mole has to be someone close to the team. Or at least known by the team. Carl Brown was just “that guy” – someone who showed up once. We had no reason to care about him. They made him interesting this season but that effort should have been made in season seven.

      As for Nate, I remember Shane Brennan saying he loved the idea of a Renko or Nate – someone who worked with the team every now and again but was on long undercover cases. I think Nate works well for them in that role.

      Thanks for your nice words. It was fun to do.


  9. applying non deductive reasoning and the tried and true, widely proven problem solving method of applying personal preference, gut feelings and wild ass guesses to a unclear issue and then beating the half-answer with a hammer until it fits….
    lets solve this thing…

    I dont think Kensi or Deeks are part of this

    the unexpected betrayal has to happen to Sam or Callen
    So that should leave Joelle or Anna

    now we get to a problem,
    did the show leave out some of the guest actors from the press release?

    if yes, lets get rid of Anna.
    probably not, so it mist be Joelle.

    The CIA jerks…
    Sullivan…a bad guy
    a jerk from day one but inserted himself into Kens’is life

    Sabatino, Too obvious really.
    the way he took of his mask so fast to let Hetty know he was there and the way he looked when she called him a traitor were curious.

    probably not both of them anyway.

    I will leave that one to you.

    its her fault and she may go down either in a shootot or life in prison…
    but she is not behind this

    Paul Angelo,
    not listed, but it would be a good story

    would be a great mastermind, but he is not listed either

    probably not close enough, and not listed

    he is too far removed from this to be involved and have anyone care.
    he is either here to defend Hetty from life in prison, or to oversee OSP in Granger’s absence…
    maybe both.

    we still need the inside man that Brunson mentioned.
    that leaves Nate, Eric and Nell

    he would be perfect, and really….why else bring him back, otherwise it was a big waste of time.
    he could be the big Red Herring
    but he is not listed either…

    she is such a contrast. Suspicious because of her behavior with the flashdrive…and where did she work before anyway…and for who? some think tank or something…could it have been a cover?

    here it could get good.
    he is such a goofball….but he has had a couple of odd facial expressions when noone is looking that make you wonder if it is all an act.
    perfect right?

    is Michelle a part of this?
    if Sam talks in his sleep, there is the leak right there…case closed.
    She is not listed either, so I think the betrayal is Joelle and not Michelle.

    we still need a mastermind, or do we?

    so, if the Network is honest and giving these great guest actors their due by listing them in the press release… what do we have?

    Joelle, the CIA covert sleeper
    Eric or Nell, the traitor…lets go with Eric.

    several more CIA jerks and some unnamed muscle.

    on second thought, maybe Hetty and Nell square off a shootout…
    the shortest duel in history…get it…

    now, if they are keeping secrets from us…

    my first candidate would be Nate.

    dont like Anna but it is not likely.
    you could swap her for Joelle and have her be the one betraying Callen…and she does have the Russian connection

    Angelo because he must hate Hetty, and she let him go, so it would be her fault.
    remember Granger wanted to put a bullet in his head.

    I still don’t think Michelle is involved, but,…Na, dont think so.

    Talia is just too out of the loop I think….a weak maybe

    so if there are secrets being kept
    we have…


    I have now officially lost myself, and rather than go back and figure out what happened…
    I am just gonna hit POST COMMENT instead.

    so here we go…1, 2, 3…push

    Die, Anna, Die,

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    • I think the CIA has to have a break in the ranks somewhere…they cant all be bad.
      Sabatino had too many chances to take out Kensi in Afghanistan.
      my vote is Sabatino good, Sullivan bad


  10. Tess this is incredibly impressive. It just doesn’t seem possible to have compiled all this while under the influence of cold and flu drugs! I am in awe. Seriously!

    I rewatched a little of “Angels & Daemons” on Sunday night in a whole new light. Callen was stalking Joelle, who had started seeing a new man. I am crossing my fingers that the show manages to pull off something impressive that makes sense and feels like it was planned all along. If so, I’ll be happy to go back and rewatch many more episodes in a new light. Until then, I’m signing off of social media in an effort to avoid any additional spoilers. I wish all those who enjoy the speculating another fun week- Tess has given everyone lots to talk about.


    • Thank you! There is a typo or two in there that I can blame on the many green colored cough medicines I was mainlining last week.

      I forgot that Callen was a little clingy after the break-up. That will be interesting.

      Good luck with your radio silence!


  11. Wow, what a huge undertaking…thanks for spelling it all out, Tess. You did an incredible job with this. I didn’t read anything there that changed my mind; I’m still leaning toward Nate as the mastermind behind all of it. Not sure what the motive would be (but then we didn’t learn of Sullivan/Ferris’s motive until we found out he was a bad guy). Nate’s spent a lot of time away from the team and out of the country, all on Hetty’s orders, one would presume. I think something could have happened or he could have seen something or met someone that tuned him against Hetty/NCIS, and that Sullivan’s actions against Kensi are more than Nate bargained for. Plus I think the whole episode last year when Nate was supposed to have been a traitor may have just been a way for him to feel out how the team would respond…how far can he go and have them believe he’s still a good guy? I think it’ll be great drama (even after the arc) to see how that all plays out if Nate betrayed the entire team.

    I do believe Joelle will end up being another mole; Anna’s too obvious, IMO. And I’m with those who still aren’t fully convinced that Sabatino’s a baddie.

    Kensi can definitely play a part in her rescue; or at least in keeping that reciprocating saw away from her leg long enough for the cavalry to arrive (or other moles, if pics aren’t misleading).

    The question of Whiting’s survival is an interesting one. I really didn’t see Deeks’ confession coming, He is a good guy and a man of his word, but I don’t think he would have told her right then/there if he really thought she was going to survive (maybe he was trying to use it as motivation to keep her fighting). That said, the case doesn’t just goes away if she dies; unless other people in IAB don’t care as much about Deeks as she does. But if she lives, what are the chances she just decides to forgive and forget, even if he did help to save her life? Perhaps she lives and offers to drop it if he leaves LAPD so Deeks is not her problem anymore? It’s not like once he gets up on the stand in court that a jury would ever convict him (look what he was able to accomplish with all those hardened criminals Whiting put in the jail cell with him); so the most that would happen is he loses his job. Everyone’s happy if he resigns from LAPD and joins NCIS.

    Just my (surely inaccurate) $0.02.

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    • in regards to Deeks job vs jail time…
      I think Whiting lives and keeps his secret.
      I think the bigger picture is the dynamic inside OSP.
      Sam and Callen were relatively unscathed by the whole Hetty setup,
      however, Deeks could have long time effects to his career, Whiting may have died, and Kensi gets captured again.
      I have no idea how Hetty could maintain the level of trust and respect needed to run the team. effectivley.
      Surely, at the very least, Kensi and Deeks can never forgive or forget this…
      Hetty’s miscalculations have cost the team so much already…and now this?


    • Thanks for the nice words! No spoilers ahoy, just thoughts:

      I agree that Anna is too obvious. With Arkady’s fluid loyalties, I see Anna purposely wanting to be the opposite.

      As for Whiting, I think she’s like Duggan. She won’t survive that injury. Deeks was being kind as she was wounded and wanted her to stay calm. He gave her what she wanted because he was a good guy in that situtation – he told the truth and tried to comfort her. I disagree with him joining NCIS. Always want to keep his options opened.


      • in response to Tess’ last comment, I don’t think you have to worry about Deeks joining NCIS anytime soon.
        being my usual suspicious self, I don’t think the writers will allow it. I feel they will keep it in their back pocket for a rainy day as a treat to tease us with.
        in the meantime Deeks being a liaison serves the purpose for the showrunners of being a great tool to use to shipwreck the Densi ship. Especially if they think it is going to fast, they will use it to throw out an anchor.
        After all this is over, and many of us are hoping for some advancement in the relationship, or at least some kind of stability….the hammer will fall.
        Quite likely after a proposal. Then, while planning the wedding, Deeks will get hauled off for a long term undercover opp or some crap. Cant you see it coming.
        …that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

        there is a slight chance I have some trust issues.

        Die, Anna, Die,


  12. Thank you Tess for this very impressive summary.
    I agree that Anna being the mole is a bit obvious, but maybe (if she is the mole) there will be something that makes it at least little more interesting (her motive or her working together with someone like Nate). I would be very happy with the obvious choice though 🙂

    If the mole is someone like Anna, Michelle or Joelle I am hoping we will see Deeks and Kensi give Hetty/Sam/Callen a piece of their mind for putting them in danger.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not sure I see Deeks or Kensi blaming Sam, Callen, or Hetty for being taken in by someone who was put in place to fool them, and clearly did it well. Kensi is just as guilty of that with Sullivan, after all.

      However, I believe it was Ed who made the point that Densi can certainly be unhappy with Hetty’s manipulations again. She set Callen and Sam up, so even though they were arrested, they were in no real danger of being charged/found guilty of the crimes for which planted evidence. But Deeks is guilty of his crime, and for Hetty to draw attention and provide fresh fuel to that fire again by giving Tiffany’s name to Whiting seriously puts his career and freedom in jeopardy. I guess they/we can’t fault Hetty directly for Kensi being kidnapped since I presume she had no prior knowledge of Sullivan/Ferris and his grudge. BUT, once again, she withheld information from Kensi and the team (the fact that the boys were in custody for their own safety and didn’t need rescuing) that, had Kensi known it, she probably wouldn’t have been in a position to be kidnapped.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t mean that Kensi/Deeks would necessarily blame Hetty/Callen/Sam, what I meant was more like Hetty/Callen/Sam kind of show and realize they make mistakes too/aren’t as perfect as they sometimes seem to be (Especially Callen sometimes criticises Deeks and acts like he is so much more capable and better agent than Deeks, even though they have bonded little bit more this season).
        I do apologize, it is kind of difficult for me to express what I am trying to say.


      • Psyched , I certainly think that giving Whiting Tiffany’s name was awful because as you pointed out Deeks is guilty, however, she also put Tiffany in a very bad place. If we take what Deeks said to Whiting as canon , then he shot Boyle with his own gun to prevent him from shooting Tiffany which implies Tiffany was there. So in the end Tiffany does know what happened and if called to testify she would be forced to lie if she wanted to protect Deeks.


        • I do think that there is a strong possibility that Tiffany was there or at least knows what Deeks did
          to protect her.
          I think the $400/ month Deeks sends her is just to help her get on her feet and not a bribe for silence. She keeps the secret because of loyalty, not money.

          Die, Anna, Die,


          • Ed, definitely agree, Deeks does not pay Tiffany bribe money, it is money to help her out. I do think she is loyal to Deeks and would lie for him , but I still resent that Hetty dragged her into this, her life has been hard enough.


          • Here’s to hoping the issue of “was Tiffany there?” is answered in the Season 8 DVD ECO/Dani commentary episode!


            • that would work,
              however, I think I would rather see it in the episode, after the mole thing is over, maybe with a friendly hug and a whispered…”thank you, I owe you everything” from Tiffany into Deeks ear.
              maybe she says ” I would have lied you know, I owe you my life”…

              something like that…

              Die, Anna, Die,


        • AnneS, thanks for the clarification. No need to apologize; communication without the benefit of tone of voice and over long gaps of time often makes it difficult to get one’s point across in the way we intend.

          Sassyzazzi, how funny is it that after Deeks’ confession, I thought the exact opposite in regards to Tiffany. Deeks statement, “You were right all along. He was a dirty cop and I shot him with his own gun ’cause he was going to try to kill that girl” to me meant that Deeks knew Boyle had plans to kill Tiffany, and that she wasn’t in imminent danger when Deeks killed Boyle. If she had been there and her life was in danger at the time of Boyle’s death, I think the writers would have had Deeks say something more like “he was about to kill her” or “he was going to kill her'” “Going to TRY to kill her” takes away the immediacy, in my mind. But po-tay-to, po-tah-to, probably.

          In any event, this poor girl is trying to get on with her life and Hetty’s latest stunt brings attention to her that she certainly doesn’t want. And even if she didn’t see anything, the fact that Deeks has been helping her financially for all this time certainly makes it look like he’s paying her for her silence. And you know Whiting wouldn’t have/won’t believe Tiffany whether she was really there or not.


      • I will go on the record and say that Kensi and Deeks do have cause to blame Hetty for some of this.
        without Her super secret manipulation…
        Deeks doesn’t get arrested,Sam and Callen are still around to help, Kensi doesn’t run off to communicate with him alone, Kensi Doesn’t get grabbed because she would not have been there, Deeks doesn’t hear Kensi get grabbed over comms and doesn’t have to bargain with Whiting to get out of jail, Whiting doesn’t get shot because she would not have been there, Deeks doesn’t confess because Whiting doesn’t get shot…
        as bad as all this mole stuff was, Hetty made it infinitely worse.
        Did Hetty get some results…yes, but other good people and her own team have to pay a high price for her actions and lack of candor with them.
        do I need to go on???

        So, if someone would like to explain how someone who has been on the receiving end of Hetty’s miscalculations before..(.Like Kensi with Afghanistan or even Deeks, ), would not be even slightly justified in thinking that a portion of this could possibly be considered Hetty’s fault.
        I would love to read that point of view….

        wow, did I just win the contest for creating the most convoluted run on sentence of the year so far…
        so, to summarize, some members of the team would be justified in holding the midget manipulator accountable for some of this.

        Die, Anna, Die,


      • I would imagine whatever evidence Whiting had on Deeks was like the evidence of the bodies and drugs (Sam) or explosives (Callen) that the DEA and ATF found – easily explained. Bates may have even been in on it since he wasn’t there to retrieve/rescue Deeks the way Agent Sanchez was with Sam (and I’m guessing if she isn’t the mole, Anna was with ATF).

        As for Kensi being in the field, I have a feeling Sullivan would have shown up at the office, boat shed or done what he needed to get her alone and away from anyone who could help her.

        Where Hetty owes a debt is if Granger doesn’t survive his attack. Granger was out looking for Heather and wound up drugged and later stabbed because Heather was CIA and this was an assault against the people in Afghanistan (Kensi and Granger) and the person who sent them there (Hetty).


        • maybe I am letting my lack of respect and patience for Hetty’s antics color my opinion somewhat.
          …but if she fails to survive this mole purge, either career wise or even literally, I will likely stand in front of the TV and clap loudly…
          I may possibly feel bad about it afterwards, but I will do it none the less.

          then I will tune in the next week to watch A.J. Chegwidden, while sitting in her old chair with his feet on her old desk…drinking strong black coffee from her tea cup.
          …or having her desk hauled off and dumping the tea set in the trash…

          I might have reached my limit.

          maybe he comes in and catches Nell sitting there and tells her to get the hell out of his chair and get her ass up to opps.

          Die, Anna, Die,


      • Kinda late to the party here, but I’ve been reading all the comments about Hetty giving up Tiffany to Whiting, etc…but think about the scene where the guys are in Ops with Whiting, where Nell plays the phone call between DEA Agent Sanchez and Hetty, where he admits he let Sam go; it was at that point they realized Hetty had set them all up to be held, but Whiting points out no one asked her to hold Deeks. Even though Sam said he bet someone tipped her off, do we know for sure that was Hetty? Or is there something else going on that has yet to be revealed to us? It feels too obvious. Maybe I’m reading too far into it…


    • Thank you for the kind words.

      I don’t ever see Michelle being the mole. And if this all goes back to Afghanistan, Hetty is the only person who bares any responsibility. Even if she told Kensi why she was in Afghanistan after Kensi was shipped out, that would have been at least better than what was done. Instead, Kensi was flying blind, 7,000 miles away from the team with people she didn’t care much about (Granger’s stature with the team grew starting with “Spoils of War”) or didn’t trust at all (Sabatino). One person is behind all these troubles – Hetty. Callen and Sam were pawns as were Granger, Deeks, Kensi, Eric and Nell. Hey, Jack was a pawn in “Come Back” since Hetty didn’t bother to mention his family was under the protection of a SEAL team. Hetty no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.


      • Tess,
        well said, Bravo…
        Tess for president, or prime minister, or sultan, or grand poobah…
        heck, just put her in charge of something, she gets my vote…

        it’s Hetty’s fault….
        now there’s a campaign slogan

        Die, Anna, Die,


      • even if everyone else gets out of this alive, and it is doubtful for Granger and Whiting…
        the fact is that Whiting got shot, Granger got stabbed, Kensi got kidnapped and punched or something ( from the bloody lip pic). Then there is Deeks, even if his undercover career is not over, his effectiveness and safety will be jeopardized because while he was in jail he was outed as LAPD to criminals. None of this would have happened if not for the garden gnome.

        It’s Hetty’s Fault
        Die, Anna, Die,


  13. Honestly; I have waiting fatigue! The End!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Thanks for this awesome recap. I had been trying to remember all of the episodes the mole was brought up in. I wonder if Sullivan was supposed to be CIA all along, or if the writers just came up with that after his original guest spot. Even though he and Kensi had a competitive friendship, it certainly seemed like they had truly become friends. I guess I have a hard time believing that Sullivan was able to keep his malice for Kensi under wraps for so long. But, I guess if he’d been trained in undercover work, he was just running an op on Kensi when they were in therapy in order to carry out his master plan.

    Nate is high on my list of mole suspects.

    I also think Sam’s wife would be a good guess since she worked with the CIA. The only wrench in this idea is that she’s on a show on another network.

    I don’t think any of our six main characters are involved. I do think Hetty still could be involved in some way.

    I hope Whiting survives and just drops the case against Deeks.

    I wonder since we haven’t even seen a preview yet for the episode if they are trying to keep a proposal, or even a spur of the moment wedding under wraps. Maybe Kensi and Deeks have been through so much they decide to get married asap.

    I can’t wait for Sunday to finally find out who the mole is!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      I think this storyline was carefully planned out because the show needed to pre-film so many of Daniela Ruah’s scenes. A lot of smart fans wondered about Sullivan showing up at Kensi’s home during “Sirens” – now it all makes sense.

      I’m not high on Nate being the mole, Sam’s wife either. Just like you, can’t wait until Sunday comes and we finally get some answers.


  15. Although I’ve had waiting fatigue; this is ridiculous; 3 weeks in the middle of an arc and to be continued — Oiy! However I would like to acknowledge and thank you for putting all this together for the fans. Its a lot of work and its very much appreciated.
    Can’t wait til Sunday; Oh yeah, they changed the time again — Oiy! This Sunday 9:00

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words. This was fun to do. And it does seem like a long time since we’ve seen a new episode. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however.

      Thanks again!


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