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Review: NCISLA “Windfall” (S5E20)


During the past week I was trying to imagine what it’s been like for Kensi after she was rescued by the team and returned safely back home again.  I wanted to see how Kensi used her time healing and reflecting on what happen to her and how she would apply what she had learned going forward.  Would we get to see a more improved version of badass Blye that we have all come to know and love? Or a more compassionate and tolerant woman instead?  But wait….we really didn’t get to see any of that all. Did I miss an episode somewhere because I am so dazed and confused after watching this show…kind of like the way I was expecting Kensi to feel upon her return! What the heck happen here?

This week Eric Pott is behind the camera again with a script from Gil Grant.  The team goes back to chasing bad guys on their own turf and with Kensi recovering from her nightmare, Deeks is partnered with Velma (Nell) again as the crew investigates a former marine who is being hunted down by Iranians for the return of a huge amount of restoration money he stole as a contractor.  Eric also gets a new partner up in Ops when Kensi is sidelined by Hetty.

As the show opens you can see Deeks is desperately trying to find a way to help Kensi in her recovery but he also knows that a kind word or deed may not always be appreciated. You can tell he’s not sure what he should do as he tries to organize the knickknacks on Kensi’s desk (I have no idea what he was doing with those horses! Some wishful thinking, perhaps?) But Deeks knows firsthand that Kensi is the only one who can reach deep down inside and find the courage to come out the other side an even stronger person (if that’s possible) than before.  But sometimes allowing the soul to be vulnerable is a sign of strength too. Kensi may be looking goooood on the outside, but from the expression on her face I have a feeling all is not well inside. But that is the last time we really see any leftover residuals of what happen to her in Afghanistan. Is Kensi just better at hiding her fear and pain than Deeks is? Maybe she hasn’t changed at all?

I want you to stay back first.

The mission is on but the partnership of Kensi and Deeks is not. As Hetty calls the two into her office, I find it interesting that there is no talk about what happen in Afghanistan and how Hetty was essentially responsible for Kensi’s ordeal. Did they ever talk at all about Jack? I would think Kensi would have been quite put out over what Hetty did to her? But’s business as usual. Kensi’s time in peril was just like another day at the office. Once again, did I miss something here?

You’re a Man of Many Assets…but few words.

At least it’s nice to see the bromance brothers back undercover doing what they do best. Sam and Callen are such a well-oiled team that you can’t but watch in admiration as they convince Davis’ ex-partner (Stanfill) to let them get in on his wine business. They suspect he may still be hiding some of the missing money taken from Iran but proving it is another thing.   Meanwhile Shaggy and Velma are working their magic on a gang member who may have some info on the cartel that is assisting the Iranians. I love the look of amusement on Deeks’ face as he watches Nell in action. Although most of it is bravado, she tries her best to prove herself even though she still has a long ways to go before she can be a capable agent in the field. But I’m enjoying her time spent with Deeks. Although sometimes I wish she would realize how much she can learn from Deeks and not try to one up him all the time.

Do Not Presume to Know Me

Looks like Hetty is facing her past demons, as Granger tries to force her into letting Kensi hit the ground running instead of caging her up in Ops. She doesn’t like Granger second guessing her actions and challenges him on his analogy of a past case that ended very badly. It’s jarring to hear Granger reveal he knows all about Kensi and Deeks’ affair and assumes its Hetty’s job to put an end to it immediately. But Hetty dismisses him quickly and without wanting to discuss the matter further. Is she protecting the partnership or upset that Granger is right and she will have to come between the couple… again.

While Eric is barely tolerating his new partner, they are able to prove that Stanfill had maintained his partnership with Davis. Unfortunately, the team finds Stanfill dead along with packaged money hidden in his laundry room. (Deeks: Gives a whole new meaning to money laundering.) There’s more cash out there and the team has to find it before the Taliban does. Upon further investigation, Stanfill has been delivering boxes of wine filled with money rolls every month to an injured military buddy. Davis and Stanfill were bringing home the money for his care but after locating Davis they are able to find the rest of the stash before it gets into the wrong hands with his help.

It’s not the way you wanted it at all.

Nell readily admits that she really wanted to enjoy her time in the field with Deeks but not at Kensi’s expense. When she was telling Kensi her story about really wanting to be out in the field but it didn’t turn out to be the way she had hoped…it reminded me of the Frozen Lake analogy. Kensi knows all about wanting something very badly. Perhaps Nell is also talking about Kensi’s relationship with Deeks. Now I’m getting a bit concerned…

I know a lot of you out there have been having second thoughts about Hetty and her motives in sending Kensi out to kill the White Ghost. Up until now I’ve kind of let her do her own thing, hoping that Hetty knows best. But now I’m annoyed and angry at how she is playing Deeks. Why play games with the man? She knows his feels are true when it comes to Kensi and if she thinks it’s not going to work out either career wise or personally, tell him! He has suffered too long for this to go on any further. Even her interactions with Granger are a bit arrogant and more uppity than before. But yet she admits to Kensi that it’s only until she is reunited with the team that all will be revealed. So after one short day, Hetty feels Kensi is ready to join the team? Deeks recovery was much healthier to me and although I know everybody has their own time schedule for healing, this just felt like the whole incident was swept under the rug. I’m no Pysch Ops but even I know this can’t be healthy.

I’m also not sure the final scene was what I was hoping for between Kensi and Deeks either. And so we’re back to the punching again, are we? Ok, this tells us the old Kensi may be back but is this a good thing? Instead of going forward, did we just take two steps back? Deeks seems happy but I’m not sure he knows how hard the next steps will be either.

So overall it seems this episode took a step back from last week’s emotionally charged mission to let all involved catch their breaths and rest on their laurels. But it just wasn’t a very satisfying conclusion to Spoils of War because there were just so many questions and not many answers. So where do we go from here? You tell me!

Memorable Moments

  • I never get tired of hearing about Sam’s aversion to clowns. And Callen just loves to tease the big man about it. Maybe it is a childhood trauma but I doubt we’ll ever get the whole story!
  • Nell keeps showing her new street creds as much as Deeks would like to think he is still her mentor. (Nell: Yeah, finer than you’ll ever be with.)
  • Eric’s car analogy in trying to explain Kensi’s shock absorbers was hysterical. Poor guy, he’s going to need more than decaf to calm his nerves.
  • The ending was another classic Densi moment where we get to see ECO shine. The smile on his face was brilliant even after Kensi lets him know she’s back with one of her signature punches. His joy was contagious even though I think he’s in for a lot more heartache ahead.

Classic Deeks

  • Deeks: Like the time Sam went undercover an entire year as a somnambulist…you know one of those wine guys.
  • Sam: Sommelier, Deeks. Somnambulist is a sleep walker, kind of like what you do on the job.
  • Deeks: I know you say these things I love.
  • Sam: Ha!
  • Deeks: Yeah.___
  • Nell: See you got to stay in control, Deeks.
  • Deeks: Is that so?
  • Nell: Yeah, because it’s all about respect.
  • Deeks: Ok, well played, well played.

Classic Densi

  • Eric: Sometimes that’s part of the job in here….not very exciting.
  • Kensi: That’s actually ok, you know. I’ve spent so many more hours on stakeouts and you are so much less irritating that spending time with Deeks in a car.
  • Eric: Thanks…I think.___ 
  • Deeks: Wait a minute…are you back?
  • Kensi: Sure looks like it.
  • Deeks: That’s good news. I was getting a little worried because I’m pretty sure Nell was falling in love with me.
  • Kensi: PUNCH!
  • Deeks: Owww! God! And there she is…
  • Kensi: Here I am. It’s good to be back.
  • Deeks: It’s good to have you back.

Classic Hetty and Deeks

  • Hetty: I think Mr. Deeks…that you have something else on your mind.
  • Deeks: I want my partner back. And it’s been five months and she’s right upstairs.
  • Hettty: And you shall have her back.
  • Deeks: When exactly?
  • Hetty: When I determine that her mind is sound enough to make decisions that directly affect the national security of this country.
  • Deeks: Right…I don’t want to question your judgment…
  • Hetty: …and yet you are…
  • Deeks: Ok, last question. Is there more to this than what Kensi went through in Afganistan?
  • Hetty: Mr. Deeks? Is there?

I hope you had a chance to check out the first part of Bridget L’s feature story on Our Favorite Writers of NCISLA and the ones who shine brightest when it comes to writing for Deeks and Densi.  Her first installment included Frank Military and Dave Kalstein. Next week find out more about Joe Wilson, Gil Grant and Shane Brennan to name a few.  Also, join us next week for an interview with Dave Kalstein who talks about writing for Densi and why he enjoys Densi shippers so much! There will also be continuing entries to Deeks Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal.  I’m sure they will have a lot to say about their first week back together. And of course, I’ll be back with a review of Dave’s latest episode Three Hearts. See you next week!


Title: “Windfall”
Writers: Gil Grant
Director: Eric Pot
Original Air Date: April 8, 2014


Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

About Diane (428 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

14 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Windfall” (S5E20)

  1. There were things I liked about the ep (Deeks’ smile at the end) but there were a lot more that I didn’t like. I don’t like that she punched him again even if it was supposed to represent things going back to normal and I agree that it felt like there was a missing ep in there somewhere. I also didn’t like the way Sam was back to dogging Deeks. We’ve seen a change in their relationship over the last few months but it seems it was forgotten in this script.

    We can only hope that we find out more about what happened to Kensi after her ordeal but my take on her contact with Deeks during that time is a bit different. When Callen asked if he had talked to her, he deflected a bit and said “Yeah, no, I called her to say Hi.” It also seemed as if he was aware of why she was late and made the excuse about traffic. He had a knowing smile on his face and didn’t seem as uncomfortable with her as I think he would have if he hadn’t had much contact with her during her recovery time. Again, Sam puts Deeks down which was very common before Siderov and has been thankfully absent until this ep.

    Hetty definitely needs to be held accountable in some way. When Deeks started to question her decision about Kensi’s assignment and she cut him off, it really made me mad. Shouldn’t they all be questioning her decisions? It’s obvious that she has made some bad ones. She even admitted it herself last week.

    All in all, this one was a big let down after last weeks awesome show. I know they all can’t be that emotional but to go from that to this one with very little emotion from anyone was a bit disappointing.


  2. BTW, Great review Diane!


  3. You did a great job on this review, Di…and it must have been difficult because it was missing so much of what we longed to see.

    Windfall left me somewhere between pissed off and totally confused. That they had no scene with Kensi and Deeks before she returned to work and that they kept them split up when she did. No conversation between Hetty and Kensi about Jack, and just nothing about how what happened in Afghanistan affected Kensi and especially Deeks. If we are to assume there were conversations between the characters, then why not let us hear them?

    The other irritating thing was how they are pushing for Nell to be this bad ass agent, trying to make her look tough and streetwise. Seriously? We are supposed to believe she knows gang signs and can talk to a street punk like she did??? Really? We’ve seen pictures of her family in knitted sweaters…did she hit the streets late at night when Mom and Dad were in bed? She might have googled the gang signs, but that scene was laughable. Just not buying Nell as a field agent and I’m not sure why they are taking her character in that direction. Are they setting it up so that if Hetty really does retire, they will put Nell in her place?? How much experience does she really have compared to Hetty?

    The whole episode felt like a throwback, when Sam used to denigrate Deeks for every action he took. They gave us that great chase scene and then Sam made it seem as if what he did was stupid….he just saved their lives in Afghanistan!!! I’m with you Di…I think we missed an episode or missed having an episode that complimented Spoils of War.

    Only redeeming feature was the ending…sweet looks…great Deeks’ smile…but again the only touching allowed by this writing staff is a punch from Kensi…is that the only way they can let us know she’s good and back to her old self? Is that the only signature her character has? After the ending in Spoils of War…this was just weird and supremely disappointing.


    • I really liked your comment that the only touching the writers allow & show between Deeks & Kensi..involves punching..and mostly ONLY punching!!

      I don’t understand it. Do they think the viewers at home would be shocked or hide behind their sofas in shame or embarrasment….if Deeks & Kensi..were actually shown being affectionate towards one another?

      In the 5 seasons of the show..Deeks & Kensi.have fired off hundreds of rounds of ammo & shot & killed…tons of bad guys.
      But you can count on 1 hand..maybe 2….the times they have physically..touched one another in a loving or non punching way.

      I totally agree with your take..that the only redeeming thing about the episode…was the ending with Deeks & Kensi.

      I watched that part…about 10 times at least….and it was the best & most enjoyable part of the show.

      (The thing I really noticed during my repeated viewings of that scene….was during that last close up of Deeks looking at Kensi….I was impressed…at what a good looking dude….ECO really is!! lol)

      I would have loved not to see Deeks & Kensi apart this episode …and I was also perplexed…how they just seemed to ignore & skip over the fact…Hetty knew where Jack was for years & never bothered to tell Kensi

      Im guessing.,.this whole Hetty,Jack & Kensi intrique…was put on the back burner for now..because it will be addressed in a future show…perhaps even next week’s episode…which Dave Kalstein on Twitter decribed as a “game changer”

      I don’t believe for 1 second….they would think fans would be pleased…if we found out the Hetty,Jack & Kensi discussion ..was hashed out & happened off screen.

      Im anxiously awaiting next week’s episode. After reading Dave’s “game changer” comment….I was tempted to reply to him..”I hope it’s a good change for Densi… might be a “channel changer” episode for this Densi fan”

      In a recent tweet..Dave wrote ” 6 days till Three Hearts…..soul searching for Densi” I have this fear that for storyline purposes… there going to have Deeks & Kensi go thru a bunch of soul searching..only to decide at the end of the next week’s episode…that they should end their “thing” and go back to just being partners.

      I have a sinking feeling next week…Densi might be derailed….either because one of guess would be cold feet..or Hetty…maybe Granger..put the kibosh on them being more than partners… ..for the good of the team! (Groannnnnnnn ..booooooooo & hissssss!!)

      Even if …the writers know..they will revive Deeks & Kensi’s “thing” sometime next season…it would be a real put aside that aspect of their characters…..and watch them pine away for 1 another …for the forseeable future.

      I started watching the show…after catching a few repeats from Season 4 late last year.
      I got hooked & became a fan..after seeing a ton of Densi moments on You Tube.
      After that..I went out and bought all 4 seasons on DVD..and the main reason I continue to tune in every because of Densi & the amazing chemistry between ECO & DR.

      I really don’t give a flying fig..about the storylines or cases….so I hope they don’t decide to break up Densi.only
      to put them back together…sometime down the road.




      • mountaingirl89 // April 12, 2014 at 12:33 AM // Reply

        I hear there is going to be “the talk” (whatever that is….) between them.

        You know, I actually wouldn’t mind if they decide to write them “taking a break” or something and just focus on their partnership. I mean, look at what happened after Deeks was tortured. They didn’t immediately get into a relationship. And really, before she left, it wasn’t said that they were in an actual relationship. They just talked about being patient and her acknowledging that they have a “thing”…..that doesn’t conclude a relationship. Neither does what ever the heck they did that night. You can sleep together (though that hasn’t been set in stone as to what they did, it is just a assumption right now) and not be in a relationship with that person at that moment. So, there is a possibility that they take a break, I guess you would call it that, or even take it slow, which, judging from how Kensi was acting in this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was what she requests in this “talk” of theirs. I mean, if I came back from that hell hole, after spending that time being beaten and having to face my ex, and coming back to a relationship that hadn’t even really started, I would want to take it slow as well.

        I hope that was understandable.

        Oh, if you want my take on Granger, check out my other comment…….


      • mountaingirl89 // April 12, 2014 at 12:36 AM // Reply

        BTW, was those Densi moments on Youtube that very long series by Rajaa Badr? If so, that is really funny because those moments were what got me hooked and made me start watching the show as well!


  4. I agree. This episode seemed off. It could have happened anytime and not after all the angst of last week’s episode. I guess I was expecting more. At least we saw some of Deeks recovery from his torture. There were parts with Callen and Sam that were great. I liked Kensi’s defiance up in ops by driving Eric crazy. I keep thinking there is more going on but would like to see it play out in the episodes. The actors are just on top of their game. It is a tough thing keeping fans happy. I like the depth and and willingness to take it slightly darker. The real life issues of what it is like for people touched by war.


  5. Really great job, Di. Your puzzlement is shared. I shall limit my ranting to a single subject, which is of of course Hetty. OK, Hetty is being mysterious about Densi, fine, I’m hoping we’ll find out soon what she’s really thinking about them. Even Deeks backing down from confronting her about his partner being with him I could see- if they are together together, then maybe he’s afraid to bring it up. But how he wouldn’t have called her on knowing about Jack is beyond me. She let him believe it was his fault, not to mention he is he is tremendously protective of Kensi. I think he’d at least try to get her to explain.

    And Kensi- didn’t she sort of call Hetty out at the end of “The Debt” for lying to her? How do they not have a similar conversation here? Why isn’t Kensi angry about what happened, and curious about what Hetty knew, how long she knew Jack, etc.? Am I to believe they already had that conversation when Kensi first returned? I need to see some proof, some reference to it, in order to be OK with Kensi continuing to work there. I guess the other interpretation is that Nell didn’t spill the beans about Hetty knowing Jack? But that doesn’t work for me either- does that mean that everyone is accepting that Kensi being assigned to kill him was just the biggest coincidence in history? And what about Sam and Callen? Surely they would have the same questions- they were seconds away from dying because of Hetty’s decisions. What really killed me was that Deeks and Kensi each got a chance on screen to discuss it, but didn’t bring it up. Can you tell that I am a little frustrated about this?

    I have gone, and continue to go to great lengths in my head to make sense of Hetty’s Season 5 behavior, but to keep Kensi and Deeks from questioning her about events that nearly got the whole team killed does a disservice to these two characters.


  6. First off, congratulations Di on actually finding something to review. What a NOTHING episode. The case wasn’t terribly interesting (although it was a nice twist that the money was stolen for noble purposes), no resolution of Kensi’s abduction, no resolution or explanation for Hetty’s lying, no real Densi reunion (punches, even playful ones, don’t count in my book). I did like the bromance, especially Sam’s line about G being a man of many assets and few words. And I like that Granger confronted Hetty – if only he had pushed harder about the lies of omission she committed to get Kensi into Afghanistan and horrible consequences that the whole team nearly paid for that. I definitely like Granger better than Hetty these days.

    The whole thing with Nell wanting to become an agent but “not this way” felt forced. Subtitle it, “thanks RFS but Dani’s back from maternity leave.” Still, as much as I used to love Nell, she’s in danger of being turned into a Mary Sue, and I hate that. Can’t she be incredibly intelligent and insightful in her professional life, cute and sweet in her personal life, and not kick-ass? I can only appreciate a character’s strengths if they have some weaknesses to go along with it.

    A couple other things: I loved the hillside chase scene, and Sam’s tone when he asked Deeks “what are you doing?” It reminded me that Deeks had always worked alone in LAPD and it’s been up to him to catch the bad guys without having a partner waiting there with a gun.

    I don’t really mind that Kensi was kept out of the filed for this ep. When the writers were planning it, they may not have known if Dani would be up to long days on location, so it was a safer (and considerate) bet to plan to keep her in the studio. But that in-studio time could have been better used by giving her some time with Hetty or Granger to resolve why she was sent to Afghanistan and what if any resolution she has come to regarding Jack.

    Wasn’t there a spoiler about Hetty using her experience to help Kensi? Did that actually happen, or was that meant to refer to the mysterious agent Mansfield that Granger mentioned?

    Frustrating episode.


  7. Natalia Simon // April 10, 2014 at 8:25 AM // Reply

    I´m still thinking in WINDFALL …. It was a “light” (frivolous) episode. I waited for another Kensi´s welcome, It was cold (Nell saying “Kens…”)
    I´m disappointed for this week.
    Only Deeks and the final scene were nice!


  8. mountaingirl89 // April 12, 2014 at 12:15 AM // Reply

    hmmm. Very good review!

    You made my day about the horses in the first scene! I was also wondering that. I was waiting for Sam to just out right laugh or say something about it, but I was sorely disappointed when he didn’t. I was also mad that they didn’t have Sam or Callen at least hug her. I mean she hugged Callen when he came back after he was shot (first episode of season one) and he calls her his favorite agent….I would have though there would have been more than a “hi, welcome back” from him. That also kind of stems from “Spoils of War”….I was sure that we would get more interaction between Kensi, Sam and Callen than what we did….they seemed kind of cool towards her….to me at least.

    I also believe there was a lot missing and was very disappointed about that. how long was the time jump from “Spoils of War” to “Windfall”? It doesn’t even look like she has gone through any trauma, emotionally or physically. Even Ziva on NCIS had a few scars from Somalia that carried on through a few episodes before some how disappearing. And Deeks had a few episodes of mental trauma. Why the lackluster of that specific subject in this.

    Also, I thought we were supposed to see flashbacks and such. and wasn’t monty supposed to be in this episode?

    lots of questions and disappointment.

    Now the whole Nell scenes….I liked them, but after reading the review and the comments, I can see the dullness of it and how it seems forced. I can also see, now, that it seems like Nell is trying to hard to be Kensi, trying to be bad ass and all. I liked seeing her try to be tough, that was cute and I loved seeing Deeks’ reaction to it. lol! I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of what she said when he was cuffing the guy… there a meaning to it? I mean, her eyes seemed to be serious…not like she was joking with him, but trying to say something to him and his “well played” seemed like a “ok I get it”.

    Now, I have to disagree with the whole Owen thing. I’ve seen that scene a few times, but for the life of me I can’t remember all the details so bear with me on this…..I don’t believe he is trying to break them up. I believe that he actually is ok with it. If you watch him, he doesn’t have the same attitude he used to have towards Deeks. I think Deeks really made him rethink how he sees the detective. I think that whole thing with him bringing up that he knows about their relationship (why did you call it an affair? to me affairs are when someone cheats….anywho….) wasn’t to hurt them….I think he was trying to see if he could see what Hetty was thinking….which, as we all saw, didn’t work. If he is trying to end it…..I think it is because he is trying to do what is best for them….I don’t know.

    OH! one more thing you forgot to mention! Eric’s talk with Hetty! I loved it! I loved how he seemed to be protective of Kensi when he talked about her mental state. I also loved their Eric and Kensi’s banter.

    Anywho! Thanks for the awesome review! I hear there is going to be “the talk” (whatever that means) between Kensi and Deeks in the next episode…..maybe we will learn more then?


  9. Reader1976 // April 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM // Reply

    Agreed. This episode left a lot to be desired. Continuity has always been an issue. It’s a shame that they do not give all the writers ownership of the story arcs that span the season. Each writer needs to add meat to that bone as well as fill in with a case for that episode. Especially after the traumatic rescue. But what do I know ☺️
    The only redeeming point was the end scene. The smiles that lit up Kensi’s face and then Deeks’s was sweet. It’s good to have Kensi back 😊


  10. almartin1999 // February 8, 2021 at 11:11 PM // Reply

    I felt bad for Deeks when he offered her coffee at the beginning. Her reaction. Poor guy. Also, I may be getting ahead of myself but Nate always talks to them after something major. Where was Nate? If I was Kensi I would of been so mad at Hetty for putting me into danger.


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