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Review: NCISLA “MWD” (S13E16)

Hello everybody! Good to be back in the review chair again. There are so many storylines running around in the episode that I was intrigued as to where they all would take us. While Deeks is in court giving a deposition, Roundtree is still grappling with his experience of police racism, Sam is dealing with an aging parent and Callen is still trying to make sense of the Drona project, not to mention his deep fake scares that are plaguing him. Glad Nate Getz is back in the shrink seat again because these guys are going to need him! With Deeks off this week, and no Densi, I’ll probably keep this review short, but it’s important to document all these little moments in the lives of these characters for future episodes. R. Scott Gemmill put pen to paper for this episode and Suzanne Saltz has returned for her second job this season in the director’s chair.

This week’s case has to do with a kidnapped former military working dog named Master Sergeant Boomer. Peter Cambor’s character, Nate Getz, has been given a story arc so he could return to help members of the team for a few more episode, including the next two. It gives the show back some of the balance that was taken away when we lost a few of the old regulars, including Hetty. (I have to wonder if she will ever return.) Watching Cambor is liked being wrapped in a warm, comforting blanket.  I miss his fulltime presence in OPS.

Let’s talk first about some of those special moments I mentioned above.  I think they are all important and may take us down some rabbit holes moving forward.  We first find out that Roundtree is still traumatized over his experience with the LAPD but refuses to admit it. He probably thought, as a law enforcement agent himself that he would never have to be subjected to this sort of racial profiling, but it happened and the best way in his mind to move forward is to move on. I chuckled when Roundtree moaned that Deeks was trying to help him ‘move on’ by forcing him to watch the musical Hair and sing along with the songs. I can just see Deeks doing this, thinking he’s helping. But I think I have to side with Roundtree on this one…. sounds like it could be quite traumatizing. I think a session with Nate will be much more productive!  Deeks’ heart was in the right place though.  

The old familiar Callen/Sam bromance is back and their banter transported me again to early times when the two could really go at it. Each gives as good as they take and it was fun watching them razz each other again. Unfortunately, Sam has harder life problems to solve than fighting with Callen. His dad is facing cognitive problems and Sam needs him to move in with him, which means selling his beloved boat, Michelle. Not an easy decision to make but Sam knows it’s the right one.

Callen is facing his own set of personal family mysteries when he finds out from Kilbride his request for information from the government has been denied due to national security. Kilbride knows about the Drona program that Callen was subjected to as a child but he’s not able to help him, and Hetty is still mysteriously missing in action. Although, the Feds are trying to help him get to the bottom of his deep fakes stalkings, this problem has still not been resolved. So for this and all of the other traumas Callen is facing, Kilbride wants him to meet with Nate. Since Nate has been working with Hetty, Kilbride suggests that Callen may find meeting with Nate could be illuminating in more ways than one. Callen is amused by Nate’s spa-like office but gets right down to business by asking about Hetty in Syria. Loved the Shakespeare/Sherlock Holmes references, keeping Hetty as mysterious as ever. Nate is still concerned over the deep fakes by Katya and suggests that what is going on with Hetty could be related. By the end, Callen hasn’t been assured by his visit with Nate and wonders what else he has to worry about as Nate presses him on the Drona project. Nate’s assessment is poignant, and touching. He believes Callen should know the truth of his existence and agrees to help him uncover his childhood memories. Maybe we will finally get to the bottom of Callen’s problems, so I’m really looking forward to where all this is leading to.

There was a case in there interspersed through all these character insights…. Boomer the former military police dog has been kidnapped and the team was called in to follow all the leads and break open the case.  Whether they were dealing with a sarcastic ex-boyfriend or drug traffickers trying to get the dog off the streets, the team goes through their paces and finds the criminals that have put a bounty on the dog. Fortunately, the dog is found alive and well or this would have been a very hard review to write. But instead, it ended with an exciting rescue and a sweet jab from Kensi about her own furry mate.  Case closed.

It looks like we have a new agent in OPS now. Is Shyla Dahr going to become a regular and if so, do we really need her? She seems to effortlessly fit in with the other team members and showed just the right amount of intensity. She also seems to know how to work Kilbride, which is a plus. Not sure what itch she will fill at this point, so I guess we will just have to wait and find out what the future hold for this new member of OSP.

This was really an episode of special moments (as Dave Kalstein used to call them) delving into the lives of these characters that we have come to know and love.  The case was just window dressing to help link the storyline together.  We have had a few shows like this over the years and I enjoyed finding out more about what’s going on inside the crew, which is so often overshadowed by the case storylines. I enjoyed seeing Gemmill filling in some of those blanks.

So what did you think of this episode?  Let us know down in the comments and don’t forget to return this week for Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. See you next week!

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9 Comments on Review: NCISLA “MWD” (S13E16)

  1. I didn’t watch bo Deeks don’t care.And no we we don’t need anyone new we already have to many. Give me Deeks Kensi Sam and G and Hetty and I’m good. Do we really care about Sam’s dad when we have not had any back story on Deeks. And i see writers still making ffun of Deeks it’s getting very old. Still don’t care for the newbies makes me miss Nell and Beale more.


  2. Diane,
    I guess since he is no longer with LAPD and they can’t send him back there so
    TPTB had to resort to him giving a “Deposition” which is – the process of giving sworn evidence.

    So, it took Deeks all day to give his sworn evidence, it must have been
    a heck of a case with that much evidence to give to the court?

    Pretty lame excuse for not having him in this episode considering
    there was a Military Working Dog behind the main story and that Deeks
    actually, had a dog and was a dog person, unlike Callen.

    And Fatima and Roundtree having total disregard for the case as it was about a “dog”!

    I was not impressed with this EP because as I had stated in previously posts it is never a good thing when Deeks wasn’t included in any of the “NCIS Los Angeles 13×16 MWD sneak peek clips”, plus he wasn’t in any of the pics either.


    • I’d just like to point out that there are other reasons why an actor isn’t in an episode. Eric is a busy guy and has other things going on in his life besides this show. I’m guessing he had a scheduling conflict and this was how they chose to deal with it. So there was no Deeks in the episode. Not ideal for us Deeks fans but certainly not the end of the world either.


  3. As much as I missed Deeks, I did enjoy the small tidbits of info on the other members of the team. I also loved having Nate back, and in that spa like office of his. It seems to fit him. As for Callen, I’m glad they are getting into all the complications his character is going through. He actually seemed to be listening to Nate this time instead of brushing him off. Not sure how Roundtree will respond to Nate and his spa, but I’m looking forward to finding out. His character has become much more interesting after his run in with the cops and meeting his sister.

    I’m looking forward to meeting Sam’s dad. There is a lot to explore there. Maybe a conversation between Sam and Deeks might add some layers to that relationship. If we are going into season 14, new storylines are needed. As for Kilbride’s assistant, Shyla, I think the writing team realized they needed someone full time in Ops. It allows Roundtree and Fatima to be a third team in the field, instead of taking turns in Ops. Roundtree especially never seems comfortable there. She also might add a little insight into Kilbride’s character. We know there’s more there. I do miss Hetty, but demanding Linda Hunt’s return just to make us happy seems disrespectful.

    Thanks for the good review, Di.

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    • I agree Lindy. I believe I can live occasionally without an episode with Deeks and survive. And I like the fact that they made sure they mentioned him in a few fun ways. I didn’t feel it was disrespectful at all. I enjoyed this episode because we got a lot of interesting information about the team. I think I’m going to like Shyla. We will see. I agree that Roundtree has become a lot more interesting and I enjoy him and Fatima out in the field more too.

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  4. We don’t need any more newbies who can”t act.Tell me the truth when the last time Deeks had a storyline.Deeks hold purse for wifey to fight.They can’t even write a story lines for all the main characters which are Deeks kensi Sam and Callen and you want to add more newbies. Shane should come back and be the showrunner and get old writers back who could actually write instead of rewriting Callen and Hetty history.


    • The newbies will either fail or succeed on their own merits as others have done in the past. And as much as I would like Deeks to be the star of every episode this isn’t the Deeks show and he is not the main character. And you and I don’t get to make show runner decisions. After 13 years you can’t expect the show to remain the same and never change. It is what it is and if you accept that then you may enjoy the show a lot more. If not…it’s time for you to move on. You will be a lot happier.

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  5. Considering the lack of Deeks, the episode held my attention. I felt like Gemmill reigned in some of his more over-the-top humor. I really liked seeing Kensi as senior agent, taking the lead in the field. And seeing that Rountree’s encounter last week isn’t going to be brushed off makes me happy since it would be all too easy for them to drop the issue.

    And of course there were missed opportunities not having Deeks on the case of a missing dog, but I don’t think this was anyone’s fault. I think (?) when filming got delayed a month, it conflicted with ECO’s pre-planned vacation to Hawaii. Not sure though- perhaps that will affect an upcoming ep. Regardless, after 13 years, we have to accept that these core 4 actors have negotiated increased time off. Unless we just want a 15-episode season, we’re gonna have episodes where they’re not all together.


  6. I remember reading an article from the Four Seasons Resort Magazine a few years ago in which ECO was interviewed. He said he negotiated his contract by asking for more time off than more money. Can you fault him for such a noble decision? After thirteen years on the series the characters age, change with the times, and just need to balance their lives. I think you can have your cake and eat it too – anything in moderation – and that includes enjoying NCIS LA without Deeks now and then, being thankful that the series was renewed, being happy that everyone involved has a solid paying job for another year, and, at the same time – smelling the rose that life brings to all of us! I too missed Deeks appearance last Sunday but let’s cut everyone a break and just count our blessings he still want s to be part of the NCIS LA family.

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