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    I say this every year but I can’t believe how fast this season just flew by. Twenty-four episodes over in a flash! Since everyone was talking about falling shoes last week, we get to see if any of their premonitions or predictions will come to fruition in this final [...]
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    They’re BAAAACK!!!


    Welcome to my new (sort of) NCIS:LA Blog…In the Bullpen with Phillydi! I’m resurrecting this blog from another site where I was a contributor and I hope to share some silly (and serious) musings [...]


"Wow, I appreciate your stealthy operational skills, Agent Blye."
—Deeks, "Talion"


"We have been blessed with Densi this season watching their romance progress and all the lovely scenes. Season 7 has been so much better for them and also with the show focusing on all the characters and not just Sam and Callen, which they still do to some extent, and it still annoys me when Sam dumps on Deeks. He was there to help him! Disappointed that we didn’t get Deeks proposing to Kensi this season but at least it gives us fans something to look forward to. Season 8 should be great for them I hope and our promised "Deeks, M" episode and hopefully see more of his mother… Looking forward to seeing what happens with our favourite gorgeous detective and Densi in season 8!" —Donna Marie on “Talion"


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