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Debating Deeks: What’s Going on With Densi, and Why Can’t We Tell?

NCISLA - The 3rd Choir - Densi

Sure, most of us don’t like secrets, and in this case our favorite couple may be hiding a beaut from their friends, co-workers and the legions of Densi stalwarts who have been praying for the two to come clean and declare their love to the world. What’s been going on lately? Since Deeks decided to step back from the intensity of their relationship, something seems to have been brewing. Viewers have been picking up on little subtleties in the partnership that have been making people wonder if something is going on behind the scenes between these two. Diane and Karen P. decided to take the issue head on and discuss what Densi could be up to… 

Karen:  So I guess the question to start with is, what exactly is happening between Deeks and Kensi? Are they sleeping together? As in together, together? Ironically, that’s actually been my head canon since “Spoils of War,” more out of spite to the writers who won’t show us what’s really happening, and not because I’ve had any real reason to believe it. But I suppose if you look hard enough, you can see evidence that would support this version of events. Like the pointed innuendo in “The 3rd Choir” about getting someone pregnant. That look on Deeks face when he told Kensi, “Not yet” certainly seemed telling. And discussing baby names? And Kensi letting slip to Granger that Deeks doesn’t always remember to wear underwear, then denying just a bit too hard that she really knows?

Diane: That scene made me realize that something was definitely going on that we are not privy to! And you can’t tell me otherwise! Something has changed between the two. There is just a different vibe surrounding them as well. This is a couple that has definitely begun to move on from the trauma they experienced and found each other waiting in the aftermath and they actually exude contentment. I don’t think I’m imagining it either.

Karen: I like your adjective there, “contentment.” I see it too. But I’m not convinced that the reason for it is an advancement in their status. If they are together together, what changed, and when? It seemed that Deeks returning Kensi’s knife in “Three Hearts” signified a clear retreat on his part from a relationship. Did we misinterpret this somehow, or might things have shifted since that time? I don’t know that we’ve seen any real reasons to believe that’s the case.

Diane: I also thought that after “Three Hearts” their thing had taken a break. I never felt it went very far because of that little smile Kensi gave towards the end as she was walking away. She knew Deeks would be back eventually and she didn’t look worried at all. Deeks was still following the Gurkha’s advice too… to take his time. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that something happened after the Talia vs Kensi catfight [in “Deep Trouble, Pt. II“]. She was jealous that Talia was making moves towards Deeks but towards the end of the episode they were BFFs. What would have made that whole mindset turn around like that… Perhaps the look Deeks gives her when he tells the restaurant owner Kensi would make a beautiful bride? He was serious and he meant it. Could the turnaround have happened then?

Karen: Sure, I could imagine any number of events since “Three Hearts” prompting some movement, and your theory could be exactly right. But I could also interpret what we’ve been seeing as them just living together. As in sleeping platonically on the sofa. Going back to post-“Spoils of War,” I never believed that Deeks would have left Kensi alone on their return from Afghanistan. I have to believe he was taking care of her and they just pretended to have not seen one another to keep the team and Hetty in the dark. The opening of “Praesidium” showed us that this has happened at least once (although doesn’t it feel like so many more times simply from all the fan fiction we read?). And the whole carpooling-going green-saving the planet stuttering response to Granger in “The 3rd Choir” screamed of two people who are nervously covering something up. Kensi’s “Partners” question/statement in the post-DoJ interview boatshed scene in “Praesidium” felt to me like her frustration with wanting something more, with her wanting the word to mean a deeper type of partner than Deeks intended it.

Diane: I think they are outwardly trying to hide any indication that there is a love story going on here. Sam and Callen like to tease, Granger is not happy about it and who knows what Hetty’s view on the whole relationship is? Your guess is as good as mine. Once again, they have shared something very traumatic in common and perhaps they want to help each other in private get over the pain. In the course of doing so they resumed their physical relationship as well. It doesn’t surprise me that the two would go hand in hand.

Karen:I could definitely see that, but maybe the opening of “Praesidium” was just a freak, one-time occurrence. I think this is entirely possible, even though it contradicts all our previously discussed evidence. I wouldn’t put it past the writers to want to toy with us Densi fans and be deliberately misleading. Maybe it’s just what I want to believe, but my guess (wish) is that Deeks and Kensi have been hanging out platonically a lot, but Deeks has maintained his knife-returning, non-relationship position. All their pointed innuendos are just that- innuendos, not really any different from their usual banter.

Diane: No, there is something more than platonic going on here. If Deeks wasn’t ready for a permanent thing, I doubt if he would be asking her if she would want to move in together. Kensi’s still not sure yet, because that is a HUGE commitment on her part so she jokes with him… but I think she has got to be secretly happy about the prospect. I know a lot of people want to see proof something is going on but all I can say the devil is in the details if you are willing to look hard enough. But I love the subtleness of the whole thing. We have been demanding for the past five years to see a much more overt show of their affection but I love the fact that they are probably having this little affair right under our noses.

Karen: One viewer’s delightful subtlety is another’s continuing frustration. It’s no secret that it drives me nuts that we are spending any time at all having to guess what’s happening between these two. Anyone who read Gayle and my previous debate about keeping secrets knows that I’m not a fan of these types of mysteries. If anything is going on between these two, even regular platonic sleep-overs due to PTSD, I want to know about it. It seems I’m in the minority here, and that having to wonder and guess makes for entertaining speculation for many other fans. I just feel like I’m missing out on things that I’ll never get a chance to see. Like the first time they slept together for real pre-“The Frozen Lake.” Like heart-to-heart conversations about their trauma and their hopes and their thing. I know such personal storylines aren’t part of the formula of the show, but come on. You can’t build something up for more than four years and then just leave us wondering.

Diane: I too have expressed my frustration in the past over the progression of Densi’s relationship. Two people supposedly in love don’t act this way and I don’t care what profession they are in. Hormones and Mother Nature will eventually win out. But I get that a lot of things were thrown in the way to disrupt the relationship from flowing naturally… getting tortured can do that to a person. But things have settled down and they are back to the routine of everyday life and either they move on or they move in. I think they are on the verge of moving in. Whether that ever happens, I don’t know. But what I do know is that life isn’t going to be easy for these two. It’s going to take a long time before they ride off into the sunset together. Eric Christian Olsen mentioned in one of his interviews that the couple has stepped over the line because of the relationship and Deeks will be forced to go back to the LAPD. But this is what makes a love story great because they will fight to be together and Densi fans will demand a happy ending even if takes twelve years! As long as a real and loving relationship exists between the two as we go through the series, surely, they will always find a way back to each other.

Karen: The idea of waiting twelve years for a happy ending does not make me happy. Sadly, I can almost picture a series finale, season 12, where Callen finds out his first name is Gomer, and in the token Densi-focused scene, we find out they’ve actually been married for eight years and have adopted three kids. I watch the show to see Deeks’ and Kensi’s relationship evolve. If it’s evolving behind the scenes, there’s really no reason for me to watch. I’m better off sticking with fan fiction.

Why keep the audience on the outside? Why not let us in on the secret, so we can enjoy it with Densi while the rest of the team is clueless? Didn’t the writers’ mothers teach them that it’s rude to keep secrets? I guess I need to keep working on my patience, which I know is extremely lacking.

Diane: Gomer! Whoa! I still can’t get that image out of my mind!  But we digress…

Here is where we differ… as much as I don’t necessarily like secrets, if there is a relationship going on right beneath our very noses I have to take my hat off to the writers. They really caught me off guard!! I expected them to eventually declare their love in front of God and country. But instead I love the fact that these two are keeping their little tryst a secret from the world around them! Look at what happen the last time, Hetty sent Kensi off to the other side of the world for one thing! They have no intention of letting that happen again.

Whatever is (or isn’t) going on with Deeks and Kensi will someday be revealed. It may happen soon or it may take a while, but we’ll all be tuning in to find out. In the meantime, what do you think is happening? And how do you feel about the approach the writers are taking in telling Densi’s story?

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34 Comments on Debating Deeks: What’s Going on With Densi, and Why Can’t We Tell?

  1. I tend to agree with Diane on this. I, too, love the subtlety of the writers regarding Densi. As far as I’m concerned they’re giving me what I want–a continuation of their love story. I don’t need to see them clenched together for a slow, long romantic kiss to know this is going on behind the scenes although it would be nice to see it once–I have my imagination to fill in the blanks. NCISLA is more or less a police procedural. There really is no place or no need to watch them do the dirty when we can use our imagination with the hints the writers give us and the clues delivered by the actors themselves. I’m in for the long haul.


    • Mistri you raise an interesting point about the procedural nature of the show. Stay tuned for a future editorial on that very topic, and how it affects what we get to see (and miss out on).


  2. That’s a great debating!
    I am a little bit confused because I don’t interpret the return of the knife as the majority of you: for me it is exactly a way to say to her ” I don’t need it any more, now that you are there “. She had entrusted it to him because he was disarmed and if she hadn’t been sent to Afghanistan she would have got back it the same day. I think it’s not a step back, it’s the way of showing her that with her beside him, this knife which after all ” is only a knife ” is not useful any more.He doesn’t need it for keeping a part of her with him, she’s here!
    I think something’s going on between them not necessarily a relationship as a couple but a complicity and a urge to have the other one beside them..
    I bet I’m not the only one to have noticed that since some episodes, Kensi do not hit him when he has “strong languages”, no?
    Thank you for your amazing work. It’s always a pleasure!


    • Thanks 974lk. I wish I saw the knife the way you do, that would make me much happier. I love your description of them having an “urge” to be near one another. I definitely see that!


  3. Apparently my comment is lost in moderation land so I’m going to try this again. (Mods, if this ends up waiting for moderation again, obviously feel free to ignore it!)

    I’m so glad you guys are talking about this today! I’ve spent way too much time analyzing all things Densi so far this season and I’m still not sure exactly what I think is going on.

    I agree that *something* has changed at this point and if it hasn’t, the writers sure like messing with us! I don’t necessarily think that they’re officially dating (I see Kensi especially having a hard time putting a label on it, but let’s face it, they’ve been “dating” without actually dating for quite a while now) and I don’t think they’re sleeping together. However, I think those semi-platonic sleepovers are happening fairly regularly. Kensi’s sad statement/question of the term “partners” in Praesidium was a big indicator for me that they’re not all-in yet, but she wants them to be. And I believe that ever since Three Hearts, she’s been ready to take that leap with Deeks, and she’s just waiting for him at this point and probably taking what she can get from him.

    I’m with Diane in that I think the change happened after Deep Trouble pt 2. That’s when there was a very obvious shift in their interactions and I definitely like the description of it being “contentment” – they seem very in tune with each other right now, moreso than in the past and especially moreso than last season with all the crap that got thrown at them.

    I for one hope that when things DO move forward officially (I’m going to keep assuming they haven’t) that the audience won’t be kept in the dark. I know some feel that it’s no big deal or even that they like things being behind the scenes, but I feel like the writers know the fans’ investment in the Densi relationship and it would almost be a little mean to progress their relationship without making it more black and white for us! Plus, I’m a romantic at heart and really want to see these things play out on the screen instead of being left to my own devices to (over)analyze everything we do see! I don’t need it to be over the top or to take up more than a few minutes in an episode here and there but I feel like it needs to be formally addressed whenever it does happen.

    I’m curious to see if we see anything telling with them tonight.


    • Overanalyze? We never do that here on wikiDeeks! 😉 I think they’ve not just been dating, but have been in a (largely sexless) monogamous relationship for a loooong time. And I also agree about it being potentially mean to withhold from the viewer.


  4. Before I comment on Densi, in all it’s subtle glory, I have to say that Karen’s comment that Callen’s name will be revealed as GOMER, had me laughing out loud as I snorted my morning coffee through my nose. I will not be able to look at him the same after this…he will be Gomer to me from now on.

    Now, the ever popular question of “are they or aren’t they”? I am in agreement with Karen that something has changed, but I don’t believe they are having a sexual relationship. Deeks use of “partners” in that scene in the boatshed made it clear to me that he is still holding back, especially if you look at Kensi’s reaction. I am firmly on the frustrated side of the fandom. I do appreciate that they are hugging and holding each other easily this season, but all these subtle hints seem childish at this point. Someone made a comment that a two minute scene of some sort of intimacy would not take up too much of the show’s main story line. A stolen kiss would even give us a small indication that they are a couple in their own minds. Guessing and reading between the lines has become exhausting and I for one am getting tired of the tiny crumbs they scatter through the script every other week. A little less Nell and they would have plenty of time to give us a sexy scene they’ve been building toward for the last four years. Come on Shane…man up. Adult content won’t scare us away and there has to be some advantage to being on at 10 pm. Are any of the writers married or even dating? What the hell are they afraid of? I’m getting tired of the cute little scenes of banter with sexual innuendo the only thing we get…let them kiss already. That will get you the publicity you need for your new date and time.


  5. I don’t know that I 100% agree with either of you “sides” on this. If the writers are progressing Densi and keeping us in the dark, then that runs counter to making them a ‘ship in the first place. Plus, this is the meanest thing to do. It would be bad enough to not progress them at all, but to do and keep it hidden from them, the team, and all the fans makes no sense whatsoever. What would there even be to watch or follow?

    The other main point is why is everyone so blasted focused on whether or not they had sex?! That’s not what this/they are about and frankly I’m frustrated by this repeated topic. This isn’t cable people; this is genuine storytelling. And no, not everyone “succumbs” to Mother Nature or hormones. Some people actually have standards and values and willpower. I’m sick of everyone defining them based on this single act; it just cheapens the characters and the show as a whole. Personally, I still have faith the writers will make all of this make sense in the future. Everyone just needs to calm down and go along for the ride.


    • agentfan, I totally agree that it would be mean to withhold from us. That’s why I’m trying to have faith that there’s nothing happening that I’m missing out on. As I mentioned, my patience leaves a lot to be desired!


  6. @Ju5tBecau5e // October 27, 2014 at 4:00 PM // Reply

    Thanks for putting in words the ping pong game going on in my head.


    • @Ju5tBecau5e, thanks for making me laugh- that’s a wonderful image (although it sounds a little frustrating to experience!).


  7. According to the video at this tumblr blog the producers are doing this on purpose to confuse viewers. Its sadly as simple as that.

    The link to the video is below.


    • Thanks for the link! Here’s what DR says: “I think that the writers are actually being very smart about it, because they’re hinting at certain things, for example that Deeks is sleeping over at Kensi’s house, but I think if you were to find them in bed it would almost be too clear of a message of what’s going on, so this is a sort of half-way point where they can either push it to a friendship thing, or push it to a relationship thing.” At least she thinks they’re going to push it somewhere eventually! I’ve heard several interviews with DR where she seems much less anxious for Densi to be together than ECO does. Interesting.


  8. Thanks for the debate! I feel as though I end up posting my opinions almost every week about Densi, especially with this season’s episode reviews. I agree with Karen and Sweet Lu that although Deeks and Kensi innuendos have been a little more direct if you will, nothing is actually happening physically between them

    I also agree with Agentfan, not everyone “succumbs” to their hormones. I believe what’s changed between them is simply that they had finally admitted feelings for one another, and then they were suddenly separated. Since reuniting after so long and dealing with so much, they are much closer because of the common trauma and pain, but cautious for the same reasons.

    For once, I leave it at that since I mentioned so many details in my previous posts to reviews. I’m getting ready for bed before tonight’s episode, since it’s past my bed time. I wish they had not moved the day and time. I will never support NCIS New Orleans. Yes, I’m being a big baby about it!

    Oh, and Karen, I laughed out loud as well with your comment on Callen’s first name being Gomer, but even more so to Sweet Lu’s reaction!! That was awesome!!


    • Angela, never apologize for commenting, we love hearing from you! I really like your observation about the reason why they seem comfortable (content), and why they aren’t pushing for more at the moment.


  9. Totally agree with Sweet Lu. Anyone listening out there?

    Awesome debate and I agree with a lot of the observations from both Karen and Di. I also think that they have not crossed the line again. They need to get back on solid ground before that happens…and although hormones do have a mind of its own…somehow, I still think the trauma would have overshadowed that. Hence the waking up on the couch. I totally believe that Deeks has been taking care of Kensi since their return from Afghanistan. After what Deeks went through with Siderov, and with his desperation in Afghanistan, he would not leave Kensi to her own devices. When Kensi returned to OPS and Deeks welcomed her back…that was just for show, I totally did not get the vibe that he was just seeing her for the first time after Afghanistan.

    I agree that there’s a new ease in their conversation with the banter about baby names, bimbos and stage names. It showed that they were both on their way back to their old partnership. I think the awkward conversation with Granger is because they may be getting close to crossing the line. Deeks still has this look when he watches Kensi…it’s a look of pure adoration, a bit of unrequited love. Or maybe it’s just me.

    And Gomer! Karen, I will have a difficult time not thinking Gomer when I see G tonight😄


    • Reader1976, I totally agree about post-Afghanistan Densi, and I love your observation about the reason for the awkwardness around Granger. I think it could also be because Kensi felt like somehow their platonic sleepovers would be found out and misinterpreted. It’s especially horrible if she and Deeks still think she was sent away because they slept together. But that’s too sad to think about and brings up my Hetty issues, so forget I mentioned it. 😉


  10. Thank you for another great debate subject. I have feeling that Densi relationship has been definitely put on hold (from Three Hearts episode ) until writers/producers decide what to do actually with it. They gave us bits and pieces of what might have happened pointing us in different directions and I feel like we (audience) have been probed.
    Also while re-watching some old episodes/seasons, I noticed a shift in writing Callen’s lines. Do you think that they tried to make him to sound more like Deeks with the reason? Maybe that’s how Gomer would sound…hahaha… Do you have a feeling that Densi kinda stole the show? Sometimes it really looks to me that producers and writers are trying to push both Kensi and Deeks characters little bit “behind”? I mean, see the last two episodes… They were appearing sporadically, especially in the Black Budget – they had, what, like 4 minutes of screen time.
    Ok this is how I see it, maybe I am wrong, but would really like to see their relationship going into full body “thing” with all the aspects of the serious relationship included, hoping that they won’t be punished/separated again.


    • Maria that’s an interesting observation about Gomer Callen changing over time. I’ll have to go back and rewatch a few old episodes to check it out. You raise a really good point about the evolving nature of the show, in that it began with Sam and Callen with clear top billing, but eventually evolved into a strong foursome, along with two other pairs in Eric/Nell and Hetty/Granger. It seems that everyone involved was happy with the shift, but it may have caused some issues. I think for fans of LL Cool J and COD, it has definitely been an adjustment; if I were in that group I’d be disappointed to see their screen time diminish in favor of all these other actors.


    • Maria…I’ve been wondering why we have seen so little of Deeks & Kensi this season …so reading your thoughts makes me feel good knowing Im not the only one who has noticed thier reduced roles.

      Im in total agreement with you when you wrote that you have a feeling that the writers have pushed Deeks & Kensi into the background this season. perhaps because they might have stolen the show in past seasons

      Why the writers & producers would want to “downplay” two of the most popular stars on the show….especially after moving to a new night & time beyond me.

      I’ve read maybe Densi fans assume that Deeks & Kensi will get more Densi centric episodes later on this season.

      Im with everybody else who wishes & hopes that will happen….but…after what has gone on with Densi since mid way thru Season 5…and so far in this new season….I’m starting to have my doubts.

      .We all know that the two main stars of the show are LL Cool J & Chris O’Donnell.

      That was only natural..since they have both been working in the entertainment business for a very long time.
      And in case anybody forgot…it’s hammered home by the fact… their 2 characters.are the only ones shown on the front covers of all the DVD season box sets.

      As for Densi stealing the show…well..look no further for prove of that by this website devoted to all things Deeks ( and Densi.) . the ton of Densi moments collected on You Tube. Then there’s the TV Guide cover last season that featured Deeks & Kensi.

      Is it possible…that as the seasons went on and ECO & DR characters grew in popularity..that some producer or even Chris & or LL Cool J themselves……didnt really enjoy watching Sam & G….take a backseat to Deeks & Kensi & their “thing” storyline?

      Who knows….but it would not be the first or last time..that some relative Hollywood & television newbie (s) would be cast on a TV show as second tier players… become fan favorites & steal the show away from the supposed main “stars”

      Deeks & Kensi & their why I started to watch the show in the first place. after fliiping thru some TV channels earlier this year and seeing the beautiful & talented DR pop up on my screen.

      Once I saw her amazing and funny chemistry with ECO and discovered all the Densi moments on You Tube….I went out and bought S1 to S4 within a 2 week period.

      Their characters …are the only real reasons that I continue to tune into the show every week I hope that the writers & powers that be will wake up..and start to realize how valuable & popular the 2 characters are.

      I’ve seen an intially enjoyed a lot of TV couples over my years of TV viewing.
      Two past faves…were David & Maddie on “Moonlighting” & Remington & Laura of “Remington Steele”.

      Those TV couples looked and were very flirty & romantic on screen..but my feelings towards the characters & shows changed….after reading many stories that off screen..these actors fought constanly on set & couldn’t stand one other in real life.

      It’s rare in Hollywood…that you have two actors who are supposed to be romantically linked on a TV show…who actually are able to not only display those emotions & feeling on screen so well….but who also actually really like each other off screen and often hang around with each other ..away from the set..

      So it make things even more puzzling & disappointing to this Densi fan…why so far this season…the producers & writers are downplaying Deeks & Kensi…and putting thier thing on the back burner.

      You would think…they would only be too happy…to show case two great TV characters & talented actors each and every chance they could get…but…what do I know!! 🙂



      • Lots of great points Owen. I share your frustration about the DVD covers, I mean, really? And I also love how wonderful these two are together in real life- they’re so entertaining and friendly and, well, family. It’s definitely refreshing. You reminded me of my frequent fantasy of a spin-off just for the two of them. How fun would that be?


  11. Thank you Di and Karen P as always for an insightful and exciting debate. You rock.

    You both make very strong and valid observations and there is so much I can identify with.

    I am afraid though that I cannot identify with this much subtlety …… maybe I am just too exceptionally impatient. If I personally have to wait 12 years for any real revelations or conclusions – I’ll be dead through sheer frustration!

    However, what I do see is a real friendship and mutual trust with an underlying flirting and innuendos pointing to a further re-development of where they left off before Afghanistan. I want to believe that it is a “Love Story” that they have not even admitted to themselves yet or explored for fear of getting “punished again” and because of the baggage they both carry –so, they are maintaining the status quo for now. To be and feel “safe”.

    I personally can do with “romantic” now and again.

    Like Diane said “If they have feelings for each other (like they without any doubt, absolutely have), hormones and Mother Nature will take over”. For me it would be awesome if they just now and again “lose” a little control – the team doesn’t have to know as long as they keep their emotions under control during work hours and missions. As an avid fan, I would love to see it happen. The writers don’t have to blatantly be in our faces, but please do not keep us guessing to this extent. If two people have been intimate (as we all suspect) even once, you cannot turn back the clock like nothing ever happened and despite the fact that you may not have a physical relationship right now, the latent emotions and reactions are not going to change.

    Karen P, in my opinion, you are not in the minority – I feel like you every so often.

    Even if not truly a part of the show’s formula, the writers chose to bring in a personal angle between Densi (as the experts I don’t know what they plan for the future). However I strongly believe that they cannot just sweep it under the carpet. We, as the fans are too emotionally involved in this.

    I am of the opinion that Deeks took a step back (and I agree with 974lk as to the interpretation of the knife scene), purely because the previous time they actually let their feelings take over it immediately became public knowledge and Kensi just happened to be sent to Afghanistan to a very dangerous country and mission and Deeks being Deeks blames himself for it (I just wish Hetty would sit Densi down and come clear with the real truth about this mission!!). So in my opinion, being friends and hanging out at this stage is better for him (and Kensi) than having nothing at all.


    • Maxine what a beautifully written comment. You made me laugh at your possible death from frustration (sorry?), and I loved all your observations, particularly that the writers chose to make the Deeks/Kensi work partnership, in the midst of this procedural, into something personal (again, stay tuned for an upcoming editorial on this topic). So yes, they owe it to us to keep things moving along, and publicly so. I’d also love to see Densi occasionally “losing control.” That would definitely be entertaining.


  12. I enjoyed reading the differant interpations by Di & Karen regarding whats really going on with everybody’s favorite TV couple!

    In any debate..we have to pick a side…and in this case… I share Karen.’s frustation that if ..there are things going on with Deeks & Kens and thier “thing”…we the faithfull viewers..should be privy to whats actually going on…and not left to guessing.

    From what I’ve seen & heard…I feel that they are only involved in a deep friendship but…strictly platonic relantionship at this point in time. Yes..their spending time off screen together…but..theres nothing of a sexual nature happening.

    The good news is..Deeks asking Kensi about living together or saying “Not yet!” when Kensi asked if he had gotten some bimbo pregnant….shows me at least…..that he’s ready & raring to go forward with their ” thing” again.

    Kensi is the one…who’s playing hard to get…and after what happened to her in Afghanistan…thats understandable..but Deeks looks to be over any hesitation he had.

    Thats why he keeps playfully asking Kensi about moving in together and certain baby names….he’s trying to get their “thing”…back to where it was… before.they were rudely interrupted by Hetty sending Kensi overseas.

    Di ..I agree with your point..that if something was going on with Deeks & Kensi..they would want to keep that fact a secret from Hetty & Granger..

    But I feel the fans of the show…..should be in on any secret get togethers by Densi.

    .All these little crumbs the writers are giving us….as to whether they are or not… a couple off screen….is no where near as much fun or satisfying….as they would be…if they actually showed us…Deeks & Kensi..getting together after work.

    I have a good imagination….but….I would prefer and much rather see with my own eyes…Deeks & Kensi out on a real date…….because no matter what I could imagine that might sound and look like… would never match…what ECO or DR might do or say to each other…if I saw that scenario played on my TV. screen.

    “A stolen kiss would even give us a small indication that they are a couple in their own minds. Guessing and reading between the lines has become exhausting and I for one am getting tired of the tiny crumbs they scatter through the script every other week. A little less Nell and they would have plenty of time to give us a sexy scene they’ve been building toward for the last four years. Come on Shane…man up. Adult content won’t scare us away and there has to be some advantage to being on at 10 pm. Are any of the writers married or even dating? What the hell are they afraid of? I’m getting tired of the cute little scenes of banter with sexual innuendo the only thing we get…let them kiss already. That will get you the publicity you need for your new date and time.”

    I love what sweet lu wrote…to me…this sums up perfectly..the frustation a lot of Densi fans are feeling towards the writers & producers of the show

    Ive asked this question before….but why is it…that the powers that be ruining..uh..I mean..running the show… have absolutely no problems…showing untold scenes of violence.but are so shy and unwilling.. to show anything even remotely romantic going on between two of their most popular characters?

    They have no qualms whatever….showing all sorts of bloody & violent scenes…but..showing even a simple PDA …like a gentle hug… a little hand holding…or anything of a romantic or tender moment….onscreen between Deeks & Kensi…is strictly forbidden and verboten.

    I understand…its a police procederal…so…it’s a given….that we are going to see mostly action scenes..with bullets flying & car chases etc….but first and foremost…its a TV show…not a documentary.

    So in my opinion….they could show us more Densi moments…IF thats what they wanted to do…but least so far into this season…they are not interested in doing that..

    CBS & the other networks…have plenty of police procedurals on their various networks.If thats what fans love and want to see…cop shows full of action & drama…they are tons of shows to tune into.

    The thing that makes NCIS:LA stand out from all those other action shows…… Deeks & Kensi..and their “thing”
    Personally..instead of creating NCIS: New Orleans..I wish they had spun off Deeks & Kensi & given them their own show. Maybe if they had their own show…thier thing…would be on screen way more often..for all of us Densi fans to enjoy!

    Like sweet lu said…it’s been 4 years that they have been building things up between Deeks & Kensi…and after 4 years..all Densi fans have gotten to see… one “fake” kiss..and one real one

    Thats it..and thats all…but…how many people have we seen…tortured…burned beyond recgonition…..blown up… or shot on the show?

    My guess…it’s gotta be nearing over several thousand… at least!!

    I don’t know about other fans..but I for one…would much rather watch Deeks & Kensi go grocery shopping ..than watch Sam & Callen,,,yahn…save LA… AGAIN…from another nuclear attack or see them shoot & kill more bad guys in one episode…..than is even remotely humanly possible!!

    ( As an aside…whats wrong with all the bad guys on the show. We have seen Sam & G trapped & cornered countless times….where they are outnumbered & outgunned…and they come out..unscathed and joking around…without so much as a hangnail!

    It seems none of the bad guys…have ever taken any firearms training…because most of them look like they couldn’t hit the side of a barn..if they were standing 3 feet away from it!!)

    If the reason we don’t see more Densi moments on because it’s a timing or editing issue…Id be happy to see them reduce Hetty… Nel’s or Granger’s role…if that would help.

    Nel is pretty…and Hetty has her fans… my vote for character Id most like to see killed off…is Granger.

    I don’t think his character has added anything to the show…and there is a reason…Miguel Ferrer .has played mostly bad guys & jerks during his long Hollywood career…it’s because he really plays those roles well!

    Everytime Granger shows up on the screen..he comes across to a walking & talking…6 foot wet blanket.
    He reminds me of the infamous grouchy old guy..who’s always yelling at those damn kids to get off his lawn!!

    Hetty is already there and bossing the team around…now..they have Granger…doing the same thing..just without the charm..that Hetty does it with.

    Apart from ECO & DR…the other person who’s talent is being under used on the show …is Barrett Foa.
    I always saw Eric’s the typical & protype brilliant computer teck nerd….so popular on mainstream TV.

    But Barret…much to my surprise… turns out to be a pretty funny guy..when given the chance. would be nice of they would give him more to do……than pretend he’s typing on that tablet glued to his hand.



    • Wow, it’s so fun to hear so many people sharing their honest- and strong- opinions about the show! Owen I agree with you on many things. I think Americans have always been much more comfortable with graphic violence than sexual content, in movies as well as TV. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about that. And yes, please, a Densi spin-off! My fantasy usually entails Deeks getting fired for doing something heroic but against the rules, so he goes off to become that classic TV character of a private detective. Are you old enough to remember The Rockford Files? Deeks could pretend to be all sorts of characters to get info on his investigations. I’d also be happy to see him sent back to LAPD undercover work. How fun would that be, to see him doing deep cover assignments, and getting a good 40 minutes of screen time per episode? Ah, it’s nice to dream.


  13. Hi Karen…yep…I’m not only old enough to remember the Rockford Files with the great & late James Garner ….Im old enough to remember a time…when a person actually had to get up & off their sofa to change the TV channel!!! lol 🙂

    Watching Deeks & Kensi on their very own show working as PI’s together…would be so much fun!

    My guess is..that will never happen…but Densi fans can still dream right?

    Anyway…Im glad to hear that you agreed with a lot of things that I wrote in my post.

    Im just sorry for being so long winded with my thoughts on all things Densi But there the only reasons I watch the show…so..I feel passionate about them!

    As a fan of Densi & the acting talents of ECO & DR…it’s frustating to see the writers downplay their characters & push their them into the background…….just to show us more scenes of speeding cars…inane gun battles & explosions!!

    I feel giving ECO & DR….less screen time….and taking a backseat so we can see more of LL COOL J and Chris… their bromance & most macho gun blazings thing…is a ratings mistake on thei show runners part.

    For prove of my point… they was a poll on another TV site…were they asked fans what was there favorite Scene of the week for the TV ratings week ending Oct.19th.

    3,219 votes were cast…and the number one scene …was Deeks comforting Kensi with 819 votes.
    (Number two…was a scene from Arrow..which got 594 votes)

    That brief but powerful scene with Deeks & Kensi..gathered 25% of the total votes..the Arrow scene had a little over 18.13% and the 3rd fave scene…got 8.24%.

    I think if the show had way more scenes showing Deeks & Kensi and their “thing”..on screen…it would clearly help and not hurt help their ratings.

    (As a side note… In the poll for the Scene of the week..for the TV ratings period ending on Nov.2…there was no scene nominated from NCIS:LA)

    But for whatever reason..the show runners seem to think the very opposite…and they assume that what will bring the ratings in…..are more scenes of gun battles & action.

    Id be willing to bet my two front teeth…that no gun battle by Sam & G…no matter how many bullets flew or baddies killed….will ever be voted..scene of the week!

    “Guessing and reading between the lines has become exhausting and I for one am getting tired of the tiny crumbs they scatter through the script every other week. A little less Nell and they would have plenty of time to give us a sexy scene they’ve been building toward for the last four years. Come on Shane…man up. Adult content won’t scare us away and there has to be some advantage to being on at 10 pm. Are any of the writers married or even dating? What the hell are they afraid of? I’m getting tired of the cute little scenes of banter with sexual innuendo the only thing we get…let them kiss already. That will get you the publicity you need for your new date and time.”

    I really love and totally agree what with sweet lu wrote above..and I think it would be so cool..if we could get this part of her post… to the show runners attention.

    Because I feel she summed up perfectly..Densi’s fans mounting frustations with the show this season.

    One of the show’s producers ..John Peter on twiiter..and he keeps using the hashtag… “#wontdisappoint” to describe evey episode this season.

    I just think Peter is very lucky…he never put any money up …to back his…”wont disappoint” claim..becauce this season’s shows so far…have been not only disappointing ..but precdicable..and underwhelming to say the least…especially for this Densi loving fan!

    I know were still eartly into S6 …but since they pushed Densi into the background for now…I have not really enjoyed the shows this season…as I find them just average…with the last one..being pretty dull.

    Im on twitter….and If sweet lu gave me her permission…Id be post this part of her post on Peter’s twiiter account.

    The only thing I would substitute the part about a little less Nel..and put in…a little less gun play..

    He might ban my a$$…but if it got his attention..that Densi fans are indeed disapppointed this season….it would be worth him giving me the boot from his twitter account!

    Who know’s… he might reply that they have big plans for Densi fans and ask us to be a little more patient…but I notice their less than 9 milllion people this season..and I read a TV critic say….that CBS.cancels shows …when they hover around the 8 million mark

    The last TV ratings for the show. that I saw came out on Oct.28…..and they were in 3rd place in their 10 PM time slot with 8.56 million viewers

    ( The Blacklist had 9.81 million viewers & Castle had 9:70 million.)

    YIKES!!! Once again…Ive yammered on way to much…but lets hope the show runners start giving us a lot more Densi sooner..rather than laters!!



    • Karen, Owen, I see that you winded up in a deep discussion and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who thought that Densi has been side-tracked this season. I am European and have to say that sex or nudity were never big issue here (even on TV) as it is situation in the States. That’s why I cannot understand what is big deal with seeing little bit of flesh and kiss along with all other nastier things like killings, torturing, burnings etc. I somehow believe that, even it is so in the States, the writers do not want to go there on purpose (not because they have some “moral” issues). I don’t know maybe they think it still builds up additional drama or whatever…

      Must admit that I love all the lead characters in the show and do not watch it only because of Densi, but I do prefer them. The fact that they get along very well even outside the set , as Owen put it in some of his posts, makes them 100% believable on screen and watching them always rises question are they acting or they are for real. regards everyone and congratulations to your Anniversary. thank you all. you are doing excellent job here!!


      • Owen I love your passion for these characters. You are definitely in the right place here at wikiDeeks!

        And Mistri, thanks for that European perspective. It sure is hard to figure out what the showrunners are thinking sometimes. My guess is that the show was built on a pretty strict formula, and they seem very reluctant to stray too far from it. I do wish they’d use the excuse/motivation of the new time slot to try a few new things though.


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