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Me? A Helicopter Parent?! Kensi’s Journal 10/09/2022

Hmm, we might be onto something with that home schooling idea.  Maybe mom wants something new to fill her days?  She’d be a great teacher—she’s very patient and could even teach Rosa Portuguese!  And how dare Deeks call me a helicopter parent—like he’s any better!  Deeks may be an idiot at times, but he’s my lovable idiot and always will be.  And he is right about needing to have faith.  We’ve given, and will continue to give, Rosa all the tools we can to keep her safe at school and beyond, and now we need to give her a little freedom and have faith that she’ll use what we taught her to protect herself should the need ever (heaven forbid) arise.

Speaking of protection, I hope I live a long life and never again see my husband come that close to taking a bullet in the head.  It strikes me sometimes, and that was one of those moments, just how much trust (or is it faith?) Deeks has in me and my skills.  Listening to him ramble on to that baddy, his back to him the entire time, you’d think he was oblivious to what was happening.  He knew not only that an armed and dangerous man was following and trying stop him, but also that I was watching them both and wouldn’t let anything happen to him.  Had the situation been reversed, I’d have had the same trust in Deeks to keep me safe, but to be honest I don’t think I’d have been able to keep my voice as nonchalant as he did (not that anyone but Deeks would have noticed) because I have a harder time giving up control than he does. 

I guess now we also have to work on keeping Rosa safe, but from a distance, so that we can allow her to have some control over her life.  And that will definitely be harder on us than on her.

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

2 Comments on Me? A Helicopter Parent?! Kensi’s Journal 10/09/2022

  1. I like the way you tied together the two elements from the story- their need to protect Rosa and Kensi protecting Deeks. Very clever. And thank you! for setting the record straight about Deeks’ apparent incompetence.


  2. Thanks, Karen! I’m choosing to believe Deeks is a better actor than he is incompetent.


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