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What to expect in Season 11

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Exclusive Interview with ECO

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Densi: The Story Of Us


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Will there ever be a episode entitled Deeks, M? Ever since wikiDeeks came into existence, we have been advocating for that special Deeks' episode that we have been promised now for over 5 years. This character spotlight, which has been written for other members of the team (and other recurring characters), has been missing from the Deeks storyline. We have decided to highlight some of the questions that could be answered by showrunners if this episode was ever written. Every week for the next 10 weeks, wikiDeeks will present a new question we would like answered regarding our favorite detective. Let us know what you think and let's send a clear message to the show writers that we want to see this important episode come to the screen. #SoManyQuestions #DeeksM @ericcolsen @ncisla #NCISLA. Edit by SweetLu.
#NCISLA Review: “Code of Conduct” (S11E22) by Karen P. Season 11 has come to an end and although we hope there will be a season 12, nothing is certain at this point for many reasons. Even though it was a quiet year, we are grateful to Eric Christian Olsen for sitting down with us for another insightful interview and we want to thank him for his time and support of this website. A big shoutout to all the wikiDeeks contributors who make this site a reality. But most of all we want to thank YOU for your support and love. We are here because we love this character and we know you do too. With a little luck and the grace of God there will be a season 12. Until that time, stay positive and please stay well. @ericcolsen @ncisla #frankmilitary
NCISLA Review: “Fortune Favors the Brave” by Karen P. Is Deeks having second thoughts about staying in law enforcement? Go to to read more. #ncisla @ncisa @ericcolsen