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Could Les Miz be next? Deeks’ Surf Log 04/17/22

Lord, today was so boring!  If I never have to sit through another deposition it will be too soon. And Monty was really upset I couldn’t be with Kensi today to help the team save Boomer from those druggy dog kidnappers. Thank God everything worked out and the team and all those dogs are safe and sound. I could never forgive myself if anything had happen to any of them. 

Roundtree told Kensi today he’s going to get some help from Nate after his incident with the LAPD. I’m trying to make him see that not all cops are bastards. There are a lot of good guys on the force including this ex-cop. So, I’ve been thinking that maybe to spread a little more love. I think we can now move beyond Hair and head right to the classics.  I should treat him to a performance of Phantom of the Opera or maybe even Les Miz!  I bet he’ll be singing along before he even knows it!  Wait! I think we should make this a weekly event. I can’t wait to tell him!  Broadway here we come!!

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