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Writing Deeks: Deeks with… Another Woman?


Deeks and Kensi are soulmates, meant to be together forever. Or are they? How does our group of fan fiction writers feel about depicting a non-Densi relationship? A few brave writers have risked the wrath of the fandom and given us a Deeks (or a Kensi) who has loved someone else. Why would they do such a thing? And what kind of reaction did they get? We asked them all about it.

The heat that used to radiate off of him and toward me was still there… but now it was no longer directed at me… and I suddenly wanted to cry my soul out.

They were smiling when they pulled apart and it was like they realized that they weren’t alone on that particular part of the beach.

“I’m sorry Honey Bear… ” He smiled at her while he turned and nodded in my direction… the woman’s dark eyes found mine. “… this is Kensi Blye, she was my partner back when I worked for NCIS. Kensi, this is Talia, my wife.”

– Jericho Steele, “My Deeks”

For some writers, writing Deeks and Kensi apart is heresy. “I wouldn’t write them with someone else, that’s a big fat no for me,” says ZBBZL. “Even if I believe he deserves someone better than what Kensi has become.” For ZeGabz, “It kind of reminds me of something Michael Weatherly (Tony on NCIS) said in regards to Tony, that when he’s interacting with any female character that is not Ziva, it just doesn’t feel right, something always feels off. And while I love Deeks’ friendships with Nell and Hetty, writing him romantically with anyone else would feel [out of character].” imahistorian doesn’t like “the idea of him romantically with anyone else, so writing that has no appeal for me.”

thepixiesmademedoit, on the other hand, has “thought about it” and Kadiedid has come close but hasn’t crossed the line. “I’ve written about other women coming on to Deeks and I also wrote about him having to go undercover and be with Monica from ‘Parley,’” she explains, “but I’ve never really written him being with someone else. Even when I would write about someone flirting or propositioning him, I would get reviews telling me they didn’t like it. It seems that most readers like their heroes to be faithful even if there is no chance of them ever getting together.”

But not every fan fiction writer we interviewed felt completely loyal to Kensi and Deeks as a couple. phillydi, for example, has written Deeks attracted to another woman. “I wouldn’t care if [Densi] broke up at all. I just want to see Deeks happy and in a loving relationship,” she asserts. “I’m really more inspired writing about Deeks and if Kensi comes along for the ride… so be it.” In the pre-“Humbug” time when these interviews were completed, she felt strongly about her right to do away with them as a couple if TV Densi didn’t shape up. “…I will continue to write them as [a couple] unless I want to break them up so Deeks can be more fulfilled in a grown up relationship,” she said. “Always looking out for my boy.”

He actually felt guilty that he had cheated on Kensi by kissing Mac! Was that crazy or what? Didn’t you have to be in a relationship to actually be cheating on a person?

Deeks flopped down on his chair and forced a laugh which sounded bitter and a bit harsh even to him. Deeks knew Kensi better than anyone else on this planet and he was certain she had closed down to protect herself but that didn’t mean she didn’t want his love. He always saw her hesitancy not as rejection but as a test of his trust to remain solid and steadfast. Yeah, he knew all about Jack, the bastard. Deeks always hoped his loss would be Deeks’ gain. So he did his best to stay on the patient path but there was only so much his heart could take before he decided to cut his losses and move on. It was easy to go running back to Mac and soak in the love he so desperately needed… but she had hurt him terribly once too and who was to say she wouldn’t do it again. Deeks was lost and sat quietly alone with his confusion and heartache.

– phillydi, “Venus Rising”

phillydi describes her foray into a world where Deeks has feelings for another woman: “His on and off relationship with Kensi has driven me crazy so I wrote a fic where his long lost love returns to him and he really has to choose between the two. It was nice to allow him to interact lovingly with another woman unlike all the drama and angst with Kensi… At one point I had so many readers falling in love with Mac, I was going to have her continue on as his love interest and ditch Kensi but I didn’t have time to continue more stories so I resorted back to him getting back with Kensi. But I always regret it because he and Mac had such a more realistic kind of love story with a lot more in common.”

It’s not just phillydi who has strayed from Densi stories. Jericho Steele has experimented with both versions of Densi: drawn inevitably together and torn completely apart. He describes his plans for his story “Aunt Hetty,” saying, “I had originally intended for my original character, Jericho Steele, to be a romantic interest for Kensi and throw a monkey-wrench into Densi’s world and get Deeks to finally see what (or who) he was about to lose. The more I delved into the characters, the more I realized that the two of them are made for each other and having some other man begin to draw Kensi away from Deeks just felt too wrong to go with it.”

But in a pair of stories (“My Kensi/My Deeks”), he went way over to the dark side. “Kensi got back together with Jack after her mission to Afghanistan and Deeks left NCIS and ended up marrying Talia,” he describes. They “came from an idea about how the show’s writers might use Jack to mess with Kensi and Deeks. After ‘Spoils of War’ aired, I wondered if Kensi was really able to let go and forgive Jack, there were also some little shots in the show that caused me to wonder if she was really ‘over’ him like she said she was. I just took the idea of Kensi trying to help Jack escape from the CIA and let their old feelings resurface. When Deeks realized he had lost her, he moved on and found his happiness in someone else. The reaction was intense and 100% supportive. Even though quite a few readers didn’t like the path I forced Deeks to take, they were happy that I gave him a happy life, even when it wasn’t with Kensi. I was impressed that so many people were more concerned about Deeks having a happy ending over the fact that Kensi chose someone else.”

I leaned on the counter and gave him the sweet smile he used to like back when we were dating. “You always were good at crime-solving… among many other talents…”

Oh my god, he actually blushed! Not very much, but still! How adorable.

And there was yet another unspoken conversation passing from Agent Blye’s eyes to Marty’s.

I hoped she knew how lucky she was to have him in her life.

By way of apology for flirting with her guy, I offered them each a donut free of charge.

“No, thank you,” Agent Blye refused with forced politeness as she put her hand firmly into the crook of Marty’s elbow. “Deeks?”

“I’d love a donut,” Marty answered me warmly, and I wondered if he accepted it only because his ‘partner’ girlfriend didn’t want him to.

“You still like sprinkles?”

He grinned. “You know it.”

Basking in the warmth of that grin, I smiled back, slipping a sprinkle-covered donut into a small bag and handing it to him. “See you around.”

Poor Marty — he managed to squeak out a “Thanks!” as Agent Blye practically dragged him out the door.

I watched through the window as Marty took out the donut, tore it in half, and shared it with her.

That’s love, right there.

– Belle Walker, “The One Who Got Away”

Other writers have explored the idea of Deeks apart from Kensi without actually breaking them up. Belle Walker, for example wrote, “a short, humorous story [quoted above] from the viewpoint of an ex-girlfriend who observes Deeks and Kensi together, and everybody who reviewed it seemed to like it. That story was inspired by an older episode [‘Crimeleon’] where Deeks visited one angry ex-girlfriend who threw a lemon wedge at him as he was leaving. I figured there had to be at least one ex who didn’t have murderous thoughts about Deeks, so I wrote about it.”

Sweet Lu has written Deeks with quite a few other women, but only when undercover or in her most recent origin story (“The Collector”) that showed Deeks before he ever met Kensi. “The response was dependent on whether the woman was evil or good. I think I wanted to see Deeks have intimate relations with a woman because I was frustrated with the way the show refuses to let Kensi and Deeks have any kind of intimate scene together. I did do one where he has to be Lauren Hunter’s backup and that got an amazingly good response, a few people even wanting more.”

“Tell me what’s going on, Hunter, or my part in this op is over,” he said seriously.

“You surprised me last night,” she whispered and a smile flashed across her face. Then she turned and walked down to the wave line and stood trembling. He followed, standing next to her, but making sure he didn’t touch her or say anything.

“I didn’t know what to expect when Hetty suggested you come on as my backup.” she began. “I knew we would have to convince them we were a couple, but I wasn’t prepared for you. It’s been a long time since someone got to me the way you did last night. I watched you during the party, and you handled yourself so confidently with those rich, arrogant bastards, it made me want to kiss you. And when I did, I didn’t want to stop. That’s why I let things go too far last night. I didn’t want to stop. You’re gentle and kind and funny and so very, very sexy.” Then she turned toward him and put her hand on his chest, reaching for his cheek with the other and slowly brought his head down and kissed him long and deep.

Deeks was stunned, not only by what she said, but also by her passionate kiss, and he couldn’t help himself. He responded, and kissed her back as deeply as she was kissing him, and he knew this op was in big trouble, and he knew he was in trouble as well. He loved Kensi, and he was doing just what he told her he wouldn’t let happen. He was letting Hunter seduce him.

– Sweet Lu, “The Backup”

Whether Deeks or Kensi are with one another or with others, there’s still the matter of occasionally writing what can best be described as adult content. Is that easy or awkward, fun or uncomfortable, to write? Find out on next week’s Writing Deeks: The Sexytimes.

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To find the stories quoted above, follow these links:

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phillydi, “Venus Rising

Belle Walker, “The One Who Got Away

Sweet Lu, “The Backup

We also asked each writer to recommend a short story they thought best represents their Deeks. Jericho Steele’s “My Deeks” features a Deeks who’s married to Talia. It’s the sequel to “My Kensi,” a post-“Spoils of War” what-if where Kensi got back together with Jack. In “My Deeks,” Jericho asked “What if Deeks had to watch her slip away from him and turn back to her former fiancé? What if Deeks let her go and moved on to another life with someone else? While these ideas are anathema to Densi shippers the world over, it was a plausible scenario should events have taken a different turn after Kensi’s rescue.”

Or, go back to the last Writing Deeks, Heroes and Villains.

A special thanks to @thewingsofnight for creating the wonderful artwork.

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25 Comments on Writing Deeks: Deeks with… Another Woman?

  1. Yes please! I want to see Deeks happy, and with anyone else but the kind of cold, angry, face-punching thing that Kensi has become. The show has never portrayed their relationship as even marginally equal or healthy, and I want to see Deeks move on to something and someone better.

    Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll definitely look into them.


    • I have to admit I’m leaning to the hoopsdiva perspective! I find it unequal too. I always feel he would do anything for her and I do not get that assurance from her. The girlfriends over him (I’d tell the girlfriends to take a leap if it bothered him, not the other way around!!!), the job over him (don’t rock the boat so I don’t get in trouble rather than Tell The World – really???) etc., etc. I just want to kick her LOL. She couldn’t have been more UN-reassuring when he proclaimed them “good” and that nothing could tear them apart. I don’t dislike Kensi, I just want to yell at her so often. But – I guess maybe if they wrote her different we wouldn’t have such a great reason to have so much sympathy for him. They say the heart wants what it wants, no logic required :-).This little taste of All In after five years means it will take her maybe five more to go any further without some major development – so lots of renewals to come?


  2. On impulse I can say I would stop to watch NCIS LA if they (showrunners) made Deeks and Kensi split up but, more importantly, found new love interests for both of them.
    I am one of the ones who can’t even think about them being with someone else! They seem so perfect one for the other that I can’t think of other possible partners. Their work partnership and now life partnership gives me the main motivation to continue to watch the show, look for spoilers, read fanfictions etc… I enjoy explosions, action sequences, other charcters’ interactions, but, honestly, I wouldn’t be here hadn’t been for Densi.

    On the other side, before they went All in, I admit I would have liked to see more outside “threats” to the yet-to-be couple and a little more jealousy, especially on Deeks’ side, some situations in which he might be really scared of losing her, situations that would bring him to a moment of sudden realization of what he might lose if he didn’t decide to take that bold leap with Kensi. I am sorry the show never created such a situation for Deeks but plenty for Kensi (even if Monica was a huge turning point for Kensi and in a certain sense we have to thank her!).

    Reading fanfictions I look for happy Densi endings. I have also read unhappy Densi fanfictions, though, but they have always left me with a sense of sadness I can’t completely explain, as if I was depressed for some real life people! This, I think, is the strength of these fictitious characters we have come to love so much.


    • I totally agree Cladani. They might not be perfect people (altough Deeks almost is, of course ;)), but they are perfect for each other, perfect together. It’s not so much what he deserves, but what he wants. He wants Kensi. So simple, I like to think.
      Sometimes I actually like to read partially sad and angsty fics, but in the end I want happy ending and them together. There’s so many depressed things in real world, that I don’t want to search them for fanfiction. Or for tv-series, either.


  3. Rhonda Lara // April 9, 2015 at 7:03 AM // Reply

    I much prefer Densi together although I have read these other stories as well. Some of them are just to sad for me. I love the relationship between Deeks and Kensi, except for some of the punching, hitting, etc… Deeks has been first of all a wonderful friend for Kensi. Always the best way to start a relationship.


  4. Natalie Ryan // April 9, 2015 at 8:25 AM // Reply

    If you ask me, I love both “My Deeks” and “My Kensi” as an alternative to what would have happened if Kensi returned to Jack after “Spoils of War”. I also liked “My Fault” the sequel to these two stories, where Talia died, and as the story developed, Deeks was finally able to let Kensi again in his life. He even had a daughter and she accepted Kensi as her Aunt and she liked her the moment she saw her. I also read “The Collector” and it was interesting to read about Deeks pre-NCIS and with woman, other than Kensi. I’m a Densi shipper, but this story was shaped so good that I almost could imagine Deeks without Kensi. I also read another story from Sweet Lu where Deeks dated his partner’s sister. I remember the name of the partner, Mick Rafferty (Raffy), but I can’t remember the name of the story.
    In the above mentioned stories I was able to see Deeks in another world, where there wasn’t Kensi and where there wasn’t bantering or teasing with his partner. And I think that there isn’t any other person in the world that Deeks trusts more than Kensi and vice versa, so that’s why I love them to be together and I write them together. It was surprising to find out that the team knew about the thing getting official, and the Granger was the only one that still is out of the box (a little metaphor for all of us that want to find out what’s in the BOX).
    Anyway, I’ve said million times that I love Writing Deeks, and I look forward to read more of the topics that hang around our favorite cop’s head. There are great aspects of Deeks that can be explored, and he is a never ending source.


    • Hi Natalie, Actually I think Deeks dated Mick’s sister in “The Collector.” (He also slept with a second woman, Nika, so maybe that’s why you remember them as separate stories?)


      • Natalie Ryan // April 10, 2015 at 6:19 AM // Reply

        Yes Karen, you are right. It is the same story. Maybe I remember it as two separate stories because of Mick’s sister and Nika, that Deeks dated both. I know that I almost wanted to kill the man that hurt Deeks so bad, that he thought that he wasn’t worth saving, and he thought that he could hurt Mick’s nieces and nephews. I think that Sweet Lu’s stories have one of the scaries villains in fiction.


        • Definitely agreed about Sweet Lu’s villains. But she compensates by giving us wonderfully lovable original characters as George, Elan, and Mick.


          • Natalie Ryan // April 11, 2015 at 1:34 PM // Reply

            Yes, I agree. We shouldn’t forget Pete Archuleta, too. I was reading The Backup yesterday, after I finished my newest chapter for my story and I was like wow, this was so sad. I mean, I hit the sad note to my story since I struggled with chapter 13. It was raining all the time while I was writing it and then I had the exams, which were very difficult, and since my family is in financial crisis, and that had taken its toll to the story, which gave me an idea for one of the next chapters. (it’s sonething similar to what happened to Deeks in The Backup).
            I enjoy reading Sweet Lu’s fan fics. I still have few more to read. There are so many I don’t have the time to read them all.


            • Sorry about all the sadness, I hope you are finding writing to be a good outlet. And maybe you can also be the co-president with me of the Sweet Lu Fan Club!


              • Natalie Ryan // April 12, 2015 at 7:37 AM // Reply

                Count me in. My favorite stories so far are Judgment, Vengeance and Promises to keep. And I have an idea for the new chapter from my story. It’s sunny after a long time.
                I love writing. It really helps me to deal with everything


  5. Wow, thanks for all the comments everyone. This is a really interesting discussion. I agree with those who were unhappy with the punch(es), and I don’t disagree that Kensi sometimes seems to take more than she gives in their relationship. I do think that she is as loyal a person as Deeks, and I really hope we’ll get to see a vivid display of that loyalty before the end of the season. I’d really like to see the reversal of Blye, K., where Kensi unquestioningly supports Deeks. Remember in The Debt, she basically did that, and she was angry at Sam and Callen when they weren’t as supportive. Imagine now that she’s All In- she could be a force to be reckoned with. I hope so, anyway.

    I also feel the same as Fin- that Deeks is so head over heels in love with Kensi that I want him to have her. I do think she makes him happy, and that’s all I can ask. (Well, no more punching would be good too.)


  6. Has everybody seen this promo clip? This should be a very interesting episode!


  7. I remember reading ‘My Kensi’ and I was SO PISSED at Kensi ! and when I read ‘My Deeks’ I was very happy for Deeks finding love with Talia! Loved those pieces and there was yet ‘My fault’, another wonderful fanfic, that finishes their ‘saga’. I also liked ‘Venus rising’. Yes, Densi is everything but sometimes it looked like Kensi didn´t reciprocate his feelings and I was sad for him, cause he deserves all the best! Honestly, I woundn´t mind seeing himwith another woman (but just undercover) cause I still want to see Kensi boiling with jealous !!! it´d be fun !!! But I know, deep down, he only loves her! I´ll have a look at the other fics !!


    • Thanks for reading, Adriana. I think where we can all agree is that we want the best for Deeks because he deserves it. Have fun with the other stories.


  8. Dekay11 it does look interesting. I wonder how jealous Deeks will get of Callen? Although it will be kind of hypocritical of him since he defended Sam’s wife for having to kiss Sidarov while undercover in “decent”


    • I believe that while he might get a little bit jealous, he knows their job and how important is to sell a cover if you want to stay alive. That is saying, perhaps the jealousy drama may not be expected. And let’s hope Kensi convinces him afterwards that he is the only real deal 😉


      • I hate to say it, but this kiss, although undercover, was much more believable and natural than the Densi Humbug one!!! Why, oh, why?


  9. I can’t comment on the preview- believe it or not, given my “job” here at wikiDeeks, I actually try to avoid the sneak peeks. This one sounds interesting… Let’s hope they’ll give us some sort of Densi scene to compensate.


    • I am sorry if I spoiled about one of the crucial tomorrow’s episode sneak peeks, Karen.


      • No worries Cladani! I always hear what the sneak peeks are about, I just avoid watching them because I find I enjoy the episode much more if I don’t know exactly what’s coming.


  10. There is something regarding Kensi that I wanted to write about some time ago when there was a discussion about Kensi and her changes.
    I love Deeks character, I really do and I would surely fall in love with him if I were Kensi, but honestly I am not sure I would ever admit that to him. Why? Because of the fear (however irrational it may be), of my own insecurities (just healthy dose of it), of lack of trust with his heart. Let’s say it aloud, the guy is womanizer (at least that’s how he presents himself), he flirts with all the women from 7 to 77 and they like him…a lot, he is charming his way all the time. We saw in the show that he had much more dates than Kensi. Even if I would trust him with my life I will have problems with trusting him with my heart. Big time!!!
    Now after I would spend 5 years with him day after day, I would learn to see more than meet the eyes and I would see that he is more faithful than he appears to be, but still it is very hard to go into something with such a fear in your heart.
    And Kensi had lot of fear in her heart (still have I believe), but nevertheless she was the one who took the first steps almost all the times that were turning points for their relationship: she pushed him to say what he really meant, she stood up and took the lead when he finally said what he meant, she opens to him more and more after he actually stepped back from their thing, and she came to him in the open public space, took his hand and told him she wants to be bold with him. Girl is brave!!
    Don’t forget that he pushed her away (hell couldn’t event look at here in the hospital) after he was tortured, but she was persistent and kept calling and coming back to him until he finally let her in. On the other hand, she went to him, needed him almost immediately after she was released from the Taliban (few hugs and admittance how bad it was after closure with Jack).
    Regarding those famous punches she threw him throughout the whole serial, they varied in type and strength (from playful up to painful) but showed always the same thing – her affection and her frustration (with herself, with himself with general situation). And Deeks understood them for what they actually were. He is stronger then her and he was always able to physically stop them but I believe that if Deeks would ever tell her that they (punches) bother him she would stop immediately. Forever.
    Maybe that’s why I have never seen those punches as any kind of abuse. So in a nutshell, I find Kensi to be even more or the same “in” as Deeks. Do you really think that when she asks more time for herself that she loves him, cares for him less than Deeks does? I am married and I spend almost the whole day separate from my husband (over worked woman, what can I tell) and still need some time for myself. And if he cannot understand that then it is indeed Houston-we-have-a-problem moment.
    So, Deeks needs and wants and loves Kensi and he has her in all capacity now which is totally great as I also cannot picture them apart or with other partners and I strongly hope that writers will not go there in order to bring more drama to this show. I find that as rather easy and “cheap” way of adding tension to the serial. Being crime show gives them enough space to do that by pursuing many different other stories.
    Wow I was reading what I wrote above and I actually do not remember the last time I wrote that much. And I managed to forget to ask if anybody noticed how Deeks passed the long way from “is that the best LAPD can do” to “the outstanding police officer and the best that LAPD have” in Kensi’s head and heart?


    • This is awesome, Maria. I agree that once Kensi was All In, and really long before that, she was totally committed to Deeks. I may still have a few issues with her behavior (leaving him in the hospital in Ascension, leaving him alone for “weeks” in Impact) but I do think she’s worthy of being with him, and that they are really perfect for each other. And I like to think that TPTB won’t split them up- their on-screen chemistry is too good and the show would suffer without it.


  11. It’s 2019 and I just somehow came across this old wikiDeeks and it was interesting to read the story and the comments from 2015. Lots of memories here Karen and so much has transpired since them. Anyway thanks for the memories. wikiDeeks forever

    Liked by 1 person

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