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Review: NCISLA “Deep Trouble” (S5E24)

NCISLA - Deep Trouble - Deeks - Kensi

Well, here we are at the end of another long season. Although, in some ways it seems like it was only yesterday as we watched Deeks struggle with the after effects of torture while trying to find a way to communicate with a partner who has her own issues when it comes to intimate relationships. We loved to watch as the partners strived to make it through a challenging world together despite all the obstacles that were thrown in their way. It was sweet ride with many frustrating, heartwarming, infuriating, hopeful and despairing moments all rolled up into one. As a diehard Densi fan, I enjoyed going along for the ride and I was glad to see their storyline explored in much more detail than it has been in the past four seasons. Tonight, we want to see writer R. Scott Gemmill take it to the next level in the season finale. With Hetty having to answer for her role in the White Ghost investigation and DEA Agent Del Campo returning, you know before the episode even begins a storm is brewing on the horizon. Veteran director and NCIS: LA fan favorite, Larry Teng takes over the helm as season five comes to its cliffhanger ending.

Our final story this season revolves around a cartel-subsidized submarine that can smuggle billions of dollars of drugs in its cargo hold. Two years ago I wrote an NCIS: LA fanfic based on this very topic. In doing research for the piece I found that the drug cartels have been constructing these underwater vehicles as a very ingenious way of sneaking their contraband into surrounding countries. The subs can go under water to about 60 feet, and they are fast and difficult to attack because they are so hard to detect. These subs are designed to avoid detection more than outrun the law. Unfortunately, so many DEA agents have been killed trying to catch these tin cans that now our heroes are in danger too as they hunt down the cartel and their contraband.

It’s Alive!

I really enjoy how Deeks keeps coming up with new and inventive says to annoy Callen and Sam. This week he concocts a very strange looking smoothie which the guys were wise to turn down.  It seems Sam has problems with the D word.  (Deeks:  Ok, just to clarify….a clown with colitis is your worst nightmare?)  Before we can hear the sordid details, Eric shows up with a new case. An AWOL Navy officer (Hill) has been reported dead from an apparent suicide. The team is called in to investigate his death due to his top secret rating as an engineer on one of the Navy’s nuclear class subs. But Hill’s death from a cocaine overdose doesn’t really fit the man’s profile. Deeks theorizes that the officer may have been abducted for his submarine technology background and once they picked him dry of all the information they needed, he was discarded without another thought.

Eric is able to identify a gang member (Martinez) who may have witnessed the death of the officer. After Callen and Sam literally chase him through the streets of LA, they find video evidence taken by Martinez on the night in question. Once the savvy Tech Op is able to pinpoint the sound coming from a specific car engine, Eric is able to trace it back to a white supremacist (Wilson), on parole after a long jail term. The team is greeted by a barrage of bullets and grenades as they storm the man’s hideout. There not much left in the end except a few dead bodies and a dying suspect.

It’s a Witch Hunt!

Hetty will finally face the music for the part she played in the White Ghost debacle. Granger tells her she is on administrative leave until further investigation and he believes the agency wants to make an example out of Hetty. The grand dame tells Granger she has no intention of going away quietly and blames him for not having her back. (Deeks:  I hate it when mom and dad fight.) I find it strange that it’s taken Kensi this long to want to talk to Hetty about Afghanistan. She doesn’t seem to be too angry about it either… just curious. So am I. If I were Kensi, I’d be a lot more than just curious!

Hetty seems to turn the reins over to a very worried Nell. Although she tries to calm the girl’s fears, she knows they are trying to do more than flex their administrative muscles. Hetty has a pretty good idea she’s in a lot of trouble. She gives the Analyst one of her brooches which hides the instructions Nell will need if times get worse. This doesn’t look good for the team.

What’s Shaking Partner?

She’s back! Deeks finds himself in an awkward situation as Agent Del Campo enters the scene. Although he has nothing to feel guilty about, he’s very uncomfortable around the agent with Kensi standing by his side. It makes for a very entertaining scene as Kensi senses that something may be up between the two, although we know for a fact it was a completely innocent partnership. Although the claws never come out, maybe someone can explain to me what all the punching is about?? It stopped being cute a while ago and I had hoped that ever since the Frozen Lake, Kensi would have found a more effective means of communication. But, it looks like we have taken a step back. Is Kensi getting frustrated as she waits for Deeks to cross his frozen lake?

You are Very Clearly, Madly in Love with Her.

So it’s not only Kensi throwing the punches! Does Deeks have a sign on his chest that says “Hit me here?” Why can’t the characters in this show communicate like normal human beings? Still, Talia does finally say out loud what we have all been waiting to hear. Yes! Deeks is madly in love with Kensi. FINALLY! Although Deeks insists that they are just brother and sister, Talia knows better and calls him on it.

As the two ‘ladies’ are trying to one up their game with Deeks, Talia explains (with Kensi’s help) that Wilson and his gang may have been working with a drug cartel. One of the bodies found in the home was the wife of a nautical engineer who was being extorted to design a submergible in lieu of his wife’s save return. The team is beginning to connect the dots. The sub was probably commissioned by the Columbian drug cartels who are responsible for bring in one third of all the drugs into the States. Another victim found in the house provides the most useful clue when it leads the team to a wet dock or ship repair shop and lo and behold… the elusive sub. (Sam: This is going on my Christmas card.)

Your Fairy Godmother isn’t going to be around to Protect You.

No, she’s not and Granger shows no sentimentality about the predicament Hetty is facing. He warns the team they are going to have to learn to get along without her. You kind of feel sorry for the tiny woman as she enters the long limousine. Is Hetty’s time as Ops Manager coming to a close? It so, it will certainly be the end of an era, not that we haven’t been forewarned. They have been preparing us for her departure all season long. The question is will we be saying goodbye to Hetty for good?

As Hetty leaves her beloved team behind, Sam and Callen appear to be in a bit of trouble themselves as they are trapped inside the sub. The cartel/terrorists have other plans and now the two NCIS agents are set adrift inside the boat with a compartment full of explosives. So we are left at the dock, standing alongside Kensi and Deeks to contemplate our heroes’ fate as the sub takes off to fulfill its ultimate mission.

I guess we have been spoiled after last season’s incredible finale because this just seemed like another storyline and not the nail biting ending that we have come to expect in the past. It was also a bit of a letdown to Densi lovers as well. I expected some fireworks in the finale… instead the whole drama in their relationship just fizzles out and flat lines. We are almost back to square one with Kensi’s signature punches and Deeks insisting they are more like brother and sister. If Deeks is frightened of a relationship with Kensi then he proves it by lying to Talia. What a difference a year makes! Maybe I am expecting more than they are prepared to deliver but we had come so far this season and to have the finale end without any of the passion and emotions of last year’s finale was a letdown. I guess we can only hope that Season 6 will take over where the middle of Season 5 left off for Kensi and Deeks.  Keep the faith Densi shippers! Deeks and Kensi deserve better!

Memorable Moments

  • The thing I will miss the most during the hiatus is the opening bullpen scenes. Nothing like talking about diarrhea first thing in the morning!
  • If that’s the worse locker room talk Kensi has ever heard, she should never get caught in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a boat full of sailors…(don’t ask!).
  • Did Callen just call Eric the chicken-leg devil? LOL!
  • I LOVED the Hetty Ninja fighting! The ol’ gal still has it in her!
  • Wow! I always wondered what was behind all the crazy pins Hetty wore. Leave it to the woman to find functional uses for them.
  • So besides being afraid of clowns we now find out Sam is also afraid of confined spaces. For a big man, he certainly has a lot of insecurities! But that’s what we love about the big bear!

Classic Deeks

Deeks: I guess I’m the only one who treats their body like a temple.
Sam: Yeah. Shirley Temple.
Callen: (snicker)
Deeks: That’s right laugh while you can gentlemen, because humor is the first causality of your impending vascular dementia.


Talia: I wouldn’t have let regulations stop me before we were partners.
Deeks: I’m sorry just to clarify…before you and I were partners? Or before you and Kensi were partners?
Talia: Either… or.
Deeks: Wow. I’m going to go ahead and save that image in my head.

It’s been a great first year for wikiDeeks!  We want to thank you for making it such a success and we all look forward to returning for a brand new season with special feature, reviews and interviews. During the long, hot summer we will keep you updated regarding all things Deeks and Eric Christian Olsen and maybe throw in a few surprises here and there. Have a great summer and come back in the fall for season six of NCIS: Los Angeles!  See you all then!


Title: “Deep Trouble”
Writers: R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Larry Teng
Original Air Date: May 13, 2014


Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

About Diane (428 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

18 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Deep Trouble” (S5E24)

  1. I’m guessing Sam’s fear of small places comes from the time when he was buried alive.


  2. – The opening scenes in the bullpen are always fun to watch.

    Best lines:
    Hetty: “If you’re not watching my back, then you might as well be stabbing it.”
    Deeks: “Rabbit feet, four leaf clovers those are good luck. Your abusive nature is . . . There’s nothing good lucky about that.
    Deeks: “I’ve not noticed she’s not not attractive.”

    Best Scenes:
    -When the team goes to Wilson’s house.
    -All the scenes with Deeks, Talia, and Kensi.
    -The chase scene with Callen, Sam, and the kid.


  3. Dr. Brenda // May 14, 2014 at 6:31 PM // Reply

    The opening blender scene was hilarious. My professional opinion: it did look like a particular kind of body fluid, but I’ll spare you… Just sayin’ none of them would want to go for lunch with a group of nurses. Nobody blinks at any topic/description – can eat through anything.

    I thought that Deeks sounded a little Jim Carey-ish when he said “it’s alive” – kind of like the scene when Kensi has him on the ground in a bedroom they are searching because he read her memoir and he says “well played.” Wonder if it’s some deeply embedded “Dumb & Dumberer” coming out? lol

    I’m really over all the punching. Can’t women be strong and capable without adding that sort of unnecessary violence? That being said, pretty sure the smirk after the punch from Talia was because it was real and Eric was feeling it. That was mildly amusing.

    The first time I watched it I laughed so much at all the Densi/Talia scenes. The second time less so. By the third time I disliked her immensely – she should hook up with Angelo, even Sabatino is too good for her. I thought Deeks did a really good job of rebuffing her at every opportunity, up until the last part of the boat shed scene where he’s clearly looking at what she’s showing off and seeming a bit speechless. What was that?!

    I found the “I honestly never noticed” from Deeks to be very heartfelt as well as the exasperated “You’re beautiful!” – as if Kensi should know he thinks that and not ever feel threatened by any other women. That punch there was just dumb and overkill. If I was writing the boat shed scene (as if, but I can dream) I would have done a total change of tone after an implied good Densi talk in the SRX (sans punch as above). I would have had a turn from jealous Kensi to confident Kensi who was fearless in front of Talia because she knew Deeks’ heart was hers, even if their relationship is proceeding at a glacial pace. I may just spend the summer pretending that’s what happened since there are no new episodes to intrude on my alternate reality!

    Thanks for another great review and all your hard work on this site! Can’t believe it’s only a year old. Very high quality!!


  4. Great review as always Di! I’ll save my comments about the season as a whole for the roundtable (there’s a lot to talk about) and just share a few thoughts on this episode, which unfortunately was about what I expected it would be. I was a little disappointed with the Densi-Talia scenes given that R. Scott Gemmill is one of my favorite writers. I share everyone’s exasperation with all the hitting. It was so over the top here that it started to feel like the writers wanted to make a point to everyone who had expressed concern about The Punch, but maybe I’m just being paranoid. When viewed as if you’re watching a sitcom, I think the two scenes were pretty amusing. It’s just that I’d like to see so much more from this show than two grown women acting silly and territorial over a man. Dr. Brenda I think you’re right about the method acting with Talia’s punch, but it makes me think that that’s part of the problem. ECO’s encouraging these women to really hit him might be turning what could more like little swats into actual punches, and that changes the tone quite a bit.

    I found the tone of the Hetty scenes slightly puzzling. Hetty seemed to feel quite sorry for herself, as if she were being unnecessarily persecuted. I don’t know if she was written that way to show how out of touch she is with what she really did, or if the writers don’t actually see anything wrong with her actions. I felt no pity for her at all. And Granger should be out to get her! He was nearly killed because of her actions, and he at least should know all the details about what she did. I was happy to see Kensi begin to question things. I took that to mean that she doesn’t know that Hetty knew about Jack. As I’ve said before, this would make her awfully accepting of giant coincidences / incredibly gullible, but it beats the alternative of knowing what Hetty did and being OK with it.

    Oh, and the scene with the grenade was great, I loved the way Deeks protected Kensi. And those jeans were definitely the highlight of the night. And if Dr. Brenda can have her imaginary scene in the car, I’m going to continue with my belief that they’ve been sleeping together since Spoils of War. There was nothing last night to discount that, and in fact the “You’re beautiful” scene could really support it. Yep, that will definitely make me feel better about Densi all summer.


    • Dr. Brenda // May 14, 2014 at 10:42 PM // Reply

      anonkp – wingsofnight said the same thing on Twitter today questioning if the punches were a message to those who had expressed concern. I had not considered that, but interesting that others have.

      Great point about Hetty as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it as I was watching, but your comments are exactly what I was feeling.

      And I have been on board with your interpretation of their physical relationship since you first mentioned it! If they’re not going to explicitly confirm or deny on screen, they are encouraging us to fill in the gaps with our own imagination 🙂
      That being said, I’m pretty sure Deeks’ big grin when Talia said “That’s not a no” was a fairly significant on-screen confirmation. Which makes it all the more puzzling that after Deeks basically confirms that he and Kensi are not just “brother and sister” while Kensi is out of earshot, that Talia would respond the way she did when Kensi came out looking hotter than ever. She needs to go back to her undercover cartel work overseas!


  5. Mary J – Great observation about Sam. Good explanation for something that otherwise seemed out of character (at least to me).

    anonkp and Dr Brenda – I had the same thought about the excessive punches. Seemed like a giant “screw you” to the fans who had objected not only to The Punch, but all the other “playful” punches. But there seems to be a critical mass of fans objecting to it now on many different sites, so hopefully the showrunners will get the message. I love Dr. B’s idea about the car talk and then altering the boatshed scene. But I don’t live in anonkp’s AU – I think both Deeks and Kensi are still too messed up by what they did and endured in Afghanistan to be in a physical relationship right now.

    Unlike a lot of other people, I like Talia. I didn’t see her as overly flirty in Fish Out of Water. She seemed like an outgoing person who liked to play around to see if she could get a reaction from people – sort of a female version of Deeks, which is what made watching his reaction to her so much fun. The boatshed scene on the other hand was just way too much, from all 3 characters involved.

    anonkp – I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that Hetty was acting oddly. I wouldn’t expect her to shout or whine; whether or not she felt she had done anything wrong (and it’s not clear to me whether she does), I would expect more of a quiet anger from her.

    I liked Granger in this ep, holding Hetty accountable, and implying to Callen that his team is not going to get away with some of the rule-breaking that Hetty has traditionally just winked at.

    For the ep in general, it seemed like a weak effort for a finale, especially compared to last year. Other than Hetty, I’m not left with any giant questions about how our main characters are going to come out of this. For Sam and G, I’m sure they’ll survive this situation but it won’t be a life-changer, just a bad day at the office. For Deeks and Kensi, no real forward movement in their relationship. For Hetty, she’ll find a way to weasel out of the consequences, but if she doesn’t, well too bad for her.


  6. Does anyone have count the punches that were given to Deeks? I lost the counting. I didn’t mind because according to Nell girls punch the boys they like.


  7. Natalia Simon // May 15, 2014 at 12:44 PM // Reply

    I enjoyed the episode. I think he left many doors open for next season: Hetty will be back? Granger new boss? G and Sam will survive? (yes!) anf finally Kensi and Deeks will be friends, partners or couple?
    I think the difference with previous seasons is that the final scenes of these characters were silent, no shots, no explosion or torture. Maybe they wanted tath us (viewers), we felt under water, where the noise can be heard.
    Maybe it’s very “crazy” but it is my thought about the final image …
    As always it´s a pleasure to share here our feelings!


  8. Thanks for all the great comments. Despite it all I’m still looking forward to next season whatever time period it may land up in!


  9. Reader1976 // May 15, 2014 at 11:08 PM // Reply

    A most excellent review. You hit on every thought running through my head. I agree with everyone that the punching got out of hand. I too, seriously thought the writers were trying to make a point. And it was so out of character given how their relationship has advanced. This is not the first blush of puppy love for Kensi and the continuous punching was way over the top. I can see why Talia punched Deeks since she was smitten with Deeks and frustrated that he was so clearly in love with his partner.

    Deeks was perfect. I loved his responses to Kensi and Talia. The heartfelt “you’re beautiful” made my heart melt. I felt his concern for not hurting Kensi’s feelings and his deflection of Talia’s advances.

    And Dr. Brenda, I love your alternate ending in the Boathouse with a strong, confident and fearless Kensi 😊 showing Talia that she has Deeks’s heart. It would have been a much more appropriate interaction. She is after all, Bad-Ass Blye 😉

    That was a really awesome scene between Hetty and Nell. It makes sense that Hetty would hide her secrets in plain sight and close at hand. I sure hope Hetty is not leaving us.

    WikiDeeks, thanks for an awesome site. Huge Thanks to everyone who contributes on this site. It is much enjoyed and appreciated.


  10. Great review Di!

    I was nodding my head in agreement….when you wrote that Deeks & Kensi deserved better during that season finale.

    That season ender… was a letdown for Densi lovers. and Im with you 100%…when you wrote how their relantionship at the end of that show & season…seems to have fizzled & flatlined.

    The last great Densi episode for me…..was Frozen Lake. Since seems that thier relantionship has slowed to a snail’s pace & worse…regressed.

    I’ve noticed in the episodes since Kensi came back from Afganistan, that thier once easy back & forth banter…now sounds kinda forced.

    Maybe thats just my mistaken inpression..but like yourself..Im hoping the writers in season 6..can pick things up from the middle of season 5..and get the Densi train..back on the tracks and rolling again.

    I think since they will be on a new night/ time and matched against Castle next season…the writers will be highly motivated …to get Densi’s relantionship moving in the right direction again.

    As for the constant punching from Kensi & every other woman who finds Deeks a babe magnet……Im also grown weary of seeing it.

    I had no problen with Kensi punching Deeks in Frozen Lake..because I assumed it was done out of anger & frustation on her part..both with herself, Deeks and their “thing” etc

    Now…it seems that punching Deeks.. has become Kensi’s…”Go to ” and signature move..whenever she’s frustated or miffed about something Deeks has said or done.

    Kensi is an adult….and has been shown to be a very bright & capable woman….surely the writers can show her voicing her displeasure or disagreement with Deeks..without her resorting to using Deeks… as a human punching bag

    If the writers don’t tone that stuff down or get rid of it…their in danger of turning Kensi & Deeks..into the modern day TV version of Moe & Curly of The 3 Stooges fame.

    Even Deeks called Kensi’s punching of him…abusive…so..maybe it’s time the writers listened to Deeks & the many fans who are turned off by this juvenile & violent behavior on Kensi’s part.

    I guess the writers just see the punching as funny and part of Kensi’s many charms……but if I was walking in a parking lot and saw a woman punching her bf/husband as often as Kensi was punching Deeks in that season finale…I would be thinking…should I be calling 911?

    I’d also be saying to myself… if this woman acts that way in does this lady behave and treat this man….behind closed doors?

    I was amused… that Kensi felt she had to get into a preening contest with Talia over Deeks. But the more I thought about that…I came to the conclusion that it was disrepectful to Kensi’s character & her thing with Deeks.

    As someone else commented..Kensi should not have been shown..looking at all threatened by Talia

    I would have preferred seeing a scene….where Kensi walks out of the bathroom with her hair down & then confidantely walks over next to Deeks…and put her hands on his she did in the season 3 episode “Neighborhood Watch”

    Hopefully..the writers are not thinking..that having Talia show up every now and then & bat her eyelashes & put on display…her other ample charms for Deeks’ eye opening enjoyment.. …will be good for a few laughs & add some sexual tension or jealousy issues between Kensi & Deeks.

    As a Densi fan..I feel after the strong start to season 5…things went slowly & surely downhill ..and this season had the fewest funny & great Densi moments.

    Obviously…DR’s pregnancy…was the number one reason for that…which was perfectly understandable

    But what I didnt understand or like…..was the powers that be decision in season 5 …to cool things down between the two characters…just when we were seeing so much forward movement.

    Im guessing…maybe they decided to take them back..almost to square one… because they were afraid…of the “Moonlighting”curse…happening to Densi.
    ( Kids..if you never heard of the “Moonlighting” curse ..ask your grandparents! lol)

    Hopefully..they won’t take a “two steps forward & 1 step back” approach to Deeks & Kensi next season…because I think that approach..will be the surest & fastest bring on the dreaded…”Moonlighting” curse.


  11. Thanks Owen & Reader too. I agree all the punches may be a nod to all the fans who were upset about the abuse…but it threatens to make Densi look like cartoon characters after awhile..Three stooges is a good analogy. It was just too over the top and not needed.

    I’m all for taking the relationship slow but now I feel they have gone backwards. Even after Three Hearts I was ok to see them take a break while Deeks was figuring out his heart. But now it just feels like Deeks has stopped fighting and Kensi has reverted back to her adolescent ways. Carpe Diem folks! Have we learned nothing from Spoils of War and Descent? I wasn’t looking for them to start making wedding plans… I just want to feel that the sparks are still there. I know some of you disagree and I hope you are right. But I won’t give up hope yet.

    I am concerned about the move to Monday too. I hope they decide to move it back to Tuesdays. Even after New Orleans. It may be hard to win that time period with Castle like they do now but then I wasn’t real happy with that Castle’s finale either….so it should be interesting.


    • I am really enjoying this site. NCIS:LA is by far my favorite show – the addition of Deeks made it even better.
      Like many others, I am growing tired of the punches, too. However, it was my feeling that on that last one Kensi gave Deeks after he told her SHE was beautiful, she regretted it. The look on her face as she turned away from him was one of remorse – or maybe recognition – even though she joked it was for good luck. Deeks actually calling what she does abuse may drive the point home with her even more. I’m betting we will see less punching in Season 6.
      The move to Mondays surprised me, although I understand they are trying to give the new spin-off the best shot at success. I’m a big enough fan of the show I will watch it whenever they broadcast it. I’m sure there are plenty of other fans that feel the same way.
      Thanks again for this site – I look forward to reading the reviews, the journals, etc…


  12. So many wonderful observations. I too am tired of the punches. The one in ‘Windfall’ seemed contrived but the ones in this ep were just silly and in my opinion, senseless. I’m waiting for the time when one of the writers actually has Kensi stop herself before she does it. To me, that would be a major step forward.

    Since this was a two part episode, I have a feeling the Talia story line has some more to it. JPK mentioned a chick fight so maybe that happens in the season premiere. Maybe it’s not between them at all but I have a feeling there will be some sort of confrontation between the two.

    Monday night… I understand the need to try to get NCIS New Orleans on its feet but I don’t see why they couldn’t have kept all of them on one night. I’m sure it’s because they think NCISLA is strong enough to stand on it’s own but pitting it against Castle just means one of them will get watched on the DVR later. (for me, Castle will have to wait) My main fear is Monday Night Football! It is the number 1 watched show on TV followed by NCIS, Big Bang Theory and then NCISLA. The other two aren’t on Monday night. Kind of hard to compete with that!

    Looking forward to seeing what WikiDeeks comes up with to entertain us during the hiatus. There are some fun things coming up!


  13. Does anybody see it? For a second, just a second Deeks looked at Talia’s boobs, he was attracted and confused.


  14. And I don’t like it.


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