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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Plain Sight” (S9E04)

Title:  “Plain Sight”
Airing:  October 22nd
Filming:  August 21st to August 29th
What CBS is telling us:   After weapons with a $1 million street value are stolen, the team tracks the evidence to a wealthy charity event, prompting Mosley to be added to the guest list with Callen and Sam as her security detail, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  Callen, Sam and Shay put on some party clothes for an undercover assignment.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Eddie George as Byron Brown
Back from “Kulinda” – Brown was the friendly fellow on Sam’s security team.

Rocky Marquette as Tony Young
Appeared in episodes of Scorpion and Rizzoli & Isles.  Played Cyd Lawson in the “Le Carnaval de la Mort” episode of NCIS: New Orleans in season one.  Was Tobey McGuire’s stand-in for the first “Spiderman” movie in 2002.

Chris McGarry as William Bradford
Was Lt. Commander Peter Sanger/Dr. Sanger in the two-part “Shell Shocked” episode of NCIS in season ten and CIA Agent Adam Calloway in the NCIS: New Orleans “No Man’s Land” episode in season two.

Played a CSU Tech for about four seasons of Law & Order, was Pat in The Sopranos, Kevin Framesworth in Big Love, Dr. Banks in Awake and Ted Dibinsky in Lucky 7.

Guest starred in episodes of Law & Order: SVU, Kidnapped, The Unit, Without a Trace, Numb3rs, Boston Legal, Medium, Lie to Me, Monk, Cold Case, 24, CSI, Mad Men, The Defenders, CSI: Miami, Hawaii Five-0, Private Practice, American Horror Story, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Necessary Roughness, Bones, House of Lies, Casual and The Good Fight.

Rebecca Wiscoky as Sasha Livingston
Was the murderous real estate lady Jody Carvell in the “Dead and Unburied” episode of NCIS in season four.  Played Principal Nowack in the 2010 revival of 90210, Brenda Shettrick – the sketchy information officer of the CBI – in The Mentalist and Evelyn Powell on Devious Maids.

Appeared in episodes of Sex & The City, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch, The Sopranos, Without a Trace, Medium, Cold Case, Ugly Betty, Bones, Samantha Who?, Saving Grace, Miami Medical, Big Love, True Blood, The Young and the Restless, American Horror Story, In Plain Sight, Desperate Housewives, Longmire, Criminal Minds, 1600 Penn, Major Crimes, Castle, Once Upon a Time, The Exes, The X-Files, Grimm, Graves and last summer’s The Sinner.

Joseph C. Phillips as Charles Livingston
Played Billy Harris in Hothouse, Lt. Martin Kendall in both The Cosby Show and A Different World (he was the husband of Lisa Bonet’s Denise), Mayor Morgan Douglas in The District, J.T. Morse on Vanished, Marcus Johnson in Without A Trace (he was the husband of Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s Vivian), the Mayor in Castle and Mr. Davis in 13 Reasons Why.

Was Philip Conway in last November’s “Home of the Brave” episode of NCIS.

Guest starred in episodes of A Man Called Hawk, Martin, Living Single, The Larry Sanders Show, Any Day Now, City of Angels, Popular, The Parkers, King of Queens, Judging Amy, VIP, Jack & Bobby, Las Vegas, Ghost Whisperer, Bones, Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Mentalist and The Event.

Phillips has worked extensively in soaps – Cruiser in Search for Tomorrow, Justus Ward in General Hospital and Agent Jed Paulson in The Young and the Restless.

Chad T. Wood as Supervisor
Guest starred in episodes of Colony, Criminal Minds and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Eddie Alfano as Security Guard
Guest starred in episodes of On the Spot, Las Vegas, MADtv, Justice, Drake & Josh, Nip/Tuck, The Hustler, CSI: NY, Cougar Town, Bones, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, Vegas, 2 Broke Girls, Kirstie, The Distinguished Gentleman, Mike & Molly, General Hospital and Major Crimes.

Was one of the drug runners in prison with Reid last season in Criminal Minds.

Tre Hale as Felix Swoope
Appeared in an episode of Lethal Weapon.

Lauren Jenna as Yvette Jackson
Appeared in a few short films.

 Xingu Del Rosario as Jack
Was in episodes of Body of Evidence, Fashion House, The Last Ship and Lethal Weapon.  Also works as a stunt performer (everything from The Last Ship and SEAL Team to a Prince Music Video) and trains performers in martial arts.

Alejandro Barrios as Connor Murray
Appeared in episodes of Legends, State of Affairs, Community, Lethal Weapon, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders and This Is Us.

Djakarta as Deborah
Was in episodes of Baggage, H8R, Excused and Deal With It.

Clay Wilson as Marcus
Colin Wilson as Kevin

No credits for either actors.


Written by:  Joseph C. Wilson wrote or co-wrote “Full Throttle”, “Stand-off”, “Personal”, “Plan B”, “Sacrifice”, “Blye, K.” Part One, “Gold Standard”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Fallout”, “Between the Lines”, “Exposure”, “Reign Fall”, “Kolcheck, A.”, “Cancel Christmas”, “Head of The Snake”, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, “Queen Pin” and “Golden Days”

Directed by:  Dennis Smith directed “Fame”, “Standoff”, “Rocket Man”, “Cyberthreat”, “Exit Strategy”, “Patriot Acts”, “Out of the Past” part one, “The Livelong Day”, Between the Lines” (written by Wilson), “Deep Trouble” part two, “Black Budget”, “Black Wind”, “Blame it On Rio”, “Defectors”, “Matryoshka” part one, “Granger, O”, “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Hot Water” and “From Havana With Love”.

Insider Intel:  None today.

Official Photographic EvidenceSeat42F has the early photos released, SpoilerTV has photos released Thursday.

Unofficial Surveillance:

The first day of filming was the day of the eclipse:

Nia Long with her co-stars:

Guest Star Joseph C. Philips with several photos (three in this Instagram post):

More of Joe Wilson’s Eric Christian Olsen photos:

On the set:

Driving in style today:

Not in the credits but on set:

Having your photo taken with LL Cool J and then Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen:

Having your photo taken with Eric Christian Olsen:

Having your photos taken with Daniela Ruah:


Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peek:

I think Sam’s new home is going to be a recurring character on the program and I like it.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a full doubleheader this Sunday with three games featuring the top members of the quarterback class of 2004 NFL Draft going to most of the country – Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks at my going nowhere New York Giants or Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers.  I will update the start time if there is a delay (there is a planned 9:30PM ET/8:30PM CT start for this episode) in the comments section Sunday night.  Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).

Any late info from the cast or crew will also be in the comment section.

One last note from Daniela Ruah:



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

10 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Plain Sight” (S9E04)

  1. Thanks Tess, looking forward to Sam and Callen on Sam’s boat and Deeks and Kensi in tactical gear.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for your preview.
    Since the episode was filmed at the end of August and I was on holiday, I honestly didn’t rememeber they had shared so many pictures and information. Now it was very useful to have everything in just one page, I guess I hadn’t even seen or read most of the things here.

    This week I’m especially looking forward to seeing Mosley out of OPS to test if I can buy her as a real boss, then I can’t wait to see Deeks and Kensi in tactical gear and Sam’s boat, too.
    The sneak with Callen and Sam was great and I liked their banter and Callen’s sense of humor, but I would have enjoyed it more, much more, if only I hadn’t kept on picturing in my mind Season 8 finale and the cruel and gratuitous death of without doubt my favorite NCIS:LA minor character related to one of the protagonists, Michelle, a woman whose loss on the show I’m sure I will regret until NCIS:LA goes on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for the kind words!

      While I completely agree Michelle’s death was both cruel and gratuitous, the program at least has not forgotten it. It really has been a part of everything Sam is now.


      • Totally agree. Michelle will always be a part of Sam and the writers had better remember it when dealing with Sam’s future storylines. What I least want in Season 9 is a completely OOC Sam. So far it seems they’ve been doing a good job.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Sunday afternoon in social media:

    It is not a 9PM start ET – it is going to be delayed by football. 9:30PMET/8:30PM CT is the earliest time possible. I’ll update when CBS issues official start times.


  4. Update for New York (that would be me) and some Northeast areas:


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