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What did you think of “Down the Rabbit Hole” (S13E21)?

Written and directed by Frank Military, this week’s NCIS: Los Angeles, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” marked the apparent end of the very lengthy Katya-Callen-Anna storyline. Given that Deeks was out of the country for the ep, we’re going to forego the review in favor of turning things over to you ASAP for the discussion. A few thoughts to get things started:
  • What an excellent excuse for an absence. Deeks wasn’t giving a deposition, he was off trying to find out what became of Rosa’s parents so their case for orphan adoption can go through. What a great special episode this would have made- there’d be lots of potential for drama and excitement Deeks in Guatemala- that would’ve been a great solo ep- lots of potential for drama and excitement in a foreign land.
  • The deep fakes kept things interesting throughout, as did Military’s pacing and the sharp editing that cut back and forth between scenes.
  • When he gets back from Guatemala, I’d like to see Deeks give Sam and Callen a lecture on tradecraft, considering they let Katya surveil their surveillance.
  • So glad Katya is dead (thank you Joelle). Now we can move on to new storylines. Or, I guess, continue another lengthy storyline about Callen’s childhood.
  • This was a good Sam episode. He is the greatest partner in the world.
What did you think of “Down the Rabbit Hole”? Tell us all about it in the Comments below!
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5 Comments on What did you think of “Down the Rabbit Hole” (S13E21)?

  1. Karen, thanks for your comments on “Down the rabbit hole” I like it, but glad the callen, anna, Katya is over…let callen and anna have their wedding and go on from there..certainly missed Deeks, when him and kensi are not teamed together, something is lacking..miss the team in the bullpen…getting used to kilbride…in the mist of all this personal stuff, would love to see them, save Los Angeles from the bad guys, things blowing up, and our core group, callen, Sam, kensi and Deeks joking around in the bullpen, the climbing wall or playing some times..


  2. First, I like all the cast of NCIS-LA but I watch it because of Deeks. I just finished watching the Down the Rabbit Hole episode. The only part I enjoyed is Joelle killing Katya and Sam diffusing the bomb. Those parts felt like NCIS-LA. Kensi’s and Roundtree’s interaction felt stilted. Except for the ending, the only character I appreciated was Kilbride.
    The whole Katya hating Callen because she was in love with Anna and he took Anna was too melodramatic for me. I understand that this could be part of the deep fake, but I don’t believe that’s how Katya would have played Callen.
    In the words of Karen P, please bring back competent Deeks.
    Let the team find their flow again as Kathy said.


  3. I loved this episode! It might be my favorite of the season. Think Military did a fantastic job with a complicated story and the acting, especially by Chris and LL, was terrific (it was time Sam defused another bomb). I even liked Joelle and Kilbride wasn’t snarky. That was a nice change. The ending was so Callen. lol


  4. Kinda weak for a Military ep.Only part I liked was Joelle killing Katya.Dang glad that storyline done. Was boring without Deeks and inho the two newbies still can’t act. The writer need to concentrate on the main 4 Sam G and Deeks and Kensi and hopefully bring Hetty back for some eps next season.And kill the storyline of adopting teenagers.Boring or at least let the actors look like teenagers and not as old as Kensi. Kensi was so worry about kessler she did want to bring a baby into the situation and now she ready to bring two tormented teenagers into the mix with David Kessler still out there waiting to strike.Deeks has a right to be worried but as usual Kensi will get her way whether Deeks is wholly committed or not. And don’t think he is, he agreed to adopt a kid not young adults. Kesler just gonna use them girls against densi.

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  5. sarge4501 // May 22, 2022 at 2:19 PM // Reply

    Just watched it yesterday and thought it was a so-so episode. I never thought Callen wouldn’t be rescued or that Anna was shot either. Missed Deeks but better than him giving another deposition, they had him looking into the issues in Guatemala about the young ladies and their status on their cases for adoption.
    Why were Kensi and the others given relatively minor things to do during the whole case, like checking the van? SMH

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