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What can we expect in Season 11?

Look what popped up unexpectedly in our wikiDeeks in-box! Welcome back to another installment of our exclusive wikiDeeks video series with Eric Christian Olsen. This week Eric shares a bit about what to expect in Season 11, and gets a little “help” from his co-star.


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wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

9 Comments on What can we expect in Season 11?

  1. Jennifer McPherson // October 20, 2019 at 10:26 AM // Reply

    Nooo Daniela don’t cut Eric’s beautiful mane please. My heart will break! Thanks to you both for absolutely restoring my faith in human nature; your characters are so believable x

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  2. Loved this!! Eric, your hair is beautiful, don’t cut it!!


  3. Love this. I hope we get more.

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  4. What an awesome surprise!

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  5. So entertaining!

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  6. What a wonderful surprise! So great to see our intrepid agents together again. While I prefer ECO’s magnificent mane just a tad bit shorter, I am getting used to his longer locks. I just wish that one bit wasn’t poking him in the eye, lol. At any rate, I hope to see more ECO appearances on WIKIDEEKS.

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  7. Thanks for this amazing surprise, Eric, Daniela and WikiDeeks! This video was priceless and I hope to see more behind the scenes moments with our favorite ECO&DR.
    Well done, WikiDeeks 😉

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  8. michelle mcnally // October 21, 2019 at 8:48 AM // Reply

    i have missed these wikideeks videos. so excited you are doing them again. i like your hair just like it is. you are awesome ❤


  9. Maria Luisa Illarnizzi // October 21, 2019 at 10:38 AM // Reply

    Thank you so much for this fantastic surprise Eric and Dani. Please feel free to bring Dani more often on your awesome videos Mr Olsen here in WikiDeeks. You both made my Sunday. So I hope we will have more great videos this season. Thank you so much too WikiDeeks for giving us a place to share our love for Deeks.

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