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One Step Forward: Drabble 4/20/23

“Yeah, Kens, I’ll be home in about an hour. I just have to finish the weapon log and clean up,” Deeks said, phone tucked between his ear and cheek. He paused in the cleaning of a Glock as Kensi told him about something his mother had done, rolling his eyes in exasperation, and resignation.

“Well, tell her there’s no way she’s taking Rosa there on her own,” he responded, glancing up in time to see Admiral Kilbride step through the door. “Yeah, OK, I’ll talk to her when I get back. Love you.”

He hung up, setting his phone to the side. “Evening, Admiral.”

“Deeks. You’re here late,” Kilbride observed. He wandered closer, casually examining the laid out weapons.

“It was my month. I’ll be done soon,” Deeks said with a shrug.

“And, you are willing to let your partner leave early,” Kilbride observed shrewdly.

“Hey, I can do the job just fine on my own, and it’s worth it to give Kensi and Rosa the time together.”

“That’s very noble of you.”

“It’s what you do for your family,” Deeks said. Kilbride pursed his lips, not acknowledging the statement. Deeks resumed reassembling an automatic rifle, waiting for the admiral to explain why he’d sought him out. When he remained silent, Deeks casually asked, “Did you have a good visit with your son?”

Kilbride snorted, falling into his typical position of hands folded behind his back. “I’m not sure that ‘good’ is the appropriate word, but certainly better than most in recent years. I’d suppose you’d call it a step in a very long work in progress,” Kilbride answered, which was more than Deeks expected.

He’d known of course from the bits and pieces that the Admiral shared, that his relationship with his son was dysfunctional at best.

“That’s good, for both of you.”

“Mm.” Pacing across the room, Kilbride paused in front of one of the gun cases and ran his finger along the top. If Deeks didn’t know better, he’d almost think he was fidgeting. “You’re probably wondering why I’m here,” Kilbride said abruptly.

“You’re telling me it’s not just because of my charming personality?”

“Ah, I did miss your wit these last few days.” Kilbride smirked, then sighed, finally turning around. “I want to thank you, Deeks.” In answer to Deeks’ confused look, he explained, “For encouraging me to reconnect with Alex. You aren’t the first over the years, but you were the most compelling and it gave me the final push I needed put aside my own fears. And my damn ego.”

“Well, then I’m glad for whatever part I did play,” Deeks told him. “It’s not easy to bridge that gap, but it’s usually worth it.” Kilbride’s brows lowered in question. “My mom didn’t agree with my some of my decisions, and that drove a wedge between us. We didn’t talk for several years, but eventually we realized that not talking was hurting both of us more.”

“I hope that I can find that place again with Alex.”

“I don’t know exactly what your specific problems are, Admiral. And I won’t ask. Just, uh, just keep being there for him. You’ll still have your days where you fight and drive each other crazy, but you’ll also have each other. And believe me, for your son, that will mean everything.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Kilbride said. He nodded, scrutinizing Deeks again. “Thank you again. Not many would dare give me advice.”

“Eh, well a lot of people have told me I have no sense of self-preservation,” Deeks joked. Kilbride muttered something under his breath, actually breaking a smile, and grabbed a chair, sitting down next to Deeks.

“Here, hand me that Glock.”


“The way you’re going, you’ll be here all night. And you have a family to get home to.”

Concealing a smirk, Deeks passed over the gun and they worked in companionable silence.

A/N: Once again, I’m getting into my own personal head canon and so forth, but I’d like to think that Deeks’ advice played a part in Kilbride deciding to reach out to Alex.

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2 Comments on One Step Forward: Drabble 4/20/23

  1. I have to agree – I like to think that Deeks had a lot to do with Admiral Kilbride reaching out to his son.


  2. Becca shugart // April 20, 2023 at 4:46 PM // Reply

    I really enjoyed the story wish it would have actually happened on screen. But that would mean the writers would have to write something good about Deeks.


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