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Getting the Job Done: Kensi’s Journal 3/6/22


As much as I love the adrenaline rush of a foot chase, a hand-to-hand fight, or a shootout, there’s something to be said about getting the job done with just good old-fashioned detective work.  Especially when it gets us home at a decent hour.  Today was one of those days.  Deeks and I travelled from lead to lead collecting evidence, talking to people, and entertaining ourselves and each other along the way.  What could be better?  Okay, so we had to slip on our tactical vests for a little while and help evacuate a building with a bomb, but it’s not like we were in danger for very long since we were outside most of the time.  If all our days were like this, Deeks and I could raise a whole passel of kids and not have to worry about finding safer jobs.

The biggest cloud over the day (except for the near-bombing, of course) was Deeks’ constant worrying about having to tell Callen that we accepted an offer on the Squid & Dagger.  When he finally did it, I couldn’t believe that Callen confessed he only stayed as long as he did because he thought we needed the rent money.  How sweet was that?  Deeks and I were really moved by the gesture, and grateful we have such wonderful friends.  Looks like I’m still Callen’s favorite agent!

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