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How do you balance comedy and drama?

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Ooooh what a joyous day!! All of us have waited for so long for this wedding to happen… It took both Deeks and Kensi to come to this place in their lives a long time. I think that physical attraction was there from the very beginning, then trust came (“Deliverance”) followed by growing friendship (“The Job”) and love (now is clear that Kensi was the first one to admit herself that she was in love with him – truly and deeply – even before she gave him the box for the forgotten birthday. Deeks figured that out in “Wanted”). Those are in my mind some milestones of their love story. The content of The Box is great. I chose to believe that the ring and letter have been there from the very beginning and that Kensi has never changed it. What an ego boost for Deeks when he was almost at the verge of falling apart from the self-doubt. She showed him (again) in the best possible way the depth, strength and lastingness of her love for him (my mind is still blown up from the tugging of Deeks’ lifeless body thru Mexican desert).


Each and every moment, each and every interaction was great. There were so many fanny moments, emotional moments, childish moments, unnecessary moments but as somebody stated before none of them was false. The whole team showed nothing less than 100 per cent support and understanding, I loved to see Hetty and her dry humor back and hope she will appear more and more in the future episodes. The whole episode reminded me of the old-fashioned screwball comedies that I enjoyed so much. I honestly felt that this episode was totally different from any other NCIS LA episode or any other serial that I can remember. Thank you show runners for recognizing the importance of the wedding for us, the fans!


— Maria on “Till Death Do Us Part”

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“You never have to worry about me. Only the good die young.”

-Hetty to Nell in “Choke Point”