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Review: NCISLA “Deep Trouble, Pt. II” (S6E1)

NCISLA - Deep Trouble Pt 2


Even though NCISLA is on a new day and time, the season six premier begins exactly where we left off with last year’s cliffhanger, Deep Trouble, Pt.I. As Kensi and Deeks look helplessly out over the harbor, Callen and Sam are trapped somewhere underwater in an armed submarine which is heading straight for a Navy aircraft carrier stationed at San Diego. R. Scott Gemmill completes his two-part story and brings in veteran director Dennis Smith to take over on camera duties. Unfortunately, the final episode of last season wasn’t reviewed with much enthusiasm on my part as compared with some of the other cliffhangers in the past.  So I was hoping that the season six premier would bring a much more exciting storyline this time and YES….. Mr. Gemmill delivers!

We’re on Our Own

The action starts up again fast and furious as Kensi and Deeks realize they have to find a way to prevent the sub from making it to open waters.  It’s not going to be easy as the vessel makes its way silently underwater without being seen. The whole team is now working furiously to stop this sub including Hetty who interrupts her trip to Washington, where she was slated to explain her actions in the White Ghost debacle. She returns to the Mission to help her agents and friends, despite Granger’s warning (Hetty: I have a lipstick gun in my purse and I’m not afraid to use it.). Back in the sub, Callen and Sam are on their own and pulling out all the stops to slow down the sub but without light and air it’s going to get real messy and quick. This is a Jihad suicide mission and the two agent are going along for the ride unless they can stop the catastrophe that awaits them.

She’s baaaaack!

I think we all can agree there was never any real chemistry between Deeks and Talia last season, so I was surprised that the DEA agent made her way back in this episode to resume her catfight with Kensi. But jealousy is a strong emotion and even if Kensi truly doesn’t believe there is anything going on between Deeks and Talia, it works to help move the Densi storyline along a bit more. Kensi is still struggling over her feelings for Deeks but she may be finally ready to fight for her man. As the newly formed trio combines forces to stop the sub, Kensi finagles a way to keep Talia away from her partner and Deeks is confused and not amused.

Finally! The 500 ton elephant in the room has been acknowledged! Even though the catfight that ensues is a bit silly, at least Talia has the guts to challenge Kensi regarding her feelings for Deeks (Best line of the night: You need to let that boy under your hood for a little oil change!). Glad to see someone has the guts to call it the way she sees it. Of course Kensi responds with her signature head butt (ugh!) but the return shot was a beaut! It’s not all fisticuffs as the two female agents figure out the real purpose of the sub’s mission and perhaps gain a little respect for each other along the way.

Inside the sub, Callen and Sam also realize where all the explosives are headed and the original drug search is turning into an international terrorist plot and a suicide mission for our boys. If they can’t stop the sub, they are going to have to sink it and if they don’t do it…the Navy will. (Sam: I don’t ever think I’ve seen you so excited about a suicide plan!).

To Friends and Partners!

The remainder of the episode was a race to rescue the two agents onboard the sub and prevent it from reaching its ultimate destination. Despite the tense storyline, there were a lot of light moments as well between Callen and Sam, and Densi and Talia. Even with all the trailers and spoilers that were leaked in the weeks before the premier, I’m happy to say Deep Trouble, Pt II was a very satisfying conclusion to the cliffhanger. It was good to see the gang back in control again and doing what they do best. It was first class action and storytelling all the way which is what we have come to love about this show. And of course it wouldn’t be the same without its signature humor and the amusing bantering going on between partners. Gemmill’s dialogue is fresh and laugh-out-loud funny. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great new year ahead for the NCISLA franchise.  It will be interesting to see if the show’s ratings will remain the same as they move to this new date and time. Fingers crossed!

Memorable Moments

  • Callen: What the hell you doing there MacGyver? I enjoyed seeing Sam use all his math and MacGyver skills despite Callen’s razzing. It showed another side to the big man not always on display.
  • Did Sam actually say he preferred Deeks’ company after Callen’s terrible Mr. T. imitation? Yep, we’ve come a long way baby!
  • As much as I hated the catfight between Talia and Kensi, it certainly cleared the air, even if Kensi didn’t like what she had to say.
  • Granger finally becomes a member of the team and sticks his neck out for his agents and Hetty. About time!



Deeks Moments

  • At the hospital Deeks interrogates the main suspect in the brotherhood group and it looks like he uses an old tool in his interrogation box. I was surprised to see him using force again to try and get Wilson to answer his questions. It didn’t work in Afghanistan but he’s willing to try it again. Interesting. I prefer the mind games he plays with Wilson later. Deeks is always better using his head than his brawn. His lawyer brain is fun to watch as he tricks Wilson into spilling the beans.
  • Ok, so Deeks carries around a small bottle of whiskey with him at all times? Really? I knew he had to have something else up his sleeve! So does that mean he carries a small bottle of apple juice around at all times? I don’t even know where to go with that one! (Deeks: I saw a guy with a drill bit in his head and he could probably use a drink.)
  • Wilson: I refuse to die.  Deeks: And I refuse to grow up, actually, that’s working out pretty well for me! (Yes it is, Mr. Deeks.)


Densi Moments

  • I think this is the first time I can remember Deeks so annoyed with Kensi’s behavior. As Kensi steers Deeks away from driving off with Talia, I found it funny how he has to bite down on his tongue to hold off on any sarcastic remarks. Always picking his battles; it’s one Deeks knew he couldn’t win.
  • Deeks is really not liking this new alliance between Talia and Kensi towards the end but it’s really fun to watch him squirm, isn’t it?
  • Deeks:  Am I missing something? Kensi: Yes, and it’s called a cerebral cortex.  (Good one, Kensi!)
  • How sweet was Deeks when he teases Kensi and agrees that she will make a beautiful bride? Yes, more tickling and less punches!!!
  • Always love when Kensi reaches out to Deeks for support since it’s so rare. But when she grabs his hand, my heart stopped. Beautiful moment.

Welcome back to Season Six everyone! It was great to see the gang back in action again. Next week we have a special surprise as one of the crew stops by to talk to wikiDeeks about next week’s episode. Make sure you join us Monday for this interview and my review of the episode “Inelegant Heart” See you then!

Title: “Deep Trouble”  Part II
Writers: R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Dennis Smth
Original Air Date: September 29, 2014


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21 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Deep Trouble, Pt. II” (S6E1)

  1. I have to admit, I had a totally different reaction. I wasn’t impressed. I found the ep meh overall. Loved every DEEKS moment, but I’m tired of Kensi acting like a high school teenager, BFF’s Kensi and Talia is stupid and Gee, lets make fun of Deeks again. I actually do NOT like watching him squirm. I’m still waiting for Kensi to treat Deeks with respect, which didn’t happen here. So, other than ECO was awesome and I loved the Hetty and Granger moments, this ep was bleh. But ECO/DEEKS is amazeballs as always. And he looked so beautiful.


  2. You don’t think they are ever going to stop Kensi’s barbs to Deeks? As long as it stays fun and flirty, I’m ok with that. As far as I could tell, there was no malice there. But as far as watching him squirm…. I say the more the better and the closer we will get to him having to make up his mind regarding this relationship (if one will ever exist.) At this point in the game I don’t care what side he decides to take as long as he is happy and content with his decision. Then they can either start a marvelous love affair or he can find companionship with someone else. And maybe if that happens he will know what he had in Kensi and return…or not. I just want the storyline to progress and not take another six years to get any further.


    • Tinkerbella // October 1, 2014 at 3:16 AM // Reply

      I don’t like watching anyone squirm. Just like I don’t like how Kensi punches him. From her it never seems CUTE to me ever. Of course, I’m anti Kensi and really don’t want them together because she’ll never be good enough for him, for me. Deeks has proven his feelings for Kensi TO Kensi time and again. He’s done all the work in the relationship really. Kensi just expects him to be there and he is. He’s done 90 % of the work/effort. He supports her, is proud of her, and tells people as much. Kensi has never been respectful to him from where I’m sitting and she sure doesn’t tell people how great he is, whereas Deeks lets everyone know his PARTNER is great. So, yeah. I don’t like how she makes him squirm, makes fun of him and hits him all the time. That’s not my idea of flirting. I’ve been Anti Kensi since the PUNCH and, sadly, the way the writers keep going, I doubt I’ll ever really like her again. But DEEKS? I started watching the show for Deeks and I’ll always love him, flaws and all. That’s why I love him more than the others and always will. He’s not perfect, doesn’t pretend to be. I just wish he got the credit he deserved from them all. He’s saved them multiple times. Even the interrogation he did, and other moments like that, no one ever sees them but us viewers. I’m a Deeks girl all the way and really, that’s what I’m watching for. I try and ignore Kensi most of the time now. lol. It’s a challenge since they’re always together. lol


      • I am the person that thumbs downed your comment but I meant to thumb up it. Sorry about that (It won’t fix)

        I agree with almost everything you said above except I was one of those people that always defended Kensi but after watching the first episode of season 6 I feel the same way you do.

        Kensi doesn’t act like she respect Deeks at all. She is constantly making fun of him and when it comes down to someone else making fun of him she joins in on it rarely if ever does she defend him.

        The way she acted in this episode really turned me off to her. I am just hoping the writers redeem themselves when the real new episodes start next Monday. This latest episode was just a continuation of season 5. At least I am hoping.


      • Tinkerbella, I am right there with you. I disliked Kensi’s behavior with the cat fight and the petty jealousy, detested it when she turned on a dime to be besties with Talia and positively loathed how they ganged up on him to mock him. So much for loyalty to her partner, huh? And like you, I have never forgiven Kensi for The Punch. I doubt I ever will. You make a great point that, while Deeks goes out of his way to praise Kensi to anyone who will listen, she does nothing but denigrate and disrespect him. And although she always criticizes Deeks for never saying what he means, he has done most of the sincere communicating and made most of the effort in their “partnership.”

        Like you, I watch the show for Deeks, and try to ignore Kensi as much as possible. So we can share our anti-Kensi corner and brave the thumbs down together, cuz I am in total agreement with you that I don’t want them together. Deeks deserves so much better than her.


    • Telling him he didn’t have a brain is neither fun or flirty and neither was the way she treated him in the car,

      Sorry I have to disagree with you at your own site:P


      • That’s ok we can agree to disagree. Just remember Deeks has done the same to Kensi on many occasions. You can tell when it’s all in fun. This definitely was all in fun.


        • I honestly do not remember a single time in an episode where Deeks said stuff to Kensi that was as mean as telling him he was missing a cerebral cortex.

          I didn’t find any of that banter in the car with Talia unjoyable and I am usually one of the first people to defend Kensi but I honestly just did not enjoy a second of it.

          To me banter is back and forth comedy. Making a joke at the expense of someone you are supposed to love in front of other people is not something I enjoy.

          That scene reminds me of the episode with the Five-0 guys where Kensi laughed when Deeks passed out. ( we didn’t get to see it but they talked about it)

          Its kind of like how I can pick on my family but if someone else says something you stand up for them. When Kensi turns against Deeks in favor or everyone else it grates on my last nerve and that whole care scene was one of those times.

          It did not find it amusing at all.


  3. Nice review, Di! I enjoyed the episode more than I expected to, though I did have similar reactions to Talia and Kensi’s cat fight and I was surprised that Deeks was willing to exert any kind of physical intimidation, even though it was fairly slight. I didn’t mind Talia pushing Kensi to think in a different way, or make her consider seeing things she hadn’t before, but the cat fight and then turning to BFFs seemed a little fast. But who knows, maybe they’ll build on that. It was an all around tense, action packed, and interesting episode, and great to see the team back together and celebrating at the end!


  4. Great review Diane!

    I agree with the surprise about Deeks using (mild) force with the suspect. Surprised me a bit, but he backed off that fairly quickly. I was similarly puzzled about the whiskey/apple juice bottle. My rationalization is that he worked the streets as an undercover cop and in his work as a public defender he would have had a lot of experiences with individuals like Wilson. As such, he would be aware that many of the people who deal also use and alcohol is a common co-abused substance so he came prepared. Bit of a stretch though.

    JKP tweeted that it took 2 hours of makeup to create the look of that burn. I thought it was very realistic in appearance, something I always appreciate. When shows attempt medical talk/visuals and fall short I find it distracting because I know what the actual should look/sound like. This hit the mark and that is not easy to do. Kudos to “Wilson” for enduring the make-up!

    On the same theme, I found the tone, content and amount of team banter to be delightful in lightening the intensity of the episode. I also found that particularly realistic. I’ve said before that I have only worked in life/death settings and as the intensity goes up, we have this need for a bit of a release valve so a bit of banter seems to happen. It was appropriate to the situation but very effective and realistic, I thought.

    Last, but definitely not least, the Densi scene at the Chinese restaurant: WOW!! Loved that. Tickling instead of punching: awesome!! The look in Deeks eyes when he agrees that Kensi will make a beautiful bride: WOW!! Her look in response: sigh. It was almost as if he has had that thought before. And she knows him well enough to know when it’s a cover and when it’s real and this was a real comment. Despite my clearly stated desire to have their relationship move forward, I’m satisfied with this sort of Densi interaction. I don’t need graphic detail (we’ve got fanfic for that!). But this kind of sweetness is perfect for me. I know others will disagree and that’s OK too!

    Can’t wait for next week!


  5. It wasn’t my favorite premiere, but the sub action was exciting, which is hard to do with just two actors in an enclosed space. Chris and LL played off each other so well, with Callen seeming to actually be having a good time until the air started to run out. There was great tension and even though you knew they weren’t going to die, there was a sense of suspense about how they would escape. The emotions of their friends and teammates were rather subdued for me, but I loved how Kensi and Deeks reacted as the chopper circled the destroyed sub. They clung to each other and Deeks reached for her hand with Kensi interlacing her fingers with his as if it were the most natural thing to do…that made it all perfect for me.

    I’m not a big Talia fan, she’s a little too much for me, rather course, and I’m not sure of her purpose in this episode other than to provoke Kensi. I actually liked the head butt, although it seemed a little over the top. I actually laughed. That Kensi said, “Stay away from my partner” seemed to be the sole purpose of the scene. Fighting for her man. Deeks just seemed as confused by them as in the season finale.

    The first scene of Deeks interrogating the burn victim gave me a chill and a torture flashback to Spoils of War. Maybe we will get a little darkness of soul from Deeks this season. BPNP’s comment about the bottle Deeks carried was exactly what I thought…where the heck did that come from? It reminded me of the apple Deeks took a bite out of in the set up shooting of Ray in Plan B. Where did he get that apple??? Still bugs me as this little bottle scene will do for a while.

    It was all about partners for me and possibly the team becoming closer as the last scene showed. I truly loved that. Coming close to losing people you care about always opens one’s eyes to how empty your life would be without them, which clearly showed on Kensi and Deeks’ faces as they looked down from that chopper. Glad to have them all back for another season.

    Great job on the review Di…you are the best!


  6. Thanks so much for a great review! I enjoyed the season premiere simply because the NCISLA family is back!! I too was disappointed in last season’s finale, but looked forward to how Talia would make Kensi and Deeks deal with their emotions. I enjoyed the tension throughout the episode with Callen and Sam as well as the Densi moments.

    As far as Kensi being put in a position to fight for her man, I have to say I was totally surprised when Talia said “You need to let that boy under your hood for a little oil change!” I was like “Wow, welcome to 10pm!!” the headbutt from Kensi didn’t surprise me (I smiled), but neither did the punch from Talia. These are women that are so used to being in hostile environments, I think it rubs off a little. I was a little confused about them being BFFs though by the time they met up with Deeks again. Maybe there is a deleted scene we don’t know about yet. But still, it was a little far fetched.

    Now as far as Deeks goes, he has always enjoyed the attention women have given him. I did like seeing Deeks squirm, since he’s dished it out just as well over the years. I think in part I of this episode, he was enjoying not only the attention, but seeing Kensi react and show her feelings. Deeks has been more expressive on how he feels about their “thiing” than Kensi, even if he is not sure how to proceed in controling his emotions, their partnership and the risks that go along with it. In Frozen Lake, Kensi asked Deeks to be patient with her and I think since then we still see that she does need time to deal with their partnership and their personal relationship. When Kensi told him to go to the hospital to question Wilson and she ride with Talia, I have to say Deeks may have thought maybe Kensi lacked some trust in him or that Talia would really take her flirting too far at Wilson’s house. But how he went along with her plan was good too. It wasn’t worth arguing over.

    The scene in the restaurant was awesome!! A beautiful Densi moment! The expression on Deeks’ face when he agrees with how Kensi will make a beautiful bride was priceless!! Kensi’s reaction was very telling as well. Deeks is more in love with Kensi than she is with him. My take is she has strong feelings for him and would never want to lose him, but she still struggles. She was burned by Jack. So Kensi will continue to need to work through her emotions, accepting that she loves Deeks without the fear of the past repeating itself with a loss of some kind (relationship and/or partnership). I think that although Deeks does have things to figure out emotionally too, I would like to see their “thing” to continue. I don’t want either of them to be with someone else, even for a minute! I would be so disappointed if they happened.

    I hope and pray the new night and time doesn’t hurt the ratings too much. I want NCISLA and Densi to live on!


  7. Great review Di, I really enjoyed reading it. Before I get to the things I didn’t like, let me focus on the positives. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting the sub scenes were. LL and COD were both really good. I don’t think LL gets enough credit for his portrayal of Sam Hanna. Here you could see his immediate distress from being in a confined space (he was once buried alive after all). And Callen’s continual banter and joking were his effort to help Sam keep his spirits up. Just beautifully written and acted.

    Of course the line that made me laugh the hardest was Hetty saying, “I’ve always been partial to the truth.” Really? REALLY? I’ve just gotta laugh at the fact that she, Granger, and apparently the writers might actually believe that.

    I had avoided all spoilers so hadn’t seen the catfight scene. I guess that’s why they had Kensi slugging Deeks five times in Part 1? To try to make her actions with Talia seem in character? If Kensi has this little self-control, I’m beginning to think she needs an anger management class. I was fairly disgusted with the whole thing and found it completely unrealistic. To me it felt like a scene written by a bunch of men who loved the fantasy of these two women fighting. And I don’t think it was an accident that they released this early- it feels like a (desperate) ploy to attract (male) viewers.

    I was completely shocked by Deeks’ behavior at the hospital. It actually shook me and caused me to re-evaluate how I think of him. I’ll save further comments on that for the debate/discussion that I think Di and I are going to do on the topic.

    Finally, I had some quibbles with someone, probably the editor and/or the director. I’d have really liked to see the scene at the restaurant played a bit slower, with a longer shot lingering on his expression (and her reaction) to the bride comment. It flew by too fast for me to really enjoy it. And similarly, I’d have loved to see some expression of regret or turmoil at the hospital (if there was one- yikes) from Deeks. Was there more to that scene that was cut? But I agree with everyone else that the hand-holding was wonderful. I guess that’s the upside to the dragging out of their relationship- we’re thrilled with just the simple act of holding hands.


  8. As per your usual, Di, Great Review!

    Although I knew that G and Sam would survive, I was still drawn into the suspense and action. Watching G and Sam solve the case without outside support was impressive as was Sam’s inner ‘Mathlete” appearing. The banter and their ability to read each other throughout the case clearly reflect their friendship and longtime partnership. When Sam faltered and began a farewell letter to Michelle, G knew exactly how to get him back on track. I enjoyed their ability to finish each other’s thoughts and to contribute their ideas and skills into solving the case and ultimately escaping a watery grave. It left me a very happy camper.

    I loved that the wonder twins aka the “nerd herd” by Deeks split their allegiance when Hetty called in and Granger commanded Eric to shut off comms with Hetty. However, Granger did redeem himself when Hetty admitted she was persona non grata and had no favors to call in. It was nice to see Granger step up and have the team’s back. His appeal to the Navy to disable the sub versus destroying in order to retrieve his agents was definitely more of a Hetty move. Given Granger’s sketchy behavior in the past, I actually liked him by the end of the episode. Especially after he and Hetty had the heart to heart over their scotch.

    Deeks is still struggling with his torture at the hands of Siderov and his water boarding attempt on the cleric. His comment that he “saw a guy with a drill bit in his head and he could probably use a drink” was telling. The torture is still bothering him. The moment he threatened the suspect and then stopped was also an important moment in his journey back to who he wants to be. Deeks did stop and returned to his usual method of using humor and brains to outsmart the suspect. This appears to be a turning point but we shall see what the writers have in store. And his humor at the end was encouraging.

    And then there was Densi. I agree that Talia’s appearance furthered the Densi relationship and that was the point in her return. Her presence made Kensi realize that she should and would fight for Deeks even though he is clearly still in his “retreating” mode. And yes, the catfight was unprofessional but I can see where the writers felt that it was needed to clear the air. I sensed that Kensi knew that Talia was yanking her chain but her jealousy got the best of her which is why they subsequently bonded when solving the case and bringing down the bad guys. It was fun watching Deeks’s confusion and although he seemed determined to maintain his distance, I loved the moments when he let his guard down. When he blurted out that he thought Kensi would make a beautiful bride, the look on Kensi’s face was delightful. When they thought they lost G & Sam and they clutched each other’s hand, again, another wonderful Densi moment.

    The banter and humor throughtout was delightful amidst the tense drama unfolding. The ending is definitely one of my favorite scenes of the night. Here’s to Partners and Friends : )


  9. I enjoyed reading your review Di..but like Tinkerbella…I also felt the season opener was less than impressive.

    The scenes with Sam & G in the sub were well acted…but I never once..felt that they were in any real sence of danger.
    Seeing the rest of the gang…worrying & fearing for thier predictment on the sub…felt..very anti-climatic to me. ( I actually..sped thru the last 10 minutes of the show. I was so bored.)

    If this show was like The Walking Dead..where major characters get killed often..I might have been a tad worried…but on network TV…the odds of a lead character getting killed off..are slim to none.

    It’s not the show runners fault that I didnt feel scared for Sam & G…it’s my fault..for having watched a zillion network cops shows!

    But my biggest gripe with last night’s show…was seeing Talia again.

    IMHO…Talia has zero chemistry with Deeks….but the producers obviously brought her character back….so Talia could stir up some anger and jealous feelings in Kensi. .

    I think it’s demeaning & embarrassing…seeing the two characters verbally & physically fighting.over Deeks…like he’s a 6 foot 2 chew toy.

    Watching Kensi & Deeks interacting with one another…whether in a funny , romantic or serious way…is the main reason I got into the show in the 1 st place.

    But it seems the producers ,,bless their hearts…seem determined for whatever reason…to slow the Densi train down to a crawl.. if not come to a full stop .Hence one reason Talia is still hanging around the show.

    I wish I saw some evidance to the contary but…I think the show has hit the reset button on Densi….and their “thing” is on hold for the moment… as it seems the powers that be….don’t know which way to go with Deeks & Kensi. .

    I feel they have made a big mistake by going into this deliberate pause or holding pattern with Deeks & Kensi……because the “thing” between the two characters…and the mutual chemistry they have… one of the real strengths of the show..

    Just as the relantionship between Castle & Beckett one of ..if not… the number one reason…many fans love and watch “Castle.”.. Densi fans…tune into NCIS:LA..because of their love of Deeks & Kensi.and theiir “thing” By slowing down & not doing much if anything lately with the characters. and moving their relantionship forward…as it seemed to be going before Kensi was shipped off to Afghanistan.. the producers are hurting thier own show.

    Speaking of Castle…I read an article tonight that mentioned that NCIS:LA…… came in 3rd Monday night…behind The Blacklist & Castle. ( No idea where MNF landed )

    When the DVR numbers come in…NCIS:LA viewing numbers should go up..
    Regardless of the final amount of viewers…it looks like….Sam & Deeks and the rest of the NCIS:LA crew… will have a fight on their hands to get back into the top ten,,,if CBS keeps them on at 10 Monday night.


  10. Thank you Di for your review and for starting the discussions on the commencement of my favourite show. I cannot wait for the rest of the episodes to follow….

    The premiere was fast paced from the word go and totally action packed and, yes, ultimately exciting BUT not mind-blowing fantastic like the end of Season 4 and the Season 5 premiere. But maybe I am biased, because I am a complete and utter Deeks freak!

    The scenes in the submarine was superbly acted by COD and LL Cool J and even though we knew they were going to make it (like Sam and Deeks at the beginning of Season 5), it is the suspense, intelligence and creative skills the writers employ to achieve this in every episode that keeps me mesmerised……

    The dynamic of the bantering “bromance”, sincere trust and friendship between Sam and Callen is very special to observe and the writers have perfected it.

    As the credits came up though, I had two thoughts in immediate succession (after waiting for what felt like forever for the season premiere and counting down every single day like all other fans!):
    • “This was good”;
    • “But I want more! More Densi moments with smouldering nuances”.

    While I accept that the program runs for approximately 1 hour and that this one was really about Callen and Sam, I had really hoped for more phenomenal and “revealing” moments between Densi, especially as I felt that their fear of losing loved team members would force them to at least realise their own immortality and allude to their true feelings for each other.

    As bpnp said – this relationship must move forward. Two people, who were where the Deeks and Kensi relationship had been in Season 5, cannot move backwards or stop altogether. That is not realistic (even for a TV show) because either way you cannot remain partners any longer in my opinion – either suppressed love or anger/ dislike will interfere with your decisions. If you at least admit (some) of what you feel, you can support each other and work together to handle arising situations with informed awareness.

    I also adored the way Deeks grabbed her hand and their fingers intertwined – this was the Densi highlight of the episode for me. But, oh so fleeting.

    The scene in the Chinese restaurant (way too short) was, for me, more profoundly honest and bitter sweet from Deeks’ side (Our Deeks is just sóóóó in love with Kensi!) – forget undercover “acting”! ECO does it brilliantly – letting his actions, face and those beautiful eyes convey every feeling in an incredible way.

    I was totally NOT shocked with Deeks’ (very, very short!!) “torture” scene in the hospital with Wilson – that, in my opinion, was so NOT torture. Deeks is a cop, for heaven’s sake. Agents and cops, although constitutionally not allowed to exert torturous measures to obtain information, cannot be expected to just nicely ask murderers, drug dealers, baby killers, etc. to reveal relevant information and do “the right thing”? Deeks had to get information and get it fast in order to save his trapped friends who may be dead soon.

    Lastly, as I’ve said before, I DO NOT WANT TALIA AROUND! (The BFF does not work for me!!). Unless it is to make Kensi e jealous enough to stop being a bad ass and emotionally unintelligent and just to be a woman sometimes who realises she can be a though and strong agent whilst still being feminine, vulnerable and loving at the same time.


  11. @Ju5tBecau5e // October 1, 2014 at 11:31 AM // Reply

    Let me start out by saying I thought this episode was an out of the park home run.

    There were so many previews and spoilers that it was hard to imagine what was left to see. This episode brought to light each character’s and each partnership’s strengths- that was what made the episode so fun even though some elements of the plot were known or predictable.

    Hetty threatens and defeats a man two (three?) times her size to return to her team. When her hands are tied, Granger steps in uses his resources to help the team.

    Nell and Eric together manage to navigate between a rock and a hard place (Granger and Hetty)- giving just enough information to appease Hetty in just the right amount of time to appease Granger.

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Nell will deliver when Granger sends her out to bring in the guy for questioning. And is anyone surprised when Eric knows the Naval codes that reveal the sub will be destroyed?

    The scenes with Callen and Sam were amazing. I loved how resilient and humorous Callen was throughout the ordeal while Sam was more staid, stoic and yes, scientific. They each work on the problem individually (Sam with the keys and the math, Callen with the Morse code and the batteries) yet they also team up to triumph in the end.

    It’s not surprising that Deeks takes charge and comes up with an action plan. Was he hesitant to interrogate the burn victim and that is why he wanted Kensi to go to the hospital? It’s interesting that he started by invoking pain when he had the apple juice/whiskey and the “rule of 9’s” strategies lined up. Deeks also has some fun quips- the one about the catheter was priceless.

    Because I saw the preview of the head butt scene, I was more focused on what came next than the unnecessary/unrealistic violence. Do you think that was one purpose of having a preview of that scene?

    Maybe Kensi really does appreciate people saying exactly what they mean and that is why she and Talia hit it off in the end? I’m a fan of the Talia character and think she could be a great addition to the team.

    The Densi moments in the restaurant and in the helicopter were great- hopefully a sign of things to come. My expectations are low 🙂

    Last but not least, while this episode provides an upbeat “welcome back” to the team, it would have also made a very good season finale.


  12. Thanks guys for all your great comments. Boy you all had some terrific points and have thought very hard about some of the items I brought up. Nice work. See you next week!


  13. I liked the episode, not my favorite but it was good.
    It’s really nice to see Granger trying everything to save the team. That team seems to grow on him !

    I don’t like Talia, but I prefer her as Kensi’s friend than the overly flirty girl she was in Part 1. I’m sorry but her real agenda wasn’t clear at all in part one. It remainds me a little bit of NCIS when Dinozzo ex fiance and Ziva met and were sharing stories about him !

    I really like the last scene, show how much they care about each others, and the two “couples” staring at each other, that was cute. The holding hands scene two.

    However, I don’t understand all the hating toward Kensi.
    I don’t remember, even one time, her saying that Deeks wasn’t good at what he does, or seriously insulting him.
    But she said that he make peoples laugh, that he’s the only person she trusts, and that she trusts him with everything. That doesn’t sound like someone who don’t think he’s capable. She trusts him, and not only in the job part of her life. Even if she doesn’t have a lot of beautifuls lines about Deeks like he has, she’s always there for him when he need it, Plan B, the Debt, after his torture, she wanted to be there, she tried, she even bought him a cronut 🙂
    The “we are barely good partners” it’s exactly like the “it’s more of a brother sister relationship” from Deeks, trying to change the subject, to avoid a conversation they don’t want to have. It’s just denial.

    I’m really exciting about the next episodes, and what we will discover about Hetty. The episodes with Mathias were awesome, and he’s coming back if I remember correctly some photos.


  14. I guess I am the only one that found the Deeks and Kensi stuff unwatchable in this episode. There were some cute stuff but leading up to that stuff the meanness of it all left me unable to enjoy it.

    I have attempted to watch the episode again multiple times and I just can;t bring myself to do it but it looks like I am going to have to force myself to watch it again to see if maybe I am overreacting.

    The one thing I know I didn’t like was Talia and Kensi becoming friends and making jokes at Deeks expense. Deeks did nothing to merit that and this type of humor is not something I enjoy. Banter is one thing but out meanness is another.


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