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I Get Around: NCISLA Summer Song FanFic Series

I Get Around

Inspired by The Beach Boys song


I get around

 (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

From town to town

     (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

I’m a real cool head

     (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

I’m makin’ real good bread

      (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

My buddies and me are getting real well known

Yeah, the bad guys know us, and they leave us alone

I get around (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

His fingers twitched as he was hustled out of the warehouse and into the sun, squinting into the glare off the gritty concrete of the parking lot. His hands were still cuffed behind his back, the officers pretending to arrest him saying nothing as they walked him to one of the police cars parked haphazardly in the chaos of the crime scene. He glanced over at the coroner’s van and the two ambulances, feeling grateful he wasn’t being loaded into either one. He had come close, but the bust had been successful, and his cover hadn’t been blown. They’d confiscated a truckload of weapons that otherwise would have gone to a Neo-Nazi militia group with deadly plans. The two guys who’d surrendered were being shoved into patrol cars, neither one giving him a second look. With this group it was one for all and all for one until you got caught. Now everyone was on their own, which was fine by him. Their boss was another story. Kozlov stared at him as the cops pushed him toward a security van. His eyes smoldered with angry questions, but Max Gentry simply shrugged. They held each other’s gaze until one of the detectives came up behind him and slammed him into the side of the cop car.

“Gotcha, fucker,” Detective Finney said, loud enough for Kozlov to hear.

When the head bad guy disappeared into the windowless van, Finney pulled him around to face him and lightly slapped his cheek. “I’ve never understood why nobody at LAPD likes you. Lucky for us, Kozlov loved your sweet ass. Now, so do I.”

“That’s because Max Gentry is a charmer,” Deeks said as they uncuffed him. “And you, Finn, are just soft on crime.”

“Want to turn that charm on for the ladies down at the beach?” He asked. “What do you say, man? After spending a month with a bunch of ugly assholes you gotta be primed and ready to let loose with some hot chicks who don’t smell like sweat and cigarettes.”

“Oh, yeah,” Deeks drawled out. “Need to check in with Bates first, get debriefed, do paperwork and take a very long, hot shower. After that…I’m more than ready.”

“Bates knows this one wasn’t easy,” Finney said. “You did good, man. Couldn’t have done it without you. I told him that and anyone else who’d listen.”

“You’re gonna ruin my reputation, dude,” Deeks said as he shed his leather jacket in the heat.

“The only rep I care about is the one Party Marty has with all those beauties down at the beach.”

“You strike out again?” Deeks asked with a wide smile.

“Not totally…” Finley sputtered.

“You’re pathetic, buddy,” Deeks said, tossing his leather jacket into the front seat of his truck.

“Hey…I’m a handsome enough guy. I’m ripped, and I have some damn fine moves…”

“And yet you still look like a cop ready to bust someone for playing their music too loud,” Deeks laughed. “Like I said…pathetic.”

“Come on, Deeks. I’ve been inside a claustrophobic van watching your back for three solid weeks,” Detective Finney whined. “The least you can do is introduce me to a few bikini babes.”

“Bikini babes? Do you even hear yourself, dude?”

“You owe me, Marty.”

“Okay, okay. Meet me under the pier at Surfrider Beach. I should be there by four,” Deeks said as he started up his truck. “And try not to look like such a hard-ass. Works real good on bad guys. Not so much with the ladybirds.”

He roared away from the warehouse, his mind alternating between bikini clad women and the undercover op he just emerged from. Two worlds. Opposites. One dark and dangerous and full of testosterone. The other one full of bright sunshine, sexy smiles and sensuous bodies. Shedding a persona as strong as Max Gentry was never easy, and he questioned his quick decision to hit the beach with Finn. But the guy was right…he did owe him. The man had been his shadowy lifeline, unseen, but there if things went sideways. It was rare to have backup like that, and he reminded himself to thank Lieutenant Bates for setting it up.

“Time to come up for air, buddy,” Deeks said out loud. “Party Marty time.”

Hopefully his debrief wouldn’t take too long. He wanted to shower at home and grab his board. A surf always helped him drown the lingering traits that came with slipping over to the dark side as Max Gentry. He began singing one of The Beach Boys’ songs as he headed back to the precinct.

I get around (get around, ’round, ’round, I get around)

The ocean shimmered in the late afternoon heat. Most of the tourists were walking the pier, but there were a few surfers in the lineup out beyond the break. The offshore winds were a good sign he might catch a few good waves before Finn showed up. He methodically began waxing his board, allowing him to check out the action by the volleyball net. It was a little early for the office bunnies to arrive, but a group of nicely tanned college girls were watching him. He sat back on his heels, smiled and waved. They waved back and immediately huddled. He could only imagine the comments, and now that he had their attention, he decided it was time to show off a little. He picked up his board, attached his leash and trotted toward the surf. He wasn’t wearing a wetsuit, and luckily it was a hot SoCal day, but he hadn’t hit the waves yet. He glanced back to see if they were watching. They were.

He whooped and charged into the waves, duck diving the first wave and then the second. He shivered as the shockingly cold ocean broke over his head. Laughing at the tingling sensation, he paddled out toward the take off line with powerful strokes. Beneath the sound of the surf and the cries of the gulls was the musical laughter of the college girls. It was the sound of the good life that kept him sane, grounded in a different reality than the one he walked every working hour. It signaled his survival of yet another undercover assignment. This was freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from the cruelty and dark hate in the souls of the men he worked to take down. The world seemed fresh out here. The water was clear and the laughter was sweet. Innocent. He felt cleansed, happy, as he anticipated who he might flirt with, who he might kiss, and who might excite him beyond those simple things.

He rode the waves until his muscles lost the tension he’d been carrying for the past month. As he rode the last one all the way to the beach, he saw Finn raise a hand in recognition.

“Let the games begin,” he shouted as the wave crumbled into white foam and he hit the sand and ran to join his buddy.

“You sure as hell got their attention,” Finn nodded toward the girls as Deeks shook the water from his hair. “Got a reputation out here too, from what I recall.”

“I get around,” Deeks laughed, parroting The Beach Boys’ song humming in his head.

“Hey Marty! Want to play?” One of the girls shouted as she held a volleyball between her breasts.

“Comin’, Sunshine,” his smile wide and carefree.

“You know her?” Finn asked.

“Like I said…I get around,” Deeks replied, and stashed his board under the pier. “Come on, Detective Finney. Put on your best smile and let’s go meet some beach bunnies.”

Names were exchanged amid the laughter that floated around him. Music wafted over the laughing crowd as the sun sank toward the horizon, coloring the sky. A few college guys had started a volleyball game and drew some of the girls in, and a game of flag football was also quickly organized. The ball was a nerf ball, and the flags on the girls were tied to their bikini tops, adding to the incentive. Deeks was in, racing along the wave line, chasing a long-haired brunette in a red flowered top. Her laugh was infectious and her body tan and sensuous. His smile widened as he raced to grab the flag streaming out behind her. The surf boiled around his feet, but just as he reached her, she turned and slowed. He plowed into her, and they tumbled into a large incoming wave that washed over them, leaving him sprawled on top of her. When he held up her bikini top as the water receded, she laughed and placed the nerf ball between her breasts.

“You win,” she giggled.

“Yes, I sure as hell did, sweet buns,” he agreed as she tossed the ball and pulled his head down.


“Yes, they are,” she purred.

Their romp in the rolling waves took his mind completely off work and anything else swirling around in his brain. This was just pure fun. Raucous and sexy and just the distraction he needed. He came up for air when one of the guys grabbed the nerf ball and the whole game started up again. Waving off another game, he kissed the girl before she ran to join the game once again. A couple of the other girls began flirting with him, but one he hadn’t met before stood out. When she walked over the others eyed her and wandered off. She was a bleach blond, her hair hanging straight to her shoulders, which were deeply tanned. Her bikini top was bright magenta, the thin straps tied behind her neck. She handed him a beer and bumped his hip and smirked. She was definitely trouble.

“Come here often?” Laughing too loud at her own incredibly trite pick-up line.

“Seriously? That’s the best you got?” He teased.

She moved aggressively into his space and ran her hand along his cheek and down to his chest. “I’m at my best when there’s no talking. Just wants and needs.”

“Now that’s a very serious come on,” Deeks said and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Way to go, Marty!” Finn shouted as he chased one of the girls with the nerf ball.

“Is he a friend of yours?” She asked and pointed her beer bottle at Finn.

“Sort of. Why? Wanna meet ’em?” He drawled.

“He’s a cop, you know,” she said.

“How do you know that?”

“Used to date one. I know the look,” she said with distaste. “The one’s I’ve met were arrogant pricks and full of shit. Nothing like you.”

“Well, I am different,” he bragged.

“And hot as hell, baby.”

Her hand slipped down to his side and inside his board shorts, and as she gripped his ass, her mouth found his. Her tongue filled his mouth, and he pulled her close. When they stopped to breathe, he pressed his mouth against her ear and whispered.

“I’m good undercover.”

“I’d love to find out how good,” she moaned.

“But then I’d have to arrest you,” he whispered against her lips.

“Would that involve handcuffs?”

“Always has.”

“Does that mean you’re a cop?”

“Do I look like a cop?”

A group of office bunnies interrupted, barging into their space. He saw a flash of irritation on the blond’s face. He wasn’t in the mood for anything intimate right now, so he opened his arms wide to the laughing ladies. He had dated a couple of them, but nothing serious. Playing the field, or the beach in this case, was all he was interested in. He didn’t need any complications, just a distraction from the darkness he dealt with on the job. The blond was a little too aggressive for him, especially after the month he’d had.

“Hey, Marty. It’s been a while,” a sexy, black haired beauty named Olivia said as she ran her hand up his arm. “We brought nachos. Come have a beer with us. Tell us what you’ve been up to.”

“Sounds good,” he said before turning to the blond. “Catch you later, darlin’.”

She gave him a sour look as he happily trotted off to join the crowd settling down around a blanket spread on the sand. Olivia heaped nachos on a paper plate for him and they found a spot to sit down together.

“Watch out for that one, Marty,” she said softly. “She’s trouble. Nasty too.”

“And you know this how?”

“I’m a lawyer, remember?” She said as she rested a hand on his knee. “One of my clients had me draw up a restraining order against her. She’s toxic.”

“I come down here to get away from all that,” he said. “Thanks for the warning, but I wasn’t really interested in her.”

“Good. You’re a nice guy, Marty. Wouldn’t want to see you get hurt,” she replied. “Besides, she made me a little jealous the way she was coming on to you.”

“You always say the nicest things.”

“We have fun, don’t we?”

“Yeah, we do, Sugar Pie.”

She smiled as her hand moved up his thigh. “You look tired. Rough week at work?”

“Rough month.”

“Maybe you should change jobs.”

“I’m doing what I was meant to do.”

“What do you do, anyway? You never told me,” she said, leaning over so she could look into his eyes.

“Does it matter?” He asked. “We’re on a beautiful beach. We have cold beer. The waves are awesome. It’s a nice warm day, and I’m eating the best nachos I’ve ever had with a smart, sexy woman. Let’s just live in the moment, okay?”

“I know you’re not a beach bum, Marty,” she said, a little too seriously.

“Are you interrogating me, counselor?”

She laughed and backed off. “Sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself. Hard to put aside one’s profession and just have fun. But I have a feeling you do it all the time.”

“And I have a feeling you’re damn good at your job,” he said. “And these are damn good nachos.”

“So, nothing serious then? Just fun?”

“Sounds good to me. Commitment complicates things,” he said softly as he stared out at the ocean.

“So just Party Marty forever?”

“For now.”

“Until you meet the right woman?”

“Sorry…I didn’t…”

“Don’t worry…I’m not offended,” she said quickly. “It’s a lonely way to live, Marty. Trust me…I know. But someday you’re going to meet someone who knocks you off your feet, and you probably won’t see it coming. Just don’t miss it when it happens, because it doesn’t happen very often.”

“Is that from experience?”

“Yeah, it is,” she replied and took a deep swallow of beer. “Now, I do what you’re doing…use fun and noncommittal sex as a distraction so I won’t think about what I lost.”

“I’m sorry,” he said and took her hand in his.

“Me too,” she said softly. “But if you do meet the love of your life, I’d like to meet her.”

“And tell her a story or two?”

“No. I’ll tell her how lucky she is.”

He kissed her lightly on the lips. “You’re sweet.”

“Just not sweet enough.”


About Lindy D. (61 Articles)
I write Fan Fiction under the name Sweet Lu. I am a former graphic designer and live in Northern California with my husband and a Cocker Spaniel named Gracie. I love the character Marty Deeks, love writing about him and love watching ECO bring him to life.

3 Comments on I Get Around: NCISLA Summer Song FanFic Series

  1. I enjoyed this look at Party Marty. I thought you captured his mindset really well, how he just needed some lightness to balance out his difficult job, and was in no hurry for complications. I also appreciated how he managed to deftly avoid answering anyone’s questions about what he did. It showed why he’s so good at undercover work.


  2. Finally getting around to reading these stories, yay! I loved this tale of Deeks transitioning back into himself. I also enjoyed how carefree and happy he was intentionally trying to be in order to come back into the light, and found it bittersweet that that even needed to be the case. Great work!


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