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How can we help fire victims? What do you most admire about Deeks?

Welcome back to our exclusive wikiDeeks video series with Eric Christian Olsen! This week Eric joins us from peaceful Idaho to let us know how he’s doing in the wake of the horrible fires that have devastated the Malibu area, and what you can do to help fire victims both there and in the rest of the state. He also takes talks about what he admires most about Deeks- it’s a beautiful answer to a question inspired by wikiDeeks readers ana_with_1_n and kimc77. Many thanks go out to Eric for taking the time to answer our questions during his time off.

If you also have a question for Eric leave it below in the Comments and we will pass it along to him.

If you want more information on how you can help, we recommend you start with this great New York Times summary that includes information on how to choose a good charity as well as a listing of charities helping out in both Northern and Southern California. You can also go straight to the charities mentioned by Eric:

Thanks for your support!

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15 Comments on How can we help fire victims? What do you most admire about Deeks?

  1. #askeco I like to say first that Eric seems like a good guy and genuine. My question is “will you ever return to doing the commentaries on the DVD’s”?

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  2. Love this! Such a beautiful answer! I had a few questions:

    #AskECO – When doing improvisations do you think of funny things you could say before the scene, during the table read or do you think of improvs on the spot?

    #AskECO – How many days ahead of shooting do you get the script? How far ahead do you know the shooting schedule and where you are filming? How does a typical shooting day go and how do you get to and from a location?

    Thank you WikiDeeks for doing this!

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  3. Heather Morris // November 18, 2018 at 5:39 PM // Reply

    #AskECO I know you sang in a couple episodes of “Community” and even a small part in NCIS: LA, would you consider Deeks singing to Kensi at their wedding (or any other time)? Thanks!

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  4. I’m honored you choose my question. I agree, that was a beautiful answer from our always eloquent ECO. Deeks imperfect childhood is one of the things that made this character so relatable for me. I’ve always admired Deeks vulnerability and willingness to risk being hurt, emotionally, instead of simply pushing people away. A mistake I made in life. Deeks, and ECO, inspire me to become a better person and what more could you ask of the person you admire most in this world?

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  5. deekskensidensifan // November 18, 2018 at 5:55 PM // Reply

    Thank you Eric for once again showing us what an incredible man you are and showing so much compassion! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected! 🙏❤️
    #askECO will Ray come back for the Densi wedding and if not will Deeks at least make that call to tell him how it turned out with Wikipedia? 😊💙😍
    Much love from the uk 🇬🇧 @deeks_kensi_densi_fan

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  6. In California we have all been caught up in what is happening to all the people affected by the wildfires. It can be very disheartening to watch the devastation continue and to watch people struggle to get through it. Thank you Eric for such a sensitive tribute to all the people who are suffering and for encouraging people to donate. The need is so great. NCISLA gives us a brief respite from bad news and horrible images, so I appreciate that you took the time to answer one of our questions. Deeks has an inner strength that is inspirational. ParadiseStrong. MalibuStrong. CaliforniaStrong.

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  7. #askECO What similarities and/or differences do you share with Deeks.

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  8. Mariska Wetsema // November 18, 2018 at 11:35 PM // Reply

    #AskEco how did you and dani repeared for the whole season 8 storyline and how did it effected you as a person to just put so much emotions into that whole was really heartwarming and real,pure.and is this something what will always come back to kensi and deeks..the aftermath

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  9. michelle mcnally // November 19, 2018 at 5:15 AM // Reply

    thank you so much for doing these q and a s, I look so forward to them. I think you are amazing. you seem to be a compassionate wonderful person like your character. the patton project was awesome. I love that you mentioned hetty. I miss her. I am very anxious to see the wedding and I love your “love story,” you have a lovely real life family. you are just adorable <3.

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  10. michelle mcnally // November 19, 2018 at 5:17 AM // Reply

    glad you are all safe, I am praying for california

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  11. michelle mcnally // November 19, 2018 at 5:21 AM // Reply

    #askeco will the bar still be in the future ? will officer whiting come to the wedding ?

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  12. This video was great, Eric’s kindness and big heart never cease to amaze me. Thanks again, WikiDeeks staff, for this awesome opportunity and thanks, Eric, for your time.

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  13. #askECO What made you choose to become a pescatarian?

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  14. Wow, this response really touched me. Both for how affected he’s been by the Malibu fires and for how he talks about Deeks. His generosity, both of his time as well as of his heart, is really amazing.

    Thanks everyone for those questions- keep ’em coming!

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