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Talk About Stressful! Kensi’s Journal 5/3/2022

I still don’t understand why Deeks and I couldn’t have given our depositions on the same day.  I mean, it was the same case, which we worked together.  We could have driven in together and saved the environment a little.  We would have kept each other company while waiting for the defense attorney to call us in individually, since those guys are notorious for making people wait for them.  Then we might have both been home when Ms. King came for her “unofficial” home inspection, part deux.  Any interaction with that woman should be shared by the two of us—she is that stress-inducing.  And talk about stressful…I’m not there for one day and Deeks manages to have a heart-to-heart with Kilbride about lousy father-son relationships.  I don’t know how he does it.

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

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