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Our Daughter: Kensi’s Journal 5/22/22

Most nights I wait until Deeks is sound asleep before slipping out of bed and heading to the living room to write in my journal.  Tonight I took another detour on my way down the hall to poke my head in what was once to be a nursery.  What might have been a guest room some day.  What is now Rosa’s room.  Our daughter’s room.  She was still sleeping deeply, and I hope dreaming about the day spent with her new family.

I’d say we’re finally a family, but Deeks and I have been a one for a while.  We’re also part of a much bigger OSP family, as was so gloriously and lovingly demonstrated this afternoon.  My eyes still well up when I think of the way they welcomed Rosa into our crazy tribe.  And the evening ended perfectly, with Callen asking Anna to join the fold legally as well (wait, does that mean Arkady will be part of our extended family too?!).  The party was such a great way to remind Rosa that family isn’t just the people you have a blood tie to.  It’s the people you grow to love and know will do anything for you.  Just like we will for Rosa from now on.

Deeks and I are parents.  I’m a mom (Rosa might never call me by that name, but it doesn’t change the job title).  I think I’m still in shock. 

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4 Comments on Our Daughter: Kensi’s Journal 5/22/22

  1. I love the way this year ended. Its what I love about NCIS-LA – that they are more than just agents, they are friends/people with lives and loves. That Kensi & Deeks are now parents to Rosa is so very special.

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  2. Why are adults adopting adults? creepy. If u gonna let them be parents then for God sake cast a teenager and not a 26 old actress. like we need more actors that can’t act worth a damn now well now have three. ps. I know why Kensi can’t get pregnant she never kisses or touches poor


  3. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // May 30, 2022 at 12:00 PM // Reply

    Densi kisses, please…


  4. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // May 30, 2022 at 12:02 PM // Reply

    Densi pregnancy and Densi twins – boy and girl!
    And Densi kisses!!!


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