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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Outside the Lines” (S9E19)

Title:  “Outside the Lines”
Airing:  April 22, 2018
Filming: The wonderful Rick Tunell, who I will be forever grateful to for posting the monthly production calendar, is no longer posting the calendars but is keeping fans up to date as best he can.  Based on who was tweeting what, the dates for this episode were February 1-February 9 give or take a day.  It will be that way going forward.
What CBS is telling us:  After a cryptocurrency farm is robbed of over $10 million in Bitcoin codes, Sam and Hidoko go undercover, with Sam resuming a likely compromised former alias, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  Harley takes a prominent position in a case where King is back.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Azie Tesfai as King
Back from “Queen Pin” last season.

David Meunier as Barris Stone
Meunier was Johnny “Cousin Johnny” Crowder in Justified, Russell in Jericho, Sgt. Will Strausser in Revolution, Richard Hubbard in Legends, James Shay in Damien, Ray Kovic in Aquarius and Ishmael Gregor in Arrow.

Guest roles include Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Push Nevada, Monk, Charmed, The Unit, Without a Trace, CSI, In Plain Sight, Saving Grace, Castle, Human Target, Leverage, Bones Law & Order: LA, Criminal Minds, Prime Suspect (US version), CSI: Miami, Nikita, The Bridge, Burn Notice, Heroes Reborn, Scandal and The Alienist.

Dan Feurriegel as Angus Reeves
Appeared in a number of Australian series (McLeod’s Daughters as Leo Coombes, Home and Away as Gavin Johnson and Winners and Losers as Jake Peters).  Played Agron in Spartacus: War of the Damned and was in episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Chicago Fire.

Lawrence Adimora as Mark Nichols
Was Navy Seaman Jacob Pierway in “The Good Son” season nine episode of NCIS and Kendrick Lewis in the “Insane in the Membrane” episode of NCIS: New Orleans in season two.

Guest roles include Unfabulous, Without A Trace, Cold Case, The Closer, Grey’s Anatomy, Austin & Ally, CSI: Miami, Harry’s Law, True Blood, Awkward, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Chicago P.D.

Lester Speight as Max “Champ” Champion
Also back from “Queen Pin” last season.

Weston Coppola Cage as Walker
Has appeared in a number of films and the television program Undercover.  Is the son of actor Nicholas Cage.

Michael Rivera as Eddy Davis
Played Pablo Rosa in Oz and was in episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Conviction, The Wire, Law & Order, How to Make It in America, Blue Bloods, The Mysteries of Laura, The Night Of and Doubt.

Lara Clear as Sasha Channing
Appeared in a few short films and an episode of Young & Hungry.

Antoine Williams as James Brigham
Guest roles include Criminal Minds, Review, Sleepy Hollow and Lethal Weapon.

Bruce Thomas as LA District Attorney Frank Gibson
Last seen with Sam Hanna in “Queen Pin” about to go to jail.

Written by:  Joseph C. Wilson wrote “Queen Pin” last season and also wrote or co-wrote “Full Throttle”, “Stand-off”, “Personal”, “Plan B”, “Sacrifice”, “Blye, K.” Part One, “Gold Standard”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Fallout”, “Between the Lines”, “Exposure”, “Reign Fall”, “Kolcheck, A.”, “Cancel Christmas”, “Head of The Snake”, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, “Queen Pin”, “Golden Days” and “Plain Sight”.  This will be his final episode.

The writer and his cast:

Directed by:  Suzanne Saltz is directing her first episode after working as the show’s first assistant director or second assistant director since the start of season two.  She held similar titles on programs like Melrose Place (the original), Love Boat: The Next Wave, JAG, NCIS, Six Feet Under, Numb3rs, Wildfire, Dr. Vegas, Smith, Pushing Daises, Bones and The Ghost Whisperer.

Insider Intel:   Andrea Bordeaux gave an interview about the program in general but this episode earned a mention.

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:  Over at Seat42F.

Some footage provided by LL Cool J:

A guest cast photo (which is great!):

Nia Long with Barrett Foa:

Renee Felice Smith with well, what is the female version of Artie?

Today in having your photo taken with director Suzanne Saltz, Daniela Ruah, Renee Felice Smith and writer Joe Wilson:

Today in having your photo taken with writer Joe Wilson and director Suzanne Saltz:

Guest star Antoine Williams:

Filming in San Pedro:

Filming at sunrise:

How Chris O’Donnell spent the week:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peek:

Deeks would be so proud.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  None expected.

This is the start of a straight run to the two-hour season finale.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

21 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Outside the Lines” (S9E19)

  1. Hey…
    I’m Number one!!!
    I am usually called #2 a lot…so , this is different.
    Anywhoo…on to the important stuff

    Outstanding as always.
    Even after all this time and seeing you do this time and time again…I am still amazed at the sheer volume of information you are able to gather.
    The BTS pics are always outstanding, thank you.
    I cannot begin to imagine how much time it takes. Even if it a labor of love, it still is time consuming. Although I will be so sad to see this end, I do understand.
    Thank you again.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I do hope that this episode doesn’t put Harley too much front and center. On the plus side, the more time she spends in the field, the more chances there are for her to meet an untimely end.
    She isn’t down there with Mosley, but she isn’t at the top of my Christmas list either.
    Rather than being part of the team and following the chain of command through the senior agents, she makes end runs and reports (or rats the team out) to Mosley. She is an assistant, and not really part of the team. It is not a healthy situation. But she keeps getting placed into the mix.
    Besides, she was obnoxiously rude to Deeks, which cannot be tolerated, Right?
    My gut feeling is that she will not make it through the season. All the signs and hints are there….and I am totally okay with that.
    I only hope that they will not spend half the episode diving into her backstory and attempting to make us love her character only to kill her of anyway. What? Making her more likeable will make for some more drama when she goes bye bye…not really.
    If only one goes, I would prefer for it to me Mosley, but that doesn’t seem as likely. There is still hope.
    I would trade them both for a future draft pick any day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The other thing that troubles me…
    Aside from having Mosley and Harley eat up too much time and taking it away from a nice Densi moment or two…or for some good teamwork with some banter mixed in…Hey I will take what I can get at this point.
    …they are still both on the show aren’t they?..and still partners, right?
    They are still together together , right?.
    If so, can we see it please…….thank you.
    Hopefully somebody remembers that pretty soon.

    Back on task.
    The other thing that troubles me, is the distinct possibility Sam falls back into the same boring, obnoxious thug character he plays so often. He does get some variety occasionally, but that one type gets like half the play time. It gets a little old.
    I could do without Sam playing a thug or saying “that’s what we do” in a condescending and arrogant tone for a while…just sayin’

    Hoping for the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sassyzazzi // April 21, 2018 at 9:26 AM // Reply

      Thanks Ed for all your comments, you certainly reflect a lot of what I feel.


    • hey out there…
      I cant tell just from the thumb down, so I will ask.
      what part did you think differently about?
      it is all just personal opinions.
      do you think we have too much Densi already?
      do you not want them to be a couple or spend time on it?.
      do you really like Harley and / or Mosley?
      do you love the macho arrogant undercover Sam
      do you just love Sam Period. ?
      I am curious. and would love to talk about it if you wish.
      Thank you,


  4. sassyzazzi // April 21, 2018 at 9:20 AM // Reply

    Thanks Tess, once again you have kept it all straight for us. As a long time fan of this show, I am sad that I have very little interest in this episode. It appears to be yet another episode ,where Detective Deeks is playing a minimal part, where there is a partner switch, where Sam is undercover and it is yet another episode where there will be way more of the character Harley than I care to see.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I trust Joe Wilson in this one. Deeks was super-competent in “Queen Pin” even after he got the news that Whiting was out of danger and on her way to a full recovery. Actually, if you look at his episodes – all solid Deeks hours.


  5. Thanks for your preview and all the BTS photos. To be completely honest, even after two weeks, I am not completely over the disappointment last episode was for me and I’m not looking forward to this one so much, either. Let’s hope it will be better (which, for me, means less boring) than it seems, but I’m afraid there will be too much Hidoko and too little Deeks/Densi for my liking.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Joe C. Wilson leaving. He wrote a couple of my favorite Deeks episodes, “Personal” and “Plan B”. I wonder if he’s leaving because TPTB aren’t letting him do quality scripts anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WIlson continued tweeting the other night. He has a production deal with a different studio and is going to work on “The Chi” for Showtime and then create his own series. I would imagine as a writer, that’s your dream. He’ll create his own projects just as Shane Brennan created this.

      I just checked a season one and two episode list. While a number of writers are still with the show, Christina M. Kim is now over at “Blindspot”, Speed Weed is at “The Flash”, Matt Pyken is at “Empire” and Wilson’s old co-writer Dave Kalstein is working on “Quantico”. People come and go. It is amazing some of these folks stay nine seasons.


  7. A late sneak peek:

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  8. The mysterious thumb.
    Although I can get excited, I have never demanded, expected or even wanted everyone to agree with my point of view. I think that most of us just want to talk about the show and see what others have to say.
    …that’s why in a lot of places these things are called discussion boards
    The key being discussion. I still fail to see why one would hit the thumbs down several times and yet have absolutely nothing to say.
    From the time most of us were very young, when we weren’t happy about something, we were told to use our words.
    Stomping you foot and walking off is seldom the answer.
    And, you loose the chance to express your thought…possibly convincing others that you may be right…and actually most of the time there is no right or wrong, it is just opinions.
    …so, don’t stomp your foot…
    If we all agreed about everything we would all drive the same type of car, live in the same town and paint our houses the same color.
    Different is good, different is interesting.
    Please, I am curious to know how you feel and why.
    Thank you,


  9. Hello Everyone! Thank you Ed for all your insight, questions, comments, frustration; you’re so funny but yet so right on! I am NOT the cowardly person who comes onto this site and thumbs down everyone — what a jerk/coward! Anyhoo I’m not looking forward to this episode at all; of course I’l DVR it but will watch when ready; this season has been a huge let down. I can only hope that next season will be much better. Oh and hey I just read that Anna is in one of the finale EPS I say one because I’m not sure if its a two part or to be continued and quite honestly I just don’t care; ending a crappy season with Anna actually fits in weird sort of way. WTH! Anyhoo thank you everyone for your comments; even though I’m still struggling to get back to normalcy whatever that is; everyone here makes me laugh, think, smile and help to make me feel less alone — Thank you Everyone! Thank you WikiDeeks!!!


    • I share your frustrations.
      My statement, however, may have come across in too harsh of tone.
      I wasn’t really meaning to call someone out (well maybe a little)
      But more to encourage everyone to engage in the discussion.
      I realize that people have different comfort levels around engagement of strangers and may not be comfortable expressing themselves.
      They maybe terrified of writing something for all to see.
      Some people would never say the things they write online to someone in person. That said. Shouting “Your wrong” , then walking away isn’t really helpful.
      Some of us would love to sit around and discuss Densi and the show in person with many of you. Perhaps with some appetizers, some Iced Tea, a bottle of wine, or a pitcher of beer to stimulate the conversation.
      I fully expect for people to disagree with me. ( hey, I mean they do have the right to be wrong…)
      If someone has a different point of view, thinks I am wrong, or maybe I just don’t have all the relevant information, I am interested in why.

      Now I sound like I am 3…why, why, why…how much longer, are we there yet…
      I promise to not say “because I said so”.
      …anybody up for lunch in LA, then trying to find and T.P. Mosley’s car?


    • as far as Anna goes,
      Maybe Mosley and Harley are the best thing for her career.
      they actually have the ability to make Anna more acceptable…go figure.
      that said.
      I still feel that Bar has an inside track to the industry with her husband being a writer, director and producer.
      Maybe he (Ian ) could just keep her in his own films and tv shows…and out of ours.
      just a thought.


  10. Thank you for the preview. I am always amazed at how much information is out there. It takes a lot of time. I am looking forward to a straight run for awhile. I keep feeling like they are setting something big up and hope they take us there.


  11. I am starting to loose interest in the show which is sad. Maybe I am being selfish but I miss seeing the team together and especially the bull pen scenes and not seeing enough of my favourite Detective.


  12. Superlast minute:


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