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How do you keep yourself motivated to play Marty Deeks?

Once again Eric Christian Olsen is back to answer another question. This time he tells us how he manages to stay engaged and motivated to play Marty Deeks after more than 14 years of bringing this wonderful character to life.

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4 Comments on How do you keep yourself motivated to play Marty Deeks?

  1. I dont see him as deeply flawed. i see a wonderful man who come from a childhood of abuse and violence and now works in a job filled with violence who used humor as a way to survive and thrive in that environment without losing himself in it. Inho Deeks is the heart of the show with kensi.hope writers start to remember that soon.

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  2. I understand what he is saying about being deeply flawed, but I also see the character as being human, and maybe somewhat flawed, but not deeply flawed. Everyone has their flaws, but it seems to me that this particular character is very aware of his flaws and gets better at healing those flaws at every turn. He and Kensi are most favorite characters on TV today. Its been so much fun watching their relationship grow!

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  3. I love listening to ECO talk. His answers are always so interesting.
    As far as Deeks goes, I think Deeks thinks he is deeply flawed. Starting from his upbringing and never fitting in with the cops or even with the team at times. Maybe it’s his honestly that makes Deeks think he’s flawed. Deeks has the most moral soul and therefore he can only see the cracks.


  4. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // October 31, 2022 at 10:27 AM // Reply

    Densi kisses , please…….


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