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Tutors are People Too: Deeks’ Surf Log 10/18/22

Ok, Isaac Newton I’m not. And I probably will never be the father of calculus, so I guess we will have to rely on tutors to get Rosa through mathematics this year. I know we want to be everything to Rosa but I guess we have to admit we are going to have to rely on others who are more proficient in certain areas than her new parents. Now if she ever needs instruction on how to go undercover, I’m the man! But let’s hope she never needs that skill.

Of course, I care about ALL my family and had to remind Callen of that today.  Sure, I ask a lot of questions because I care and when I stop asking questions that’s when everybody has to start worrying. 

I can’t understand why G misses Sam so much. I mean, really?? Kensi and Fatima didn’t even need us let alone Sam to bring down those low lives. Yep, that’s my Ladybird. If Rosa ever needs to learn how to be a badass law enforcement agent, she’s got one helluva mentor. Boy, I hope Kensi never reads this. 

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