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I Know What It’s Like: Kensi’s Journal 4/24/22

Deeks has been spending more time doing legal things lately than any time since he quit the law.  He spent the other day giving a deposition and today he was using his legal know-how (ok, his friend’s more specific legal know-how) to figure out how we can help with Pilar’s case.

Fifteen-year-old me was absolutely sure the worst thing in the world would be to move back with my mother after my father died.  I felt so hurt and betrayed by her that I chose to live on the street instead.  So while I know what it feels like to believeI didn’t have a home or safe place, in truth all I had to do was call my mother and I could have been in my own bed in my own room the next day.  Poor Pilar doesn’t have that option.  She lost both of her parents to murder and her own life was threatened as well.  She truly has no one, and it breaks my heart.  How brave and clever was she to get herself to the US on her own at the age of 14?  I really hope Deeks’ friend can help Pilar get asylum.  And if we can’t be the ones to provide her own bed in her own room, then I pray she ends up with someone who can.  If all we can do is find Pilar a therapist to talk to, we’ll gladly do it. 

On a happier note, it was so great to catch up with Rosa today.  It seems like she’s in a good situation with her aunt, and she sounded like a typical teenager with typical teenage problems.  And in the end, that’s all Deeks and I want for both Rosa and Pilar.

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