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Talk Me Off the Ledge: Deeks’ Surf Log 02/19/23

We live in a country made up of immigrants and still they struggle on a daily basis to be accepted. It’s hard enough that you have to worry about your child getting through life’s normal challenges but to have to worry about her safety just because she wasn’t born here is unacceptable. I worry about Rosa and I know I always will. Is this just being a parent or a sign of the times?

If that wasn’t bad enough we almost lost Kensi and Fatima today. You know it’s bad if Kilbride has to talk me off the ledge. I wonder if they will allow me to go on anti-anxiety meds?  Yes, I never want to do that again. It might be time to move on. My heart can’t take this job much longer. 

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1 Comment on Talk Me Off the Ledge: Deeks’ Surf Log 02/19/23

  1. So sad, but so true. Well done

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