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I thought Scott Gemill did a great job on this arc. The mole has been kicked around for so many seasons, has seemed inconsistently written, and I think not really thought out. I think Gemmill did a great job with pulling together an exciting and fast paced story . This story involved the characters we love and ended up with a great Densi reunion , Kensi ready for the field, and an incredible performance by Eric Christian Olsen. So all and all a win for Gemmill in my book.

I thought the Deeks/Kensi arc in this episode was about the fact that Kensi was physically ready to be back to work, but not mentally ready, and the person who knows that best is Deeks. So for me the way I see this episode is this knowledge of Deeks is what drives his behavior in this episode, it is not just that she is the woman he loves but he knows that both Hetty and Nate, have said, she is not ready and yet Hetty has propelled her into this situation , alone, without a partner. His fears are in overdrive .
To me that explains all of his behavior and it also nicely ties together their arc, she has gone from being not ready to return as his partner and lover at the beginning of the arc, to being ready to return as his work and love partner by the end of this episode. I thought Densi was beautifully done and Eric Christian Olsen once again delivered an incredible performance this time as an angry, distraught Deeks. This seemed like a really important episode for both Deeks and Kensi.

— sassyzazzi on "Payback"