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NCISLA Classified Preview: “The Long Goodbye” (S7E8)

Title: “The Long Goodbye”

Airing: November 16th. This episode was substituted for the “Defectors” episode, which was likely postponed due to the terrible news from Paris.

Filming: October 6th to October 14th

What CBS is telling us: The team searches for Jada (Ella Thomas), the woman Sam led to asylum in the United States four years ago, after she goes missing. Also, Kensi goes undercover with DEA Agent Talia Del Campo (Mercedes Mason), on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: Talia is back and so is Jada Khaled. Set photos also have a lot of Talia working with Kensi and almost no Deeks at work/working the case photos. Since this episode was originally set to air after “Internal Affairs”, it is possible storylines from that episode dictated limited Deeks on-screen. According to episode writer Dave Kalstein, the episode switch won’t change what was planned for either this episode or the Internal Affairs investigation:

Be on the lookout:


Mercedes Mason as Talia DelCampo

Talia is back from “Citadel” earlier in season seven.

Ella A Thomas as Jada

Jada was last seen on “Exit Strategy” where her brother swore revenge against her and against Sam. Could be a hint to what the episode is about.

Miles Gaston Villanueva as Alex Molina

Currently Luca Santori on The Young and The Restless, Villanueva was Lt. JG John Alexander in season 11’s “Alleged” NCIS episode. He has also appeared in episodes of Chasing Life, Days of Our Lives and Bones.

Villanueva has lovely set companions:

Dwayne Barnes is playing Marshall Drew Groller

Barnes works regularly on television, appearing in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Prime Suspect (US edition), Weeds, The Mentalist, Dark Blue, Saving Grace, Cold Case, Secrets of a Small Town, Related, Numbers, Six Feet Under, Monk, The Shield, Without a Trace, CSI, Judging Amy, Son of the Beach, NYPD Blue, ER, Angel, The District, Ryan Caufield: Year One, Martial Law, Malcolm & Eddie, Nash Bridges, C-16: FBI, Brooklyn South, The Burning Zone, The Pretender, Night Stand, Lois & Clark, The Good Life, Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch.

Was PFC Saunders in season one’s “Survivors” episode of JAG.

This episode may include Manny Montana (Johnny from Graceland) but with the episode number jumble this season, just not sure. Montana would be playing Diego Salazar. All this will be updated when CBS sends out an official press release.


WRITTEN BY: Dave Kalstein, who wrote or co-wrote “Predator”, “Past Lives”, “Bank Job”, “Burned”, “Black Widow”, “Bounty”, “Disorder”, “Empty Quiver”, “Plan B”, “Backstopped”, “The Debt”, “Partners” and “Blye, K Part 2”, “The Fifth Man”, “Kill House”, “Resurrection”, “Frozen Lake”, “Tuhon”, “Three Hearts”, “Spiral”, “Expiration Date” and “Citadel”.

DIRECTED BY: John Peter Kousakis, who directed “Imposters”, “Sacrifice”, “Sans Voir” part one, “The Fifth Man”, “Parley”, “Inelegant Heart”, “Chernoff, K.”, “Active Measures” and all of the Afghanistan scenes from “Iron Curtain Rising” to “Zero Days”.

According to Kousakis, the episode was supposed to be directed by Tawnia McKiernan, a successful television director who has worked on series like Bones, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, The Mentalist, etc. She is also the daughter of prolific and iconic television producer Stephen J. Cannell, who produced series like The Rockford Files and Wiseguy. Cannell also produced Unsub, Hunter and The Commish, where Kousakis worked earlier in his career as well as Broken Badges, an early Miguel Ferrer series. The program hopes to have her back for another episode down the road.

Insider Intel: Nothing up this week so far.

Official Photographic Evidence: Nothing official yet.

Unofficial Surveillance: There is a lot of that.

A helpful Eric Christian Olsen brings Mercedes Mason to lunch:

A Chris O’Donnell lovefest:

Ella Thomas with her stunt double, Bethany Levy:

Ella Thomas with Dwayne Barnes:

Daniela Ruah, Mercedes Mason and Ella Thomas having fun on the set:

Daniela Ruah and Mercedes Mason on the set on National Kick Butt Day, which was also the day the 150th episode aired (appropriate for Kick-Butt Day):

Daniela Ruah and Mercedes Mason really looking like they’re about to kick butt (and looking good doing it):

JPK getting a little love from his leading lady:

And some JPK love for Dave Kalstein:

And Dave Kalstein sharing the love back and adding LL Cool J and Miguel Ferrer:

And Miguel Ferrer is sharing the love in return with Dave Kalstein (who is fond of Ferrer):

More love between writer and leading ladies:

When not hanging around with the lovely Daniela Ruah and Mercedes Mason, it looks like guest star Miles Gaston Villanueva hung around with a lot of tough guys with weapons:

If nothing else, everyone looked like they had a great time working on this episode.

Perhaps a hint about the episode from a JPK tweet – “Sicario” is about a female federal agent (and there are two all over these photos from the set in Kensi and Talia) working on the drug war where one drug lord is use to flush out a bigger one. Could the government be using Jada to flush out her brother and some other bad men? The program has always used drug cartels as financing sources for terrorists. Since we’re light on episode info, it’s a theory:

Video Surveillance: With the breaking news, CBS put together a general preview that would really work for any episode:

No sneak peeks right now. When (if) the previews are up at the website, look for them in the comment section.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

24 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “The Long Goodbye” (S7E8)

  1. Thanks for your preview. I remember all these BTS pictures that were posted when they were filming the episode, but it was interesting to see them all together as part of a whole, they made more sense.

    Even if I perfectly understand the reasons behind CBS’s Defectors’ postponement and I respect their choice as much as all the victims and their families, I admit I am a little puzzled by the easiness with which The long goodbye has been forced to be fitting with the rest of the storylines before the other two episodes which seemed crucial for Deeks’s IA investigation and its resolution.
    I thought, as probably many of us, that in The long goodbye Deeks’s scarce presence would be explained with something connected with his investigation/arrest. Now what, if the other episodes which were supposed to come before haven’t been aired yet?
    Let’s hope The long goodbye was meant as a stand-alone episode since it was written and filmed and that it can fit wherever it’s put.


    • They’ve had a weekend to rework this so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were changes made to the episode. Dave Kalstein said it would work and until it doesn’t, I’m going to trust him. A quick voice over mentioning that Deeks was in court testifying or working a different case would work. It looks like Kensi may be on loan to the DEA so Deeks could be just doing paperwork or training.

      I’m willing to reorder the episodes over the next few weeks in my head anyway. I thought it was odd that Deeks was referred to by Callen last week as an Agent in an episode where they didn’t know when it was filmed if the IA investigation would be done (Deeks did it too but that makes sense – the brainwashed Navy guy wasn’t leaving with LAPD).



  2. Tess, thanks for putting this together so quickly. Unfortunately to me it looks like another remake of Charlie’s Angels instead of NCIS LA. Originally , it seemed like the tweets and episode guide had this scheduled for this date. I had assumed they rescheduled for December since this is sweeps , and I also assume they read many of the fan comments in many different NCIS LA forums where many folks said they would not watch another episode with Talia after Citadel. I also assume TPTB rightfully thought any episode related to Deeks IA would do well in the sweeps. Anyway, I hope if folks tune in to see the beginning of the IA and get this episode instead they do not take it out on the show and understand it is the right thing for CBS to be sensitive to international atrocities. Sorry to be so negative, I hope this episode turns to be a lot better than it looks.


    • CBS pulled both this week’s Supergirl and NCIS: Los Angeles episodes because of content. Sadly, I think every television show that does “ripped from the headlines” stories knows this can happen. I was a fan of Millennium a million years ago and they had one episode that was pulled twice for content being too close to real news stories (school shootings).

      I liked “Citadel” even if Talia was being a brat. Kensi took the high road and that was what mattered to me. I’ve actually liked the last few episodes Dave Kalstein wrote. No mythical warriors, no magical weapons – just good guys fighting bad guys. That’s the show I enjoy.


    • I’m with sassyzazzi on this. I completely understand and support CBS’s decision, I however would have liked a rerun perhaps “Command and Control” instead of a new episode which will confuse many viewers. Remember we here on these forums get inside information; casual viewers do not. I’ll hope for the best. However, and its a big however; Talia? Really? TPTB say she’s a fan favorite; who gave her that title? They seem to kill all the fan favorites.
      Mercedes Mason is a beautiful, good actress; its not her, its the character that made me Sigh with a big UGH! When I read about this episode. Talia brings nothing but stupidity and unprofessionalism to the show; along with tilting the show towards a soap opera feeling with the out of control behavior toward Deeks especially and, Kensi. I agree with the “Charlie Angels” comment — funny!
      Unfortunately I have “unfollowed” Daniela; I’m all for “girl power” and women supporting women; I love my girlfriends; but her posts and tweets are just over the top. Enough already! We get it you two are girlfriends — yea! Good for you!
      This is just trivial crap, I admit, guilty! Sorry for the negativity, truly. This has been such a sad weekend, this announcement didn’t help that in any way.
      I apologize if I have offended anyone truly!


      • It is the November sweeps ratings period for CBS – it is understandable that they want to air a new hour.

        I really liked Talia in “Fish Out of Water” but found her reappearances to be diminishing returns. I hope the “FOoW” Talia returns – she was a good agent. “Citadel” Talia was a brat. I can understand why people are concerned. I do think we’re going to get a lot of Sam if Jada is involved.


      • Brenda (@bpnp) // November 16, 2015 at 9:24 AM // Reply

        I totally agree – “fan favorite”??? I think sometimes the cast/crew mistake their feelings towards an actor with the fans’ view of a character. It’s clear they love Mercedes Mason on set, but I have not seen any great love for Talia from fans. Sounds more like wishful thinking from TPTB to me. The online photo barrage when she’s on set seems intended to drum up fondness for the character, but I just find it annoying. I think her character should never have been more than a one-off. She is worse every time she reappears. Kind of like a fish out of water …. starting to smell. It won’t stop me from watching the episode, I just cringe whenever I see her on the guest cast. Bring back Wesam Keesh instead – he would have been a great recurring guest cast member! I think bringing Jada back has the potential to be a powerful storyline for Sam, so this ep does have some redeeming features. However, the ease with which they were able to rearrange the episodes seems to give credence to our critiques of some episodes as “fillers” that do not advance the storyline overall.


        • The program really needs a Fornell type character – someone from another agency they can work with. Again, Talia was a brat in “Citadel” and was pushing buttons in the “Deep Troubles” (Kensi wisely did not allow her buttons to be pushed in “Citadel”) but I really liked the character in “Fish Out of Water”. If anything, she and Kensi – two smart, strong women in male dominated agencies – should would well together. I’m hoping this is the beginning of that turning around.


  3. Thank you, Tess! You are amazing at compiling and even more so with the changes. I’m a fan of Kalstein & Kousakis ‘s work, so I’m looking forward to this episode. It’s really fun seeing how the cast crew and guest actors have a ball filming NCIS LA. Thanks, Tess!


  4. I did read that this episode was to air after the IA investigation so be obviously must to be cleared somehow (at least I hope). Does Deeks appear in the episode at all???


  5. I did read that the Long Goodbye was changed to air after the Internal Affairs investigation. Does Deeks appear at all in the episode? I have to admit I am rather nervous about the episode to come with Deeks being arrested. I hope it all ends well for our favourite Detective. Deeks being mentioned as an Agent, maybe that’s an omen?


    • This was supposed to air after “Internal Affairs” (and a rerun week) but the Paris terror attacks had CBS swapping “Defectors” with “The Long Goodbye.” The program had the weekend to update anything but Dave Kalstein promises the episode will work out of order. If he’s good to his word, we’re fine.


  6. Last minute additions #1:


  7. Last minute addition #3:


  8. Last minute addition #4:


  9. Last minute addition #5 (a Deeks sighting!):


  10. Last minute addition #6:


  11. Thanks for the latest postings. Looking forward to tonight😄


  12. I just saw it.
    Deeks without Kensi is happy, Callen without Sam is lost.


    • This is an excellent observation.


    • I would say Kensi without Deeks is happy and Callen without Deels is also happy. Callen without Sam – we don’t know. Sam is looking out for Callen and Callen seems to me the guy who loves his alone time always has and always will. He is not the social babbling guy like Deeks but he is not lost.
      Deeks is also not lost without Callen or Kensi. I don’t know what you see or is it more what you want to see.


  13. I just heard it; Deeks arresting or stopping the guy in the theater — “LAPD!” So after the IA investigation (which we know TPTB are going back in time in the next episodes) Deeks is still with the LAPD, this much we know already by airing this episode.


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