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Review: NCISLA “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (S9E21)

This week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, written by Chad Mazero and Jordana Lewis Jaffe, was largely a return to form for the show in the way it utilized the structure that once made it great. Directed by Rick Tunell, it focused on the core partnerships, even if a couple of proverbial third wheels tagged along. Happily the extra wheels stayed out of the way, making for an enjoyable team episode. If there wasn’t so much change afoot with Densi, I’d have enjoyed it a lot.

People are all the same

Wow, we didn’t just get one opening with an outside-of-work partner scene, we got two! Mazero and Jaffe must have been trying to make up for all the lost time from most of this season. While I don’t get too googly-eyed over Neric, I was so happy for all the Neric shippers out there. How exciting for them to have not just a bedroom scene, but a near kiss in Ops! I very much enjoyed seeing them interrupted by Hetty. Sorry Neric, but consider that just a little payback for all the times you interrupted Densi.

What I liked about these Neric scenes is that they were great, but they didn’t overpower the episode. Throughout, it felt like there was plenty of time to give everyone their due (everyone in the core cast, that is). Sam and Callen had great banter and very funny lines at the expense of third wheel FBI Agent Zoe Morris, “the genetic hybrid between Clarice Starling and Tinkerbell.” She’s a truly ridiculous character and I don’t find her at all realistic, but she makes me laugh. She’s spunky but not in an annoying way. The actress who played her, Erin Way, more than kept up with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J, and all her scenes had a great energy to them. I also enjoyed Victor, played by Adam Chambers, a classic clueless NCIS:LA bad guy whose scenes also consistently made me laugh.

The only character (other than Kensi- see below), who was definitely not her usual self was Mosley. Just who was that woman who greeted Sam and Callen in the bullpen? She looked exactly like Mosley and yet nothing about her behavior- making small talk, telling them to “Be well”- was at all familiar. I think her twin has secretly replaced her, or perhaps she’s been the victim of a secret government mind-control experiment.

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got

How refreshing was it to get a full serving of Densi, with multiple scenes shot off the Paramount lot for good measure? It felt so like old times. It made me sad to see how far we’ve deviated from the successful formula the show’s relied on for so long. This is what it should always be, but alas, it simply may not be possible anymore.

Kensi: So he’s a free spirit. He didn’t want to be bogged down by love or time of day… What?
Deeks: What? No, you don’t get to “what.” We get to “what.”
Kensi: I can “what” if I wanna “what.”
Hidoko: Yes, “what” all you want but you sound whack.
Kensi: What!?
Deeks & Hidoko: Seriously?
Kensi: OK, listen, we don’t know who this guy is. But if he was a Marine then I’m rooting for him the whole way, which means until we know details, I’m filling in the blanks in the best way possible. Simple as that.
Deeks: Well, whoever he was, he is very lucky to have you on the case.
Kensi: Thank you.
Harley: Found something.
Deeks: Whatcha got?
Harley: It’s a napkin for… a coffee truck off of Figueroa.
Kensi: I’ll drive.
Deeks: Shotgun!
Harley: Seriously?
Deeks: You’ll understand why when you ride in the back seat. Not pretty!
Kensi: Hey!
Deeks: I’m just saying she’s a terrible driver.
Kensi: -gasps-
Deeks: There’s a way you can get two seatbelts on. Probably your best bet.
Kensi: You’re such a jerk.

This armory scene was a good example of the third wheel not getting in the way. In fact, she took Deeks’ side, and he doesn’t get that kind of support too often. Deeks and Hidoko were cute with their joint “Seriously’s.” But even though the two tease Kensi, it’s still a nice Densi scene. Like always (and very much in character), Kensi plans on sticking up for the dead Marine until they know more. Deeks notes her reasoning, and tells her the dead guy is lucky to have her on his side. He’s obviously speaking from personal experience. I know that Deeks always appreciates Kensi’s bad-ass skills, but here he’s complimenting her heart and loyalty, and I found it a very sweet moment. Of course the scene ends with more teasing, but hey, that’s Densi too.

Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot

The opening Densi workout scene was a typical Densi scene. I wish I could call it “classic,” since we’ve seen so many similar scenes before. It felt like old times, exactly what we should consistently see from them. Unfortunately, their discussion made me a little sad. I know Kensi has a secret lacy lady side, but chocolate fountains are so not their style. That kind of wedding is not what I want for them, and I don’t believe it’s what they want for themselves. Maybe they have a touch of whatever is going on with Mosley? Or maybe Kat, Mindy, Mandy and the two Tiffany’s are being bad influences? Until the wedding happens, I intend to continue holding out hope that they’ll elope to the beach.

In this scene, I didn’t blame Kensi for failing to register Deeks’ seriousness about the bar. Given his history of wacky investment ideas, there’s no reason to take it seriously. Until he shares his feelings about his job in a clear way, I don’t know that it will sink in for her just how desperate he is to leave, and just how much their lives seem about to change. Direct Deeks needs to make an appearance!

Later, in a nice team boatshed scene, Deeks’ secret comes out for everyone to mock. I can’t blame them though given his history. This time we learned about a few schemes that never made it into an episode- French running classes, oak tree farming, and museum docent all get added to the list. It was nice to see that Callen had kept Deeks’ confidence, maybe even from Sam. Poor Deeks, he’s had just a few too many crazy ideas for anyone to take him seriously, sadly Kensi included.

Wouldn’t you like to get away?

That was quite a final scene. How wonderful to have the whole team together. It’s too bad Hetty couldn’t have joined them. These scenes have become a rarity, which of course made the whole thing rather bittersweet. Except for Kensi, everyone was nicely written and the whole conversation felt natural and funny, generating a strong sense of team camaraderie.

Deeks: Well, what do you think?
Nell: Well, definitely never been here before.
Eric: That’s because it’s been condemned.
Callen: You know, I got some pretty simple tastes, but this is… I don’t know what this is.
Sam: I think it’s a bomb shelter…
Kensi: Sweetie, my moon, my stars? Where have you taken us?
Deeks: Well, Sugar Bear, we uh, we’re at our bar.
Kensi: Huh?
Eric: I’m sorry, you paid money for this?
Nell: Well I guess you can’t take it with you…
Deeks: … the person that owns this place is letting me take it for a spin.
Kensi: Oh my god, this is serious. You’re not just making some fleeting plan again.
Deeks: I mean, think about today, think about Gabe Schoeder. There are literally hundreds of Gabe Schroeders out there just lookin’ for a place to hang their hat once in while, you know? A good place to see a familiar face and we can give that to ‘em. I mean hell, we can give that to ourselves, right?
Sam: Mhm.
Deeks: Right? Baby? What? Why are you not saying anything, you’re freakin’ me out. Baby, talk to me… You’re circling me like a shark. Baby, what are you thinkin’?
Kensi: I’m thinking we’re buying a bar.
Deeks: Really? What? Aw, I thought you were goin’ a different direction with that for a second ‘cause I, that’s why I brought everybody here, to protect me in case you tried to stab me with a fork.
Kensi: Deeks you have a bar.
Deeks: Ah, correction, actually, we have a bar.
Kensi: Oh my god! [They hug.]
Callen: I think this calls for a toast. Kens and Deeks, huh?

I think Deeks’ true state of mind, aside from being terrified of Kensi’s reaction, reveals itself when he says “we can give that to ourselves.” He’s obviously motivated not by a need for investment property, but for a way out of his current bullet-riddled lifestyle. I love the way he pauses before telling her, “we’re at our bar.” Eric Christian Olsen is great here. Despite the jokes from the rest of the gang, he conveys Deeks’ nervousness and vulnerability. This could have gone very, very badly for him.

And that brings me to my problem with the scene. First, Kensi’s harsh, almost comical “Huh?” when he tells her felt discordant with the tone ECO was setting. Here Deeks is obviously nervous, and Kensi takes longer than I’d have expected to pick up on it. Still, as she walks to the end of the bar she does let it sink in, and her initial acceptance, her “I’m thinking we’re buying a bar,” was about as positive as Deeks had a right to expect. She sounded a little overwhelmed, yet she sensed that it was important to him so she went along with it. I liked her reaction in that moment.

But a second later, she’s truly celebrating with him, and that didn’t feel entirely in character to me. There are so many questions that should be running through her mind at this point. How much might it cost to get this derelict structure repaired and operational? Who is going to put in the time to oversee it? If it’s Deeks, then what does that mean for their work partnership? When will they ever see one another if she works days and he works nights? If she gets pregnant, will he be willing to sell this bar and get a day job? Or does she not need to worry about pregnancy risk since she’s never going to spend time with him? This decision has huge ramifications for their life together, and I just don’t see Kensi being quite so willing to spontaneously celebrate this decision, one made without consulting her.

I desperately need the follow-up conversation that surely came as they were driving home. The one where they actually talk about what is going on. And I even more desperately need for this to not be another one of those instances where key things happen off-screen. I want to understand this decision and I want to hear Deeks explain it.

You wanna be where you can see the troubles are all the same

One old Season 2 conversation that keeps popping into my head is this one from “Absolution”:

Deeks: Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a drink.
Sam: You’d be better off getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t let alcohol become your chosen form of stress management.
Deeks: I’m not stressed, man, but I’m buyin’.
Sam: Then I’m in.

Now, I don’t worry that current Deeks is going to develop a drinking problem, but I am saying that current Deeks is stressed out. The writers have spent a lot of time developing this storyline over the course of the entire season, so I really hope they help us understand it before season’s end. As Eric said, “The end is nigh,” and it doesn’t feel like the end is going to be particularly happy, at least for us Deeks fans. If we’re going to have a bittersweet ending due to a departure or dialing back of ECO’s time, can we at least have one that makes sense for these characters?

Memorable Moments

  • I suppose I should be grateful we’ve gotten as much Densi as we have. I cannot imagine the frustration of the Neric fans out there who’ve been missing out on an entire relationship. So not fair!
  • When Deeks said of Schroeder, “Whoever he was, he is very lucky to have you on the case,” I totally channeled Deeks’ correction to Thapa about his partner in “The Frozen Lake,” when he said “She’s the bravest.”
  • That was a nice jump ECO made when chasing bad guy Victor. And should I say good tackle David? On the other hand, it seemed like an unnaturally long stretch of silence when they first walked up the stairs. Not sure whether that was awkward direction or the (lack of) writing.
  • I didn’t exactly follow Hetty’s comparisons when she chatted with Callen. It felt like a stretch, just a way to work Anna’s shooting into the story in order to foreshadow next week.
  • Wow that was a hot moment when Deeks covered for Kensi in the shootout. On the other hand, I’m not sure why they didn’t shoot at the fleeing truck.
  • Did you notice all the street art during the shoot-out scenes? The downtown Los Angeles Arts District is filled with it. Next time you’re in town, I highly recommend a graffiti tour!
  • It was nice that they showed up for Schoeder’s funeral. After all, they were the only ones who knew his name. (Get it?)
  • I’m sorry, but was Harley’s cover really supposed to cover half her face, or was the camera angle just awkward because she’s so small?
  • The bar scene was beautifully lit. Nothing too artsy, but enough to give the scene some atmosphere.
  • By the way, the headings above are taken from the Cheers theme song, written by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo.

Only two more weeks left in the season! Buckle up, this could get emotional. Before the next episode airs, come back to wikiDeeks for new installments of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. Also, there’s still time to enter our drawing for one of three fantastic autographed Densi images.

So what did you think of “Everybody Knows Your Name?” Who felt in character to you, and who didn’t? Did you enjoy the full helping of Densi? How did you react to the final scene? Tell us all about it in the Comments below.

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16 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (S9E21)

  1. Lindy D. // May 8, 2018 at 8:03 AM // Reply

    I think I have finally become disgruntled with this season. Although this seemed a relatively mild episode, some things just rubbed me the wrong way and made me nervous about the future. First of all, I didn’t even notice the name of the episode until this morning. Would have been a big hint about The Bar. But then in the middle when the team was in the boat shed, they joked about all the crazy ideas Deeks had come up with over the years, so I thought that would turn out to be true. Wrong again.

    My only hope is that the bar sounds like it’s on loan from one of Deeks’ anonymous friends. He said he was “taking it for a spin”. So… maybe something happens in the final episodes, otherwise it’s going to be a long summer wondering how Deeks will look in an apron, asking “What’ll ya have, Smitty?”. One thing I did like in that final scene, was ECO’s joyfulness. We haven’t seen that warm expression for a long time. My problem with this whole idea is that if they want kids, shouldn’t it be Kensi opting out of NCIS? And one other thought. This big wedding thing really doesn’t sound like them…at all…period. I think in the end they will either elope or have a small beach wedding with just a few people. But..this is the season from outer space, so who knows.

    I guess the munchkin agent was supposed to be a returning character, but I don’t remember her or the episode she was in. I did like Callen and Sam’s reaction to her, especially Callen’s. And Mosley was definitely from an alternate universe. Did they expect us not to notice how different she was from the past episodes. Did she get hit on the head or something, or was she popping happy pills? Weird. Now they want us to like her so her character suddenly has a growth spurt? Weird…just weird. Plus Nell and Eric are suddenly sleeping together. I wonder if the showrunner and company thought they might be cancelled so tried to quickly tie up hanging story lines. Hopefully, if that’s true we might actually get a wedding. Not a big one, probably a quicky, squeezed in at the end of the last episode…seems about right for the season from hell.

    Yep, I’m officially disgruntled. Still love Deeks though. Maybe it could be a topless bar where only the bartender is topless. That might cheer me up.

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    • sassyzazzi // May 8, 2018 at 9:45 AM // Reply

      You absolutely made my day, a topless bar where only the bartender is topless!! I think that would cheer us all up, I love the visual.


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // May 8, 2018 at 10:34 AM // Reply

      Agree! Agree! Agree!!

      If you had told me in Season 5 that in Season 9 we’d have the opening scene with Neric in bed instead of Densi, I might have bailed.
      Also – speaking of hanging storylines – what about the much hyped “BOX” that just faded from view?


    • I agree with much of what you said, Lindy. Except it should be a bikini bar–where only the bartender is wearing a bikini.


  2. Thank you Karen for another review! It is great as usual, and I agree with almost everything you commented above, but not with your view on Kensi’s reaction when Deeks admitted that he “took the bar for the spin”. The final reaction from Kensi was excellent and was so much in character with Kensi that we know now. This is Kensi that is strongly in love, that is supportive of her future husband’s dreams, that is loyal to the man she loves, that (finally) understands and accepts his motivations. Yes, there are questions but that moment, that perfect moment when they are hugging each other, is not the moment for the questions to be raised. Man I love this Kensi so much and I love that writers understand that, after she also admitted that Deeks was her world, there are no other ways for Kensi to react and to behave.
    The whole episode was really excellent and I was enjoying every moment of it. I am so sorry that we were not able to see more of such episodes throughout this season.

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  3. ^^^^ What Maria said, especially the last sentence. That last scene made me very happy. A team scene with Densi actually acting like partners and a couple.

    Thanks for the review.

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  4. Thank you for your great review Karen. I loved the guest stars, like Karen mentioned maybe they all weren’t very realistic, but I laughed and actually as a viewer I felt like the whole cast had a lot of fun filming this episode. Hetty was great, Eric and Nell scenes were great and we got some nice Densi-scenes (even if there were problems Karen mentioned).
    There were lot of things I loved in that last scene (especially ECO’s acting was great), but I really hate the Deeks buying a bar storyline, it just feels so out of character and if this the way how they will write Deeks out I am so disappointed. Maybe one of the reasons why I hate this bar storyline is that for me the bar storyline reminds me of something that Max Gentry (the undercover alias) would do and that is one of the reasons why I just can’t see the bar being a part of happily ever after-storyline that I am hoping for Deeks (and for Densi). I know that this is “just” a fictional character we are talking about, but after watching the character for so many years and how Deeks really was the reason I fell in love with show (the way the character made the whole show so much better) it feels so heartbreaking if this is the way they write that character out. I will try to stay positive and believe that this isn’t the way they write Deeks and Densi out.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. sassyzazzi // May 8, 2018 at 10:46 AM // Reply

    Karen great review, I like the return to form as a description of the episode, it definitely felt like that. I thought the case of the week was a little disjointed and could have used a bit more attention. In general I find JLJ’s episodes seem more like vignettes that are strung together and this felt like that. However, I did like the character interactions, so overall I liked the episode, certainly more than other episodes, it felt like someone was trying to listen to fans.

    I was happy for the Neric fans that they got clarification on their relationship status.Of course, it seemed out of the blue, since Nell and Eric have not appeared to be real close this season. I was really happy we got Deeks and Kensi in the field and off the clock together , another thing fans have been asking for. I thought the closing bar scene was well done, nice team scene, we got Kensi wearing her engagement ring looking like she wanted to marry Deeks, again it felt like someone was trying. The bar still feels very out of character for the Deeks they have written since season 2.

    TPTB this year more than the writers are a mystery to me .They spent an entire season with fans griping about Mosley and in this episode she was unrecognizable. I appreciate that they started dressing her far more professionally a couple of episodes ago. This episode it was like Mosley on Prozac. I feel badly for the actress, she has taken such hits on social media , I do not know why they did not try to change her character over time , slowly, methodically.

    Along those lines, I have the same feelings about Harley. They brought in what could have been a real recurring interesting character, who perhaps played a cyber ops person, maybe in response to the mole, then allowed Nell in the field with Kensi when Deeks was not around, sort of the reverse of season 8. I agree with you the scene in ops with Deeks /Kensi/Harley was well done, but then they have to send her into the field as a third wheel with Deeks and Kensi when there is no reason for her to be there. It truly feels like someone on the show wants her there, they have not thought through any reason to be there, and they just want her to have screen time and it shows. As a result she gets called a third wheel on social media and makes fans disgruntled.

    Overall I want to like this episode , I want to reward the behavior that they are seemingly trying to return the show to its original balance. For me , a lot just depends on where we end up with Deeks at the end of this season and hopefully next season.

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  6. Good review. IMHO I think reason we’re seeing less of Deeks, Kenzie & original pairings has more to do with CBS trying to diversify the cast. The network is often criticized for not having enough diversity among it’s leading characters. I also think this year, both ECO & Daniela hadoutside projects that took up some extra time so it was a way for CBS to integrate two good black female actresses (though I may not care for Mosely a lot, I think Nia Long is a very good actress). And so is Andrea B. This is the year of women asserting themselves to receive fair & equal treatment (an issue I fully support). Also after Dani’s 1st pregnancy (had some good & strong Densi scenes) to start season 6 & then not so many in 2nd half of the season. And then we had great S7&8. Hoping same is true in S10. Harkening back to episode in previous season I don’t foresee Deeks doing lot of work himself to remodel bar (said he’d hire someone to do work while he sat back and drank mojitos). Plus seeing condition of the bar, it looks like it will take awhile to clean up, remodel & bring up to code. And while we may wish the show would last another 10 years, that is not realistic so it’s nice that writers have set up a plausible future for our favorite TV couple. As far as Kensi’s reactions in final scene. I didn’t think the ‘huh’ sounded harsh but was shocking. You could see her really look around as Deeks was talking about bar & starting to imagine it & imagine their friends gathering there to keep in touch when NCIS careers are over. I also believe Kensi has become softer & has become the more touchy-feely of the pair since her recovery. She now is the one to say ‘I love you’ first. So I didn’t find it odd for her to excitedly hug Deeks as she realized how important it was to him. I also must say if the FBI character is going to replace Anna as a recurring character every so often, I’m all for it. As you said, she more than held her own with Chris & LL & is better actress than Bar Paley. I feel like the others have to carry Bar Paley when she’s in a scene. Sorry this was so long & sorry for any typos.

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  7. Thanks for your preview, Karen.

    To be honest, I’m still undecided about this episode. There were certain scenes I liked and others not so much, but definitely more than other JLJ scripts.
    In some moments I caught glimpses of the old NCIS:LA I have missed so much this season and the characters seemed to have found their rhythm again, while in other situations some behaviors were very weird (Mosley seemed a completely different character and it’s becoming difficult to understand the real one).

    The flaw I found in the Densi workout scene was how the wedding they are planning doesn’t seem “them” at all. When last year we finally had the proposal we had been patiently waiting for all season, I thought Deeks and Kensi would really “carpe diem”, seizing the moment in the very near future, only making sure to be together and with the people they love, in a simple way. I can’t believe this season the writers couldn’t think of anything more original for them than talking about their wedding without much progression.
    I thought Kensi’s “Life is very short” speech would have led to something very different and I can’t see them caring about chocolate fountains or going crazy to decide the color of tablecloths or looking for venues without telling the other.

    And then the bar. I don’t know what to think about it. I think the scene was well-acted and well-directed. I liked how all the characters interacted and I think it was one of the best scenes this season, if only it didn’t potentially have very serious repercussions on Densi as we know them.
    Maybe ECO is not totally leaving in season 10 but he could be more and more unavailable due to other projects he may have and the bar could be the best solution for reducing his screen time. I don’t know, but this idea makes me very sad and depressed. I need my weekly Deeks and his scenes with Kensi.

    Now, on the one hand I’m very curious and anxious to see the three remaining episodes of the season (especially the last two) to see what ECO meant with “obstacles in an emotional sense, that make for compelling scenes”, but on the other, I’m very scared to find out and spend the summer wondering what Deeks and Kensi will go through again.

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  8. Love the review, Karen, and agree with much of it. I wonder if this whole planning-a-wedding-that-is-clearly-not-them thing was just a way for TPTB to keep from having to marry them until the end of S9 (if they were cancelled) or sometime in S10. Why they would want to do that, I have no idea, but I can think of no other reason to drag this on for so long. They seemed so enamored with the idea of a small beach wedding (ok, Kensi wanted more than small in terms of guests), way back in S7, I just don’t know what happened. In the end, I agree with those who’ve mentioned this should ultimately end in an actual small beach wedding, likely hastily thrown together or at least changed bc they realize this isn’t what they want. I was really hoping that’s where they were heading with the I-don’t-care-about-tablecloths-either convo from “The Monster,” but it doesn’t seem that way.

    The bartending/owning a bar thing seems out-of-character to me as well. Deeks’ father was an alcholic. Not at all saying that everyone who hangs out in a bar is an alcoholic, but you’re sure more likely to find them frequenting a bar. (Have to admit this is completely personal and I am totally projecting my own feelings here–I grew up with an alocholoic father and don’t like to be around people who are drunk, even when they’re happy drunks, so I can’t see Deeks wanting to do it.) And some might get beligerent and violent. Yeah, he can deal with that, but does he want to have to? I guess it’s better than getting shot at and almost blown up on a regular basis. Plus I’m all for providing a place for veterans, cops, agents, etc. to hang their hat and find a familiar face, but a bar? Ever heard of self-medicating? If Deeks wants to help these men and women maybe he should get a degree in mental health and get a job at the VA. Sadly, he can also find plenty of vets needing that kind of support on the streets, where he must still have plenty of connections. (Hmm, I think I may have just sparked a fanfic…) And speaking of frequenting bars, if the rest of the team is still with NCIS, they can’t exactly make themselves regulars at Deek’s place, right? Or did we forget about how having a routine got Deeks shot? Yeah, I know TPTB have….

    I did find Kensi’s response curious, as well as the fact that Deeks totally sprung that on her in front of their friends/teammates. I get and appreciate that she was supportive of him and his dream, espcially after his emotional rationale. But have they actually thought about what this would mean for them going forward? Obviously they haven’t talked about it! Not sure how raising kids works when you run a bar–guess he can spend the early part of the day with them, but he’d probably have to be at work by the time they get home from school. Will they both work there? Will Kensi stay at NCIS while Deeks works the bar? I can’t find the comment now, but someone said it will take a while to get that place fixed up, so maybe this is meant to be their post-show career, but I keep hoping somehow they’ll cross paths with McGarrett and/or Dano from Hawaii 5-0 again and they’ll hear all their horror stories in their attempt to open a restuarant.

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  9. Karen, another thorough and interesting review…great as usual. I guess I might be in the minority of people upset about this bar ownership thing. Other than it’s almost de riguer for a show like this to have one of its characters own a bar (NCIS: New Orleans, Homicide: Life on the Street, Hawaii 5-0. etc.), it gives Deeks a little more stability in his life. It’s a business to fall back on if and when things get to the point where he and/or Kensi need a break from the stress of their job (which I don’t see coming for several seasons more), and it may bode well for retirement down the line. He doesn’t have to quit to run it, he needs to hire the right people to run it and he can enjoy his off-duty hours playing the role of bartender (love the topless comments).

    I just want to see more Densi in this strange season, and the last two episodes have delivered that. And it was great to see Kensi so supportive of another of Deeks’ off-the-wall ideas–she realized how much it meant to him and she jumped in whole-heartedly. I have faith in the powers that be that we’ll get our happily-ever-after with our favorite couple, if not this season, then next.

    Even though Wiki-Deeks will be over soon, I hope that you will continue to post reviews of the episodes next season, and that Tess will continue to do her in-depth previews. I have enjoyed both your works and it has added to the overall enjoyment of fandom of this series. Thank you very much (and Philly Di and the substitute reviewers) for all the efforts over the years.

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  10. Thanks for your review. You make a lot of valid points! I agree with what many people have said, in that if the bar story line is a way to reduce Deeks’ screen time then it doesn’t make a lot of sense with the way he has been written in the past. They have made a big deal about his passion for justice and desire to look after the underdog, so if he’s desperate to get out of the day to day danger of the job then a return to law work would make a lot more sense. Though I can see how running a bar that the others go to makes it easier to keep him in a recurring role, but what about all the emphasis they placed in earlier seasons about not having ‘regular’ places they go? It was the entire premise of ‘Personal’, & now they’re suddenly going to have a ‘regular’ bar they go to??? Gahhhh frustrating!! They did a really good job of writing to cover DR’s pregnancy without it having a overly negative affect on the show, and now they can’t even manage this, even though it feels like they’ve been working to it for most of the season??? (That is working on the assumption that ECO is leaving &/or reducing his time with NCIS: LA)
    And totally agree with everyone’s comments about Densi wedding – eloping on the beach makes far more sense!! I’m hoping that that’s still where the end up at the end of the season!! And what’s in the box?!? If this season is the end of Densi as we know it, then I want closure!!!

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  11. As always, thanks for all your great comments. You all make too many good points for me to even try to respond. I’ll just say that I’m impressed by the very wide range of thoughts and emotions, from the near despondent to the quite optimistic. I’m going to try to see things from the optimists’ perspective- it’s much happier where they are!

    I’ve also found myself thinking a lot about what I always envisioned for Deeks when he quit his job. That was always being a stay-at-home dad or working someplace where he’d be helping people who really need it, like with his law degree but maybe at the homeless shelter we saw way back in Season 2. And while I also agree with everyone’s points about why the bar is out of character for the son of an alcoholic, I think I’m most resistant to it because it doesn’t fit my personal vision for this character. Again, I’m going to try to have a more open mind about it. Doubtful it’ll do me any good, but it never hurts to try.

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  12. I’m woefully behind, but wanted to throw a comment on here before we jump to this week’s review. I’m with you Karen (& others) about the bar not being the way Deeks should go out because it doesn’t fit my personal vision. So I pretty much hated the whole last scene with the reality (maybe not as he was “taking it for a spin”) and Kensi’s supportive reaction. Maybe if there had been a brief conversation to see how she got onboard with this it would have been more in line. I just didn’t feel like Kensi’s reaction was true to that character. (Actually her reaction in the park was right on, but it was too much of a jump at the end.)

    While I just want to jump over last nights (next to last episode) to get to the finale, I’ll try to stay in the moment.


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