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Review: NCISLA “The 3rd Choir” (S6E4)

The 3rd Choir

I was really looking forward to the conclusion of this arc along with some special guest stars and hopefully answers to questions regarding Hetty’s questionable involvement in the White Ghost incident. I think part of the success of the previous episodes has been the continuity of the same writer throughout the storyline. R. Scott Gemmill has taken us on a wonderful ride with these characters along with the help of other co-writers as well (Dana Scanlon is on board this time). One of my favorite directors is also back. Diana Valentine’s talents always stand out from behind the camera, and it’s usually a treat to see how she will mold what’s on the page this time.

As we found out last week, one of Hetty’s biggest nemeses, the East German operative, Mattias Draeger is back and gunning for Hetty. The team leader is still in Washington, unaware of Draeger and demanding to know who wants her out of a job. Her conversation with Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) is a nice look into what makes Hetty tick. She still has a few tricks up her sleeve. (Hetty: If you excuse me, I’m late for my daily flogging.)

Don’t you think it’s strange that Deeks is thinking about baby names? Of course, Deeks is a man in love… but how many of you out there think that something more is going on here? When Kensi asks if he got some bimbo pregnant, Deeks replies suggestively, “Not yet.” It’s the smile that says it all. And if they weren’t trying to hide something, why get so flustered when Granger catches them walking into the Mission together? Are they really still just partners? Or partners with benefits? Hmm…

Callen is a man on a mission as he searches for Mattias and he is willing to risk everything for his mentor. The team wants to know why the operative is back and why he is after Hetty? Of course, Callen could care less because he knows how dangerous the man is and only wants him out of the picture and he intends to use everything at his disposal to flush him out. After she gets a warning from Granger that Matties is back, Hetty is immediately done playing with the Washington bureaucrats. She is headed back to her team in LA and the family who needs her.

In a scene reminiscent of the suffering Deeks went through last season, Nell is also in hiding and screening calls from her partner.   As often as this team is traumatized, they might as well bring Nate back on a permanent basis. This time he attends to Nell who is still grappling over the emotional effects from her first kill in the field.  Apparently, this probie is not the girl of steel she wants everybody to believe she is and it is nice to see her having some doubts about her chosen career. Nate’s conversation with Granger about the human condition was a nice touch. Leave it to Hetty to jump start Nell and get her focused again.

Mattias makes an unwelcome appearance as he draws the team into a shootout from a Venice rooftop. After he slips away, Callen is even more determined to find this guy and he’s not listening to anybody, including Granger.  Sam has the undesirable task of keeping Callen from going off the grid but even he knows you can’t stop his partner when it comes to keeping Hetty safe.

Welcome back Mr. Arkady! Vyto Ruginis is always entertaining whenever he returns to the show. His reluctant efforts to provide needed information to the team bring some comic relief to all of the scenes he is in and he usually winds up stealing the show. Arkady finally alludes to why Matties is looking for Hetty… the Cold War is heating up again and Hetty’s secrets would be invaluable in the right hands.

The last ten minutes really picked up the pace as Hetty lands back in LA and the team is chasing an elusive Mattias all over the city including… the boatshed? The look on Eric’s face is priceless when they tell him Mattias is heading to Ops next. I know this guy is good but how the heck did he get into the Mission? For some reason, Hetty’s not surprised and knew he would come looking for her there. (Hetty: Mattias my old whatever the hell you are?) The German intends to whisk her off to Russia in exchange for a nice payoff.  But what kind of Cold War information could the ol’ gal still be clinging to that would be so important after all these years? The showdown in Ops was a first, with the team racing through the usually secure building to save Hetty. It was fun to watch as the agents circled the wagons but I was a bit befuddled over how we got to this point. If the DoJ leader was still in the building, where was everybody else? The Mission was a ghost town! The scene was exciting but frankly, how they got to that ending didn’t make much sense to me.

Was this truly the conclusion to this arc I was hoping for? Not really. There were so many unanswered questions and I was a bit disappointed with the episode in general.  What happened to the mole; was someone trying to kill her and will Hetty ever answer for her actions in Afghanistan? I really was expecting more answers or at least a strong indication of what will come. But one episode does not a season make… so I look forward to seeing what’s coming down the pike. Perhaps some of my questions will be answered in due course… Patience (sigh!).

Memorable Moments

  • Sam playing Mr. Mom to Eric was sweet. (Sam: That’s probably why you crash, Captain Crunch.)
  • Ah Callen, does it surprise you he uses a mausoleum as a bank? Nah.
  • I think Sam was actually embarrassed when Wallace tried to pick him up! (Callen: I didn’t see that coming!)
  • I truly love the way Deeks looks at Kensi when she’s trying to be funny. Like an over indulgent parent, he just has to let her have her way with him!

Deeks Moments

  • Silly Deeks! Trying to take down a cockroach? Well almost… leave it to Kensi to save the day. (Deeks: That’s why we’re partners.)

Densi Moments

Not much in terms of Densi for this episode. No more moments tonight. But this scene may be a clue to what the partners are really up to outside of work:

  • Granger: I need to talk to you two.
  • Kensi: We car pooled.
  • Deeks: Yeah, going green.
  • Kensi: Yeah, saving the planet.
  • Deeks: You know, it’s like Superman. Except of course, I wear my underwear on the inside of my pantaloons.
  • Kensi: When he remembers to wear underwear. I’m kidding. I was just kidding. He wears underwear… I think. I’m assuming. I don’t know. We’re just… just partners.
  • Deeks: Partners.

Tell us what you think of this episode in the comments below. Maybe you have some answers to my questions! Let’s get a dialogue going… Also come back next week for my review of “Black Budget”… only on wikiDeeks!

Title: “3rd Choir”
Writers: Dana Scanlon and R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Diana C. Valentine
Original Air Date: October 20, 2014


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28 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The 3rd Choir” (S6E4)

  1. I had some similar questions about the mole, the hearings in Washington (are they done or does she have to go back?), why the mission was so quiet except for DoJ lady. Will Hetty still have to answer for Afghanistan or was that it? That being said, Hetty did have some great lines this week “My old whatever the hell you are.” “Oops, touchy trigger” and her comments in the airplane to the admiral. I’m not sure if the point of all that was that she is going to get away with what she does because she saves lives and protects American interests or just reinforcing her defiance.

    BTW – I noticed Granger in the intro scenes – has he always been there or was this a first?

    I agree, Sam was embarrassed. But also very quick to mention his wife in a way that fits with his overall loyalty, integrity & character. Callen with his money in a mausoleum – makes perfect sense to me. Did he give the money to Salazar or did he keep it? That wasn’t clear to me. Looks like the gang was murdered before they got the money.

    I always like Arkady – he’s funny (for a villain) and I like the continuity of have some shady characters that are always out there. (Same for Salazar – unfortunate end for him.). It also looked to me like he had lost weight since his last appearance, so it was clever to put him in a gym.

    I agree – keep Nate there! I think he brings so much to the show and given that they are always dealing with substantial crises it would just make sense to have him available. Aside from my wishes re: Densi, that is next on my list: Nate as a permanent character. He also was very good as a regular in helping them to analyze the “bad guy,” which brought depth to the storylines as well.

    Densi….. hmmmm. I don’t know where the discussing baby names would come from. But the look on his face when he says “not yet” was extremely suggestive. They either are/have or he really wants to. That was not a work partners look, that was much more intimate than that. Same with when she is teasing him, the look on his face is one of such obvious infatuation and adoration it is hard to believe that they are just sleeping on the sofa. On the other hand Kensi’s reply to “not yet” was not a “you wish” but rather had more of an undertone of “you better not be calling me a bimbo.” I didn’t get a tone of denial from her. I was hoping there was going to be more Densi in the episode than what was in the preview. However, I liked what was there.

    Overall, I am happy. Where last year felt uneven, this year feels more steady – although only 4 episodes in.

    Thanks for the prompt review Diane. That’s one of the things that drew me to this site initially – you’re always the first review out there!


    • Thanks Brenda. I think Granger was always in the opening scene…

      In terms of Densi…none of those looks between them were just partner looks….they were ‘partner’ looks,…if you know what I mean!


  2. I have been pondering this episode. There is a great deal that I liked. I thought Densi was on target. No big moments but fun. I the cockroach was so indictive of their relationship. The other part I likke is not so much hitting. There were great character moments for each of them. So, why didn’t like this episode as much as I should have? I didn’t buy super hero Hetty. None of that made sense to me, I admit the lines were good but some how the plot was not satisfying. All those episodes setting up Mattias as the big bad then he just gives up? His motivation was what? I do agree with Hetty that his motivation of not having a retirement plan did not make sense. I think Hetty telling Nell to buck up made me mad. She did the same to Deeks. I agree more Nate, he could contribute in so many ways. I liked the hug Deeks gave Nate. It was genuine and speaks to a deeper relationship. Overall, lots to like and it just left me a little flat.


  3. I enjoyed your review as usual. I also enjoyed the episode. Not enough Densi for me but what was there was quality. I like the way that relationship is heading. As far as I’m concerned there’s no need to spell it out. We can tell from the exchanges between the two that they are more than partners. Sure I would like to see some real “bonding” but as long as the relationship is progressing I’m on board. I’m not sure we’ve seen the end of the mole, whoever that might be. As far as OPS being quiet and empty, I think there may be two reasons for that: A) the time of day and B) Granger’s dropping hints that no one should be hanging around the office while the DOJ is there. They’ve never said how many people work there and it’s just a guess because once in a while we see clerical types in the building but it’s probably not a heavily staffed office to begin with. While it would be great to have Nate back as a regular I don’t see it happening. I do like how he is always sent for to help out our regulars though. Anyway, thanks Di for another great recap and review.


    • Thanks for your ideas on why Ops was empty. Usually that place is hopping during the day but maybe Eric had something to do with getting it cleared….just seemed weird to me.

      Yep, I do think Densi are more than partners for sure.


  4. I had the same reaction, why the over explanation of being together when a simple response of “what about” would have sufficed to Granger’s “we need to talk” statement. But the whole exchange made me think there’s some “Densi goings on”… : )

    I thoroughly enjoyed Hetty’s exchange with Congressman Thomas. The subtle shift in asserting who is in control and when she left…wow. “Of all the mornings I forgot to stretch”. Agreed, all of Hetty’s comments were perfect. What to tell Congressman Thomas? “he’s an ass”. Hehehehehehehh. Love Hetty.

    I agree, Sam was awesome when he got hit on..his immediate, “I’m married”. Yay for Sam! And I loved when G called him on acting squirrelly whenever he gets hit on.. The thrown pencil and block was hilarious. And he has G’s back no matter what. Loved his comment to Granger that G would go rogue and he would follow. Partners, nothing better.

    Loved all the emotion and sense of urgency G exhibited. He would die for Hetty. When they reunited. The look on G’s face.. It was perfectly played. Loved that.

    Poor Nell, so glad Nate came back to help her. I wondered why Eric didn’t make any effort but it’s probably because he has never killed anyone, Whereas, Hetty would know what is needed to get Nell back on track. She knew that once Nell focuses on a mission, she will switch back into gear and it worked.

    The showdown with Mattias was perfect. Old enemies facing off and all the old dynamics still apply. Hetty knows her enemies well.

    And I hope they answer who the mole is.

    Love your reviews! Thanks for the speedy postings!


  5. Oh yes, G called Eric and ordered him to evacuate the building because Mattias was on his way. Apparently the DOJ auditor didn’t get the memo. And Hetty figured it out when she returned to an empty mission. : )


  6. Di this was a great recap. I think I’ve rarely agreed with you more. Let’s start with what I enjoyed. Arkady was his usual hilarious self. Sam was great throughout- loyal to his wife and his partner just as we’d expect. His bullpen scene with Callen about the DoJ auditor was adorable. The Densi dialog was super flirty and fun. Granger was very funny with his straight-faced delivery, particularly in his scenes with Densi. (“Don’t you two have something better to do?”) Nate was wonderful- warm and supportive. Loved his conversation with Granger about the soul. This was the Hetty I remember really liking before Season 5- tough, funny (loved the jump out the window), and protective of her family.

    I’ll save my rant about whatever the heck is happening between Deeks and Kensi for an upcoming debate. Here are a few other things that didn’t impress me… I thought Callen was a little out of character in terms of his rash behavior. I know he loves Hetty but I think he’s capable of functioning at a more strategic, thoughtful level. And the final scene at the Mission puzzled me. I mean, are there no other NCIS agents who work at this place? Is the whole place only filled with support staff? It’s pretty busy most days with random people walking around. It’s hard to believe there aren’t a bunch of other agents who could have stayed to protect everyone. Also, it only takes an ID badge to get in? Or maybe Matties is just that resourceful. Did he really expect to waltz into the Mission and abduct Hetty? Did he assume they’d evacuate or was he going to shoot his way out past, you know, all the other agents? It’s hard to believe he thought he could pull all this off himself- he strikes me as the kind of person who’d hire some mercenaries to do the dirty work. I guess he really was broke.

    Finally, stop reading now if you don’t want to hear another rant about Hetty. Like I mentioned, this episode showed me the Hetty I used to love. (Well, except for the part where she told Nell to buck up. I’m with jsm on that.) I could very easily forgive her and move on, but I need to see some sort of repercussions, or some sort of regret on her part for Afghanistan. And I don’t think we’re going to get it. This felt to me like the end of that storyline. And it makes me angry because for this to make sense, Kensi and Deeks (and the rest of the team) have to either be incredibly gullible as to think that running into Jack was just a coincidence, or ridiculously forgiving to feel OK to keep on working for Hetty after she put them through utter hell and never apologized. Sigh. I just don’t get it.


  7. Not one of my favorite recaps because I really wanted to like this episode. But I am looking forward to our discussion about Densi coming up soon!


  8. I’m with you – I didn’t like this episode as much as I wanted to or was hoping to.

    I don’t have tons of time to reply fully, but I’m VERY bummed that we seem to have been left in the dark about what’s going on with Deeks and Kensi outside of work! It’s seeming very obvious that they’ve probably progressed in their personal relationship and I don’t like not knowing what happened! I keep trying to rationalize the pieces we have seen and how that fits into “just partners/friends” but it’s getting more difficult to do that.

    That aside, I really do like that Kensi isn’t as physical toward Deeks anymore (and I didn’t really have that big of a problem with the punches in the first place, at least not until the end of last season) and that overall she doesn’t seem to get as annoyed with him as she has in the past. At 4+ years into their partnership (their “thing” aside), she *shouldn’t* be annoyed with him all the time, especially given that we know that they care a great deal about each other outside of work.


    • I don’t think there is denying that something is going on there between Densi. I like that it’s under the radar for now. Makes it interesting.


      • I don’t necessarily dislike that it’s under the radar for now either, I never felt like it should be in our faces all the time or anything, I can’t wait to (hopefully) eventually see or hear a bit how we got from where they were at the end of S5/6×01 to now. It was a big deal that Deeks pulled away when Kensi seemed ready during Three Hearts and Im going to need some blanks filled in! I wonder if there is some connection to be made to Deeks’ eventual return to LAPD later this season. That would be a nice Segway/tie-in. With Ray coming back too. So many good opportunities to expand on their thing.


  9. Jericho Steele // October 22, 2014 at 11:32 AM // Reply

    Another great recap Diane … you never let us down. You give us an honest critique that points out what we see but also what we don’t sometimes pick up on and that takes honesty and skill. So, thank you.

    Now, to the issues that most of the other readers have already mentioned and some they haven’t.

    You don’t ‘walk out of’ a congressional hearing without repercussions. Now, I ‘m no lawyer or expert of congressional law, but I’m pretty sure that since Hetty’s position is at the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy, and that position is under the POTUS … some phone calls would have been made and someone would have been asked to turn in their resignation. Whether it was Hetty’s or Assistant Director Granger’s (he’s technically her boss) would remain to be seen, but it isn’t that simple when you have a U.S. Senator gunning for you, whether he’s right or wrong.

    Mattias ‘walked’ into the Mission liked he owned the place. Really. Hmmmm … not buying it. But this is something I’ve wondered about before. We’ve never seen a security team, front desk, or any indication of the level of protection the building has. They don’t work in a regular office building (like the team at the Naval Yard in D.C.) where something like that would be expected. They work out of an abandoned (condemned) Spanish Mission where they won’t stand out and be obvious … it’s what they do. But just like any other law enforcement unit, crime never sleeps and there should have been a few more folks around. I don’t buy for a minute that everyone we see wandering around in the back ground is just support for Callen’s team of agents. They are more like the ‘first shift’ … the prime day-time slot … but what happens after five o’clock? Does everyone hope that the dirty bomb terrorists or the disgruntled former Marine keep banker’s hours as well and only do their dirty deeds in the light of day? I was also a little perplexed that the team wnet running down to find Mattias because he used the dead guy’s credit card to buy … wait for it … a beach towel. That didn’t seem a little odd to any one of the well trained and experienced federal operatives who walked right into his trap? They never thought it was a ruse to draw them out to either kill a few of them or place a tracker on one of their vehicles? Really. I’m just a former Marine who hasn’t been shot at in quite some time, but I saw that one coming from a mile away.

    Callen looked like he was about to blow a gasket, a far cry from the cool, level-headed leader we are used to seeing. Now, I know this was a serious situation and his concern for Hetty runs very deep, but he was on the verge of setting off a bloody manhunt for Mattias. What if the thugs had just started grabbing every elderly gentleman that happened to look like Mattias? What if an innocent man was killed just because he had puffy white hair? The G. Callen I know is always in control … always. It’s what makes him an excellent leader. If he allows his emotions to dictate his actions, then he has became a liability and a danger to himself and those around him. When he charged into the gang’s hangout and then he just snatches off the hood over the guy’s head … he almost got himself and Sam killed because he allowed his emotions to cloud his judgment. I was shocked at the desperation that he displayed in the past two episodes over Hetty’s safety, like he forgot … IT’S HETTY … and she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

    Whew … have to catch my breath after all of that.

    I did actually love the DENSI we saw in this episode. I know I may be in the minority on this one, but I don’t need to ‘see’ every little bit of whatever is going on between them. That said, seeing Deeks wake up with his head resting on Kensi’s backside was a wonderful sight and let us know that the ‘thing’ between them is alive and well. The writers can let us know where they are just by what happens in their conversations and how they act toward each other at work. The opening banter between them was very telling for a couple of reasons. It was the usual playful teasing and flirting that makes them so good together but when Deeks took it up a notch to more flirty, he didn’t receive the usual Kensi punch … instead, she looked like she was really enjoying herself. The ‘carpool-to-underwear’ conversation with Granger was hilarious as they stumbled all over themselves trying to appear as just ‘partners’ … yeah, right. There’s more going on than meets the eye and I’m hoping that we’ll see more evidence of it the deeper we get into the season.

    Nate returning to help Nell out was just what the young agent needed. He has a way of pointing out the facts without coming across as judgmental or cold. But I did support Hetty’s call for Nell to focus and do her job. The worst thing that someone who has suffered that type of trauma can do is wallow in it and second guess everything about what they did. That was what Nell was doing when Hetty called her to suck it up and get moving. I know it sounds harsh, but in that world, that’s what you sometimes have to be. When it’s all over, then you can debrief, go to counseling, and do what needs to be done for the mental well-being of the people involved. But when lives are on the line and lives are at stack … it’s time to buck up and get the job done.

    Sorry about the long comment … I had no idea that all of this was stuck in my head. Just goes to show what goes on in my crazy mind sometimes.

    Great job on this Diane, you’re reviews are the highlight of my week (after the show, that is).

    Until next time.

    Semper Fi


  10. Wow JS! Thank you so much for your kind words. I do my best trying to make my reviews not only interesting but enjoyable. This wasn’t one of my favorites for sure but you hit on a lot of areas that were also concerning to me as well. I know this is tvland and we’re not suppose to mix fact with fantasy but there were times when I felt it was going to turn so far away from reality that it was getting hard to enjoy. There were a lot of good moments too but it just didn’t measure up to me in the same way the first three episodes did. But that’s ok…onward!

    Yes, I enjoyed reading between the lines in terms of what was going on between Densi. It would be a hoot if they were carrying on an affair right under our noses all this time, wouldn’t it? Can’t wait to find out!


  11. Jericho, great comments!
    As for how Mattias got in…Mattias killed an agent or employee and had his access card to get into the mission. When Hetty asked how he got in, he tossed down an access card of someone and said that ” someone ” (can’t remember name) was no longer.
    I think G is a lot more emotional about Hetty than even he wants to be. I truly believe that he wants to be clear headed and he knows intellectually that Hetty can take care of herself as it did turn out. But sometimes we can’t help when the emotional takes over. Hetty is his surrogate mother. Hence the reason why surgeons do not operate on family members. 😊 I liked the emotion that G exhibited.
    And I agree that the amount of Densi shownwas enough to make me happy.. After all, the imagination has no limitation 😄


    • Jericho Steele // October 23, 2014 at 7:21 AM // Reply

      Hey Reader1976 … I appreciate your observations and please allow me to expound upon my comments.

      Yeah, Mattias killed an agent to get in (I believe his name was Kevin) but that’s all you need, someone’s I.D. card? I have to have more than that when I’m checking into my gym! I guess I was expecting more security around what could essentially be a terrorist’s treasure chest if it was ever compromised … and this episode made it look way too easy. I’m a stickler for details (my wife says it drives her crazy when I point out that the revolver only holds six rounds but it’s been fired ten times without a reload) and it’s those types of things that make a story believable or that give us plot points that don’t sit well with reality. With all the biometric sensors, retina scans, hand and voice print identification … it should have still been a little harder to get inside the OSP. Heck, even a security guard reading a newspaper, sitting on a stool in the corner would have been more plausible.

      And I do understand the relationship between Hetty and Callen, and how much it would affect him if anything happened to her. I’m just wanted to point out that he hasn’t reacted this almost out-of-control before. She resigned and went after the Comescus and he didn’t lose his cool this much. She disappeared when the terrorist’s daughter came after her, and he didn’t look like he was about to fall apart. I know it was an intense moment of uncertainty, but that’s what training and protocol are all about … forcing us to do things that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I was a EMT for a few years and my district covered the area where I grew up. There were some weeks where every patient I worked on was someone I knew, sometimes even my own family. When I was cutting my nephew out of his car which had been involved in a head-on collision … my emotions had to be turned off so I could do my job and save his life. Later, they came back and that’s when I had to let them out … in the proper place and time. This episode made Callen look a probie that hadn’t been in the field more than a few weeks and wasn’t ready for this type of situation. To me, the writers sold G. Callen’s character and fortitude a little short.

      Thanks for commenting on my comments (that just sounds weird), and I hope I was able to better explain why I felt the way I did. Still love this show and the characters … just sometimes I feel like something was missing or not developed enough to have it all make sense. They only have about forty-two minutes (if they don’t do a two-partner) and I have to admit, they do a pretty good job every week.

      Semper Fi



      • JS – I agree with you about the lack of security. I’ve wondered about it in the past but never too in depth until Mattias got in. And I always wonder about their parking (random, I know) – we always just see them parking outside the door, and maybe that area is hidden from the public view, but I’ve always thought it was strange given that it’s supposedly a condemned building (wouldn’t passersby wonder about cars outside?). I would have assumed they’d have some hidden parking structure too.


      • I agree with all the opinions on the inaccuracies we deal with as far as fact and fantasy go, although for me they have yet to ruin my enjoyment of the show. I’m not sure they could. Now that they are in the Monday time slot – trying not only to win over new fans, but keep the ones they have – is there any one thing that would make anyone go, “Ok, I’m done. They’ve gone too far”? Or do we forgive the writers because we love the show and characters to the point we will take whatever they give us? Just curious…


      • JS – Aaah, I get your points and they all make perfect sense. Your comments bring to mind the times (often) that I get that flash of “what?!, that doesn’t follow or make sense” but I always tamp it down and continue going down the rabbit hole with the writers and producers.😊. Reading your comments made me realize that I have made allowances due to the 1 hour format of the show and its limitations. I automatically fill in blanks such as Mattias taking out anyone along the way before he made it into Hetty’s office. fter all, he has been as formidable an adversary to Hetty as she has been to him. Hetty is just better😊. Although in retrospect, he only mentioned 1 dead, you are correct, what about security?!! There should have been a team waiting to take out Mattias since they knew he was on his way. Evacuating the office was really to get non agents out of harms way.

        And many times, I have thought that an episode deserved to be a 2 parter in order to expand on what the writers want us to see. Why Callen was more out of character than he should be when he found out that Hetty was in danger deserved more exploration as well. Or is it better to leave blanks for the audience to fill in as they see fit? Does everything have to be spelled out? Case in point, I enjoyed the Densi banter and the awkward exchange with Granger made me so very happy. 😊 Just typing this brings a huge smile to my face. I happily filled in a budding relationship where Densi is moving forward and….

        Love this site and the ability to put forth ideas!


      • OhBuddy66 that’s a great question, and one I frequently find that runs through my head. My answer is that I’m in as long as ECO is there. But that doesn’t always make it easy for me to deal with plot holes etc. I just have to keep telling myself that the show is not meant to be a gritty, realistic drama like the ones I tend to like, and I’ll just keep focusing on Deeks.


      • Oh Buddy66…It will never turn me away and as Karen P says as long as ECO is still there…how can I leave?


  12. I always enjoy these reviews Di, and just like Jericho mentioned, it’s what I look forward to after watching an NCISLA episode! I really am enjoying this season so far! I do have some of the same questions as everyone else does. Hetty is still in hot water, right? Who’s the mole? Will we find out?

    Is it just me or did Granger seem to have been more of a stronger and calmer leader than in previous episodes? I guess the team has really grown on him. I do like the fact that Granger brought Nate to help Nell. I do think he should be on the show more often. I would like to see him work with Kensi as I’ve seen many people comment on Twitter.
    Oh, I do think this is the first time Kensi “pulled a Deeks” flustered babbling when Granger showed up.

    Callen usually goes off the deep end when it comes to Hetty, but it did seem to be much more intense this time.

    As usual, I think I’m in the minority here when it comes to Densi. I’m just not seeing what everyone else is seeing. Deeks has talked about kids in the past, like when Kensi agrees to watch Sam’s kids, but only if her partner would be her backup, Deeks agrees saying she was imagining little Martys walking to and fro…something like that. Even the many time Deeks has talked about Kensi having little mutant ninjas (it must have been at least 4 or 5 different times/episodes). “Neighborhood Watch” was so awesome (just sayin’). To me it was weird that they slept in the same bed during that undercover op as a married couple. That was a big tease in the opening scene of that episode and now we don’t get nearly the same type of clue that something more is going on? Sorry, I just don’t buy it. Am I really the only one that thinks that’s strange?

    “Neighborhood Watch” is also the reason I didn’t think it was far fetched for Deeks to have recently brought up living together or how he’s thinking about kids (he always has). The banter and Deeks’ comment about not getting a “bimbo pregnant yet” was no different than previous times he’s joked with Kensi, it’s just their feelings are out in the open now, so the jokes are more direct. In the past, he’s talked about robo-Kensi a couple of times I think. They’re the same as far as jokes and banter, just stepped up a notch.

    I for one, need proof that something more has gone on between them since “Three Hearts”, just as Kara posted, there are a lot of blanks to be filled in! I’d be really ticked off if that were the case. I mean all we’ve seen is a deleted scene on a DVD! Really?!? Not even a real kiss all of season 5 to now? We shouldn’t have to “read between the lines” on Densi’s relationship!! So, last I knew, Deeks backed off when Kensi was finally ready to move forward. Based on past episodes, before the season 4 finale (Deeks stole that kiss); the comfortable closeness between them progressed. The same happened in season 5, for a few episodes leading up to “Recovery”. I think they are just closer now.
    Maybe I just see innocence about their relationship because of how long it’s taken to get where they are now. To me, this is leading to something (I hope) that will finally happen between them. That’s just my opinion.

    Sorry, for being so wordy and a little animated about Densi to not have commented more on the rest of the episode. I am just so invested in these characters. I’ve probably watched too many video compilations of Densi moments of seasons 1 through 4. I wish I could share the ones I downloaded, because they aren’t on YouTube any more.


    • Thanks Angela. Glad you enjoy the reviews and keep coming back! Anonklp and I will be debating the issue if Densi has gone further in the relationship. Stay tuned!!


  13. Another great recap Di!

    Like yourself I was also left disappointed by this episode and left wondering..if we will ever see Hetty have to answer to Kensi & the rest of the team…for her actions in Afghanistan!

    (If the writers had wanted real fireworks & drama…they would have dropped that snooze fest of a hearing in Washington…and showed us Kensi confronting Hetty)

    Were already 4 shows into the new season…and the big mystery from last season…of why Hetty sent Kensi after the White Ghost..has been seemingly forgotten and swept aside..(for now at least )..only to be replaced by the new mystery….of who is the mole & why do they want Hetty dead.

    The other mystery on the show..and the one that concerms me the most… whats really going on with Deeks & Kensi’s “thing”.

    Im with Angela…I want to see proof..that there “thing” is still on or progressing. From the hints and crumbs the writers have doled out so far… It seems that some interesting Densi developments might be happening off screen.

    But….we really don’t know that for sure..because so far..the powers that be… have decided in their infinite play hide & guess… with Densi fans.

    .I don’t know whats up with this off screen Densi stuff……but I for one…would prefer to see whats going on.

    It seems more & more to me….that they really don’t know what direction to go with just throwing Densi fans..these little bones…to keep us watching…but it feels very unsastisfying to this Densi fan.

    ECO & DR…are so crazy good together…and seeing how popular the characters would think the writers & directors…would be chomping at the bit to show us more of Deeks & Kensi ” thing” on screen…if only to help the show in the ratings dept..especially since their on a new night & time.

    I have noticed…a certain…”awkwardness” that wasn’t there in past seasons… when it comes to Densi.

    Angela mentioned “Neighborhood Watch”..and it’s my favorire Densi episode.

    For myself…nothing has come close…to matching all the funny & romantic Densi scenes that we saw on display in “Neighborhood Watch”. Thats the Densi I fell in love with..This…will they..or won’t they…one step forward & 2 steps back…dance there in now…pales in compasion to the fun & romance we saw in “Neighborhood Watch” and “Wanted” to name 2 great Densi centric episodes.

    The writers….don’t seem certain which direction to go with Deeks & Kensi… looks like they have pushed their “thing” …on the back burnner….and off screen for the time being…while they try to figure out .what to do with them..

    I got into this show..because of Densi. and also like Angela…I fell in love with them by watching compliations from season 1 to 4 on You Tube. of Densi’s greatest & funniest moments.

    But I have to say as a Densi fan..I’ve been left less than impressed..with the glacial like movement of their “thing”…since last season’s terrfic Frozen Lake episode.

    I understand many Densi fans are ok with the writers taking things slow with the characters…but…were already into Season 6..and Densi has had one…count em..1 “real” on screen 6 seasons.

    ( The count would have been up to 2 & more…,.IF….they had not deleted that fantastic scene & kiss in “Three Hearts”)

    We had 2 Densi moments in this episode…but in seasons past…we used to get 5 or 6 great Densi some episode. I guess it shows how much people love Densi…that we cheer when we get 1 measly Densi scene.

    Di you mentioned that Deeks is a man in love…but..I’m wondering lately….how much “in love” with Kensi is he really?

    During episode 6:3….when Kensi repeated the words “partners?” Deeks looks really surprised when he says….”but thats what we are”

    By the confused look on Deeks face…it looked like to me anyway…that was how he saw them now… nothing more …or less…than working partners.
    The puzzled look he got on his face to Kensi’s utterance of the word “partners” …seems to show that if Kensi saw them they were more than just “partners” it was news to him!..

    He sure didn’t look or sound …like a man who knew..where he stood with don’t see him… as madly in love with Kensi.

    Deeks is definately…madly “in like” with her..and I think he loves & cares for Kensi very he.”in love” with her..Im not so this moment in time anyway.

    Recently…I discovered a great tune by the band.. Interpol ..that made me think of Deeks & his relantionship with Kensi.

    The song is called “All the Rage Back Home”..and the video shows a surfer crashing thru the waves..which right away made me think of Deeks. But the other thing that reminded me of Deeks & his “thing” with Kensi… was a line in the song that goes..

    ” I keep falling ….maybe half the time!”

    And thats how I see Deeks …he keeps falling for Kensi..but..only half way….because he keeps stopping and pulling back….either because he’s scared of getting too involved and things not working out.

    Or….out of fear…that Kensi will reject his love..because of her own fears & insecurities.
    Anyway..whaterver is going on with them..I want to see it all happen..on screen This off screen teasing to me…feels like a cheap and lazy way …of trying to keep Densi fans interested

    IMHO……there cheating Densi fans…and hoping that we will be happy to keep watching…”watered down” Densi!

    In closing…I’m looking forward to reading yours & Karen P’s debate on what’s going on with Densi..


  14. …And th award goes to Owen for the most detailed comment….which I LOVED!! Thanks so much for accounting for all the important points of this episode. Something for everybody. My debate with Karen P will be up on Monday…. See you next review too….


  15. Hi Di…just wanted to thank you for your kind comments regarding my rather long winded Densi rantings & ruiminizing!! ::( If there is such a word!! ) 🙂


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