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What do I do now? Deeks’ Surf Log 11/22/20

Well damn!  Didn’t see that coming. Police reform. Really??  Now what?  I’ve always identified myself as a cop but I didn’t realize how important my working relationship is with my NCIS family after all these years. What do I do now that I’m no longer part of that family?  Kensi says I’m crazy and that Hetty can pull some strings and “poof” I’m back in!  But I’m not so sure. This sounds serious….And where the hell is Hetty anyway?

This is bothering me big time even though I didn’t want to admit that to Kensi. Maybe it’s time to become a NCIS Special Agent anyway.  But what happens if we get different assignments?  Hetty can’t keep us posted together forever.  And I can’t, no WE can’t, have each other’s back half way around the world. I won’t leave her. Yeah, this definitely isn’t going work.

Kensi tries to make me feel better at the end of the day but it’s just not working. I have a bad feeling how this is all going to end. Will we get through this?  I just don’t know.

Well at least one of us has maintained our sense of humor through all this. But Kensalina has got to know that I am ALWAYS the funny one in this relationship! Really, what is she thinking? Gnome violence, indeed.


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  1. Yes, Yes and well, yes!


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