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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Seoul Man” (S7E20)

NCISLA_SEOULMAN_1NCISLA Case Briefing: Seoul Man (S7E20)

“Seoul Man” – While assigned to protective details for the commander of the Pacific Command, the team searches for a North Korean spy, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, March 28 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Joe Sachs | Directed by: Diana C. Valentine

Before we launch this international adventure, something particular this week needs to be addressed: the sneak peeks. Lengthy sneak peeks. Core fans are accustomed a snippet or two of various moments from the episode. Not so this week. In a rare offering, we are gifted with two extensive scenes totaling over five minutes! In the first one alone, not only do we get the usual frivolity of an opening in the bullpen (more on that below), but also an outline of the entire mission!


The prime protectee this time is Commander of the Pacific Command. This is the largest military command responsible to peacekeeping and operations in the waters off the West Coast ranging from the Arctic to Antarctica including the Asian and Indian regions. What’s happening in this area of the world requiring an “all hands on deck” mission (other than directly relating to the episode’s title), especially since this high-ranking official already has his own security advisor? Is the threat beyond the skills of the security advisor? Is the situation larger than their command can handle independently? Is the security advisor no longer trustworthy?


It’s been said before, and thus being uttered again: Every time the writing credit lists Joe Sachs, you know you’re in for a thoroughly researched, deep topic anchoring the plot. (This is overtly demonstrated even in the sneak peek!) Complementing is NCISLA alumna, Diana C. Valentine, likely eager to encourage and provoke the best from those so familiar to her.

Expanding from the security advisor, why does this extend beyond the abilities of even the Protective Operations division of NCIS? The most likely answers are lack of resources and competing/simultaneous threats. In true Joe Sachs style, to learn more about this division, visit

Finally it’s Granger who clarifies the situation, details the basics of a summit. Thus a lot of high-profile, high-risk players will be in one geographic location. Suddenly the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” seems to directly apply. From this Kensi mentions, “The New Artificial Islands”. In case this is a new term, it references the efforts of China building up reefs into new islands. While it may initially sound like potential vacation fun, the reality is their initial construction efforts have focused on ports, military installations, and airstrips. While all of these would be necessary for new residential or commercial environments, is that really the goal?

And curious-er.

(This writer admits to having no prior knowledge of this international effort. So if you too would like to learn more about it, I recommend this verbal and image-laden NY Times article.)

The team is tasked with protecting the prime leaders/spokespeople from each of the interested countries. Wow. Perhaps they need back-up from the United Nations! So many questions! Who is an ally? Who might be a threat and why? In some cases, how do you discern the difference? Presuming each team member will be assigned a different protectee, this means they may be uncustomarily “on their own”. Always a dangerous situation.

But not as dangerous as Hetty stocking virtual poison in the minibars?! Is there a chem lab section to the Armory we’ve not yet seen? Also unseen, yet pointedly reminded, is the fact Sam’s family is still in danger from Tahir Khalid. (Say it with me: Finale Foreshadowing.)

Deeks’ Week:  And the topic of Kensi’s messiness continues. We haven’t seen Deeks make an attempt like this in quite some time. Anyone else recall his previous effort to rescue a poor donut from her clutches? While the vacuum happily hums along, it’s easy to foresee the situation figuratively and literally blow up in his face. We just had to wait for our favorite detective’s fate to be appropriately sealed. So is his cleaning practice simply a regular chore we are now seeing at work? Does he consider it a helpful service to his partner? Could this be an unconscious effort in preparing to add another human to their life? Surely he knows better than to try to “change” Kensi?! If it’s a demonstration of a persuasion tactic, then Deeks needs a wholly different approach! While he may have rescued the beloved badge, might he have lost some faith from Fern? Might Kensi appreciate and value her new organized workspace? Either because she realizes its positive impact or that it was a “gift” from her Marty-Mar, as impossible as it sounds, might she work to adapt it permanently? Or… perhaps Kensi somehow “flips the script” to help Deeks understand the stability and comfort chaos provides her? With just about any outcome, Deeks will learn something this week!

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1 Comment on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Seoul Man” (S7E20)

  1. Thanks for your case briefing.
    It’s true, the sneak peeks were very long this week, a special treat for us fans. I mostly liked the bullpen one, with Deeks’ spring cleaning.
    When there are references to other episodes, I think they are always welcome, because this show sometimes tends to forget what the characters have done or said in other similar situations.
    I’m really looking forward to Monday night and to the beginning of Granger’s arc.


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